David Johnson sixth on Team York Suzuki in Superbike
Josh Brookes 18th on the Rotary Norton in Superbike – 7th in Senior on Winfield Paton
Cam Donald 6th in Lightweight on Manx Norton

The infamous ‘Manannan’s Cloak’ lifted around the Isle of Man allowing the second qualifying for the 2017 Classic TT presented by Bennetts to go ahead after Monday’s session was cancelled.

Ahead of the session, Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson advised competitors of a number of damp patches following the earlier rain, notably at Ginger Hall, Ramsey Hairpin, on the exit of the Bungalow, Graham’s, Hillberry and Governors Dip.

The session got away on time at 6.20pm and the Classic TT Superbike machines were first on the track. The machines lined up on the grid in the order that they will race in Monday’s Motorsport Merchandise Superbike Race with South Australian David Johnson, carrying the number one plate on the Team York Suzuki, first away down the iconic Glencrutchery Road stretch of tarmac, although a number of riders switched order behind him.

Jamie Coward (4.41.492) was fastest to the first timing point at Glen Helen on the Mistral Racing Kawasaki a fraction of a second ahead of Dean Harrison, also Kawasaki mounted on the Silicone Engineering machine with Austrian Horst Saiger, who posted the fastest lap in Saturday’s opening session, five seconds behind the leading pair.

Lee Johnston (Team Classic Suzuki) and Bruce Anstey on the Padgetts Motorcycles YZR 500 Yamaha, on which he won the 2014 race, completed the top five at the opening timing point. However, Michael Dunlop on the Team Classic Suzuki was reported as an early retirement at Ballacraine on his opening lap of the meeting.

Coward’s lap of 120.824 was the fastest opening lap but Anstey was on the pace with a 119.724 and it was clear that the Kiwi was finding his feet as he was twenty seconds quicker on his second lap to Glen Helen.

Bruce Anstey
Bruce Anstey

Anstey (121.932) duly posted the fastest lap of the session on his second lap with Ivan Lintin (121.094) on the Kraus Racing Kawasaki and Derek Shiels (121.04) and Horst Saiger (120.89) – both on Greenall Racing Kawasaki’s – all going over the 120mph mark, as did David Johnson (120.11).

In the Lightweight Class, Ian Lougher on the Laylaw Racing Yamaha (113.994) topped the board. Bruce Anstey, last year’s race winner, went out later in the session on his Padgetts Motorcycles.com Honda after his Superbike exploits and clocked a 113.010 with Dan Sayle on the Steelcote Solutions Yamaha also going well with 112.131.

Ian Lougher - 250 Yamaha
Ian Lougher – 250 Yamaha

Chris Moore (110.601) on the Dafabet Devitt Racing Yamaha and Gary Vines (110.130) on the Online Lubricants Yamaha completed the top five in the Lightweight class for the session. Michael Dunlop, after his earlier Superbike retirement, posted his first lap of the meeting with a 102.656 on the Turner Racing Yamaha.

It was then the turn of the Senior and Junior machines and Dominic Herbertson on the Davies Motorsport Honda was quickly on the pace with an opening lap of 104.606 in the Senior session which ultimately proved to be the fastest lap of the class, less than two seconds quicker than James Cowton on the Dave Kenah Racing Norton (104.476) with Dean Harrison, the 2015 Race winner, on the Black Eagle Racing MV Agusta third fastest 500cc machine on the night with a lap of 103.397.

Dominic Herbertson - Honda 500
Dominic Herbertson – Honda 500

Experienced campaigner Phil McGurk on the Chris Hughes Honda was just shy of a 100mph lap with 99.967 but was nevertheless the quickest in the Junior session from Jamie Coward who followed up a strong Superbike lap with the second fastest Junior lap (99.397) with Alan Oversby, who finished third in the 2014 Junior Classic TT Race, completing the top three on the night

Philip McGurk - 350 Honda
Philip McGurk – 350 Honda

New Zealand rider Grant Dalton came off at the Verandah but was unhurt in the Superbike session while Elwyn Fryer at Parliament Square and Dean Osborne at Governors dip were also reported to be without injury after accidents in the same session.

Superbike Classic TT
  1. Bruce Anstey Yamaha/Padgetts Motorcycles.com 121.932
  2. Ivan Lintin Kawasaki/Kraus Racing 121.094
  3. Derek Sheils Kawasaki/Greenall Racing 121.039
  4. Horst Saiger Kawasaki/Greenall Racing120.894
  5. Jamie Coward Kawasaki/Mistral Racing 120.824
  6. David Johnson Suzuki/Team York Suzuki 120.112
  7. Lee Johnston Suzuki/Team Classic Suzuki  119.134
  8. Danny Webb Suzuki/Team Classic Suzuki  116.994
  9. Andrew Dudgeon Kawasaki/Rob Brew CBG Contractors 115.837
  10. Dean Harrison Kawasaki/Silicone Engineering 115.684
  11. Dan Stewart Kawasaki/MBR / Wilcock Consulting  114.730
  12. Scott Wilson Kawasaki/Stuart Best 114.204
  13. William Dunlop Kawasaki/HERHEIM RACING 114.164
  14. Conor Cummins Yamaha/padgettsmotorcycles.com  113.191
  15. Daniel Hegarty Suzuki/ 112.487
  16. David Hewson Ducati/Obsession Engineering / Celeres Racing  111.944
  17. Ben Rea Suzuki/Edmondson Classic Racing/Rea Racing Dyno  111.916
  18. Joshua Brookes Norton/Advanced Performance Coatings 111.506
  19. James Hillier Ducati/Oxford Products / Louigi Moto  111.477
  20. Kiaran Hankin Honda/Khhire 111.476
Senior Classic TT
  1. Dominic Herbertson Honda/Davies Motorsport 104.606
  2. James Cowton Norton/Dave Kenah Racing 104.476
  3. Dean Harrison MV Agusta/Black Eagle Racing 103.397
  4. Maria Costello Paton/Team Beugger Racing 103.363
  5. Bill Swallow Moto Paton/Gleve Racing / John Poyner 102.963
  6. Michael Rutter Seeley/Ripley Land Racing 102.055
  7. Joshua Brookes Paton/Team Winfield 101.484
  8. William Dunlop Honda/Davies Motorsport 100.850
  9. Horst Saiger Egli Motorradtechnik AG/Egli Motorradtechnik AG 100.432
  10. Oliver Linsdell Enfield/Flitwick Motorcycles / Stephen Bond 100.238
  11. Mark Parrett Norton/Chas Mortimer Ltd 99.491
  12. Danny Webb Norton/Dunnell Racing 98.228
  13. Steve Ferguson Honda/Greenall Racing / Rock Oil 98.228
  14. Nick Jefferies Norton/Goathland Garage 97.113
  15. Meredydd Owen Seeley/Owen Racing 96.406
  16. Kiaran Hankin Honda/Khhire 95.746
  17. Michael Dunlop MV Agusta/Black Eagle Racing 95.657
  18. Bruno Leroy Vincent/Patrick Godet 94.502
  19. James Hillier Honda/CSC Racing 94.310
  20. Andy Lee Norton/Wiz Norton Racing 94.184
Lightweight Classic TT
  1. Ian Lougher Yamaha/Laylaw Racing 113.994
  2. Bruce Anstey Honda/Padgetts Motorcycles.com 113.010
  3. Daniel Sayle Yamaha/Steelcote Solutions Ltd. 112.131
  4. Chris Moore Yamaha/Dafabet-Devitt Racing /  110.160
  5. Gary Vines Yamaha/Online Lubricants 110.130
  6. Phil Harvey Honda/CSC Racing 108.496
  7. Paul Owen Honda/Team #98 107.940
  8. Dan Kneen Honda/John Chapman Racing 107.104
  9. Charles Rhys Hardisty Yamaha/Kaymac Marine 106.222
  10. Stuart Hall Yamaha/Martyn Nelson 105.645
  11. Dan Stewart Yamaha/Wilcock Consulting 105.475
  12. Chris Barratt Yamaha/Chris Barratt Transport 105.285
  13. Rikki McGovern Honda/ 104.692
  14. Peter Boast Kawasaki/Bike Magazine / Avon Tyres 104.413
  15. Chris Swallow Ducati/Sports Motorcycles / Glyn Robinson102.785
  16. Michael Dunlop Yamaha/Turner Racing 102.656
  17. Alex Sinclair Ducati/Fox Classic Racing / Louigi Moto Ducati 101.419
  18. Adrian Morris Yamaha/Adrian Morris Racing 101.098
  19. Derek Glass Kawasaki/Derek Glass Racing 101.033
  20. Carsten Svendsen Yamaha/Skulptur Stoberiet 100.528
The Maxn Norton Cam Donald is riding at the Classic TT
The Maxn Norton Cam Donald is riding at the Classic TT
Junior Classic TT
  1. Philip McGurk Honda/Chris Hughes 99.967
  2. Jamie Coward Honda/Ted Woof / Craven Honda K4 99.397
  3. Alan Oversby Honda/Davies Motorsport  99.320
  4. Lee Johnston MV Agusta/Black Eagle Racing 99.309
  5. Michael Rutter Honda/Ripley Land Racing 98.569
  6. Cameron Donald Summerfield Manx Norton/McIntosh 95.948
  7. Bob Owen Aermacchi/Mike Faucett 93.938
  8. Steve Ferguson Honda/Greenall Racing / Rock Oil 93.933
  9. Peter Boast Honda/Ken Rutter Racing 93.653
  10. Hefyn Owen Honda/Owen Racing 93.308
  11. Alex Sinclair Honda/CSC Racing 92.539
  12. David Madsen-Mygdal Honda/Team Gimbert Racing  91.625
  13. Nick Jefferies Norton/Goathland Garage 91.310
  14. Dave Matravers Honda/Round Oak Services Ltd 91.114
  15. Chris McGahan Hales Honda/Paul van den Berg 90.556
  16. Dave Edwards Yamaha/TLT Garage Services / SMD Tyres Leigh 90.027
  17. Alec Whitwell Bates Honda/Geoff Bates Racing 90.008
  18. Ewan Hamilton Honda/McFee Family Andreas IOM 89.352
  19. Jaeson Caunce Honda/StarterRollers.co.uk 89.312
  20. Jeff Smith Honda/RobSpeed Motorcycles 89.001