2019 MX Nationals
Round Seven – Maitland

Images by Bella Maurer


Luke Clout completely dominated the opening back-to-back motos at Matiland but was bettered in the third and final moto by CDR Yamaha team-mate Kirk Gibbs.

Brett Metcalfe scored the holeshot in the third moto but was quickly passed by American teenager Justin Rodbell as Kirk Gibbs and Luke Clout gave chase. It did not take long for Gibbs to hit the lead and from thereon the #5 ran away with proceedings, despite determined efforts from Luke Clout and Hayden Mellross who complete the top three in that final moto.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Hayden Mellross ImageBellaMaurer
Hayden Mellross

Metcalfe looked on form for another top three result in that moto but a mistake late in the race cost him dearly and left him outside the top ten. The Penrite Honda man though still claimed fifth overall for the round and is currently sixth in the championship standings. 

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Brett Metcalfe ImageBellaMaurer
Brett Metcalfe

Luke Clout took the overall for the round with a 67-point haul bettering Gibbs by two-points.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Luke Clout Board ImageBellaMaurer
Luke Clout

Hayden Mellross rounded out the overall podium ahead of Todd Waters who, while never really shining as brightly as we have come to expect, still brought home 53-points to better Metcalfe and Long.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Hayden Mellross ImageBellaMaurer
Hayden Mellross

Clout leads the Thor MX1 Championship chase by nine-points from Mellross, who moved into second place and is now three-points ahead of Waters. 

Luke Clout

“I didn’t have the greatest day at the last round so it was important that I bounced back strongly this weekend and get things back on track. I felt pretty good all day but my starts in the back to back races really set up my day as I was in a good position both times and able to capitalise on them to take the race wins. The last moto start wasn’t as good but I was able to put my head down and make some passes and secured the overall win. It felt pretty good coming across the finish line and feeling like I had put in my best effort and was rewarded with the round win. The team did a great job today and the bikes were awesome. It showed in the results with Kirk and I winning all three races and going 1-2 for the day that CDR Yamaha really do the work. Looking forward to the next round at Moree in a couple of weeks and want to keep this momentum rolling all the way through to the final corner at Coolum.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX CDR Yamaha Gibbs Clout ImageBellaMaurer
Luke Clout and CDR Yamaha team-mate Kirk Gibbs

Kirk Gibbs

“Today was good with another podium result. My start in the second back to back was really the only little mistake I made for the day but in those shorter races, good starts and track position is so important as there are 10 guys who can go fast for seven or eight laps. But still happy with how things went and making good progress since my shoulder injury so I can’t complain too much. The championship is highly unlikely since I missed a round in South Australia but the goal since then has been to win races and get on the podium as often as possible at the remaining rounds and so far things are on track.”

Todd Waters

“I’m pretty disappointed after that to be honest. Fourth overall is a good result for a bad weekend, but I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want to win races. I was second fastest on-track in qualifying (1m47.112s) and ended up with a slightly slower lap than that in superpole for fourth gate pick. In all three races, I managed to move forward on the FC450 after each race start, so there’s positives to take away, but I’ll head back home with some things to concentrate on before Moree.”

Dylan Long was sixth overall after carding 7-5 results in the opening sprint races and a sixth in the final race of the day.

Dylan Long

“It was a pretty good day for me. I didn’t qualify the best, but it was better than the last round. My starts were really good today – the first race I was running fourth before hitting neutral and crashing. I dropped back to 10th, but managed to finish seventh, so that wasn’t too bad. I was fifth in the second one and, in the last one, I came back from about 10th to finish sixth. I was only one point off of fifth overall, so it was a decent day for me.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Dylan Long ImageBellaMaurer
Dylan Long

Jesse Dobson had a weekend to forget with a DNF in the second of the back-to-back motos, but a fifth place finish in the third moto helped the 21-year-old privateer to hold on to his eighth place ranking in the series.

Jesse Dobson

“It was an up-and-down day today. I felt really good in qualifying, setting the third fastest time, but a few small mistakes in my Superpole lap gave me the fifth gate pick. In moto one, I felt good, coming through the pack to fifth but came together with another rider and went down hard. I managed to finish the race, but as I lined up for the second moto in the back-to-back format, it was clear that we couldn’t get the bike straight enough to race in the few minutes we had. Aiden (Porth) fixed up the FC450 as I re-grouped and rested up for the final race of the day where I was able to put a consistent race together to finish fifth. I’m happy to finish on a better note but we will continue to work hard and be ready for the last rounds. I can’t thank everyone enough for making this possible and being behind me, in particular Aiden for being on the ground with me at every race, allowing me to focus on riding while he makes sure the bike is ready to go.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Jay Wilson ImageBellaMaurer
Jay Wilson scored an overall podium at Maitland

Still battling health issues, Lawson Bopping posted 9-13 finishes in the pair of sprint races, crediting him a race one ranking of 10th. Ongoing fatigue problems hindered him even more harshly in the final bout of the day where an 18th place finish was clearly not representative of the outright speed Bopping exhibits when healthy.

Lawson Bopping

“Today started off good when I qualified in sixth. In the first two races I got an eighth and a 13th, but I was pretty tired in that last moto. I only got a couple of laps down and I was extremely exhausted – my body pretty much shut down. I ended up taking 18th, which is disappointing because I don’t know what’s going on with my body. I’m seeing a doctor in the next week and I’m really excited to see him because he’s an expert on diabetes and the immune system. Overall though, the weekend wasn’t too bad, all things considered.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Luke Clout ImageBellaMaurer
Luke Clout was victorious at Maitland

MX1 Results

1Luke Clout0.000
2Kirk Gibbs+2.234
3Brett Metcalfe+3.512
4Hayden Mellross+12.959
5Jayden Rykers+14.354
6Todd Waters+14.894
7Dylan Long+18.929
8Connor Tierney+32.281
9Lawson Bopping+35.742
10Richie Evans+39.431
11Cody Dyce+42.04
12Caleb Ward+42.827
13Joben Baldwin+46.159
14Joel Wightman+47.57
15Dylan Wood+48.02
16Justin Rodbell+48.904
17Zak Small+50.765
18Ryan Gaylor51.845
19Jesse Dobson54.245
20Charlie Creech+1m07.8
21Levi McManus+1m09.8
22Zac Towill+1m27.7
23Jamie Harvey+1m36.0
24Nic Frayne+1m39.1
25Bryson Cherrett+2m02.9
26Daniel Webber+1 lap
27Jonty Jones+1 lap
28Thomas Hill+1 lap
DNFWade Irwin/
1Luke Clout0.000
2Brett Metcalfe+2.211
3Hayden Mellross+7.745
4Kirk Gibbs+12.584
5Dylan Long+12.966
6Todd Waters+20.46
7Jayden Rykers+26.463
8Justin Rodbell+28.578
9Caleb Ward+32.395
10Connor Tierney+37.146
11Joel Wightman+38.611
12Joben Baldwin+50.164
13Lawson Bopping+55.662
14Zak Small+1m00.1
15Charlie Creech+1m02.8
16Richie Evans+1m06.5
17Ryan Gaylor+1m16.8
18Levi McManus+1m20.1
19Zac Towill+1m32.1
20Jamie Harvey+1m32.8
21Nic Frayne+1m54.9
22Dylan Wood+1 lap
23Jonty Jones+1 lap
24Bryson Cherrett+1 lap
25Daniel Webber+1 lap
26Cody Dyce+1 lap
27Thomas Hill+1 lap
DNFJesse Dobson0
DNSWade Irwin0
1Kirk Gibbs0.000
2Luke Clout+2.334
3Hayden Mellross+4.584
4Todd Waters+7.535
5Jesse Dobson+25.041
6Dylan Long+25.398
7Richie Evans+52.314
8Jayden Rykers+53.359
9Caleb Ward+56.034
10Connor Tierney+1m00.7
11Brett Metcalfe+1m02.5
12Justin Rodbell+1m14.9
13Cody Dyce+1m25.4
14Zak Small+1m30.4
15Joel Wightman+1m36.7
16Dylan Wood+1m50.4
17Ryan Gaylor+1 lap
18Lawson Bopping+1 lap
19Levi McManus+1 lap
20Charlie Creech+1 lap
21Zac Towill+1 lap
22Jamie Harvey+1 lap
23Nic Frayne+1 lap
24Bryson Cherrett+2 laps
25Daniel Webber+2 laps
26Jonty Jones+2 laps
27Wade Irwin+2 laps
28Thomas Hill+3 laps
DNFJoben Baldwin/
1Luke Clout703535
2Brett Metcalfe623032
3Kirk Gibbs603228
4Hayden Mellross582830
5Dylan Long502426
6Todd Waters502525
7Jayden Rykers502624
8Connor Tierney442321
9Caleb Ward411922
10Lawson Bopping402218
11Justin Rodbell381523
12Joel Wightman371720
13Joben Baldwin371819
14Richie Evans362115
15Zak Small311417
16Charlie Creech271116
17Ryan Gaylor271314
18Dylan Wood25169
19Cody Dyce25205
20Levi McManus231013
21Zac Towill21912
22Jamie Harvey19811
23Nic Frayne17710
24Bryson Cherrett1367
25Jonty Jones1248
26Jesse Dobson1212
27Daniel Webber1156
28Thomas Hill734
29Wade Irwin
1Luke Clout673532
2Kirk Gibbs653035
3Hayden Mellross582830
4Todd Waters532528
5Brett Metcalfe523220
6Dylan Long512625
7Jayden Rykers472423
8Caleb Ward442222
9Connor Tierney442321
10Richie Evans411724
11Justin Rodbell392019
12Joel Wightman351916
13Lawson Bopping342113
14Zak Small331617
15Jesse Dobson31526
16Cody Dyce301218
17Dylan Wood281315
18Ryan Gaylor281414
19Charlie Creech261511
20Levi McManus231112
21Zac Towill201010
22Jamie Harvey1899
23Joben Baldwin1818
24Nic Frayne1688
25Bryson Cherrett1477
26Jonty Jones1165
27Daniel Webber1046
28Wade Irwin624
29Thomas Hill633
1Luke Clout397
2Hayden Mellross388
3Todd Waters385
4Kirk Gibbs312
5Jayden Rykers300
6Brett Metcalfe293
7Justin Rodbell287
8Jesse Dobson258
9Richie Evans258
10Lawson Bopping215
11Zak Small206
12Joel Wightman201
13Joben Baldwin193
14Erki Kahro190
15Cody Dyce183
16Charlie Creech182
17Dylan Long176
18Levi McManus166
19Tomas Ravenhorst140
20Dean Ferris128
21Caleb Ward127
22Ryan Gaylor127
23Dylan Wood116
24Lachlan Davis112
25Ryan Shadbolt105
26Connor Tierney85
27John Prutti78
28Nic Frayne58
29Matthew Parkinson45
30Brandon Gray45
31Daniel Milner43
32Daniel Sanders40
33Izak Maule38
34Daniel Webber36
35Ryan Findanis35
36Rory Mckercher34
37Jamie Harvey29
38Daniel Banks24
39Zac Towill20
40Jesse Bishop19
41Jonty Jones17
42Bryson Cherrett14
43Colby Campbell14
45Lachlan Holroyd8
46Mitch Norris7
47Wade Irwin6
48Jake De Zwart6
49Thomas Hill6
50Max Francis6
51Bryson Cherrett4
52Alistair Lewis4
53Harley Bodger3
54Brendon Riley2
55Steven Collins0
56Shayne Morrissey0
57Glen Segeri0
58Bryce Ognenis0



Nathan Crawford broke through for his first victory of the season in the opening MX2 moto from Kyle Webster. Wilson Todd was out to try and reassert his dominance of the category in the second moto and was fast out of the blocks to lead from Kyle Webster and Bailey Malkiewicz in the second and final bout. But a costly mistake early in the race saw the championship leader go down and by the time he was back on the bike he had been shuffled down to tenth place. He worked his way back up to sixth by the chequered flag.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Start ImageBellaMaurer
2019 MX Nationals – Round Seven – Maitland – MX2

Kyle Webster went on to capitalise on Todd’s mistake and was never headed, despite being chased hard in the closing stages by Nathan Crawford.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Nathan Crawford ImageBellaMaurer
Nathan Crawford

Bailey Malkiewicz was running second early on before eventually being overhauled by Nathan Crawford, Aaron Tanti and Jay Wilson. Wilson managed to get the better of Tanti late in the race to secure the final step on the race two podium.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Bailey Malkiewicz ImageBellaMaurer
Bailey Malkiewicz

The overall win for the day went to Penrite Honda’s Kyle Webster over Nathan Crawford, who clearly announced he is back with a bang after not racing last season. That pair tied on points for the day with 67 apiece while Jay Wilson rounded out the overall top three ahead of Aaron Tanti.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Podium Webster Crawford Wilson ImageBellaMaurer
2019 MX Nationals – Round Seven – Maitland – MX2 Podium

Kyle Webster

“I felt strong on the bike and really gelled with the track from the moment we first rolled out there. And it turned out to be one of those race days where you couldn’t ask for much more. I actually hit the gate at the start of moto one,” Webster revealed, “and then in the first few laps I had a little tip-over, but thankfully it wasn’t much and I could quickly put that all behind me and start a charge forward.”

That charge eventually saw Webster finish second, as he chased Nathan Crawford (Yamaha) all the way to chequered flag, less than five seconds splitting the pair at the close.

“In the second moto I got a great start,” Webster continued, “and when Wilson Todd went down in front of me, that gave me the lead and from there it was all up to me. I just maintained my focus and speed and I’m stoked I got the race win and that gave me the overall round win on a tie-breaker, which is awesome. It’s the best feeling to get another overall win, and the best way to thank everyone on the Penrite Pirelli CRF Honda Racing team and all the sponsors for their support. With three rounds to go, it’s going to be an exciting finish to the Championship and I’m just going to keep doing what I have been doing. I don’t want to change anything.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Kyle Webster ImageBellaMaurer
Kyle Webster

Nathan Crawford

“Its so good to be back and racing properly again,” Crawford said with emotion. “That first race win was so good and the I had to work hard for it and all the good riders in the race were up the front and I was able to get past them. Coming up the final straight to the finish line was such a relief to finally win a race again at this level and get a reward for the work everyone has put in. Race two was just a little too little, too late. I charged up to Kyle, but he responded and rode the last two laps really well. He deserved to win it as I gave it all that I could and wasn’t able to pass him. Thanks to so many people for standing by my while I got back to speed and now I’m so motivated to be back in the game and doing well and what I love.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Nathan Crawford ImageBellaMaurer
Nathan Crawford

Despite his misfortunes at Maitland, Wilson Todd still added 53-points to his championship tally and will carry the red plate to the next round at Moree, however Webster is now only ten-points behind the reining champ.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Wilson Todd RedPlate ImageBellaMaurer
Wilson Todd’s MX2 Championship lead has been cut to ten-points

Wilson Todd

“Even though I was over a second faster than everyone in qualifying, I just didn’t feel comfortable today in the races. I had a strong position in the first race, and a crash in the second while leading, so it just didn’t come together. I finished fourth and sixth, so it’s far from a disaster and I still keep the lead in the championship, but I expect to win. This gives me some motivation though to put in the work before next round.”

Bailey Malkiewicz

“A bit of a rollercoaster day really. After grabbing the holeshot and leading for six laps, I hit a soft section of the circuit and lost a lot of track position. The track changed a lot through the day, and in the second race we just struggled with set-up and I slid back a few positions to finish fifth after another solid start. I was confident going into the weekend that I could do well, and my race speed backed that up, so I just need to keep concentrating on minimizing mistakes and my overall’s will improve.”

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MX Bailey Malkiewicz ImageBellaMaurer
Bailey Malkiewicz

MX2 Results

1Nathan Crawford0.000
2Kyle Webster+4.543
3Jay Wilson+14.823
4Wilson Todd+17.594
5Aaron Tanti+37.813
6Isaac Ferguson+56.133
7Dylan Wills+56.589
8Ricky Latimer+58.435
9Morgan Fogarty+58.584
10Cooper Pozniak+01m07.0
11Luke Reardon+1m08.2
12Joel Evans+1m18.6
13Joel Green+1m20.7
14Tomas Ravenhorst+1m38.6
15Jack O’Callaghan+1 lap
16Chandler Burns+1 lap
17Sam Pelz+1 lap
18Jai Constantinou1 lap
19Zhane Dunlop+1 lap
20Riley Stephens+1 lap
21Shannon Moore+1 lap
22Bradley Rankmore+1 lap
23Bailey Malkiewicz+2 laps
24Ashley Schuuring+3 laps
DNFDylan Marchand0
DNFLochie Latimer0
DNFCody Hall0
DNFLachlan Burns0
1Kyle Webster0.000
2Nathan Crawford+0.811
3Aaron Tanti+19.005
4Jay Wilson+25.674
5Bailey Malkiewicz+34.756
6Wilson Todd+35.308
7Dylan Wills+46.579
8Morgan Fogarty+48.102
9Cooper Pozniak+54.751
10Luke Reardon+57.258
11Ricky Latimer+1m01.1
12Joel Evans+01m09.1
13Tomas Ravenhorst+1m13.9
14Joel Green+1m17.6
15Isaac Ferguson+1m22.1
16Dylan Marchand+1m45.6
17Zhane Dunlop+1m49.0
18Sam Pelz+1m55.0
19Chandler Burns+1 lap
20Shannon Moore+1 lap
21Riley Stephens+1 lap
22Cody Hall+1 lap
23Jack O’Callaghan+1 lap
24Bradley Rankmore+2 laps
25Ashley Schuuring+2 laps
DNFJai Constantinou0
DNSLachlan Burns0
DNSLochie Latimer0
1Kyle Webster673235
2Nathan Crawford673532
3Jay Wilson583028
4Aaron Tanti562630
5Wilson Todd532825
6Dylan Wills482424
7Morgan Fogarty452223
8Cooper Pozniak432122
9Ricky Latimer432320
10Luke Reardon412021
11Isaac Ferguson412516
12Joel Evans381919
13Tomas Ravenhorst351718
14Joel Green351817
15Bailey Malkiewicz34826
16Sam Pelz271413
17Chandler Burns271512
18Zhane Dunlop261214
19Jack O’Callaghan24168
20Shannon Moore211011
21Riley Stephens211110
22Bradley Rankmore1697
23Dylan Marchand1515
24Ashley Schuuring1376
25Jai Constantinou1313
26Cody Hall99
27Lachlan Burns
28Lochie Latimer
1Wilson Todd397
2Kyle Webster387
3Jay Wilson377
4Nathan Crawford339
5Aaron Tanti328
6Dylan Wills304
7Bailey Malkiewicz280
8Ricky Latimer252
9Cooper Pozniak249
10Morgan Fogarty243
11Isaac Ferguson234
12Joel Evans220
13Riley Dukes202
14Jye Dickson188
15Joel Green188
16Sam Pelz167
17Lochie Latimer150
18Jai Constantinou139
19Kaleb Barham135
20Chandler Burns132
21Dylan Marchand131
22Jack O’Callaghan113
23Riley Stephens98
24Josh Brewster94
25Jy Roberts91
26Riley Ward91
27Tomas Ravenhorst73
28Luke Reardon70
29Zhane Dunlop68
30Shannon Moore63
31Jesse Bishop58
32James Clay47
33Lachlan Davis28
34Bradley Rankmore26
35Ashley Schuuring25
36Lachy Steen23
37Wyatt Chase22
38Lyndon Snodgrass20
39Maddy Brown18
40Royce Anell17
41Shane Mason17
42Bailey Koolen11
43Cody Hall9
44Jordan Waters6
45Lachlan Burns0
46Michael Skinner0
47Benjamin McAliece0


Regan Duffy left Maitland with a perfect score-card to extend his championship points lead to 29 over Max Purvis.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MXD Regan Duffy ImageBellaMaurer
Regan Duffy

Round eight of the MX Nationals will be held in Moree on July 28, and will be followed immediately by the final double header round in Coolum on August 3 and 4.

MX Nationals Rnd Maitland MXD Podium Duffy Semmens Purvis ImageBellaMaurer
MXD Podium – 2019 MX Nationals – Maitland

MXD Results

1Regan Duffy0.000
2Noah Ferguson+0.308
3Mason Semmens+3.516
4Rhys Budd+5.088
5Maximus Purvis+17.715
6Jai Walker+22.407
7Mason Rowe+22.821
8Jack Kukas+29.971
9Brodie Ellis+35.246
10Jayce Cosford+39.913
11Mackenzie O”Bree+40.053
12Liam Walsh+43.066
13Tye Jones+1m11.0
14Ethan Ashmore+1m16.9
15Oliver Marchand+1m34.2
16Deakin Hellier+1m39.6
17Brandon Steel+1m46.3
18Caleb Goullet+2m02.4
19James Davison+1 lap
20Josh Mangiapane+1 lap
21Zac Paar+1 lap
22Samuel Bailey+1 lap
23Thornton Brough+1 lap
DNFJake Cobbin0
DNFCaleb Clifton0
1Regan Duffy0.000
2Maximus Purvis+10.22
3Mason Semmens+18.38
4Rhys Budd+21.677
5Noah Ferguson+22.186
6Mason Rowe+48.843
7Jack Kukas+53.555
8Liam Walsh+54.474
9Jai Walker+1m01.2
10Mackenzie O”Bree+1m15.2
11Ethan Ashmore+1m24.4
12Jake Cobbin+1m30.2
13Deakin Hellier+1m30.8
14Tye Jones+1m44.4
15Caleb Clifton+1m53.6
16Brandon Steel+1 lap
17Brodie Ellis+1 lap
18Caleb Goullet+1 lap
19Oliver Marchand+1 lap
20Josh Mangiapane+1 lap
21Zac Paar+1 lap
22James Davison+1 lap
23Samuel Bailey+1 lap
24Thornton Brough+2 laps
DNFJayce Cosford0
1Regan Duffy703535
2Mason Semmens603030
3Maximus Purvis582632
4Noah Ferguson583226
5Rhys Budd562828
6Mason Rowe492425
7Jack Kukas472324
8Jai Walker472522
9Liam Walsh421923
10Mackenzie O”Bree412021
11Ethan Ashmore371720
12Brodie Ellis362214
13Tye Jones351817
14Deakin Hellier331518
15Brandon Steel291415
16Oliver Marchand281612
17Caleb Goullet261313
18Josh Mangiapane221111
19James Davison21129
20Jayce Cosford2121
21Zac Paar201010
22Jake Cobbin1919
23Samuel Bailey1798
24Caleb Clifton1616
25Thornton Brough1587
1Regan Duffy426
2Maximus Purvis397
3Rhys Budd349
4Noah Ferguson311
5Mason Rowe310
6Brodie Ellis299
7Jack Kukas280
8Jai Walker277
9Liam Walsh265
10Jayce Cosford252
11Mason Semmens249
12Mackenzie O”Bree242
13Tye Jones226
14Deakin Hellier168
15Navrin Grothues167
16Micheal Murphy144
17Korey McMahon141
18Ethan Ashmore137
19Jake Cobbin127
20Hugh Roache116
21Riley Findlay105
22Lochie Smith82
23Billy Bray77
24Oliver Marchand61
25Jaxon Rayner56
26James Beston50
27Liam Andrews44
28Samuel Bailey44
29Caleb Clifton42
30John Bova38
31Thornton Brough38
32Denzel Woulfe36
33Wilson Greiner-Daish35
34Caleb Goullet34
35dale lyons30
36Brandon Steel29
37Jaxon Pearce29
38Zac Paar28
39Oscar Nastri26
41Riley Fucsko25
42George Knight24
43Josh Mangiapane22
44Mitchell Johnson22
45James Davison21
46Aaron Mason20
47Nicholas Kefford16
48Jake Barron13
49Zack Wright13
50Zack Wright11
51Jordan Brown6
52Lachlan Okeefe5
53Jordan Holt2
54Luke Petersen0
55Kyle Evans0