Team France win 2016 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations

Todd Waters scored a 7th in race one – Dean Ferris a 5th in race two

Images by Hoppenworld

The enormous, passionate and boisterous MXoN crowd has rewritten the handbook of fan etiquette with their non-stop flag waving, chain saw revving, air horn blowing, chanting, singing, and cheering that contributed to this years’ motocross of nations being as hair-raising, memorable and emotionally charged as it was.

MXoN 2016
MXoN 2016

In the final race of the day the ‘Nations Result’ board shuffled between The USA, France and The Netherlands, with USA being one man down after a mind boggling scenario sidelined their best performer of the weekend Jason Anderson immediately after he won Race Two, and also with the defending champions, Team France, being buried at turn one. Meanwhile, The Netherlands had a high-powered start to the race with both of their riders, Jeffrey Herlings and Glenn Coldenhoff, inside the top three.

Watch the sickening footage of another rider landing on Jason Anderson after the flag

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The Netherlands led the initial stages of the race, but as Coldenhoff faded and Webb propelled forward, The USA took over at the top. Team France had their work cut out for them, but Febvre is never one to shy away from a challenge and eventually caught Webb. Both riders engaged in a titanic battle, which raged on until Webb got cross-rutted and fell. With Webb losing a few spots The Netherlands leapt to the top of the board once more, and with one lap to go they were right on the cusp of claiming their first ever MXoN title before Febvre spoiled everything when he passed Tommy Searle for the vital 1 point that was required for Team France to defend the cup.

MXoN 2016
MXoN 2016

Team France won the Motocross of Nations for the first time in 2001 in Namur, Belgium with Yves Demaria, Luigy Segy and David Vuillemin, and they didn’t win it again until 2014 in Kegums, Latvia when Gautier Paulin, Dylan Ferrandis and Steven Frossard silenced the haters with their emphatic win. Since 2014, France is yet to be beaten, and their trail blaze continued in sensational style today around this spectacular hillside circuit, in a cauldron-like atmosphere that we have become accustomed to at the MXON.

MXoN 2016
MXoN 2016
MXoN 2016 Video Highlights

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Monster Energy MX of Nations 2016 Team Results
  1. France
  2. Belgium
  3. The Netherlands
  4. Switzerland
  5. Italy
  6. Great Britain
  7. Spain
  8. Australia
  9. Sweden
  10. New Zealand
  11. Japan
  12. Russia
  13. Denmark
  14. Austria
  15. USA
  16. Estonia
  17. Lithuania
  18. Canada
  19. Czech Republic
Race One – MXGP and MX2

The Netherlands didn’t only have one Bullet in their gun this weekend; Glenn Coldenhoff was also lethal as he led Italy’s own Antonio Cairoli around turn one. Febvre, who was fifth around the first turn, lost his nerve on lap two and passed Australia’s Todd Waters before pressuring Canada’s Kaven Benoit into a small mistake to take third place.

MXoN 2016
MXoN 2016

On the third lap, the Italian erupted as Cairoli ripped up the inside of Coldenhoff to take the lead down the start straight. The following lap, Febvre, who was riding like a man possessed, carried a serious amount of momentum right around the outside of Coldenhoff for second, before putting the exact same move on Cairoli a few laps later.

Romain Febvre
Romain Febvre

Belgium’s Kevin Strijbos was silent but violent as he set fast lap after fast lap, and came out of nowhere to pass Coldenhoff for third at the midway mark.  Meanwhile Team USA’s Cooper Webb was also on a diehard mission to claw back spots way after starting outside of the top twenty. The American attacked the track fearlessly, yet with an incredible amount of control as he put an effortless pass on Coldenhoff for fourth with less than five minutes to go.

Cooper Webb
Cooper Webb

At the checkers, the fans roared for their hero Antonio Cairoli as he crossed the line in second place behind Romain Febvre, who took his third consecutive MXoN race win if we count the two he took last year in front of his home crowd in France. Belgium’s Kevin Strijbos put in an incredible ride for third ahead of USA’s Cooper Webb, while another Belgian in the form of Jeremy Van Horebeek rounded out the top five and was the best placed MX2 rider.

Romain Febvre
Romain Febvre
Race One Results
  1. Febvre – FRA – YAM
  2. Cairoli – ITA – KTM +4.64
  3. Strijbos -BEL – SUZ +19.42
  4. Webb – USA – YAM +25.65
  5. Van Horebeek – BEL – YAM +34.39
  6. Coldenhoff – NED – KTM +37.47
  7. Waters – AUS – SUZ +37.95
  8. Benoit – CAN – KTM +41.28
  9. Martin – USA – YAM +50.53
  10. Cooper – NZL – HON +52.83
  11. Seewer – SUI – SUZ – +53.04
  12. Butron – ESP – KTM+54.74
  13. Guillod – SUI – YAM +55.41
  14. Paturel – FRA – YAM +55.63
  15. Kjer Olsen – DEN – HUS +68.16
  16. Bernardini – ITA – TM +65.04
  17. Larsen – DEN – KTM +66.47
  18. Anstie – GBR_ HUS +68.16
  19. Leok – EST – KTM +69.69
  20. Bogers – NED – KTM +70.08
  21. Brylyakov – RUS – KAW +73.42
  22. Searle – GBR – KAW +81.78
  23. Neurauter – AUT – KTM +87.62
  24. Gole – SWE – HUS +89.84
  25. Ratsep – EST – HON +93.78
  26. Ostlund – SWE – YAM +122.66
  27. Barr – IRL – HON +1lap
  28. Neugebauer – CZE – KAW +1lap
  29. Narita – JPN – HON +1lap
  30. Bucas – LTU – YAM +1lap
  31. Prado – ESP – KTM +1lap
  32. Maffenbeirer – CAN – KTM +1lap
  33. Romancik – CZAER – SUZ +1lap
  34. Notsuka – JPN – HON +1lap
  35. Evans – AUS – YAM +1lap
  36. Sandner – AUT – KTM +1lap
  37. Natzke – NZL – KTM +1lap
  38. Karka – LTU – KTM +1lap
  39. Rogozin – RUS – HUS +1lap

Nations top ten: Belgium, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Great Britain, Australia

Race Two – MX2 and Open
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson

A good start couldn’t have come at a better time for Team USA. Jason Anderson ripped the holeshot ahead of Switzerland’s Arnaud Tonus, France’s Gautier Paulin and Holland’s Jeffrey Herlings. Herlings doesn’t do anything slowly, and he slung shot past Paulin before the end of lap one and squeezed Tonus on lap two which put him in second place before the end of lap one.

Jeffrey Herlings
Jeffrey Herlings

Behind Paulin, Evgeny Bobryshev made Russia’s presence noticeable when he ran hot up the inside of Paulin and almost T-boned him before dropping off the pace. Australia’s Dean Ferris nipped by the Russian who ended up crashing mid-moto in the same dip that caught Cairoli out in the Qualifying Race yesterday.

Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris

Meanwhile, Herlings set the fastest lap of the race on lap five and was taking sizeable chunks out of Andersons lead. Herlings showed Anderson a wheel on a couple of occasions before he lost his mind in frustration and slipped into his smaller bike habits where he could hammer the throttle and get away with it. This time he didn’t save it; he got too hard on the gas, lost traction and high-sided. Fortunately he had a good cushion and didn’t lose a spot, although the next three riders did catch him.

Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson

With five minutes to go, Herlings, Tonus, Paulin and Ferris put on a breath-taking exhibition of close combat racing as they rode wheel to wheel and ‘bar to ‘bar. Ferris managed to pass Paulin at one point but a gust of wind caught the Frenchman’s sails, and he passed Ferris back before passing Tonus half of a lap later as well.

Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris

Meanwhile, the MX2 riders had crept in on the action and with three laps to go ‘the Jeremys’, Belgium’s Jeremy Van Horebeek and Switzerland’s Jeremy Seewer, who were split by Great Britain’s Shaun Simpson, had Tonus and Ferris in their sights.

Shaun Simpson
Shaun Simpson

MXoN rookie, Jason Anderson, took an emphatic win for the Team USA ahead of The Netherlands’ Jeffrey Herlings, France’s Gautier Paulin, Switzerland’s Arnaud Tonus and Australia’s Dean Ferris.

Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson

As is the intense racing wasn’t hard enough on the old ticker, hearts were stopped when the race winner, Anderson, was landed on while celebrating. Jason was taken to the hospital for further observation.

Race Two Results
  1. Anderson – USA – HUS
  2. Herlings – NED – KTM +6.10
  3. Paulin – FRA- HON +7.35
  4. Tonus – SUI – KAW +8.86
  5. Ferris – AUS – YAM +9.89
  6. Simpson – GBR – KTM +10.76
  7. Van Horebeek – BEL – YAM +11.12
  8. Seewer – SUI – SUZ +13.49
  9. Martin – USA – YAM +16.11
  10. Paturel – FRA- YAM +30.10
  11. Noren – SWE – HON +43.56
  12. Cervellin – ITA – HON +46.16
  13. Leok – EST – KTM +49.52
  14. Bogers – NED – KTM +50.06
  15. Bernardini – ITA – TM +51.07
  16. Kullas – EST – KTM +55.51
  17. Bobryshev – RUS – HON +59.77
  18. Medaglia – CAN – HUS +60.89
  19. Brylyakov – RUS – KAW +62.33
  20. Zaragoza – ESP -HON +73.32
  21. Kjer Olsen – DEN – HUS +76.86
  22. Anstie – GBR – HUS +82.12
  23. Rauchenecker – AUD- HUS +82.97
  24. Jasikonis – LTU – SUZ +84.40
  25. Maffenbeirer – CAN – KTM +91.92
  26. Barr – IRL – HON +95.40
  27. Edmonds – IRL – TM +99.12
  28. Neugebauer – CZE – KAW +100.70
  29. Yamamoto – JPN – HON +104.41
  30. Smitka – CZE – KTM +112.80
  31. Prado – ESP – KTM +119.46
  32. Notsuka – JPN – HON +1lap
  33. Ostlund – SWE – YAM +1lap
  34. Natzke – NZL – KTM +1lap
  35. Meier – DEN – KTM +1lap
  36. Sandner – AUT – KTM +1lap
  37. Evans – AUS – YAM +1lap
  38. Harwood – NZL – YAM +1lap
  39. Van Doninck – BEL – YAM +1lap
  40. Karak – LTU – KTM +12 laps

Nations top ten: USA, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Estonia, Canada, Australia

Race Three – 450cc
MXoN 2016
MXoN 2016

In what is the most evenly matched race of the day with all 40 riders on 450cc bikes, it was the 450cc rookie Jeffrey Herlings who led the way into turn two, with Great Britain’s Tommy Searle being the filling in a Dutch sandwich as he chased Herlings with Coldenhoff, hot on his heels.

Jeffrey Herlings
Jeffrey Herlings

Antonio Cairoli kept the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs when he executed a series of great passes to take second place before the end of lap one.

Antonio Cairoli
Antonio Cairoli

Belgium’s Kevin Strijbos looked better than ever today. Yes, he did win his home grand prix, the MXGP of Belgium, but that was just a mega result on paper. Today, Strijbos was physically riding superb!

Kevin Strijbos
Kevin Strijbos

As Coldenhoff faded and dimmed The Netherlands chances at hoisting the Chamberlain Cup in the air for the first time in the history of The Nations, Cairoli caught Herlings for a brief challenge, but all it did was tease the boisterous crowd as Herlings sensed he was there and hooked yet another gear to win relatively easily.

Jeffrey Herlings
Jeffrey Herlings

Meanwhile, it was the crucial battle for fourth that took epic to an all-new level as Webb and Febvre charged hard with the weight of their nations on their shoulders. At that point, USA had the lead in the overall standings ahead of The Netherlands and France, but then Webb threw it away when he got cross-rutted and fell.

Romain Febvre
Romain Febvre

Webb’s mistake worked in favor of The Netherlands who had one finger on the Chamberlain Cup right up till the very last moment when Febvre pulled something out of nothing and made an absolutely vital pass on Searle on the final lap of the race.

Jeffrey Herlings
Jeffrey Herlings

The Netherlands’ Jeffrey Herlings was tenacious in his efforts to stretch out a lead for his second ever MXoN race win. The first one was in Lommel back in 2012, which he won in similar fashion when he took the holeshot and checked out.

Cairoli cruised home for second place ahead of Strijbos, Febvre and Searle.

Race Three Results
  1. Herlings – NED – KTM
  2. Cairoli – ITA – KTM +7.62
  3. Strijbos – BEL – SUZ +20.78
  4. Febvre – FRA – YAM +26.24
  5. Searle – GBR – KAW +28.21
  6. Bobryshev – RUS – HON +34.05
  7. Coldenhoff – NED – KTM +42.21
  8. Tonus – SUI – KAW +44.34
  9. Butron – ESP – KTM +45.11
  10. Webb – USA – YAM +46.30
  11. Paulin – FRA -HON +46.97
  12. Benoit – Can – KTM +58.10
  13. Cervellin – ITA – HON +62.63
  14. Waters – AUS – SUZ +63.84
  15. Ferris – AUS – YAM +82.42
  16. Guillod – SUI – YAM +93.39
  17. Larsen – DEN – KTM +95.03
  18. Van Doninck – BEL – YAM +96.82
  19. Rauchenecker – AUT – HUS +101.64
  20. Noren – SWE – HON +102.57
  21. Gole – SWE – HUS +105.12
  22. Ratsep – EST – HON +106.13
  23. Kullas – EST – KTM +1lap
  24. Zaragoza – ESP – HON +1lap
  25. Yamamoto – JPN – HON +1lap
  26. Romancik – CZE – SUZ +1lap
  27. Smitka – CZE – KTM +1lap
  28. Cooper – NZL – HON +1lap
  29. Bucas – LTU – YAM +1lap
  30. Narita – JPN – HON +1lap
  31. Harwood – NZL – KTM +1lap
  32. Meier – DEN – KTM +1lap
  33. Rogozin – RUS – HUS +1lap
  34. Edmonds – IRL – TM +2laps
  35. Medaglia – CAN – HUS +5 laps
  36. Neurauter – AUT – KTM +8 laps
  37. Jasikonis – lTU – SUZ +12 laps
  38. Simpson – GBR – KTM +17 laps

Nations top ten: France, The Netherlands, USA, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, Estonia, Canada.

Monster Energy MX of Nations 2016 Team Results Overall Classifications
  1. France – 29pts  Benoit Paturel (Yamaha), Romain Febvre (Yamaha), Gautier Paulin (Honda)
  2. The Netherlands – 30pts  Brian Bogers (KTM), Glenn Coldenhoff (KTM), Jeffrey Herlings (KTM)
  3. USA – 33pts  Alex Martin (Yamaha), Cooper Webb (Yamaha), Jason Anderson (Husqvarna)

Romain Febvre – Team France

“I didn’t realize that we had won when I passed in the final lap, I just saw the sign very quickly that we were in second place. It’s a great feeling to win again. I was riding like at the beginning of the season this weekend, and to start Sunday with a win is unbelieveable. I just felt so free on the YZ450FM.”

Alex Martin, Tony Cairoli and Romain Febvre
Alex Martin, Tony Cairoli and Romain Febvre
Gautier Paulin – Team France

“I am so happy for the whole team today with this result – with my teammates Romain and Benoit, and Pascal and the whole federation. It’s really a team effort and without everyone we couldn’t make it. Thanks also to my Honda team for again all their work in preparing my bike so well and giving me the equipment for this result. The crowd were again just incredible today – you can never believe how many people follow us all over the world so I also want to thank them for all their support. My first race was good today but in the second I didn’t make the start and then got stuck in the pack, but the result today is just amazing. To win again is such a great taste – now we can enjoy the experience of three in a row.”

Gautier Paulin chased by Dean Ferris
Gautier Paulin chased by Dean Ferris
Jason Anderson – Team USA

“I was really excited coming to this race to represent the US. After posting the fastest time in free practice I had a bit of bad luck in qualifying. I got hit from behind in the first turn and ended up hurting my leg. I decided to race on Sunday despite this injury. My first race went pretty well from the get go. I got the holeshot and started pulling away from the field. Midway through the race Herlings caught up and we had a pretty good battle for a couple of laps before he went down. After that I was just coasting to the finish to get the win. I was really excited to cross the line first but right after that I felt another bike landing on me. We’ve got everything checked out and I’m going to be OK. It’s just a bit of a bummer I couldn’t get out there in the last moto to help Team USA battle for the win.”

Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson
Max Nagl – Team Germany

“Wrapping up the 2016 MXGP season with third overall I was really looking forward to this year’s Motocross of Nations. Unfortunately, my run was cut short after a crash in Saturday’s qualifying moto. It all happened fast. I was coming through the pack and just before the finish line I chose a different line, hit a muddy spot and crashed. The pain in my back was so intense we decided to sit out the rest of the event. The pressure from the championship was off so I knew I could battle for race wins here at the Nations. To be honest I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t manage to show what I could do on Sunday. I’m also sorry I couldn’t battle for Team Germany. Luckily we avoided any major injury so soon I’ll be able to get back to racing and my preparations for 2017.”

Max Anstie – Team Great Britain

“It was nice to take part at the Motocross of Nations this year. Racing on the same track with the guys on the 450s makes the starts crucially important. To be honest I was a bit nervous coming into the final motos as I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I didn’t manage to get a good start in either of my two motos and that made things a lot harder for me. I did my best to help Team Great Britain but it just wasn’t meant to be. It’s been a long season of racing and I’m really looking forward to making a new start in 2017. Next year I will be racing Husqvarna’s FC 450 machine in the MXGP class. It’s a new challenge that I’m really looking forward to.”

Max Anstie
Max Anstie
Pascal Rauchenecker – Team Austria

“My goal coming into this year’s Motocross of Nations was to help Team Austria get the best possible result. Overall, it’s been a great event for me. I took my time to get used to the extra power of the FC 450 in qualifying so I could push a lot harder on Sunday. The Nations is such an amazing event. It feels so special racing in front of thousands of fans from all over the world. For me it’s been a blast. Team Austria managed to qualify for the finals and I went on to wrap up the day with two good results. I’m heading back home now to continue my preparations for the International Six Days Enduro that’ll take place in Spain in two weeks time.”

Pascal Rauchenecker
Pascal Rauchenecker
Jeffrey Herlings – Team Netherlands

To go 1-2-1 in the qualifying and the two races is very good and I think I showed here I was one of the fastest all weekend. I showed a lot of speed so I’m very pleased about that, and it’s good feedback for next season. We need that because it will be our rookie season. We only spent four days on the bike so far, so to go 1-2-1 here I think is already pretty amazing. I’m looking forward to next season, to testing in the winter and developing the bike to suit me. KTM has a great 450 bike and I think we’re looking very good.”

Jason Anderson, Jeffrey Herlings
Jason Anderson, Jeffrey Herlings
Tony Cairoli – Team Italy

“It’s hard to find the motivation, but I did that to try to win my class. I wasn’t feeling that great after my crash yesterday and I was a bit sore when I woke up this morning, although luckily there were no injuries. But my riding was perfect even though I am still not 100 percent fit and lack some confidence. We know what to work on for next season.”

Antonio Cairoli
Antonio Cairoli
Glenn Coldenhoff – Team Netherlands

“There were many strong teams here and many that could make the podium but yesterday I didn’t feel so good and made a lot of mistakes. But we qualified third so that was a confidence boost. I took the holeshot in my first race but as the race went on I got some arm pump. I had a good start again in my second race and I felt better but I still made some mistakes. In the end we got second and I’m happy for that.” Coldenhoff said he would soon start testing for the next season and he did have plans to race in the Red Bull Knockout in Holland, which he said was a big and important event.

Glenn Coldenhoff, Cooper Webb
Glenn Coldenhoff, Cooper Webb
Jorge Prado

“Yesterday was really good and I was fourth in the qualification. I started first and rode pretty good. But I was only competing against the 250s so it was easier than today riding against the big bikes. Actually I had two good starts but then I struggled in the corners, and I think mentally also. It wasn’t my best riding but I enjoyed it and I look forward to next year.”

Evgeny Bobryshev – Team Russia

“Overall I’m pretty pleased with today. The result in race one wasn’t what we wanted, but before that the position wasn’t so bad. Just I was feeling a little stiff on the bike and had a bit of arm pump. But I’m happy with race two – the start was bad and I was so far down the order, but the feeling on the bike was really good and I could keep pushing to finish sixth which was more than I thought was possible after the start. It’s a shame to be just outside the top ten, but that’s how it goes. It’s been a really great event though with all the passion and energy from the fans, and congratulations to Gautier and Honda for their title today.”

Vsevolod Brylyakov – Team Russia

“I was quite good on the track, but never got a good start this weekend. I know the bike is good, but I didn’t race for a few months due to my injury and my feeling was not so good for the start; that’s a point we need to work this winter. I made a lot of passes in both races, but it was not really easy against the 450s so you had to change lines, to do something different to make the passes stick. I’m pretty happy to finish in the top ten of the MX2 class for my comeback race; I showed that I’m back in good shape. I never stopped working physically during my recovery period and the team was pretty happy with my results today even if I was expecting better.”

Jeremy Van Horebeek – Team Belgium

“I won MX2, but the goal here was for the national team, so it’s a pity that we missed the podium. Michele and the team really did an awesome job to get the YZ250F ready for me, and I’m happy for the result. It’s a big atmosphere here at the Motocross of Nations. Every year is better and better, new people, a new country. I really enjoy the race.”

Jeremy Van Horebeek
Jeremy Van Horebeek
Cooper Webb – Team USA

“I’m proud of the way we turned things around from Saturday. We struggled a bit with qualifying and getting used to the track here, and we raced really well on Sunday. The crowd here in the Motocross of Nations is so amazing and it’s a great feeling out there to race for them and hear their support. But it’s going to take a long time to get over what happened in the race today, and I’m really crushed to go out like I did.”

Cooper Webb
Cooper Webb
Alex Martin – Team USA

“We were in the hunt down to the last lap today, and it’s no secret that we had a lot of adversity yesterday and today. But it’s a really cool event to be part of and have two top 10 finishes today. Congrats to Team France and Team Netherlands today, this was a great weekend and I’m proud to take part in it.”

Alex Martin
Alex Martin
Alvin Östlund – Team Sweden

“It’s a lot of spectators and always nice to be on the track for them, and there’s also a lot of good riders on the track, so it’s tough. In qualifying I had a really good start, but we found out today the settings were a little bit off, so we changed them for the second race and did a lot better.”

Benoit Paturel – Team France

“For me the experience here was great, and I want to thank my teammates and the mechanics for perparing the bike this week on the track at Maggiora. All season we worked together with Jacky Vimond my trainer and the mechanics to improve in MX2 and to get better. Today at Motocross of Nations was a good day for me and a great day for Yamaha and France.”

Benoit Patural and Alex Martin
Benoit Patural and Alex Martin
Brent Van doninck – Team Belgium

“In my first heat I crashed twice, first was small but the second was pretty big, and I hurt myself and my head. But I didn’t get any points. In the second race I crashed again, but I got back on and got some points. I had one week to get used to the YZ450F, but it was difficult to race for me because I am a YZ250F rider normally. I really like it, and I like the Motocross of Nations even more, but I would like to race it again next year with more time on the bike first.”

Brent Van Doninck
Brent Van Doninck
Kevin Strijbos – Team Belgium

“It was good today and I did two decent motos. I messed up my start in the second moto but I had been riding well all weekend. I think that was one of my best races in a long time; even Lommel doesn’t come close. It felt really good. I had a nice flow and could push all moto. It was a shame that Belgium missed the podium but we all did our best: Jeremy won in MX2 and we knew it would be hard for Brent. It has been a difficult season with just one highlight. Lommel was about finding a rhythm but here was about going full-gas. We now have two weeks of testing ahead now. I’m happy.”

Kevin Strijbos
Kevin Strijbos
Jeremy Seewer – Team Switzerland

“It was a fun race as always and I enjoyed racing with such a big crowd. It didn’t end-up the way we wanted with the team but yesterday Guillod had a really bad crash and he was lucky he could even ride today. We finished sixth and Arnaud and I did some good motos and my riding was good. Third overall in MX2; I will be trying to change that next year! We have one more race to come and I will try to stay fit and prepare myself well for it. SMX will be something new for everyone.”

Jeremy Seewer
Jeremy Seewer
Valentin Guillod – Team Switzerland

“It’s the biggest event in the world of motocross, with all of the fans supporting their country, so it’s awesome. The track is a bit slippery but it’s very fast. In the qualifying race I cut my hand and got five stitches when somebody hit me full gas in the first lap, and so I wasn’t able to ride at my top level. I’m disappointed because I can ride faster than what I did today.”

Arnaud Tonus – Team Switzerland

“It was a good weekend for me, my second race on a 450. In the first race I got a good start and even though I had some arm pump I still managed to finish in fourth position; our bike was probably too aggressive for this kind of track, but the schedule for this special race is too tight to do much testing. In my second race my start was not as good; I found a good rhythm for fifteen minutes but then it was more difficult as I’m not used to the 450 and haven’t raced in Europe for two years. I really enjoyed racing on the 450; it suits my riding style pretty well and I’m happy with my second position overall in the Open class this weekend.”

Arnaud Tonus
Arnaud Tonus
Tommy Searle – Team Great Britain

“Luck just wasn’t on my side in the first race. I surrendered our team’s best gate to my teammate so I was in the pack, but on the first lap some guy just stopped dead at the bottom of a hill and I hit him flat out. The bars were bent and I banged my right forearm so I couldn’t attack. I timed my start perfectly in the second race and could race top four easily all moto. Febvre dived inside me at the last corner and I could have stopped him, but our team had a pretty unhappy weekend and he was going for the Nations so it would have been unfair to block him.”

Tommy Searle and Kevin Strijbos
Tommy Searle and Kevin Strijbos