Daniel Milner holds A4DE lead with one day to go

Image by John Pearson

Riders were thrown into rough conditions in Cessnock on day three, including a gruelling 165km trail ride as well as completing five tests. Knee high ruts and bull dust put the rider’s skills on show throughout the tests.

Daniel Milner completed a hat-trick on day three, claiming three wins from three days in Cessnock. Milner took out all five of the tests to further cement himself at the top of the E3 class.

Daniel Sanders continued his fine form, making it three from three E2 class.

Fraser Higlett
Fraser Higlett

Fraser Higlett also continued his improvement, claiming day three honours in the E1 class aboard his Husqvarna.


Daniel Milner continued his domination of the Cessnock E3 class, grabbing the day three result to back up his day one and two wins. Milner pulled ahead of his nearest E3 competitor, finishing the day with a 33:18.345.

Lachlan Stanford again finished in second position, and the podium on day three was rounded out by Broc Grabham aboard his Gas Gas.

Daniel Milner

“The trail was tough, it basically turned into a special test as we had to make the test, but we were solid in the tests grabbing all five test wins. It was a bit of a struggle in the test as they were clapped out with knee high ruts, and I also had two crashes in the tests, but I managed to keep pushing forward and stay at the front. I’m looking forward to the final moto tomorrow as I’ve never won a final moto, so I will be looking to grab the win and take out the A4DE title.”

Day 3 A4DE E3 Provisional Results

  1. Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Racing Team) – 33:18.345
  2. Lachlan Stanford (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) – 34:46.287
  3. Broc Grabham – 35:05.595
  4. Andrew Wilksch (Motul Pirelli Sherco Team) – 35:43.622
  5. Kane Hall – 35:44.444
  6. Tom Mason – 36:14.243
  7. Jesse Lawton – 36:34.967
  8. Stuart Holt – 37:46.934
  9. Hayden Keeley – 39:11.780
  10. Kade Dorrington – 39:13.821


Daniel Sanders continued to lead the pack in the E2 class, taking out day three as he did on days one and two. Pushing his bike to the limit and losing a helmet peak, Sanders stopped the clock on day three at 33:25.379.

Josh Green backed up his day two with another second place on day three, while Green’s teammate Will Ruprecht finished in third position and showing no signs of the shoulder injury he suffered earlier this season, completing the five tests.

Daniel Sanders

“It was a very tough day at the office in the dust, it was great to finish what was a long and tiring day and grab the win again. I’m looking forward to the final moto tomorrow, as I get to bring out my motocross skills and the boys will get loose and wild, but its going to be good fun on the 450, and the plan will be to get a good start and check out from the pack.”

Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders
Day 3 A4DE E2 Provisional Results
  1. Daniel Sanders (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) – 33:25.379
  2. Josh Green (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Off-Road Team) – 34:10.881
  3. Wil Ruprecht (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Off-Road Team)- 34:49.522
  4. Stefan Granquist – 35:05.726
  5. Scott Keegan – 35:10.341
  6. Jarrod Bewley – 35:47.426
  7. Chris Hollis – 35:50.687
  8. Geoff Braico 36:18.452
  9. Joshua Brierley – 36:30.999
  10. Tom Kite – 36:44.655


Husqvarna’s Fraser Higlett continued his impressive A4DE campaign, grabbing the honours on day three. Higlett is a fan on the dusty tracks and put that to good use during the five tests and 165km of gruelling trails.

Motocross convert turned enduro rider Luke Styke continues to impress, collecting second position. Michael Driscoll has looked at home in the E1 class ever since making the jump from the EJ class he runs in the AORC, placing in third position.

Day 3 A4DE E1 Provisional Results

  1. Fraser Higlett (Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team) – 34:31.299
  2. Luke Styke (Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Off-Road Team) – 34:44.948
  3. Michael Driscoll – 35:07.244
  4. Jeremy Carpentier (Yamaha MX Store Ballard’s Off-Road Team) – 35:33.752
  5. Jack Simpson – 35:55.963
  6. Brad Hardaker – 36:45.888
  7. Mitchell Brierley – 38:14.011
  8. Thomas Jenner – 39:05.163
  9. Morgan Fitzgerald – 39:05.496
  10. PD Allan – 39:14.960


Jemma Wilson bounced back after a second-place finish on day two, to claim day three aboard her Yamaha.

In a day that tested the riders from start to finish, Wilson found an extra gear, and despite a few falls and losing a helmet peak, she found a way to win. Day two winner Jessica Gardiner had to settle for second and Emelie Karlsson rounded out the podium after a solid day’s riding, stopping the clock at 41:56.904.

Jemma Wilson

“Yeah look it was rough as out there today, both the test we did twice today were pretty insane. I had a good first few tests and then i did crash in the last two but to still get the win was pleasing.”

Jemma Wilson
Jemma Wilson

Day 3 A4DE Womens Provisional Results

  1. Jemma Wilson – 40:31.298
  2. Jessica Gardiner – 40:49.550
  3. Emelie Karlsson – 41:56.904
  4. Sophie Coldicutt – 44:30.432
  5. Julie Denyer – 1:14:55.786


Ben Grabham once again led the way in the Veterans class at Cessnock, taking no time on day three to put a gap between himself and the Veterans field. Damien Smith was once again in second position and rounding out the podium was Richard Chibnall.

Ben Grabham
Ben Grabham

Day 3 A4DE Veterans Provisional Results

  1. Ben Grabham – 36:29.569
  2. Damian Smith – 37:02.944
  3. Richard Chibnall – 39:39.621
  4. Greg Stephens – 39:41.709
  5. Leigh Bentley – 40:13.272
  6. Jarrad Hardcastle – 40:26.994
  7. Chris Thomas 40:46.398 –
  8. Con Privitera – 41:37.012
  9. Andrew Frost – 41:39.731
  10. Matthew Robinson – 41:43.506


The masters class has been controlled by one rider so far at the A4DE, and that rider is Brad Williscroft and on a day that saw riders tackle tough conditions, Williscroft continued to lead the pack.

James Deakin continued his good form in the masters class picking up another second-place finish. The podium was rounded out by Sean Clarke.

Brad Williscroft
Brad Williscroft

Day 3 A4DE Masters Provisional Results

  1. Brad Williscroft – 38:42.197
  2. James Deakin – 41:11.060
  3. Sean Clarke – 41:26.194
  4. John Baker – 44:01.594
  5. Ian Jenner – 44:34.095
  6. Michael Collins – 44:46.929
  7. Craig Treasure – 44:49.930
  8. Scott Campbell – 45:06.171
  9. Matt Dymock – 45:27.423
  10. Neil Loder – 45:44.380

Senior Trophy

Josh Green, Brad Hardaker, Broc Grabham, Scott Keegan, Micheal Driscoll and Stefan Granquist once again combined to put NSW at the front of the pack at the end of day three, stopping the clock at 3:31.26.

Queensland were runners up to the NSW team, Lachie Stanford, Luke Styke, Kane Hall, Cameron Vinsteasd, Thomas Jenner and Christian Springer pushed but just couldn’t catch NSW.

Victoria have battled hard since losing Lyndon Snodgrass on day two with a mechanical failure, but a hard fought third place was the outcome on day three.

Day 3 A4DE Senior Team Trophy Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 3:31.26
  2. QLD – 3:42.20
  3. VIC – 4:56.01
  4. WA – 7:06.11
  5. SA – 8:06.52

A4DE Senior Trophy Combined Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 11:32:26.577
  2. QLD – 12:02:50.008
  3. VIC – 14:13:06.600
  4. WA – 21:31:31.325
  5. SA – 22:01:34.160
NSW's Josh Green, Brad Hardaker, Broc Grabham, Scott Keegan, Micheal Driscoll and Stefan Granquist lead the Senior Trophy
NSW’s Josh Green, Brad Hardaker, Broc Grabham, Scott Keegan, Micheal Driscoll and Stefan Granquist lead the Senior Trophy

Junior Trophy

Victoria were once again the team to beat in the Junior Trophy, with Stuart Holt, Jesse Lawton, Trent Tucci and Andrew Wilksch combining well.

Victoria’s closet rival on day three was NSW, who trailed Victoria by just five seconds at the conclusion of the days riding.

Western Australia continued their consistent form in the Junior Trophy with Brock Buckingham, Nathan Howe, Jamie Makin and Max Vlasich.

Day 3 A4DE Junior Team Trophy Provisional Results

  1. VIC – 2:29.30
  2. NSW – 2:34.40
  3. WA – 2:55.48
  4. QLD – 3:51.10
  5. ACT – 4:15.10

A4DE Junior Trophy Combined Provisional Results

  1. VIC – 08:14:32.954
  2. NSW – 08:25:28.514
  3. WA – 08:56:11.211
  4. ACT – 09:59:39.913
  5. QLD – 11:11:10.005

Ladies Trophy

The NSW Ladies team continue to lead the way, taking out all three days of riding so far at the A4DE, Jessica Gardiner and Emelie Karlsson. NSW were over 60 minutes clear of their closest rivals ACT, with Courtney Rubie and Julie Denyer. Queensland rounded out the podium with Jemma Wilson and Tamara Gray working together to finish day three with a time of 3:04.42.

Day 3 A4DE Ladies Trophy Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 1:22.46
  2. ACT – 2:31.24
  3. QLD – 3:04.42
  4. VIC – 3:35.47
  5. WA – 4:29.46

A4DE Ladies Trophy Combined Provisional Results

  1. NSW – 04:23:46.548
  2. QLD – 06:20:40.667
  3. ACT – 06:22:59.936
  4. VIC – 09:14:00.458
  5. WA – 16:24:39.981

The action wraps up Saturday with the eagerly anticipated final moto at the Cessnock Racecourse. Riders will take on the 2.1km man built motocross track for five laps in each class.