Suter MMX 500

With the recent announcement that Suter would enter TT 2018 with Ian Lougher onboard one of their bespoke MMX 500 two-stroke machines (Link), we thought it pertinent to present you with this gallery of images that showcase this 576cc V-Four in a way few people have seen before.

The Suter 500 V4 Factory will be built to a limited run of 99 units and features Suter’s own 80-degree fuel-injected engine.

The 576cc capacity is arrived at via a 56mm bore and 58.5mm stroke which produces a claimed 195hp at 11,000rpm.

The chassis is welded by hand, as seen here in these images, and the bike is claimed to tip the scales at only 129kg.

You can buy one for yourself if you pony up the 128,000 Swiss Francs, that’s $172,00 AUD to us…

576cc Suter 500 V4 Factory


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