Father’s Day gift ideas from Ficeda Accessories

Looking for the perfect present for Dad this Father’s Day? Ficeda Accessories have some great options like the Sartso 360 Jeans or Oxford Kickback shirt, both offering great protection and a style, with numerous colour options available.

Sartso 360 Jeans
Sartso 360 Jeans

Or there’s the Oxford Tool Kit, a 28-piece kit of high quality steel tools, ideal for stashing on the bike for the inopportune moment when they’ll come in handy. Other great options include another Oxford offering, their Helmet Care Kit, or the Ipone Gift Box, containing plenty of useful motorcycle care products.

Sartso 360 Jeans – $259.95 RRP 

The Sartso 360 Jean comes in four colour options, in stretch cotton drill with Sartso Safety Cell Kelvar in the hips and knees. A relaxed waist band and extra room in the crutch ensure great comfort, with a modern look.

  • Made from a stretch cotton drill
  • Super comfortable and are an evolution in motorcycle riding pants
  • Modern styling and look
  • Relaxed waist band
  • Extra room in the crutch with a fitted leg
  • Engineered using light weight denim reinforced with a protective woven lining and placed in all the major crash points
  • Sartso Safety Cell 4 second Kevlar and fitted with hip and knee armour pockets with a breathable liner
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Green and Crimson
  • Sizes: 30-44
  • $259.95 RRP 
Sartso 360 Jeans
Sartso 360 Jeans

Oxford Kickback Shirt – $109.95 RRP 

A reinforced shirt offering protection ideal for motorcyclists. The Kickback shirt from the UK based, Oxford design team is particularly noteworthy for not just offering protection, but also stylish option. The durable, heavy weight cotton outer has a water resistant coating applied, yet remains flexible allowing for some stretch, which, combined with soft edge cuffs makes for a comfortable, relaxed fit.

Oxford Kickback Shirt
Oxford Kickback Shirt

The button down front closure hides a tough YKK zipper ensuring the 100% DuPont Kevlar lining remains in place should it be needed. Hidden structure stitching, nylon bonded coats thread and hidden extra layers of material add strength to the Kickback while secure internal pocket and external pockets give you somewhere safe to your valuables.

  • Durable cotton
  • Full protective aramid lining
  • Hidden structure stitching
  • Nylon Bonded Coates Thread
  • Upper ‘Box’ type pockets
  • Internal Pockets
  • Soft edge, double stud and zip cuffs
  • YKK zips
  • Secure internal pocket
  • Belt loops
  • Colours: Red/Black, Red/Blue, Khaki/White, Blue/White
  • Sizes: Small – 4XL
  • $109.95 RRP 
Oxford Kickback Shirt
Oxford Kickback Shirt

Oxford Toolkit – $24.95 RRP 

The Oxford Toolkit is the ideal motorcycling companion, with 28 tools capable of meeting a broad range of needs.

  • 28 piece set made from high quality steel
  • Mini wire cutters
  • Mini needle nose pliers
  • Allen key set 2-6mm
  • Screwdriver handle and extension bar
  • 2x Electrical screwdrivers
  • Socket set
  • $24.95 RRP 
Oxford 28-piece Toolkit
Oxford 28-piece Toolkit

Oxford Helmet Care Kit – $34.95 RRP 

A comprehensive kit offering great value for money, the Helmet Care Kit includes helmet sanitiser for cleaning and removing odor and bacteria, anti-fog spray, helmet and visor external cleaner for removing dirt, insects and grime, and a microfibre cloth, all in a carry case.

  • Internal Helmet Sanitiser 100ml
  • Cleans and removes odour and bacteria from the lining of your helmet
  • 100ml Anti Fog Spray 50ml
  • Reduces fogging on inside of visor.
  • Helmet and visor external cleaner 50ml
  • Cleans your helmet of road dirt, insects and grease. Easy to use and leaves a high quality finish
  • Micro-Fibre Cloth
  • Soft micro-fibre cloth, ideal for applying the products in the Helmet Care Kit
  • Carry Case
  • Convenient black EVA carry case with container
  • $34.95 RRP 
Oxford Helmet Care Kit
Oxford Helmet Care Kit

Ipone Gift Box – $44.95 RRP 

The Ipone Gift Box is a great collection of useful motorcycle products, from the Xtrem Chain Road, to a Cleaner Polish, Full Protect and Helmet Out, plus a microfibre cloth.

  • Xtrem Chain Road 250ml
  • Full Protect 250ml
  • Cleaner Polish 250ml
  • Helmet Out 100ml
  • Plus one free microfibre cloth
  • $44.95 RRP 
Ipone Gift Box
Ipone Gift Box