Graeme Boyd Motorcycles in liquidation

After decades of trading we are sad to report that major Newcastle motorcycle dealer Graeme Boyd Motorcycles went into liquidation earlier this week.

A long time Suzuki and Yamaha dealer, and promoter of local race events, including the Newcastle International Supermoto, Graeme Boyd has been a passionater supporter of racing and motorcycle racers during his time in business.

The Newcastle International Supermoto event will still go ahead on the Newcastle foreshore on Father’s Day weekend, September 1-2.

Boyd told local newspaper The Newcastle Herald that other dealers in Moree and Gunnedah had also closed their doors in the last few weeks.

The business has now shut its doors and in the custodianship of liquidation company Jirsch Sutherland.

In due course the business and/or the assets of the business will be put up for sale.

Graeme Boyd
Graeme Boyd


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