Honda Africa Twin Competiton Winner Announced

Today Honda announced the lucky winner of a brand new fully kitted Africa Twin.

Congratulations to Leon Crow, a dairy farmer from SA on winning the Honda Genuine Oils Africa Twin promotion.

Leon was extremely surprised when given the news; “I’ve never won anything in my life, I can’t believe it… this is crazy” He said.

“I had a silly dream the other day that I was going to win and now I have, I’m so overwhelmed by this,” Said Leon.

Leon has ridden motorbikes for many years, owning several Honda farm bikes and TRX quads and enjoys a bit of adventure touring having ridden to Cape York from Adelaide a few years ago travelling over 11,000kms.

Honda Africa Twin
Honda Africa Twin

“I’ve been a dairy farmer for 30 years and I love my Honda’s… Now I can take my wife on some great day trips through the Adelaide hills, this is fantastic!” Leon said when asked what he would do with his new Africa Twin.

“I bought the oil at Bridgeland and my wife entered, we had to try a few times to enter because we live a fair way out and sometimes connection isn’t great and it was worth trying now, we just can’t believe it, this has brightened up my year!!” He added.

To go into the draw to win the fully kitted Africa Twin entrants needed to purchase a 4L Honda GN4 or HP4 bottle of oil, upload the proof of purchase to the Honda Genuine website and fill in the required details.

The competition ran from the 1st March until 31st May 2016.

Honda encourages the use of Genuine oils and parts when servicing your Honda motorcycles for optimum reliability performance and peace of mind.

Leon will be presented with his prize on Thursday 9th June in Melbourne. A very deserving winner and we wish him all the best on his adventures on his new Africa Twin.

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