Dean Ferris wins Thor MX1

Tanti & Wills take a win a-piece in Pirelli MX2

Malkiewicz & Dukes share MXD round wins

Butler & Taylor top Yamaha 125 Gold Cup rounds

Michael Jones wins Yamaha 65 Cup Round 7

Images by Scottya

Thor MX1

The Pirelli MX Nationals head to the Ranch MX in NSW over the weekend for Rounds 7 and 8 of the championship, with two days of tight ‘retro round’ racing taking place across the five classes.

Dean Ferris (CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team) kept his perfect record of Pirelli MX Nationals victories in tact over the weekend, with both rounds decided on Sunday due to a only a single Moto being held Saturday afternoon.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx cdr ferris pitboard ImageByScottya
Dean Ferris remained strong at Rounds 7 & 8

Ferris proved consistency is key in the process, winning from Dylan Long and Brett Metcalfe for Round 7, while Luke Clout took second in Round 8, with Dylan Long once again on the podium.

Aaron Tanti (Complete Parts Kawasaki Racing) and Dylan Wills (DPH Husqvarna) made the most of an unpredictable weekend of racing in the Pirelli MX2 class to both claim round victories at the Ranch MX circuit.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx todd hole shot button ImageByScottya
Wilson Todd

Round 7 saw Aaron Tanti come out on top, consistently on the podium, while Hamish Harwood and Wilson Todd were just a point behind. Round 8 again saw close racing, with Dylan Wills the round winner from Wilson Todd, both claiming 67 points.

Bailey Malkiewicz (WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha) and Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) both kept their Motul MXD championship hopes alive with round victories at Ranch MX.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mxd dukes pitboard ImageByScottya
Riley Dukes

Bailey Malkiewicz took the clear Round 7 win, with two Moto victories to claim 70 points, with Riley Dukes second on 58. In Round 8 though it was Riley Dukes coming out on top, with two second places, with Jye Dickson and Jayce Cosford completing the podium on 60 points each.

Ryan Butler (KTM) and former motocross champion Cam Taylor (Yamaha) took the overall Yamaha 125 Gold Cup Ranch MX victories after two days of racing, with Ryan Butler going 1-2 in Round 7, and Cameron Taylor 1-1 in Round 8 – as well as taking the Round 7 Moto 2 win.

mx nationals round cc dads ImageByScottya
Yamaha 65 Cup riders lines up at Ranch MX

In the Yamaha 65 Cup it was Michael Jones who took the Round 7 win, with the class competing across three Motos for the single round. Jones took a 1-3-1 result, and runner up Wil Carpenter went 4-2-1.

See a break down of each class by round below.

Thor MX1 – Round 7

The opening moto of the weekend saw Dean Ferris jump to the front from the opening lap and control the race on his way to a 1.8-second victory over Brett Metcalfe.

mx nationals round mx ferris cdr ImageByScottya
Dean Ferris on his way to Round 7 victory

Mitch Evans (Raceline Pirelli KTM) finished third after relinquishing second to Metcalfe with just three laps to go. Luke Clout and Rhys Carter (Complete Parts Kawasaki Racing) rounded out the top five.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx clout pitboard ktm ImageByScottya
Luke Clout

In the second moto for Round 7, Dylan Long broke through for his first race victory of the year with a wire-to-wire win. Long led runaway points-leader Ferris across the finish line by 4.5 seconds, who in turn finished ahead of Clout, Metcalfe and Carter.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx evans starts ImageByScottya
Mitch Evans

Dean Ferris’s consistency across the two motos gave him the win with 67 points to his name, while Long and Metcalfe each took home 60 points, with Luke Clout only 2-points further back.

Moto 1

  1. Dean Ferris 31:27.682
  2. Brett Metcalfe +1.871
  3. Mitch Evans +16.336
  4. Luke Clout +24.026
  5. Rhys Carter +32.044
  6. Dylan Long +40.886
  7. Keiron Hall +1:18.996
  8. Corey James +1:25.557
  9. Callum Norton +1:29.790
  10. Joel Wightman +1:36.996

Moto 2

  1. Dylan Long 19:13.806
  2. Dean Ferris +4.513
  3. Luke Clout +10.852
  4. Brett Metcalfe +14.013
  5. Rhys Carter +17.422
  6. Mitch Evans +18.380
  7. Caleb Ward +19.015
  8. Corey James +49.478
  9. Callum Norton +53.588
  10. Joel Wightman +1:01.348

Round 7 Results

  1. Dean Ferris (Yamaha) 67
  2. Dylan Long (Yamaha) 60
  3. Brett Metcalfe (Honda) 60
  4. Luke Clout (KTM) 58
  5. Mitch Evans (KTM) 55
  6. Rhys Carter (Kawasaki) 52
  7. Corey James (Suzuki) 46
  8. Callum Norton (Honda) 44
  9. Joel Wightman (Honda) 42
  10. Keiron Hall (Suzuki) 42

Thor MX1 – Round 8

Round 8 on Sunday afternoon ran as back-to-back eight-lap sprint races, emphasising the need for perfect starts. In the opening moto Long stormed to the front of the pack and led every lap on his way his second win of the day. Ferris placed second, ahead of Metcalfe, Clout and Evans.

mx nationals round mx dean ferris ImageByScottya
Dean Ferris

In the second race Clout timed his gate-jump perfectly to lead every lap to keep Ferris at bay by just one second come the chequered flag. Ferris finished just in front of Evans, while Carter finished fourth, with Long letting an overall victory slip through his fingers after dropping from second to fifth over the course of the race.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx long cprner ImageByScottya
Dylan Long

Ferris rode to a consistent 2-2 result to claim his eighth overall of the year, just one point clear of Clout, with Long rounding out the podium.

Dean Ferris

“I was really excited to come to Raymond Terrace as it has been a while since I have raced here. The track didn’t separate the riders a lot and the top five or six of us generated a good speed and the racing was fast and one mistake would prove costly. While I didn’t enjoy being roosted, I enjoyed being in a good race and credit to the other riders as they were on the gas all weekend. Sometimes you have weekends where you go 1-1 and it’s pretty easy, other weekends, like here at Raymond Terrace, you just have to find a way to win and I’m glad I was able to do that. It’s nice to know you can win when things are going perfectly but also rewarding to know that when it comes time to out race, out-smart or just be consistent, I was able to do it. Thanks to the entire CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team as the double header weekends take a massive effort from everyone and the guys always come through and to have Dylan on the podium with me is great for everyone here at CDR,” Ferris ends.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx ferris corner ImageByScottya
Dean Ferris
Luke Clout

“I was pretty consistent across the weekend, going 4-3 and 4-1, so it was good points for the double-header. I got good starts, but I did lack a bit of aggression, so Jay kicked me into gear for that last one. I rode really aggressive from the start and got myself into the lead and ended up with the win. I’m really, really pumped I’ve finally got the monkey off my back and it’s put me second in the championship. To stand on the podium in second overall is my best overall finish and to finish off with a race win is even better.”

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx clout ktm ImageByScottya
Luke Clout
Dylan Long

“Was a great weekend for me and one that I have been working hard towards for a long time. My starts were good all weekend and putting myself in such good positions in every race allowed me to ride the way I know I can ride. My bike was unreal and being able to race with Dean this weekend gives me a lot of confidence as I know just how fast he is and how hard he works. It’s nice to leave a race meeting with my head high and proud of my results and I want to have this feeling every weekend I race my dirt bike.”

mx nationals round mx long back ImageByScottya
Dylan Long
Mitch Evans

“Saturday didn’t start off great, I had a crash in practice and bent everything up and by the time we got everything back together the green flag had come out for qualifying – but I managed to do enough and get into Superpole where I finished second,” Evans explained.In my first race I didn’t get the best start but I made up for it in the first few turns and I was in second behind Dean Ferris for a lot of the race, then I just made a couple of mistakes and Brett Metcalfe got by me but I really felt like I could pressure those guys to make passes, not just ride at the same speed as them. On Sunday I didn’t have the best starts, and on the weekend they were really important. The track was quite flat and fast so everyone could sort of flow at similar speeds. In the last race though I just went for it, and came from outside the top five back to third.I was a fan of the format, I really liked the challenge of it, I just would have liked to have seen another back to back race in there to make up round eight – I know I’m fit enough to do that and more time on track would show who has done the work.”

mx nationals round mx evans roost ImageByScottya
Mitch Evans

Moto 1

  1. Dylan Long 14:19.147
  2. Dean Ferris +1.227
  3. Brett Metcalfe +3.307
  4. Luke Clout +4.407
  5. Mitch Evans +5.361
  6. Caleb Ward +9.551
  7. Rhys Carter +24.587
  8. Callum Norton +31.252
  9. Corey James +36.183
  10. Lachlan Davis +39.058


Moto 2

  1. Luke Clout 14:26.440
  2. Dean Ferris +1.063
  3. Mitch Evans +1.698
  4. Rhys Carter +5.993
  5. Dylan Long +8.663
  6. Brett Metcalfe +9.678
  7. Caleb Ward +10.620
  8. Corey James +30.171
  9. Joel Wightman +32.426
  10. Lachlan Davis +42.375

Round 8 Results

  1. Dean Ferris (Yamaha) 64
  2. Luke Clout (KTM) 63
  3. Dylan Long (Yamaha) 61
  4. Mitch Evans (KTM) 56
  5. Brett Metcalfe (Honda) 55
  6. Rhys Carter (Kawasaki) 52
  7. Caleb Ward (Husqvarna) 49
  8. Corey James (Suzuki) 45
  9. Lachlan Davis (Honda) 49
  10. Joel Wightman (Honda) 40

Thor MX1 Standings

  1. Dean Ferris 556
  2. Luke Clout 450
  3. Mitch Evans 443
  4. Dylan Long 402
  5. Brett Metcalfe 393
  6. Rhys Carter 392
  7. Caleb Ward 386
  8. Kade Mosig 321
  9. Joel Wightman 300
  10. Kirk Gibbs 292

Pirelli MX2 – Round 7

In Saturday’s opening race, Todd started on a high note with a dominant 7.6-second win over Wills. Tanti finished third following a big last-lap crash by Egan Mastin (KTM Motocross Racing Team), which in turn elevated Jayden Rykers (Raceline Pirelli KTM) and Harwood into the top five.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx todd corner ImageByScottya
Wilson Todd

The second moto saw Harwood take control early on to eventually win the race, but was kept honest throughout by Tanti and Jay Wilson (Yamalube Yamaha Racing). Wills clawed his way to fourth place, ahead of Todd.

Tanti used consistency to take him to the top of the box with a 3-2 result card, with a one-point win over moto two winner Hamish Harwood (Davey Motorsports KTM) and series leader Wilson Todd (Serco Yamaha).

mx nationals round mx roberts board ImageByScottya
Jay Roberts’ pit board

Moto 1

  1. Wilson Todd 31:34.955
  2. Dylan Wills +7.630
  3. Aaron Tanti +14.195
  4. Jayden Rykers +23.316
  5. Hamish Harwood +25.224
  6. Richie Evans +26.318
  7. Cody Dyce +29.555
  8. Jay Wilson +33.926
  9. Kale Makeham +1:00.396
  10. Jy Roberts +1:24.191

Moto 2

  1. Hamish Harwood 19:25.951
  2. Aaron Tanti +0.655
  3. Jay Wilson +1.475
  4. Dylan Wills +2.863
  5. Wilson Todd +8.971
  6. Kyle Webster +9.971
  7. Kaleb Barham +10.838
  8. Cody Dyce +11.739
  9. Jayden Rykers +14.356
  10. Kale Makeham +15.406

Round 7 Results

  1. Aaron Tanti (Kawasaki) 62
  2. Hamish Harwood (KTM) 61
  3. Wilson Todd (Yamaha) 61
  4. Dylan Wills (Husqvarna) 60
  5. Jay Wilson (Yamaha) 53
  6. Jayden Rykers (KTM) 50
  7. Cody Dyce (Yamaha) 47
  8. Richie Evans (Yamaha) 44
  9. Kale Makeham (Honda) 43
  10. Jy Roberts (KTM) 41

Pirelli MX2 – Round 8

The first of the two back-to-back sprint races saw Todd quickly take control and stretch out a relatively commanding 5.2-second lead over Wills, who snuck by Harwood in the closing corners to snatch second. Tanti and Wilson followed close behind to round out the top five.

mx nationals round mx winner todd ImageByScottya
Wilson Todd

In the second seven-lap race Wills was quick off the gate to establish himself as the leader and was never headed. Todd rode a controlled race to second, ahead of Tanti and Wilson. Wilson’s Yamalube Yamaha Racing teammate Richie Evans claimed a weekend-high fifth place.

MX Nationals Rnd Conondale Richie Evans PitBoard Go ImageByScottya
Richie Evans’ pit board

Wills broke through for his first round victory of the championship with a 2-1 result, beating Todd’s 1-2 result on countback. Tanti rounded out a positive weekend with hard-fought third overall.

mx nationals round mx dyce corner
Cody Dyce
Dylan Wills

“Kade’s been such a huge influence on my riding this year, so it was tough sitting in the truck without him there this weekend, but to the team’s credit, they knuckled down, focused on the job in front of us and really had my back all weekend. I’m so happy to have finally gotten my first overall win, and glad I could give the guys some good news. I felt really good on the bike coming into the weekend and my speed was there in round seven, so when I finally got stronger starts in the last two races, I was battling for the lead rather than passing to get to the front. With two rounds to go, this is where I want to be, so I’ll be working even harder to stay here.”

mx nationals friday wills rear wheel ImageByScottya
Dylan Wills’ Husqvarna
Wilson Todd

“It was a lively weekend with the format changes, the track and also being a double header but I managed to get through it pretty well and was able to get a few extra points in the championship, so I can’t complain too much. The MX2 field is pretty competitive this year and with the track on the weekend starts were very important as the track speed of the top five or six guys was so close. There was some awesome racing and plenty of bar banging which was fun but the roost killed so it was hard to follow anyone. The next track we go to is Gladstone and I had my first MX Nationals win there when I was doing MXD back in 2014, so I can’t wait to get back there and hopefully achieve the same success. Thanks to everyone on the Serco Yamaha team for their efforts on the weekend and hopefully we can stay strong all the way to the final round in Coolum.”

mx nationals round mx todd corner ImageByScottya
Wilson Todd
Aaron Tanti

“It was a different format this weekend, but I was pretty happy with how I went, I had good starts in every single race and I was pretty consistent, going 3-2 for the overall win in round seven and in the back-to-back races I went 4-3 for third overall. I’m just happy with my consistency and starts. We knew the chase would be on in the second half of the season and I’ve stayed consistent where some other guys haven’t, so now we are looking forward to the final two rounds in Queensland next month.”

MX Nationals Rnd Conondale Aaron Tanti MX Race ndplace ImageByScottya
Aaron Tanti

Moto 1

  1. Wilson Todd 12:45.336
  2. Dylan Wills +5.220
  3. Hamish Harwood +.756
  4. Aaron Tanti +6.691
  5. Jay Wilson +8.277
  6. Jy Roberts +17.442
  7. Kale Makeham +19.484
  8. Cody Dyce +21.975
  9. Jayden Rykers +28.269
  10. Richie Evans +31.591

Moto 2

  1. Dylan Wills 12:32.980
  2. Wilson Todd +2.808
  3. Aaron Tanti +4.079
  4. Jay Wilson +5.598
  5. Richie Evans +16.238
  6. Cody Dyce +18.747
  7. Hamish Harwood +24.946
  8. Jayden Rykers +32.369
  9. Kale Makeham +34.619
  10. Cooper Pozniak +36.179

Round 8 Results

  1. Dylan Wills (Husqvarna) 67
  2. Wilson Todd (Yamaha) 67
  3. Aaron Tanti (Kawasaki) 58
  4. Jay Wilson (Yamaha) 54
  5. Hamish Harwood (KTM) 54
  6. Cody Dyce (Yamaha) 48
  7. Richie Evans (Yamaha) 47
  8. Kale Makeham (Honda) 46
  9. Jayden Rykers (KTM) 45
  10. Jy Roberts (KTM) 44

Pirelli MX2 Standings

  1. Wilson Todd 498
  2. Aaron Tanti 441
  3. Hamish Harwood 437
  4. Dylan Wills 419
  5. Jay Wilson 390
  6. Kale Makeham 348
  7. Jy Roberts 345
  8. Kyle Webster 327
  9. Egan Mastin 308
  10. Cody Dyce 267

Motul MXD – Round 7

In the opening race Malkiewicz passed Jye Dickson (KTM) for the lead on the third lap and tore away to a 7.1-second lead. Budd crossed the line third ahead of Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) and Kiwi Maximus Purvis (JCR Altherm Yamaha).

mx nationals round mxd racing start corner ImageByScottya
Motul MXD field

The second race saw Malkiewicz come from fifth place to take the lead from a fast-starting Riley Ward (Husqvarna). He eventually won by 1.5 seconds from Hugh McKay (WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha), with Dukes third, Budd fourth and Brodie Ellis (Yamaha) fifth.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mxd budd pitboard ImageByScottya
Rhys Budd

Malkiewicz struck a commanding 22-point victory over Dukes and Honda pilot Rhys Budd, and took over the championship red plate in the process.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mxd ellis waiting ImageByScottya
Brodie Ellis

Moto 1

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz 20:44.714
  2. Jye Dickson +7.182
  3. Rhys Budd +13.406
  4. Riley Dukes +18.369
  5. Maximus Purvis +19.298
  6. Hugh McKay +19.988
  7. Brodie Ellis +25.374
  8. Dylan Wood +30.230
  9. Liam Walsh +32.200
  10. Mason Rowe +33.387

Moto 2

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz 19:56.650
  2. Hugh McKay +1.572
  3. Riley Dukes +3.361
  4. Rhys Budd +5.153
  5. Brodie Ellis +5.613
  6. Riley Ward +8.247
  7. Jye Dickson +8.438
  8. Jayce Cosford +9.040
  9. Maximus Purvis +9.518
  10. Dylan Wood +12.769

Round 7 Results

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz (Yamaha) 70
  2. Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) 58
  3. Rhys Budd (Honda) 58
  4. Hugh Mackay (Yamaha) 57
  5. Jye Dickson (KTM) 56
  6. Brodie Ellis (Yamaha) 50
  7. Maximus Purvis (Yamaha) 48
  8. Dylan Wood (Kawasaki) 44
  9. Riley Ward (Husqvarna) 41
  10. Liam Walsh (KTM) 40

Motul MXD – Round 8

In the opening moto Cosford surprised everyone with a wire-to-wire victory, despite a desperate last-lap charge from Dukes. Dickson crossed the line in third, ahead of Ellis and Purvis.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mxd startline waiting ImageByScottya
Motul MXD class lined up at the startline

The second race saw Malkiewicz claim his third win from the weekend’s four motos, enjoying a 3.1-second margin over the round victor Dukes and Dickson in third. McKay and Ellis rounded out the top five.

mx nationals round mxd racing rowe dukes ImageByScottya
Jye Dickson & Riley Dukes

Dukes’ consistent 2-2 results saw him take the round overall from KTM rider Jye Dickson and Jayce Cosford (Yamaha) who each took home 60 points, the Dukes’ 64.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mxd cosford stuck ImageByScottya
Jayce Cosford

Moto 1

  1. Jayce Cosford 11:02.119
  2. Riley Dukes +0.218
  3. Jye Dickson +6.448
  4. Brodie Ellis +7.524
  5. Maximus Purvis +8.062
  6. Hugh McKay +9.115
  7. Rhys Budd +15.971
  8. Bailey Malkiewicz +18.074
  9. Dylan Wood +21.932
  10. Riley Ward +23.443

Moto 2

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz 11:04.027
  2. Riley Dukes +3.137
  3. Jye Dickson +4.812
  4. Hugh McKay +7.394
  5. Brodie Ellis +11.225
  6. Jayce Cosford +16.277
  7. Maximus Purvis +19.315
  8. Rhys Budd +21.887
  9. John Bova +22.629
  10. Mason Rowe +24.092
mx nationals round mxd winners top three ImageByScottya
MXD Top Three at Ranch MX Rounds 7 & 8

Round 8 Results

  1. Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) 64
  2. Jye Dickson (KTM) 60
  3. Jayce Cosford (Yamaha) 60
  4. Bailey Malkiewicz (Yamaha) 58
  5. Brodie Ellis (Yamaha) 54
  6. Hugh Mackay (Yamaha) 53
  7. Maximus Purvis (Yamaha) 50
  8. Rhys Budd (Honda) 47
  9. Dylan Wood (Kawasaki) 40
  10. John Bova (KTM) 39

Motul MXD Standings

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz 458
  2. Hugh McKay 453
  3. Riley Dukes 444
  4. Maximus Purvis 440
  5. Brodie Ellis 411
  6. Rhys Budd 376
  7. Jye Dickson 351
  8. Morgan Fogarty 348
  9. Mason Rowe 341
  10. Jake Williams 294

Yamaha 125 Gold Cup – Round 7

For round seven, Butler’s 1-2 race result saw him slide to the top of the podium, flanked by Geoff Braico (Husqvarna) and Taylor.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice cc gold cup ktm ImageByScottya
Yamaha 125 Gold Cup

In the opening race Butler overtook Steve Powell (KTM) for the lead on the fourth lap then came under pressure from Braico, leading him across the line by 0.7 seconds. Jack Foley (KTM) was third, Powell fourth and Taylor fifth.

mx nationals friday taylor yamaha ImageByScottya
Yamaha 125 Gold Cup – Cameron Taylor’s Yamaha

The second moto saw Taylor pass a fast-starting Powell on the third lap, eventually winning by 2.9 seconds over Butler, Braico, Powell, and another former motocross star in Danny Anderson (KTM).

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice cc gold cup Butler ktm air ImageByScottya
Ryan Butler

Moto 1

  1. Ryan Butler 14:13.403
  2. Geoff Braico +0.705
  3. Jack Foley +3.221
  4. Steven Powell +4.396
  5. Cameron Taylor +6.234
  6. Clay Kilvington +11.711
  7. Greg Timmins +28.629
  8. Kieran Tisdale +33.391
  9. Paris Corless +36.745
  10. Joshua Ellison +37.222

Moto 2

  1. Cameron Taylor 14:13.820
  2. Ryan Butler +2.902
  3. Geoff Braico +3.938
  4. Steven Powell +12.966
  5. Danny Anderson +14.230
  6. Clay Kilvington +16.801
  7. Jack Foley +21.361
  8. Greg Timmins +22.692
  9. Joshua Ellison +43.638
  10. Kieran Tisdale +48.629
mx nationals round cc cup winning ImageByScottya
2018 MX Nationals – Round 7 Ranch MX – 125cc Gold Cup Podium

Round 7 Results

  1. Ryan Butler (Honda) 67
  2. Geoff Braico (Husqvarna) 62
  3. Cameron Taylor (Yamaha) 61
  4. Steve Powell (KTM) 56
  5. Jack Foley (KTM) 54
  6. Clay Kilvington (KTM) 50
  7. Greg Timmins (KTM) 47
  8. Kieran Tisdale (KTM) 44
  9. Joshua Ellison (Yamaha) 43
  10. Paris Corless (Yamaha) 42

Yamaha 125 Gold Cup – Round 8

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice cc gold cup taylor ImageByScottya
Yamaha 125 Gold Cup – Cameron Taylor

It was then Taylor who took round eight honours with a brace of convincing victories over Braico and Butler on Sunday afternoon.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice cc gold cup waiting ImageByScottya
125cc Gold Cup Start

In the opening moto Taylor passed Braico for the lead on the fourth lap before surging to a 3.8-second win. Clay Kilvington (KTM), Foley and Powell rounded out the top five.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice cc gold cup braico ImageByScottya

Taylor finished the final race of the weekend in similar style, with a 3.1 second lead over Braico, followed by Butler, Powell and Foley.

Moto 1

  1. Cameron Taylor 13:29.636
  2. Geoff Braico +3.805
  3. Clay Kilvington +6.704
  4. Jack Foley +11.178
  5. Steven Powell +14.876
  6. Ryan Butler +17.767
  7. Danny Anderson +18.779
  8. Greg Timmins +18.935
  9. Kieran Tisdale +24.062
  10. Bradley Rankmore + 37.985

Moto 2

  1. Cameron Taylor 13:54.317
  2. Geoff Braico +3.160
  3. Ryan Butler +8.365
  4. Steven Powell +9.080
  5. Jack Foley +10.134
  6. Clay Kilvington +11.367
  7. Kieran Tisdale +12.874
  8. Greg Timmins +13.572
  9. Danny Anderson +14.635
  10. Paris Corless +34.486

Round 8 Results

  1. Cameron Taylor (Yamaha) 70
  2. Geoff Braico (Husqvarna) 64
  3. Ryan Butler (Honda) 55
  4. Clay Kilvington (KTM) 55
  5. Steve Powell (KTM) 54
  6. Jack Foley (KTM) 54
  7. Kieran Tisdale (KTM) 46
  8. Greg Timmins (KTM) 46
  9. Danny Anderson (KTM) 46
  10. Paris Corless (Yamaha) 41
mx nationals round cc cup racing rearwheel ImageByScottya
Yamaha 125 Gold Cup

Yamaha 125 Gold Cup Standings

  1. Cameron Taylor 195
  2. Geoff Braico 178
  3. Ryan Butler 171
  4. Steven Powell 166
  5. Bradley Rankmore 116
  6. Jack Foley 108
  7. Ryan Kohlenberg 106
  8. Clay Kilvington 105
  9. Greg Timmins 93
  10. Kieran Tisdale 90

Yamaha YZ65 Cup

Young ripper Michael Jones put in a solid performance in the brand new Yamaha YZ65 Cup on his way to a 100-point haul at Ranch MX. Jones won two of the three motos to take the overall from Will Carpenter and Hixson McInnes.

mx nationals round cc gate dropp ImageByScottya
Yamaha 65 Cup lines up at Ranch MX

In the opening race Jones beat Nate Thompson to the chequered flag by 3.8 seconds, with McInnes third, Wil Carpenter fourth and William Harvey fifth.

mx nationals round cc jump ImageByScottya
Michael Jones

In the second outing Carpenter led every lap on his way to the win, with Thompson and Jones filling the podium placings. McInnes and Travis Lindsay rounded out the top five.

mx nationals round cc push gate ImageByScottya
Yamaha YZ65 Cup riders at the Push Gates

Jones stole the show in the third race with a massive 21-second lead at the end of the four laps, with Carpenter and Harvey finishing second and third respectively. Xavier Moulton crossed the line in fourth and McInnes fifth.

mx nationals round cc blac helmet ImageByScottya
Yamaha YZ65 Cup

Moto 1

  1. Michael Jones 8:01.942
  2. Nate Thompson +3.819
  3. Hixson McInnes +6.061
  4. Wil Carpenter +16.980
  5. William Harvey +37.922
  6. Travis Lindsay +40.918
  7. Tema Yates +43.653
  8. Lachlan Morris +53.564
  9. Phoenix Blanchette +58.004
  10. Xavier Moulton +1:15.251

Moto 2

  1. Wil Carpenter 7:26.481
  2. Nate Thompson +1.040
  3. Michael Jones +2.741
  4. Hixson McInnes +3.323
  5. Travis Lindsay +28.756
  6. William Harvey +32.313
  7. Zane Burchell +38.912
  8. Lachlan Morris +41.465
  9. Kai Melrose +58.295
  10. Xavier Moulton +59.326
mx nationals round cc stlye ImageByScottya
Michael Jones

Moto 3

  1. Michael Jones 7:47.084
  2. Wil Carpenter +21.978
  3. William Harvey +38.575
  4. Xavier Moulton +40.494
  5. Hixson McInnes +42.632
  6. Zane Burchell +51.634
  7. Leah Rimbas +55.888
  8. Lachlan Morris +58.993
  9. Kai Melrose +1:08.210
  10. Travis Lindsay +1:11.646

Yamaha 65 Cup Results

  1. Michael Jones
  2. Wil Carpenter
  3. Hixson McInnes
  4. William Harvey
  5. Nate Thompson
  6. Travis Lindsay
  7. Xavier Moulton
  8. Lachlan Morris
  9. Tema Yates
  10. Kai Melrose


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