Moto News Weekly for July 2, 2019

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What happened this week

  • Musquin & Cianciarulo top Southwick National
  • Jared Mees tops 2019 Lima Half Mile
  • Toni Bou wins Belgium TrialGP Round 5
  • Australian ISDE Team update & controversy
  • Jorge Prado signs with Red Bull KTM until 2023
  • Tommy Searle joins KRT for MXGP
  • DPH Husqvarna Factory Racing leads MX Nationals to Round 7
  • Fly Racing sponsors 2019 Australian Supercross Rounds 1-3
  • Joeys reach 2019 FIM Team Speedway U21 World Championship final
  • 2019 Team Australia MXoN applications open!
  • RIP Neville Turner – Mount Kembla motocross fatality
  • Entries open for 2019 KTM AJMX
  • 2019 FIM Junior Motocross Entrants revealed

Musquin & Cianciarulo top Southwick National

For the full Southwick National report see:
Musquin wins Southwick | Ferris & Lawrence both in Top Ten (link)

Marking the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship halfway point, the Southwick National visited The Wick 338 sand track, with Marvin Musquin carrying the momentum following his first overall win of the season the previous weekend in Florida. He kept it going at the sandbox with an impressive performance that saw him become the first rider this season to capture back-to-back victory.

AMA MX Rnd Southwick Starts JK MX Southwick Cover
Southwick AMA Pro Motocross

The win also vaulted the Frenchman up to second in the 450 Class standings, where he’ll look to keep chipping away at his deficit to Eli Tomac over the second half of the summer.

Marvin Musquin 1-2

“Qualifying first meant a whole lot coming into the races today. I was so pumped to grab the holeshot in the first moto! It was a long moto, when you lead like that the whole time it feels like forever but it was super important to win that one because everyone was right there. I didn’t get the same start in the second moto but I worked my way through to second and it was good for the overall. It was tough out there physically, but we stayed consistent and came away with the overall.”

AMA MX Rnd Southwick Musquin Osborne Tomac Podium JK MX Southwick
2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Six – Southwick

Dean Ferris was happy to fight his way to a top ten result in Moto 1 from a poor start, while a crash in Moto 2 saw him finish just outside the top 10 in 12th, for eighth overall.

Dean Ferris 8-12

“I had a terrible start in moto one and had put in a really big fight. I am quite happy with the moto and wasn’t too far behind some really big guys. In moto two, I ended up going down and it was really physically demanding. I’m glad it’s over and we can focus on the next race.”

AMA MX Rnd Southwick Ferris JK MX Southwick
Dean Ferris – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Six – Southwick

Roczen showed impressive speed in the early going of both motos at Southwick, setting quick lap times and making strong passes, only for his physical limitations to then thwart his progress and see him overtaken by several competitors, with a 12-10 result netting ninth overall.

Ken Roczen

“I was coming into Southwick fairly excited, though struggling a little bit recovering from last weekend’s race. Still, I came in with full motivation and a new fork setting that unfortunately didn’t work out very well for me in the first moto. On top of that, I could’ve recovered a little better from the weekend before, but I knew that I went out there and gave my best. For sure it wasn’t what we were looking for, but we’re going to continue working hard on the bike and I’m going to continue working on myself to get back in top shape and get back to winning races. For now I have to take it as it is, but I’m going to keep my head up and hope for a much, much better result from RedBud. I’m going to do everything I can throughout the week to prepare myself and get back to the very top. Other than that, there’s not much to say about my result besides we’re not very happy with it and are looking to turn it around next weekend.”

AMA MX Rnd Southwick Roczen JK MX Southwick
Ken Roczen – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Six – Southwick

In the 250 Class, Adam Cianciarulo was in search of a rebound after his four-round winning streak was snapped in Florida. The championship leader rose to the occasion in Southwick, and emerged with his fifth win in six races to extend his lead in the championship standings.

Adam Cianciarulo 1-2

“I try to make good decisions [when I’m out there]. The more I mature as a racer, the more you just learn [how to handle situations]. I managed that [second moto], for sure. I’m not sure if I had Dylan’s pace in that [second] moto. He deserved that one. I tried to follow, but I’ll admit, I was a little bit fatigued. We still leave here with another win, and it’s amazing what we continue to accomplish as a team.”

AMA MX Rnd Southwick Cianciarulo Multiple JK MX Southwick
Adam Cianciarulo – 2019 AMA Pro Motocross – Round Six – Southwick

450 Class Overall Results (Moto Finish)

  1. Marvin Musquin, France, KTM (1-2)
  2. Zach Osborne, Abingdon, Va., Husqvarna (3-1)
  3. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Kawasaki (2-3)
  4. Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., KTM (4-4)
  5. Jason Anderson, Edgewood, N.M., Husqvarna (7-5)
  6. Justin Barcia, Monroe, N.Y., Yamaha (6-6)
  7. Fredrik Noren, Sweden, Honda (5-7)
  8. Dean Ferris, Australia, Yamaha (8-12)
  9. Ken Roczen, Germany, Honda (12-10)
  10. John Short, Pilot Point, Texas, Honda (15-9)

450 Class Championship Standings

  1. Eli Tomac, Cortez, Colo., Kawasaki – 257
  2. Marvin Musquin, France, KTM – 231
  3. Ken Roczen, Germany, Honda – 229
  4. Zach Osborne, Abingdon, Va., Husqvarna – 227
  5. Jason Anderson, Edgewood, N.M., Husqvarna – 212
  6. Cooper Webb, Newport, N.C., KTM – 202
  7. Justin Barcia, Monroe, N.Y., Yamaha – 159
  8. Dean Ferris, Australia, Yamaha – 136
  9. Blake Baggett, Grand Terrace, Calif., KTM – 131
  10. Justin Bogle, Cushing, Okla., KTM – 117

250 Class Overall Results (Moto Finish)

  1. Adam Cianciarulo, Port Orange, Fla., Kawasaki (1-2)
  2. Dylan Ferrandis, France, Yamaha (3-1)
  3. Justin Cooper, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., Yamaha (2-3)
  4. RJ Hampshire, Hudson, Fla., Honda (4-4)
  5. Shane McElrath, Canton, N.C., KTM (6-7)
  6. Alex Martin, Millville, Minn., Suzuki (10-5)
  7. Brandon Hartranft, Brick, N.J., Yamaha (7-8)
  8. Colt Nichols, Muskogee, Okla., Yamaha (5-11)
  9. Cameron McAdoo, Sioux City, Iowa, KTM (11-6)
  10. Jacob Hayes, Greensboro, N.C., Yamaha (12-9)

250 Class Championship Standings

  1. Adam Cianciarulo, Port Orange, Fla., Kawasaki – 269
  2. Justin Cooper, Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., Yamaha – 246
  3. Dylan Ferrandis, France, Yamaha – 232
  4. Colt Nichols, Muskogee, Okla., Yamaha – 178
  5. Chase Sexton, La Moille, Ill., Honda – 167
  6. RJ Hampshire, Hudson, Fla., Honda – 165
  7. Hunter Lawrence, Australia, Honda – 162
  8. Michael Mosiman, Sebastopol, Calif., Husqvarna – 148
  9. Alex Martin, Millville, Minn., Suzuki – 143
  10. Shane McElrath, Canton, N.C., KTM – 108
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Jared Mees tops 2019 Lima Half Mile

AFT images courtesy of Scott Hunter

Defending multi-time Champion Jared Mees claimed the AFT Twins Lima Half-Mile over the weekend at the Allen County Fairgrounds in Lima, Ohio, in what was arguably the most thrilling of the 2019 American Flat Track season and one with massive championship implications – both factors working decidedly in Mees’ favor.

AFT Twins Lima Half Mile Jared Mees ERV
Jared Mees – Lima Half Mile 2019

The opening several laps featured an intense head-to-head showdown that pit Mees up against championship leader Briar Bauman. That duel was cut short by a red flag on lap 7, which altered the complexion of the Main dramatically.

Mees got a stellar jump at the restart, while Bauman was sucked into a battle for second with Jeffrey Carver Jr., Henry Wiles, and rookie Brandon Price. Bauman’s luck only got worse from there, as his rear tire came clean off the rim on lap 10. That unusual mishap put an end to his perfect season’s podium streak while instantly eliminating the bulk of his hard-earned championship padding.

Following Bauman’s exit, Carver ate up the gap to Mees, and the two then engaged in their own wild shootout for the lead. Running divergent lines, Mees and Carver proceeded to trade the position back and forth multiple times per corner for several laps in succession.

Carver attempted to square up the final turn but Mees powered neatly around the outside line, beating his opponent to the checkered flag by 0.199 seconds. Wiles came home third another 0.668 seconds in arrears.

Combined with Briar Bauman’s DNF and Brandon Robinson failing to make the Main 1 event after cashing in his only provisional start of the season, Mees’ triumph elevated him to second in the standings, a mere 13 points back of Bauman (145-132).

Jared Mees

“When you’re battling up in the cushion like that, it wears you out twice as fast. You’re wrestling the bike, and the bike’s jumping around. Hats off to Jeffrey; I work out so hard, and I didn’t have nothing left — I was done. I just want to give a big shout out to Jeffrey [Carver, Jr.] and Henry [Wiles] for a hellacious, awesome race.”

AFT Twins Lima Half Mile Jared Mees ERV
Jared Mees – Lima Half Mile 2019

2019 American Flat Track – Lima Half Mile Main Event

  1. Jared Mees 25 Laps (winner)
  2. Jeffrey Carver Jr. +0.199
  3. Henry Wiles +0.867
  4. Brandon Price +4.487
  5. Bronson Bauman +10.639
  6. Robert Pearson +11.127
  7. Bryan Smith +11.715
  8. Davis Fisher +15.156
  9. Stephen Vanderkuur +17.956
  10. JD Beach +18.463

2019 American Flat Track Point Standings – AFT Twins

  1. Briar Bauman – 145
  2. Jared Mees – 132
  3. Brandon Robinson – 108
  4. Bronson Bauman – 101
  5. Henry Wiles – 96
  6. Jeffrey Carver Jr. – 90
  7. Jarod Vanderkooi – 85
  8. Robert Pearson – 78
  9. Jake Johnson – 75
  10. Sammy Halbert – 74

AFT Singles

For the second consecutive year at the Allen County Fairgrounds, Shayna Texter was simply unstoppable in the Roof Systems AFT Singles presented by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Main Event.

AFT Twins Lima Half Mile Singles Texter ERV
Shayna Texter – Lima Half Mile 2019

After dominating the program in the lead-up to the Main, Texter found herself shuffled down to fourth as she fishtailed off the line. Undeterred, Texter put on a flat track masterclass as she propelled her way forward.

Shayna Texter

“My Red Bull KTM backed by Roof Systems motorcycle was just working so good. I couldn’t figure out how I won this race last year. I sat around for 365 days and thought, ‘Man, how did I win Lima?’ So, to win it twice is incredible. It’s a dream come true.”

Aussie Max Whale had a rough day but finished 13th in the Main event.

Max Whale

“Struggled all day on my A bike. Switched to the back up bike and was happy to make the main. Tried my hardest and all I could salvage was a 13th. Happy to still be running eighth in the championship. Keep moving forward!”

2019 American Flat Track – Lima Half Mile Singles Main Event

  1. Shayna Texter 15 Laps (winners)
  2. Dan Bromley +2.570
  3. Chad Cose +4.693
  4. Mikey Rush +4.915
  5. Ryan Wells +5.098
    …13. Max Whale
AFT Twins Lima Half Mile Singles Podium FA
AFT Singles Podium – 1) Shayna Texter, 2) Dan Bromley, 3) Chad Cose – Lima Half Mile 2019

2019 American Flat Track Point Standings – AFT Singles

  1. Mikey Rush 156
  2. Dalton Gauthier 144
  3. Dan Bromley 134
  4. Jesse Janisch 129
  5. Ryan Wells 105

AFT Production Twins

Chad Cose earned his first-career American Flat Track victory following a race-long scrap with runaway AFT Production Twins title leader Cory Texter. Texter entered Lima with a perfect three-for-three wins record on the season and threatened to make it four-for-four by storming to the holeshot and opening an immediate gap.

However, Cose exploited the high line to perfection for the short time it existed and managed to steal away the lead while the contest was still in its early stages. Texter reclaimed the advantage for a single straight at mid-distance, but Cose pounced in the very next corner to counter. Texter then hounded his rival to the flag but was never able to find another hole in Cose’s defense.

Cose’s maiden win comes after more than a decade on the scene and after finishing the 2018 season ranked sixth overall in the premier AFT Twins class with a podium to his name.

Chad Cose

“I’m so happy for my team. It feels good for me, and I knew I was capable all along. But it’s tough. Nobody sees the behind-the-scenes stuff and everything like that. I’m so happy for my team — they work so hard for me.”

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Toni Bou wins Belgium TrialGP Round 5

Toni Bou (Repsol Honda Team) has secured another victory in the 2019 TrialGP championship to further extend his lead at Round 5 in Comblain-au-Pont, Belgium. Hot conditions proved a challenge to competitors, with constant refreshment required while the two fiften section laps were complete.

TrialGP Belgium Rnd Toni Bou ps
Toni Bou – TrialGP of Belgium Round 5, 2019

Proving strong competition throughout the day was Jeroni Fajardo, with Bou taking the lead in the final section of the last lap to claim the win. This is Toni Bou’s fifth victory of the season, with a 19-point lead that seen him on the top step of the podium since Andora last year.

Teammate Takahisa Fujinami came in fourth, narrowly missing the podium, and holds the same position in the standings.

Toni Bou – P1

“Today was a very tough race. It was very easy to fail but very difficult to recover. On the first lap we had Fajardo ahead who had a great trial, but on the second I was able to come back and put up with the pressure well. I was able to take the win in the final section in front of the spectators, which was very nice. Looking ahead to the championship, today has been a very important day to take things one step further. Congratulates also to Fujinami, who today also had a great ride opening the track.”

TrialGP Belgium Rnd Toni Bou ps
Toni Bou – TrialGP of Belgium Round 5, 2019

Belgium TrialGP Result

  1. BOU Toni – Repsol Honda Team
  2. FAJARDO Jeroni – Gas Gas
  3. RAGA Adam – TRRS Factory Team
  4. FUJINAMI Takahisa – Repsol Honda Team
  5. BUSTO Jaime – Vertigo Factory Team
TrialGP Belgium Rnd PODIUM ps
Toni Bou topped the podium from Fajardo and Raga – TrialGP of Belgium Round 5, 2019

TrialGP Standings following Belgium

  1. BOU Toni – 100 points
  2. RAGA Adam – 67
  3. FAJARDO Jeroni – 67
  4. FUJINAMI Takahisa – 66
  5. BUSTO Jaime – 51
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Australian ISDE Team update & controversy

The November 2019 FIM International Six Days’ Enduro (ISDE) inches ever closer, as Team Australia gets set to head to Portugal to defend their title, and Motorcycling Australia announce an update to the team line-up.

With Daniel Milner (KTM Enduro Racing Team) and his fiancé expecting their first child in October, Milner opted to not risk missing the birth and as a result he won’t defend his personal and team title in 2019.

Daniel Milner

“My fiancé and I are super excited to announce that we are expecting Baby Milner in October! We can’t wait for parenthood and what the rest of this year has to bring! Unfortunately, my commitments to my family mean I have withdrawn from the RecoveR8 Australian ISDE Team. Sadly, I will be unable to defend my individual and team title.”

ISDE Day Australia Daniel MIlner
Daniel Milner at the ISDE in 2018

Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team’s Fraser Higlett will step in the RecoveR8 Australian World Trophy Team, returning to the team after a strong performance at the 2018 ISDE, in Chile, where he finished ninth in the E1 class and 38th overall.

Fraser Higlett

“This has been a unexpected but super positive surprise! I’m really honoured to be returning to the ISDE for a second year and representing my country. 2018 marked my first year in the team, and I learnt a lot which I’ll take into Portugal to help defend our title.”

ISDE Chile Day Australian Junior Fraser Higlett JPM
Fraser Higlett – 2018 ISDE Day 1 – Chile – Image by John Pearson Media

There was some controversy over why 2018 competitor Josh Strang hadn’t been picked for the team with Strang sharing he missed initial selection due to the level of support it was believed he would receive and the reliability of his machine. He then shared that he was asked to fill in for Milner, but declined the position while congratulating Milner on his expectant fatherhood.

Josh Strang (on FB)

“Figured I could answer a few questions about ISDE now everything has all been settled. First off – I missed selection in the first pick due to the support I was able to receive or what the selectors presumed I would receive and the reliability of my machine. This made me even more upset about the choice that was made. Now this week I was asked to fill in again after [Daniel Milner] @milner_31 withdrew but it has been two months so I have made plans and I wasn’t chosen in the first place so why should I go now. I wish all the boys luck and I hope next year when I put my hand up I will be chosen the first time around. I’m an Aussie so you gotta put your 2-cents in when the time is right. Pumped for Milner, you don’t wanna miss the first few weeks with your kid mate! At least the rentals will be safe this year!”

Kawasaki Team Green Babbitts Online Motorsports
Josh Strang joined Kawasaki for 2019 with the Babbit’s Kawasaki Racing Team

2019 RecoveR8 Australian World Trophy Team:

  • Joshua Green
  • Fraser Higlett
  • Daniel Sanders
  • Luke Styke

2019 RecoveR8 Australian Women’s World Trophy Team:

  • Jessica Gardiner
  • Tayla Jones
  • Mackenzie Tricker

2019 RecoveR8 Australian Junior World Trophy Team:

  • Michael Driscoll
  • Wil Ruprecht
  • Lyndon Snodgrass

Team Manager:

  • Don Atkins
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Jorge Prado signs with Red Bull KTM until 2023

Defending MX2 World Champion Jorge Prado has confirmed he’ll remain with the Red Bull KTM in the MXGP Championship until 2023, with a contract extension made in Germany.

Jorge Prado

“KTM have supported me since I started racing and winning my first world title in the 65s. They offered me a great opportunity for MXGP because if I win this year then I’ll need to be on a 450 and so this all came together very easily. I’m very happy to stay another four years and we’re both excited about it. Since I joined this team and worked with Claudio [De Carli] I’ve really felt that my place was to stay here and learn. He has a lot of experience and I’m sure we’ll make a good pass to the 450s. I have a great team behind me and it is difficult to find a better place than where I am right now.”

MXGP Latvia Rnd Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – MXGP of Latvia 2019

18-year-old Prado took his first GP podium in 2016 in Assen and by 2018 was MX2 world championship, while 2019 has seen him on track for another win having claimed nine round victories from the ten he’s contested, with 14 holeshots to boot.

He currently holds a 44-point lead in the standings and is aiming for back to back championships, which would put him in the history books alongside Marvin Musquin and Jeffrey Herlings.

Claudio De Carli – Red Bull KTM MXGP Team Manager

“In our sport we can never take anything taken for granted, so it is always satisfying when renewals like this happen and we can continue our journey. It is the sign that we are working in the right direction and the continuity in relationships means that the group is solid and close-knit. With Jorge I have had again the chance to help a young rider, which has always been one of my priorities, and I thank KTM for this. In the last two years I can only say that with Jorge we have always worked with the utmost commitment and with a smile, even in difficult times. He is a fantastic boy that deserves all his success.”

Jorge Prado and Claudio De Carli
Jorge Prado and Claudio De Carli – Red Bull KTM MXGP Team Manager

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Tommy Searle joins KRT for MXGP

Tommy Searle will join the Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team for the remainder of the FIM MXGP Motocross World Championship, with both factory riders injured. BOS GP agreed to allow Searle to move from their team to the Factory team, starting with the Czech Republic round in July.

Searle currently leads the British Championship and will undergo several testing sessions on the Factory machine before competing.

Tommy Searle

“I’m obviously very happy to have this opportunity to ride for the Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team and I want to thank everyone involved for their support. I will work hard with them in the coming weeks to be ready and prepared for the Czech GP, and will also do my best in the British series to claimed this title for Kawasaki and BOS who gave me this opportunity this season.”

MXGP Portugal Rnd Searle GP PH
Tommy Searle – MXGP of Portugal
François Lemariey – Monster Energy KRT Team manager

“It’s great to see that all the parties involved made this possible, as we need to line up our Factory bike behind the gate as soon as possible again after the injuries to Clément and Julien. Julien underwent successful surgery last Monday to his arm; he is now recovering as well as Clément but we know that both will need time before getting back to racing. Tommy did most of his GP career with Kawasaki and we are pleased to welcome him in the team; several testing sessions are already planned so we can prepare together in good shape at the MXGP of Czech Republic. It was impossible to fly to Indonesia as the crates had to be delivered earlier his week, and we want Tommy to test the bike thoroughly before racing the GPs with us. ”

DPH Husqvarna leads MX Nationals to Round 7

Following a strong start to the second half of the 2019 MX Nationals season, the DPH Husqvarna Factory Racing Team head to Round 7 in Maitland with both the MX1 and MX2 leads, with Todd Waters and Wilson Todd. Teammate Bailey Malkiewicz also holds seventh in the MX2 standings.

MX Nationals Rnd Gympie MX Todd Waters
Todd Waters
Boyd Hocking – DPH Husqvarna team manager

“I’m really happy with how things came together [at Round 6]. With all three racers being full of confidence after the break in the season, we all felt it would be a strong weekend but to finish the weekend leading both championships is unbelievable. With four rounds over three weekends still to go, a lot can happen, but we’re in a good position. Toddy (Todd Waters) and Wilbur (Wilson Todd), they continue to show that they are in it to win, and they’re the benchmark riders in their classes. When things don’t go exactly to plan, they consolidate, work hard and make it a positive result, and when it does go to plan, they cross the line first. I can’t wait for round seven!”

MX Nationals Rnd Gympie MX Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd

The seventh round of the MX Nationals is scheduled for Maitland, NSW on July 14.

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Fly Racing sponsors 2019 Australian Supercross Rounds 1-3

Fly Racing Australia has come on board with the 2019 Australian Supercross Championship as a major partner, coverings Rounds 1, 2 and 3 which well be held in Brisbane (Oct 12), Port Adelaide (Oct 19) and Wollongong (Novemer 9) respectively.

Australian Supercross Championship Gillman Speedway Brett Metcalfe
Australian Supercross Championship

The partnership was announced by Troy Bayliss with Fly Racing the naming sponsor for Round 2 at Gillman Speedway in Port Adelaide.

Troy Bayliss

“We are pleased to welcome Fly Racing’s partnership with Round 1,2 and 3 of the Australian Supercross Championships, Fly Racing has been a big supporter of Supercross athletes and teams around the world and it’s exciting to see that support expand to Supercross events here in Australia.”

Australian Supercross Penrite Honda Brett Metcalfe AI
Penrite Honda’s Justin Brayton and Brett Metcalfe in 2018

McLeod Accessories’ Brand Manager and Race Support Duncan Hale was also excited with the partnership, with Fly Racing currently supporting the Penrite Honda Racing team which returns in 2019 with the same team as 2018, including Justin Braytin and Brett Metcalfe.

Duncan Hale

“McLeod Accessories and Fly Racing are honoured to commence our partnership with Troy Bayliss Events and the Australian Supercross Championship for 2019. Our constant goal at McLeod Accessories and Fly Racing is to always provide the highest quality service to our dealers and the very best products to their customers. McLeod’s and FLY have a strong passion for the Local Motorcycle industry, and this is a great way to demonstrate our long term commitment to the growth of the sport in Australia. Troy Bayliss Events vision for the long-term health and growth of Australian Supercross is shared by McLeod Accessories. That like-minded thinking, coupled with the entire organization’s passion for the sport, made them an ideal partner for the Fly Racing brand. The 2019 Australian Supercross Championship is a great opportunity for us to showcase the all new mind blowing 2020 Fly Racewear, both on and off the track.”

Australian Supercross Penrite Honda Justin Brayton
Justin Brayton – Australian Supercross 2018

The Australian Supercross Championship is sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia (MA).

Australian Supercross Championship Ticket Sales

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Joeys reach 2019 FIM Team Speedway U21 final

Team Australia, consisting of Captain Jaimon Lidsey and team members Jordan Stewart, Kye Thomson, Zac Cooke and Matthew “Happy” Gilmore, fought tooth and nail in Vetlanda, Sweden to successfully secure their place in the FIM Team Speedway U21 World Championship final.

Joeys Australia FIM Team Speedway U World Championship
The Joeys were runner up at the recent Swedish round, claiming a place in the final – Image by Ian Charles

Clocking up a total of 40 points overall, the Joeys finished just behind the evening’s victor, Denmark, on 50 points. Team Captain, Lidsey, shone all evening to score the greatest sum of points for Team Australia, with 17 points. Happy Gilmore and Stewart followed on the success from Lidsey with 10 and nine points for the night, respectively.

Jaimon Lidsey

“A great result for Team Australia, in our semi-final and scoring enough points to secure a spot in the final in Manchester on the 12th of July. We’re absolutely pumped!”

Australia’s Joeys now head to Manchester, UK for the Final on Friday 12th July. Lidsey is set to be right at home come July, with the Final kicking off at his SGB Premiership home track in Manchester. Team Australia will now go head to head with 11-time FIM Team Speedway U21 World Champions, Poland, as well as Denmark and Great Britain, who finished second and third in the 2018 edition of the World Championship.

2019 Team Australia MXoN applications open!

2019 will see Assen, the Netherlands play host to the FIM Motocross of Nations (MXoN), kicking off on September 28 and Motorcycling Australia has just opened applications to join Team Australia.

MXoN 2018

The 2018 MXoN saw Team Australia finish in fourth overall behind France, the Netherlands and Great Britain, while 2019 will see Australia return stronger than ever and eager to reach the podium.

There are three classes available for riders to nominate for including MX1, MX2 and Open. Riders can nominate for more than one class and applications must be submitted by no later than COB Friday 26th July, with selected team members away for approximately seven days, with final details to be confirmed at a later date.

You can download the 2019 FIM Motocross of Nations Australian Team Rider Application, Assen, Netherlands by clicking this link.

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Mount Kembla motocross fatality

In a tragic turn of events, experienced motocross rider 51-year-old Neville Turner has passed away following a collision with a tree on Sunday during a social ride on the practice track, at the Mt Kembla dirt bike complex.

A fundraiser on has been started to support Mr. Turner’s wife and family. You can find the GoFundMe page here:

Moto X rider died Mt Kembla Moto X track (link)

Entries open for 2019 KTM AJMX

The 2019 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship (KTM AJMX) will kick off in Gillman, South Australia from September 28 through to October 5. Hosted by the Motocross Riders Association Inc, Motorcycling Australia (MA) has just confirmed that Supplementary Regulations are now available and entries are now open.

AJMX Penguin Tas Atmos
AJMX 2018 – Penguin, Tasmania

The week-long Junior Championship attracts competitors from all across Australia, as well as international hopefuls, and defending Champions. When the 2018 edition wrapped up in Penguin, Tasmania last year, 13 national titles were decided, including crowning Regan Duffy, Alex Larwood and Jet Alsop.

To submit your entry into this year’s edition of the KTM AJMX, please click here. Be sure to get your entry in before the cut off of 11:30PM (AEST), Saturday 31st August.

This year’s 2017 KTM AJMXC, taking place at the Horsham Motorcycle Club in Victoria (September 30 - October 6)

To view and download the 2019 KTM AJMX Supplementary Regulations, please click here.

2019 FIM Junior Motocross Entrants revealed

Youthstream have announced the entry list for the 2019 FIM Junior Motocross World Championship, and 65cc World Cup, which will be held in Pietramurata, Trentino on July 13-14.

FIM Junior Motocross World Cup
FIM Junior Motocross World Cup

The FIM Junior Motocross World Championship includes the 125cc and 85cc two stroke categories plus the 65cc FIM Junior Motocross World Cup featuring young talents coming from all over the world competing not only for their national flag but to be crowned World Champions or World Cup winner.

2 Woods Ky AUS MA KTM
8 Toshev Vencislav BUL BMF KTM
9 Weber Maximilian GER DMSB HUSQVARNA
10 Schafer Austin USA AMA KTM
12 Diaz Lorenzo MEX FMM FMM
15 Geršak Gal SLO AMZS KTM
18 Van Der Vyver Neil RSA MSA HUSQVARNA
20 Osek Lukas SLO AMZS KTM
27 Tzemach Ofir Cacey ISR MEMSI HUSQVARNA
30 Richmond Charlie GBR ACU KTM
31 Martorano Paolo ITA FMI KTM
58 Roberti Andrea Maria ITA FMI KTM
66 Minear Kayden AUS MA KTM
74 Rybakov Semen RUS MFR KTM
88 Izaguirre David SPA RFME HUSQVARNA
94 Fotakis Sotiris GRE AMOTOE YAMAHA
96 Tsankov Dani BUL BMF YAMAHA
100 Girdham Archie Jay GBR ACU HUSQVARNA
101 Van Drunen Lotte NED KNMV KTM
102 Mantovani Filippo ITA FMI KTM
118 Cataño Maximiliano COL CFM HUSQVARNA
151 Zaremba Dawid POL PZM KTM
169 Johnson Thor RSA MSA KTM
177 Papadakis Eleftherios GRE AMOTOE HUSQVARNA
202 Oppliger Ryan SUI FMS KTM
227 Brink Pieter RSA MSA HUSQVARNA
240 Paine Cesar CHI FMC YAMAHA
249 Ivandic Simun CRO AMZS YAMAHA
256 Pigeois Basile FRA FFM HUSQVARNA
258 Martinelli Edoardo ITA FMI HUSQVARNA
259 Cardineau Felix FRA FFM HUSQVARNA
261 Geisseler Lenny SUI FMS KTM
266 Janout Václav CZE FMI KTM
286 Cañadas Joel SPA RFME KTM
307 Zambudio Jose Manuel SPA RFME HUSQVARNA
313 Pojar Stanislav CZE ACCR KTM
337 Miro Bruno SPA RFME KTM
342 Oven Žan SLO AMZS KTM
402 Boughen Ashton GBR ACU YAMAHA
418 Červenka Martin CZE ACCR KTM
468 Stanke Vincent Fabio GER DMSB HUSQVARNA
479 Marek Vitězslav CZE ACCR KTM
480 Stampe Frederik Rahn DEN DMU YAMAHA
488 Kowatsch Aaron GER DMSB YAMAHA
494 Widerwill David CZE ACCR KTM
511 Mecchi Samuele ITA FMI HUSQVARNA
512 Bloch Jacob DEN DMU KTM
516 Buckley Brandon GBR ACU KTM
517 Mannini Niccolò ITA FMI YAMAHA
518 Bengtson Mads DEN DMU YAMAHA
522 Vrh Miha SLO AMZS KTM
529 Lucas Maxime BEL FMB KTM
545 Isaksson Anton SWE SVEMO HUSQVARNA
574 Doensen Gyan NED KNMV KTM
581 Heindl Nick GER DMSB KTM
586 Thomsen Gustav DEN DMU KTM
589 Van De Poel Tyla BEL FMB KTM
601 Solovjevs Emils LAT LaMSF HUSQVARNA
620 Polnar Mieszko POL PZM KTM
621 Kajrys Piotr POL PZM KTM
626 Onasz Maksymilian POL PZM COBRA
641 Saicans Tomass LAT LaMSF HUSQVARNA
701 Adomaitis Marius LTU LMSF KTM
747 Van Wyk Jordan RSA MSA HUSQVARNA
749 Dubatovkin Ivan RUS MFR HUSQVARNA
794 Ehrenhöfer Elias AUT AMF HUSQVARNA
911 Utech Gennaro ITA FMI KTM
3 Lata Valerio ITA FMI KTM
9 Guillemot Scheid David FRA FFM KTM
11 Romano Nicholas USA AMA KTM
19 Kunić Luka CRO HMS YAMAHA
21 Kingsford Ryder AUS MA YAMAHA
22 Heyman Charlie GBR ACU HUSQVARNA
24 Georgiev Hristian BUL BMF KTM
27 Peterson Mark EST EMF KTM
44 Young Blake RSA MA KTM
48 Mc Lellan Nate RSA MSA KTM
55 Kirk Dylan RSA MSA KTM
70 Rudolph Leon GER DMSB KTM
71 Sanna Alberto ITA FMI KTM
84 Kowalski Jakub POL PZM HUSQVARNA
88 Russi Matteo Luigi ITA FMI KTM
93 Kosiavelos Nikolaos GRE AMOTOE KTM
94 Busatto Patrick ITA FMI KTM
110 Paat Richard EST EMF KTM
119 Johnston Bailey GBR ACU KTM
128 Townsend Kyle RSA MSA KTM
132 Skovbjerg Nicolai DEN DMU KTM
141 Ganotis Dimitris GRE AMOTOE HUSQVARNA
155 Verburgh Troy BEL FMB KTM
197 Sterpin Matija CRO FMI KTM
205 Boughen Kiean GBR ACU HUSQVARNA
211 Albisua Gilen SPA RFME HUSQVARNA
221 Halama Jiří CZE ACCR KTM
247 Gaspari Alessandro ITA FMI YAMAHA
251 Pavan Simone ITA FMI KTM
288 Williams Cambell AUS MA KTM
305 Gallego Antonio SPA RFME KTM
310 Puig Victor SPA RFME KTM
319 Prugnieres Quentin FRA FFM KTM
359 Grau Maxime FRA FFM KTM
363 Reichl Lyonel SUI FMS HUSQVARNA
373 Canet Edgar SPA RFME KTM
386 Escandell Elias SPA RFME KTM
405 Bruhn Lucas DEN DMU KTM
419 Coenen Sacha BEL FMB YAMAHA
422 Forsgren Hugo SWE SVEMO YAMAHA
432 Van Erp Ivano NED KNMV YAMAHA
444 Gschwentner Maximilian AUT AMF KTM
447 Klejšmíd Jiří CZE ACCR HUSQVARNA
450 Grundy Luke John RSA MSA KTM
451 Mikula Julius CZE ACCR KTM
454 Lõhmus Mikk Martin EST EMF KTM
456 Colmer Ollie GBR ACU HUSQVARNA
463 Beernaert Baptiste BEL FMB KTM
467 Adam Mathis BEL FMB KTM
480 Hindersson Kasimir FIN SML KTM
494 Werner Maximilian GER DMSB SUZUKI
515 Fredsøe Mads DEN DMU KTM
527 Jensen Andreas Krogh DEN DMU KTM
537 Kučeřík Dominik CZE ACCR KTM
560 Akerlund Liam SWE SVEMO KTM
574 Gregersen Magnus DEN DMU KTM
593 Coenen Lucas BEL FMB YAMAHA
598 Meyer Andreas Flåta NOR NMF KTM
614 Włodarczak Olaf POL PZM HUSQVARNA
645 Stephan Richard GER DMSB KTM
655 Pikand Romeo EST EMF KTM
696 Zanchi Ferruccio ITA FMI HUSQVARNA
711 Maslovs Kirils LAT LaMSF HUSQVARNA
714 Ozolins Markuss LAT LaMSF HUSQVARNA
721 Khabirov Ilia RUS MFR KTM
727 Reisulis Karlis Alberts LAT LaMSF KTM
743 Lusis Roberts LAT LaMSF KTM
765 Bidzans Edvards LAT LaMSF HUSQVARNA
784 Mukimkhanov Eldar RUS MFR KTM
797 Osmolovskii Zakhar RUS MFR HUSQVARNA
919 Ernecker Maximilian AUT AMF HUSQVARNA
No Rider Nat FMN Bike
5 Larwood Alex AUS MA YAMAHA
6 Ujcic Patrick CRO HMS YAMAHA
7 Dieminger Florian AUT AMF KTM
12 Yentzer Chase USA AMA KTM
20 Robek Matevž SLO AMZS KTM
22 Giuzio Raffaele ITA FMI KTM
24 Braceras David SPA RFME KTM
25 Fox Blake AUS MA KTM
26 Elsener Joel SUI FMS YAMAHA
27 Guyon Tom FRA FFM KTM
29 Facca Alessandro ITA FMI KTM
32 Piller Constantin GER DMSB KTM
36 Greutmann Nico GER DMSB HUSQVARNA
38 Kovács Ádám Zsolt HUN MAMS YAMAHA
40 Micehlis Martin EST EMF
43 Vesterinen Matias FIN SML KTM
44 Soulimani Saad FRA FFM HUSQVARNA
50 Saaiman Arnu RSA MSA KTM
58 Durow Cameron Anthony RSA KNMV KTM
71 Kessell Louie GBR ACU KTM
72 Everts Liam BEL FMB KTM
73 Delbrassinne Romain BEL FMB KTM
74 Daniels Robbe BEL FMB KTM
75 Barcella Alberto ITA FMI KTM
95 Lagrou Marnick BEL FMB KTM
99 Rathouský Petr CZE ACCR KTM
101 Guadagnini Mattia ITA FMI HUSQVARNA
111 Hart Buster GBR ACU KTM
115 Roncoli Andrea ITA FMI HUSQVARNA
120 Østerhagen Håkon NOR NMF KTM
131 Nickel Cato GER DMSB KTM
151 Venter Dalton RSA MSA HUSQVARNA
175 Jean-Jacques Calvin RSA MSA YAMAHA
200 Diserens Luca SUI FMS YAMAHA
202 Bandosz Marcin POL PZM HUSQVARNA
207 Cazal Xavier FRA FFM KTM
217 Wade Eddie Jay GBR ACU KTM
223 Bonacorsi Andrea ITA FMI KTM
242 Verbruggen Kjell NED KNMV HUSQVARNA
247 Miot Florian FRA FFM YAMAHA
253 Brumann Kevin SUI FMS YAMAHA
256 Smith Magnus DEN DMU YAMAHA
261 Talviku Jörgen-Matthias EST EMF
271 Vašíček Stanislav CZE ACCR HUSQVARNA
309 Farres Guillem SPA RFME KTM
312 Oliver Oriol SPA RFME KTM
368 Nilsson Samuel SPA RFME KTM
377 Williams Preston GBR ACU KTM
384 Congost Gerard SPA RFME KTM
422 Mc Lellan Camden RSA DMSB KTM
424 Kucherov Nikita RUS MFR YAMAHA
430 Malin Wiljam FIN SML KTM
437 Venhoda Martin CZE ACCR KTM
440 Appelt Marnique GER DMSB KTM
454 Hanström Liam SWE SVEMO YAMAHA
460 Adam Lucas BEL FMB KTM
516 Längenfelder Simon GER DMSB KTM
532 Valsecchi Mirko ITA FMI KTM
568 Palsson Max SWE SVEMO KTM
572 Pedersen Rasmus DEN DMU KTM
601 Pumpurs Maris LAT LaMSF YAMAHA
634 Schudel Remo SUI FMS KTM
651 Vettik Meico EST EMF
696 Gwerder Mike SUI FMS KTM
710 Kraev Maksim RUS MFR KTM
717 Wagenknecht Jan CZE ACCR KTM
727 Gredinger Marcus SWE SVEMO HUSQVARNA
737 Suna Krists Kristers LAT LaMSF KTM
747 Orlov Aleksei RUS MFR HUSQVARNA
771 Jakob Kristóf HUN MAMS KTM
795 Kesov Daniil RUS MFR HUSQVARNA
838 Kleemann William Voxen DEN DMU
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