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October 16, 2018

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

What Went Down Last Weekend?

  • 2018 Monster Energy Cup – Las Vegas, NV
  • Australian Supercross Championships – Round 3 – Geelong
  • GNCC – Powerline Park, Ohio
  • Bobryshev claims 2018 British Motocross Championship title
  • 2018 Marseille Supercross – Marseille, France
  • 2018 FIM Enduro World Championship — Woltersdorf, Germany
  • Barcia Pulls Out of AUS-X
  • Max Whale ‘Rookie of the Year’
  • Toby Price Wins FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship
  • Crawford Sidelines with Injury
  • 50 Riders Complete Dirt Bike Coaching at Moreton Bay College
  • Peter Melton Memorial at Manjimup
  • What Racing is Left for 2018?

2018 Monster Energy Cup – Las Vegas, NV

Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac has bounced back from a less than stellar performance at the recent Motocross of Nations to completely dominate the annual Monster Energy Cup held in Las Vegas and in doing so collected a cool one million dollars.

Eli Tomac – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

On a fast and flowing Ricky Carmichael designed circuit that included two long sand sections, Tomac was forced to pass his new teammate Joey Savatgy early in the first main to take the win before leading every lap of the second main event to take his second win of the night.

Starts Savatgy MX JK MEC
Joey Savatgy – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

The pressure leading into the final race was palpable and as the script would have it Tomac got pinched off at the start to round turn one mid-pack and with each main event being only 10 laps, Tomac made his intentions clear as he sliced through to fifth place at the half way mark with Savatgy leading Chad Reed, Vince Friese and Malcolm Stewart.

Stewart MX JK MEC
Malcolm Stewart – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

Tomac sky jumped his way by Stewart, picked Friese off after the ‘dragon’s back’ before blowing by Reed in the faster of the two sand sections so with two laps remaining Eli had to catch and pass Savatgy who was three seconds clear.

Friese MX JK MEC
Vince Friese – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

On the final lap, Tomac was within striking distance when Savatgy moved over and let his new teammate by, a move that was probably unnecessary as Tomac was remarkably faster than Savatgy and if the body language is anything to go by it wasn’t completely appreciated by Tomac who scored the win ahead of Jason Anderson and Savatgy who gave notice that he is no slouch on a 450.

Anderson MX JK MEC
Jason Anderson – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld
Eli Tomac

“This is unreal, that race was intense, I was just hitting everything as hard as I can while trying not to make any stupid mistakes, the bike was so good, I was pushing that thing and we got it done, massive thanks to the team, we head to next season on a high.”

Tomac Pits MX CF MEC
Eli Tomac – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

Chad Reed scored a disappointing ninth in the opening race but he was coming second in race two before an incident with Marvin Musquin dropped the Aussie to a 16th place finish but in the final race it was the Chad of old with the now Suzuki mounted former SX champion finishing the night with a spectacular third place finish.

Starts Reed Tomac Musquin MX JK MEC
Reed, Tomac & Musquin – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

Ryan Villopoto also had a crack on MEC after several years out of racing and it showed with the Yamaha ambassador not cracking the top ten all night to finished 12-11-13 in the three main events for 13th overall.

Podium Tomac Anderson Savatgy MX JK MEC
Tomac, Anderson, Savatgy on the podium – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

2018 Monster Energy Cup Overall

  1. Eli Tomac 1-1-1
  2. Jason Anderson 3-5-4
  3. Joey Savatgy 5-6-2
  4. Justin Barcia 4-2-7
  5. Malcolm Stewart 7-4-6
  6. Josh Grant 8-3-8
  7. Vince Friese 10-7-5
  8. Chad Reed 9-16-3
  9. Jordon Smith 13-8-10
  10. Blake Baggett 11-10-11

Amateur All Stars

Factory Connection Racing’s Jo Shimoda took home the Amateur All Stars event at the Monster Energy Cup with a solid 1-3 score, beating out Jalek Swoll (3-2), Derek Drake (6-1) and last year’s champion Seth Hammaker (2-5).

Jo Shimoda AllStars MX JK MEC
Jo Shimoda – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

All Stars Result

  1. Jo Shimoda 1-3
  2. Jalek Swoll 3-2
  3. Derek Drake 6-1
  4. Seth Hammaker 2-5
  5. Brian Moreau 4-4
  6. Carter Halpain 5-6
  7. Jesse Flock 7-8
  8. Carson Mumford 10-7
  9. Braden Oneal 9-11
  10. Parker Mashburn 11-10

Super Mini

The Supermini class was absolutely dominated by Max Vohland, son of AMA and GP racing veteran Tallon Vohland, who qualified first overall in his class and then went 1-1 in the two motos.

Supermini Vohland MX JK MEC
Max Vohland – Monster Energy Cup 2018 – Image by Hoppenworld

Super Mini Result

  1. Max Vohland 1-1
  2. Kaeden Amerine 3-2
  3. Chance Hymas 5-4
  4. Jack Chambers 7-3
  5. Joshua Varize 2-8
  6. Hunter Yoder 6-5
  7. Nick Romano 4-7
  8. Devin Slusher 10-10
  9. Larry Reyes 12-9
  10. Jayden Clough 8-14
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Australian Supercross Championships – Round 3 – Geelong

Justin Brayton and Wilson Todd have won the Triple Crown overalls in the SX1 and SX2 classes respectively at round three of the Australia Supercross Championships which was held at GMHBA Stadium in Geelong Victoria last weekend.

Australian Supercross Geeling TBG Justin Brayton
Justin Brayton – Image by TBG

SX1 Report

Brayton’s overall win came on the back of winning race one and three of the Triple Crown but a first corner incident in moto two saw the American rider being forced to fight through the pack only to come up short and score a rare loss.

It was his teammate Brett Metcalfe who managed the win so his 2-1-2 finishes gave the veteran his third straight second overall in the series while Dan Reardon rounded out the podium in third with three third place finishes for the night.

Australian Supercross Geeling TBG Metcalfe
Brett Metcalfe – Image by TBG

Arguably Brayton’s biggest competition as far as raw speed goes was Luke Clout who finished fourth in the opening race only to crash out of the second race and not return for the final race of the night.

As a result of his third straight round win Brayton has extended his lead in the SX1 points to nine over Metcalfe while Reardon has moved into third in the series.

Australian Supercross Geeling TBG Reardon
Dan Reardon – Image by TBG
Justin Brayton

“Wow, this round really tested me.  I did not ride all week.  I got sick, really sick and I genuinely didn’t know how tonight was going to play out. Whilst the second final wasn’t ideal, I will admit that I enjoyed the challenge of racing through the field.  Metty is riding well and I am glad that we have placed Honda first in every final. There is still a lot of racing left and many points up for grabs. You cannot give anything up in this Championship and that’s something really exciting for the fans and nerve wrecking for the riders. With six races across the two final rounds, I seriously need to maintain my focus and commitment.  We will keep doing what we are doing, the team is working great and the new 19 year model CRF450R Honda is unreal.”

Australian Supercross Geeling TBG SX Podium Brayton
SX1 Round Three Results
Justin Brayton 72
Brett Metcalfe 69
Daniel Reardon 60

SX1 – Final 1

  1. Justin Brayton 12 Laps
  2. Brett Metcalfe +3.139
  3. Daniel Reardon +4.687
  4. Luke Clout +6.085
  5. Lawson Bopping +7.829
  6. Jace Owen +8.375
  7. Jesse Dobson +9.784
  8. Dylan Long +9.894 0.110
  9. Nick Sutherland +25.642
  10. Robbie Marshall +27.437
  11. Gradie Featherstone +1 Lap
  12. Zak Small +1 Lap
  13. Joshua Kilvington +1 Lap

SX1 – Final 2

  1. Brett Metcalfe 12 Laps
  2. Justin Brayton +1.503
  3. Daniel Reardon +3.494
  4. Jace Owen +8.504
  5. Dylan Long +13.188
  6. Lawson Bopping +15.834
  7. Jesse Dobson +20.662
  8. Robbie Marshall +26.697
  9. Zak Small +32.634
  10. Nick Sutherland +1 Lap
  11. Gradie Featherstone +1 Lap
  12. Jamie Harvey +1 Lap
  13. Joshua Kilvington +1 Lap
    Luke Clout RETIRED

SX1 – Final 3

  1. Justin Brayton 12 Laps
  2. Brett Metcalfe +3.061
  3. Daniel Reardon +6.792
  4. Dylan Long +6.960
  5. Jace Owen +17.246
  6. Robbie Marshall +20.688
  7. Lawson Bopping +23.151
  8. Nick Sutherland +26.058
  9. Zak Small +9.721 3.663
  10. Jesse Dobson +31.753
  11. Gradie Featherstone +35.339
  12. Jamie Harvey 1 Lap
  13. Joshua Kilvington 1 Lap

SX1 – Overall Rd 3

  1. Justin Brayton – 72
  2. Brett Metcalfe – 69
  3. Daniel Reardon – 60
  4. Jace Owen – 49
  5. Dylan Long – 47
  6. Lawson Bopping – 45
  7. Nick Sutherland – 38
  8. Robbie Marshall – 36
  9. Jesse Dobson – 36
  10. Zak Small – 35
  11. Gradie Featherstone – 32
  12. Jamie Harvey – 25
  13. Joshua Kilvington – 24

SX1 Championship Points after Round 3 of 5

  1. Justin BRAYTON – 75
  2. Brett METCALFE – 66
  3. Daniel REARDON – 54
  4. Jace OWEN – 52
  5. Luke CLOUT – 46
  6. Dylan LONG – 46
  7. Jesse DOBSON – 40
  8. Nicholas SUTHERLAND – 39
  9. Robbie MARSHALL – 34
  10. Zak SMALL – 29
  11. Lawson Bopping – 28
  12. Jesse MADDEN – 21
  13. Joshua KILVINGTON – 21

SX2 Report

The SX2 class was a close battle over the three race Triple Crown format with Wilson Todd going 1-6-3 for a two point win over American Jacob Hayes who went 2-4-4.

Australian Supercross Geeling TBG Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd – Image by TBG

Championship leader Jay Wilson was only a point behind in third and would be left ruing the first moto that saw him finish 11th, his worst finish for the year. Wilson rebounded in moto two and three with a win and a second place, but the damage to his overall chances was already done in the opening moto.

Australian Supercross Geeling TBG Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson – Image by TBG

Wilson now holds an 11 point lead in the series over Todd while Jacob Hayes and Hayden Mellross remain in contention with two rounds remaining.

SX2 – Final 1

  1. Wilson Todd 10 Laps
  2. Jacob Hayes +0.751
  3. Bradley Taft +1.725
  4. Dakota Alix +5.821
  5. Jackson Richardson +6.971
  6. Joshua Osby +8.369
  7. Kyle Webster +13.933
  8. Hayden Mellross +16.446
  9. Richie Evans +16.834
  10. Lorenzo Camporese +22.465
  11. Jay Wilson +23.745

SX2 – Final 2

  1. Jay Wilson 10 Laps
  2. Bradley Taft +2.272
  3. Dakota Alix +4.630
  4. Jacob Hayes +5.099
  5. Hayden Mellross +5.324
  6. Wilson Todd +7.982
  7. Kyle Webster +13.566
  8. Aaron Tanti +14.136
  9. Dylan Wills +14.372
  10. Jy Roberts +14.694
Australian Supercross Geeling TBG SX Podium
SX2 Round Three Results
Wilson Todd 60
Jacob Hayes 58
Jay Wilson 57

SX2 – Final 3

  1. Hayden Mellross 10 Laps
  2. Jay Wilson +1.587
  3. Wilson Todd +4.624
  4. Jacob Hayes +6.562
  5. Jackson Richardson +12.888
  6. Dakota Alix +12.916
  7. Dylan Wills +14.999
  8. Bradley Taft +16.385
  9. Jy Roberts +17.550
  10. Joshua Osby +18.755

SX2 – Overall Rd 3

  1. Wilson Todd – 60
  2. Jacob Hayes – 58
  3. Jay Wilson – 57
  4. Bradley Taft – 55
  5. Hayden Mellross – 54
  6. Dakota Alix – 53
  7. Jackson Richardson – 42
  8. Kyle Webster – 38
  9. Aaron Tanti – 30
  10. Jy Roberts – 28

SX2 Championship Points after Round 3 of 5

  1. Jay WILSON – 70
  2. Wilson TODD – 59
  3. Jacob HAYES – 53
  4. Hayden MELLROSS – 52
  5. Bradley TAFT – 50
  6. Dakota ALIX – 46
  7. Jackson RICHARDSON – 38
  8. Aaron TANTI – 36
  9. Kyle WEBSTER – 35
  10. Joshua OSBY – 34

Junior Lites – Overall

  1. Jai Walker – 70
  2. Jake Cuka – 67
  3. Denzel Woulfe – 64
  4. Brandon Steel – 52
  5. Zack Wright – 34

Junior Lites Points

  1. Jake CUKA – 187
  2. Denzel WOULFE – 182
  3. Brandon STEEL – 173
  4. Zack WRIGHT – 138
  5. Jai Walker – 130

Junior 85/150 Overall

  1. Brad West – 75
  2. Jack Mather – 62
  3. Ryder Kingsford – 60
  4. Cambell Williams – 58
  5. Cody Kilpatrick – 48

Junior 80/150 Points

  1. Brad WEST – 207
  2. Jack MATHER – 186
  3. Cambell WILLIAMS – 164
  4. Cody KILPATRICK – 154
  5. Connor MCLAUGLIN – 121

Yamaha 65cc Cup – Final

  1. Kayd Kingsford
  2. Seth Burchell
  3. Wil Carpenter
  4. Travis Lindsay
  5. Riley Burgess
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

GNCC – Powerline Park, Ohio

Powerline Park in Clairsville, Ohio hosted Round 12 of the 2018 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series last weekend and it was Thad Duvall who earned the overall win but that didn’t stop Kailub Russell from securing his sixth-consecutive GNCC XC1 National Championship.

GNCC Top Russell Duvall Kelley ImgKenHill
Russell, Duvall, Kelley on the podium – Image by Ken Hill


As the green flag flew it was K. Russell getting the jump off the line however, a mistake cost him the lead and he would come around mid-pack on the first lap while Steward Baylor Jr. would take over the lead, followed by Layne Michael in second as they came through timing and scoring after completing lap one.

As the XC1 Open Pro class made their way on the second lap, the famous mud hole jump would prove to be one of the toughest obstacles of the day and thanks to the leading riders having difficulties Thad Duvall had made his way from third to first during the second lap, with K. Russell making his way from fifth to second.

Josh Strang was having problems of his own during the second lap, ultimately stopping in his pits for a new rear brake system while Grant Baylor did not get the start he wanted, but he was busy pushing during the first two laps working his way back up to the front of the pack hoping to battle for a podium position.

Duvall continued to lead the way at the halfway point, followed by K. Russell both of them stopping for a splash of gas, fresh goggles and hydration. Baylor Jr. would opt out of a pit stop, and made the pass for second in pro row.

Baylor Jr. looking to put the pressure on Duvall at the front would not get the chance as the Powerline mudhole became an enemy of his. Baylor Jr. made the jump, but would tip over into the muddy mess, with help from the GNCC “mud fleas” he would get manage to get going again without losing too much time.

As the white flag came out it was K. Russell had made the move into first, but Duvall was only 1.46 seconds behind him. G. Baylor managed to move past his brother and teammate on the fourth lap, with Baylor Jr. coming through in fourth as they headed out on their last lap.

Beta USA’s Jordan Ashburn made his way to fifth as the white flag came out as he tried to hold on for another top five finish on the season, nevertheless he had a battle cut out for him during that upcoming final lap.

When the chequered flag came out waving after six laps, Duvall would come through in the first place position to earn his second-straight win, and fourth overall of the season while K. Russell would cross the line in second, which was enough points to wrap up his sixth-consecutive GNCC XC1 National Championship one round early.

Baylor would hold on to the last podium spot with a third, followed by Baylor Jr. and Strang rounding out the top five in XC1 Open Pro.


In the XC2 250 Pro class, Ben Kelley jumped off the line first and was immediately reeled off lap times that matched the leading riders in the XC1 class but Josh Toth managed to capitalize on lap four as Kelley suffered a crash, and put himself in the number one position in the XC2 250 Pro class.

GNCC Ben Kelly Hole Shot ImgKenHill
Ben Kelly took the holeshot – Image by Ken Hill

However, after experiencing an issue Kelley would regain the lead and win by 54 seconds ahead of Toth, while also joining Duvall and K. Russell on the overall podium in third for the second-straight time. Kelly holds a 23 point lead in the class with one round remaining.


Zach Nolan earned the holeshot but it wouldn’t take long for Jesse Ansley to take over the first place position, followed by Alex Teagarden.

Ansley and Teagarden would battle at the front, with Cody Barnes behind them. As the chequered flag flew, it was Ansley earning his sixth win of the season and in doing so becomes the 2018 FMF XC3 125 Pro-Am National Champion. Teagarden followed finishing second, with Nolan earning another third and Barnes coming through in the fourth place position.

GNCC Jesse Ansley ImgKenHill
Jesse Ansley on the podium – Image by Ken Hill


Becca Sheets came away with her third win of the season followed by Tayla Jones and Rachel Gutish while Brooke Cosner came through holding onto the fourth place ahead of New Zealand’s Rachael Archer.

GNCC Becca Sheets ImgKenHill
Becca Sheets – Image by Ken Hill

Overall Race Results

  1. Thad Duvall
  2. Kailub Russell
  3. Ben Kelley
  4. Grant Baylor
  5. Josh Toth
  6. Steward Baylor Jr
  7. Josh Strang
  8. Trevor Bollinger
  9. Jordan Ashburn
  10. Craig Delong

XC2 Pro Race

  1. Ben Kelley
  2. Josh Toth
  3. Craig Delong
  4. Michael Witkowski
  5. Evan Smith

Bobryshev claims 2018 British Motocross Championship title

Evgeny Bobryshev claimed the 2018 British Motocross Championship at Cadders Hill Circuit near Lyng in Norfolk, UK over the weekend. With Nicholls unable to race the final event because of injury it opened the door for Bobryshev, who knew that he needed two third place finishes to earn the 40 points to wrap-up his second British title.

British MX Championship Cadders Hill Evgeny Gobryshev
Evgeny Bobryshev – Image by Toofast Media Group

In the first moto, he took a second, while Bobryshev got another good start in the second and kept his cool to maintain the gap back to third to cross the line for his second British motocross Championship title.

Evgeny Bobryshev

‘‘We got the title! It’s been a difficult year racing over here, we didn’t have much luck at times, but unfortunately, Jake got injured and we got our chance to try and get the title. I was stressed before the race, it’s been eight years since I had a title and today we were in the position again. I’m super pumped and so happy for the team; they deserved this. I just want to say a huge thanks to the team and all the sponsors that supported us through the season. It’s time to celebrate now!’’

British MX Championship Cadders Hill Evgeny Bobryshev
Evgeny Bobryshev – Image by Toofast Media Group

2018 Marseille Supercross – Marseille, France

Back in his native country for a few days after being on the winning Motocross of Nations team, Dylan Ferrandis had another successful weekend as he won the Marseille Supercross but the Yamaha rider had to push hard to finally beat Cédric Soubeyras!

Dylan Ferrandis Marseille Supercross
Dylan Ferrandis – Image by

Marseille has a long history with Supercross, but the event enters a new era as it’s now new organizers in charge of the event. Thanks to Cédric Soubeyras and Dylan Ferrandis the fans had some great racing during two nights and Saturday night was a ‘crazy one’ with so much action on the track.

SX1 Class

Both Dylan Ferrandis and Cédric Soubeyras were ‘the men to beat’ in Marseille and coming both from this area they had a lot of supporters in the stadium.

On Friday night Soubeyras was the strongest, winning two of the three SX1 races to beat Ferrandis who was doing his first race on a 450; coming to Marseille with some parts – suspensions, CDI – after doing some testing in California, Dylan was fastest in each session/race and was ready for the show on Saturday night.

Marseille Supercross MOA
Marseille Supercross
2018 – Image by

Neither Dylan nor Cedric got any holeshot, and both were forced to pass and block pass during the three races; the second one was really intense with a couple of block pass, but it was fair racing!

After a surprising win for Charles Lefrançois in the first race, the two others were for Dylan who won the second night and the overall; he’s the new ‘King of Marseille’ less than two years after moving to the US. Second overall is Cédric Soubeyras, and third is Greg Aranda who finished the six races on the box, but never able to battle with Dylan and Cédric.

SX1 – Friday – Heat 1

  1. Soubeyras (Suzuki)
  2. Ferrandis (Yamaha) +2.291
  3. Aranda (Kawasaki) + 8.703
  4. Lefrançois (Suzuki) +11.268
  5. Basaula (POR, KTM) +15.808
  6. Izoird (Honda) +16.924
  7. Le Hir (Honda) +18.393
  8. Mallet (Husqvarna) +19.113
  9. Pellegrini (ITA, Suzuki) +31.660
  10. Richier (Honda)

SX1 – Friday – Heat 2

  1. Soubeyras
  2. Ferrandis +0.446
  3. Aranda +15.461
  4. Lefrançois +17.214
  5. Izoird +24.122
  6. Le Hir +24.981
  7. Mallet +29.302
  8. Basaula +41.021
  9. Cross (ESP, KTM) +1t
  10. Mataro +1t

SX1 – Friday – Heat 3

  1. Ferrandis
  2. Soubeyras +2.274
  3. Aranda +3.078
  4. Lefrançois +7.746
  5. Izoird +12.291
  6. Le Hir +13.829
  7. Mallet +15.659
  8. Basaula +18.038
  9. Cross +27.233
  10. Pellegrini +32.926

SX1 – Saturday – Heat 1

  1. Lefrançois
  2. Ferrandis +1.026
  3. Aranda +2.500
  4. Soubeyras +3.197
  5. Le Hir +14.709
  6. Mallet +18.497
  7. Izoird +20.119
  8. Cross +21.223
  9. Pellegrini

SX1 – Saturday – Heat 2

  1. Ferrandis
  2. Soubeyras +1.640
  3. Aranda +12.070
  4. Izoird +14.887
  5. Lefrançois +16.033
  6. Pellegrini +18.656
  7. Mallet +20.028
  8. Basaula +29.611
  9. Cross +30.811
  10. Mataro +38.338

SX1 – Saturday – Heat 3

  1. Ferrandis
  2. Soubeyras +5.060
  3. Aranda +5.619
  4. Pellegrini +23.406
  5. Basaula +25.972
  6. Izoird +26.392
  7. Mallet +42.372
  8. Cross +1t
  9. Mataro
  10. Bussot

King of Marseille

  1. Ferrandis
  2. Soubeyras
  3. Aranda
  4. Lefrançois
  5. Izoird
  6. Basaula
  7. Mallet
  8. Pellegrini
  9. Cross
  10. Le Hir
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

SX2 Class

Winners each night of their heat race, both Thomas Do and Anthony Bourdon failed to win a main event. Back racing to prepare for the ADAC Supercross on a new bike Julien Lebeau surprised everyone on Friday, but on Saturday it was Adrien Escoffier who dominates the main event with Anthony Bourdon in second. Escoffier is the new ‘Prince of Marseille’ and confirmed to be ‘the man to beat’ in this class after winning the Pro Hexis Supercross a month ago.

SX2 – Friday – Heat 1

  1. Do (Suzuki)
  2. Lebeau (Husqvarna) +11.231
  3. Roussaly (KTM) +18.274
  4. Marrone (Husqvarna) +29.172
  5. Dore (Kawasaki) +32.912
  6. Ferro +37.168

SX2 – Friday – Heat 2

  1. Bourdon (Husqvarna)
  2. Escoffier (Honda) +2.835
  3. Fonvieille (KTM) +19.827
  4. Kappel (Kawasaki) +25.927
  5. Manzato +28.187
  6. Briatte (Kawasaki) +29.762

SX2 – Friday – Main Event

  1. Lebeau
  2. Bourdon +1.800
  3. Escoffier +2.953
  4. Do +12.956
  5. Fonvieille +24.465
  6. Roussaly +25.513
  7. Regner +36.137
  8. Dore +37.861
  9. Kappel +41.240
  10. Briatte +42.863

SX2 – Saturday – Heat 1

  1. Do
  2. Escoffier +2.087
  3. Fonvielle +13.085
  4. Kappel +15.565
  5. Dore +20.071
  6. Marrone +24.079

SX2 – Saturday – Heat 2

  1. Bourdon
  2. Roussaly +0.021
  3. Lebeau +18.195
  4. Regner +20.776
  5. Briatte +32.595
  6. Polias +35.927

SX2 – Saturday – Main Event

  1. Escoffier
  2. Bourdon +6.216
  3. Lebeau +7.008
  4. Roussaly +8.700
  5. Do +9.760
  6. Regner +17.992
  7. Fonvieille +21.306
  8. Kappel +26.354
  9. Dore +34.927
  10. Briatte +36.199

Prince of Marseille

  1. Escoffier
  2. Lebeau
  3. Bourdon
  4. Do
  5. Roussaly
  6. Fonvieille
  7. Regner
  8. Kappel
  9. Dore
  10. Briatte

2018 FIM Enduro World Championship — Woltersdorf, Germany

Steve Holcombe (EnduroGP and E3), Brad Freeman (E1) and Eero Remes (E2) have won their respective World Championship classes at the final two rounds of the FIM Enduro World Championship held at Woltersdorf, Germany last weekend.

EnduroGP Germany Holcombe CDA
Steve Holcombe – EnduroGP of Germany 2018

Holcombe and Freeman managed to wrap up their championships on the opening day with one round remaining while Remes benefitted from previous championship leader Alex Salvini’s misfortune on Sunday to walk away with an unexpected E2 class win.

In fact, Salvini was on his way to winning the title on Sunday when a branch or stick wedged into the cables of the fuel injection system and after receiving help from many other riders including Holcombe and Freeman, Salvini managed to make some repairs but arrived at the time control 31 minutes late – he was disqualified and sadly saw his title dreams fly away!

Steve Holcombe

“I’m so relieved to win this second title! The year started so badly with my rib fracture, but after the GP of Trentino I refocused and I spent my summer preparing for the last three GPs… It worked perfectly and I am very proud to be crowned EGP World Champion for the second year in a row!”

EnduroGP Germany Holcombe CDA
Steve Holcombe – EnduroGP of Germany 2018
Eero Remes

“I’m so surprised! I still cannot believe this has happened… I arrived here 14 points behind and I leave with the E2 crown. I still have a thought for Salvini who had lots of misfortunes since Edolo. But I’m not going to complain about winning my third title!”

EnduroGP Germany Eero Remes CDA
Eero Remes – EnduroGP of Germany 2018
Alex Salvini

“I am completely devastated… Everything was fine until this one branch destroyed everything. Even though I’m not champion, I’m proud of the heart I gave and the fight I put up. Throughout the year and despite any bad luck I always gave my all and fought hard to always come back to the top. As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

EnduroGP Germany Alex Salvini A
Alex Salvini – EnduroGP of Germany 2018

EnduroGP of Germany Day One

  1. Steve HOLCOMBE United Kingdom
  2. Brad FREEMAN United Kingdom
  3. Eero REMES Finland
  4. Loïc LARRIEU France
  5. Alex SALVINI Italy
  6. Daniel MCCANNEY United Kingdom
  7. Jamie MCCANNEY United Kingdom
  8. Davide GUARNERI Italy
  9. Anthony GESLIN France
  10. Christophe NAMBOTIN France
  11. Antoine BASSET France
  12. Eemil POHJOLA Finland
  13. Thomas OLDRATI Italy
  14. Deny PHILIPPAERTS Italy
  15. Christian BROCKEL Germany

EnduroGP of Germany Day Two

  1. Steve HOLCOMBE United Kingdom
  2. Loïc LARRIEU France
  3. Brad FREEMAN United Kingdom
  4. Daniel MCCANNEY United Kingdom
  5. Eero REMES Finland
  6. Davide GUARNERI Italy
  7. Jamie MCCANNEY United Kingdom
  8. Christophe NAMBOTIN France
  9. Thomas OLDRATI Italy
  10. Anthony GESLIN France
  11. Antoine BASSET France
  12. Eemil POHJOLA Finland
  13. Deny PHILIPPAERTS Italy
  14. Christian BROCKEL Germany
  15. Edward HUEBNER Germany

In the Junior class, the winning streak of six in a row for the 2018 World Champion, Matteo Cavallo ended at the hands of a newcomer in the EnduroGP paddock, Australian Wil Ruprecht who relegated Cavallo to second by more than 22 seconds!

EnduroGP Germany Wil Ruprecht CDA F
Will Ruprecht – EnduroGP of Germany 2018
Wil Ruprecht

“It’s been an amazing weekend for me and I want to thank the Johansson team for giving me the opportunity to race the Enduro World Championship. This is where I want to end up and hopefully secure a few World Championships in the future. Coming to Germany I didn’t know where I would end up, so decided to ride within my potential. I’ve been riding a Yamaha 450F back home so jumping on the team’s WR250F was a bit of a change. I really enjoyed racing their bike during the weekend here in Germany. I felt really strong on day one and was happy to get the victory. On day two I was leading for the first two laps, but a few unfortunate mistakes forced me to settle for seventh. Overall, it’s been an awesome experience to race with the best Junior riders in the world and I hope I can be back next year to race the full series.”

Wil Ruprecht A
Will Ruprecht on the podium – EnduroGP of Germany 2018

Barcia Pulls Out of AUS-X

Justin Barcia was touted as one of the main draw cards of next month’s Monster Energy AUS-X Open at Sydney’s Qudos Bank Arena but the American has announced via social media that he will not be taking on the likes of Chad Reed, Jason Anderson and Ryan Villopoto.

Justin Barcia – Via Instagram

“I wanted to let all my Australian fans know in advance that unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Sydney SX Open. I am really disappointed I won’t be able to make it as I was really looking forward to it but a pressing issue has come up which will keep me from attending. Sorry too my Australian fans & thank you very much for the continued support.”

Barcia MX JK MEC
Justin Barcia – Image by Hoppenworld
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Max Whale ‘Rookie of the Year’

Young Aussie Max Whale has wrapped up the 2018 AFT season with a credible sixth at the final round in the AFT Singles before being awarded the AFT Singles ‘Rookie of the Year’.

Max Whale

“Finished the American Flat Track series off at Meadowlands NY. Come home P6 from the third row, track was awesome! Stoked to receive the AFT Singles Rookie of the year award. Just wanna say thanks to all the Americans, it was an exciting year and can’t wait for next year! Special thanks to West Side Truck Parts for the award. And thanks to all my sponsors.”

Max Whale AFT Rookie of the Year
Max Whale – AFT Singles Rookie of the Year (2018)

Toby Price Wins FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship

After five days of intense racing and more than 1,250 kilometres of special stages, Toby Price (KTM) could hardly believe that he had not only won the last race of the season but he had also been crowned FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Champion.

Toby Price World Champion Cross Country Rallies
Toby Price
FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Champion

Wind and clouds greeted riders at the finish of the Rally of Morocco, the stage finish located a few kilometres from Ifrane at around 2,000 metres above sea level. But the chilly weather did not dampen the festive mood of the riders who crossed the finish line.

Toby Price (KTM) opened the road on the two stages that were held on the last day and won the rally and the FIM world title.

Toby Price

“It’s been a long time since I won, if I had been told in Abu Dhabi that I would win the title of World Champion, I would have laughed. I had landed heavily jumping a broken dune and was suffering terribly with my back. It was not the best way to start the championship. I often came close to winning, but this time I had the Baraka and it feels really good!”

Toby Price World Champion Cross Country Rallies
Toby Price
FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Champion

Second-placed Matthias Walkner (KTM) loved the new format of the Rally of Morocco organised by David Castera.

Matthias Walkner

“I really appreciated all the stages. They were a mixture of pebbles, sand, dunes and difficult navigation. The road book was well done and accurate. Finishing second on the podium gives me confidence for the races to come…”

Matthias Walkner Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Desafio Inca
Matthias Walkner – Image by Marcin Kin

American rider Ricky Brabec (Honda) finished in third place and he enjoyed the Rally of Morocco.

Ricky Brabec

“The terrain looks a bit like California and the road book was well laid out. The race was hard and we went from the extreme heat of the desert to the cold and the rain, but I’m happy to be at the finish.”

Ricky Brabec - Image by Rally Zone
Ricky Brabec – Image by Rally Zone

After a good start to the season, Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) had to cede the status of number one to his friend Toby Price. The sporting and smiling runner-up said:

Pablo Quintanilla

“I am second in the championship. It is a beautiful place and I’m happy because I finished every race on the podium…except here! The last few months have been very intense. We ran four races and my team did a great job, so I thank them for that.”

Pablo.Quintanilla Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Desafio Inca
Pablo Quintanilla

While a group of Moroccan musicians lit up the atmosphere in the Berber tent, all the riders reflected on the race and spared a thought for the Argentinian duo of Kevin Benavides (Honda) – who retired on the first day with thigh bruising – and Franco Caimi (Yamaha), who was less fortunate and fractured his right femur on the fourth stage.

There was no luck either for Xavier de Soultrait (Yamaha), who had a mechanical problem in the last stage and Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha), who fell in the final kilometres and still finished sixth overall.

Official Ranking of Stage 5

  1. Ricky Brabec (Honda) 2hrs 31min 56sec
  2. Toby Price (KTM) @12sec
  3. Matthias Walkner (KTM) @17sed
  4. Sam Sunderland (KTM) @ 1min 59sec
  5. Paulo Gonçalves (Honda) @ 2min
  6. Stefan Svitko (KTM) @ 6min 49sec
  7. Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) @ 7min 13sec
  8. Andrew Short (Husqvarna) @ 8min 18sec
  9. Adrian Van Beveren (Yamaha) @ 8min 51sec
  10. Lorenzo Santolino (Sherco TVS) @ 10min 03sec

Official General Classification

  1. Toby Price (KTM) 16hrs 08min 37sec
  2. Matthias Walkner (KTM) @ 7min 32sec
  3. Ricky Brabec (Honda) @ 16min 35sec
  4. Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) @ 34min 52sec
  5. Paulo Gonçalves (Honda) @ 49min 14sec
  6. Adrian Van Beveren (Yamaha) @ 57nin 03sec
  7. Andrew Short (Husqvarna) @ 1hr 24min 17sec
  8. Jose Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) @ 1hr 25min 58sec
  9. Sam Sunderland (KTM) @ 2hrs 10min 24sec
  10. Stefan Svitko (KTM) @2hrs 20min 34sec

FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Bike

  1. Toby Price 91 pts
  2. Pablo Quintanilla 85 pts
  3. Walkner Matthias 75 pts

Crawford Sidelines with Injury

CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team’s Nathan Crawford sustained a serious leg injury and will be out for the remainder of the 2018 Australian Supercross Championship.

Crawford, who was called in as a replacement for Dean Ferris after he was injured in the opening round, fell awkwardly in the opening stages of his heat race while battling with Brett Metcalfe.

Nathan Crawford

“I came off the last jump in a section and little off balance and landed with my foot on the ground. The impact was hard enough to push my femur and tibia together and as a result, I have split the top of my tibia. That all happened before I even crashed so when I hit Brett, the injury was already done, and I was struggling with the pain of it. I had surgery on Monday and the doctors have said while it was ugly in there, they are happy with the outcome and things are looking good. I can’t put load on it for the next six weeks but they expect the leg to be 100% and I will then begin getting started on 2019.”

Australian SX Nathan Crawford YZF
Nathan Crawford
Craig Dack – CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team Owner

“The injury to Nathan is upsetting but things look to be on the mend now with doctors saying he will make a full recovery but will need some time off the bike to heal up. It’s a shame he went down but racing can be tough, and he certainly felt that on the weekend.”

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

50 Riders Complete Dirt Bike Coaching at Moreton Bay College

Moreton Bay College is one of the most prestigious education facilities in Brisbane and for the last two years they have enlisted the team from Ultimate Motocross Coaching to conduct their extensive dirt bike coaching program on a specially designed off-road course on the school grounds – truly a first for any school in Australia.

Term 3 has just wrapped up with 50 students completing the curriculum which included learning proper off-rod riding technique, building self-confidence and self-esteem on the back of yet another term without any injuries.

Ultimate Motocross Coaching are currently taking enrolments for term 4 which starts 20th October and based on available bikes there are only a few spots left for the 8am classes.

Peter Melton Memorial at Manjimup

Entries are now open for the Classic MXWA’s Inaugural Peter “Reggie” Melton Memorial Weekend which will be held on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th of October at Fern Hill Farm in Manjimup, WA and been proudly sponsored by Midvale Yamaha and supported by Motorcycling WA and Fern Hill Farm.

This event is the perfect weekend to wind down after a hectic race season, Reggie was all about FUN and his family-especially his nephews and he never took anything seriously other than his racing, even then not always. Pete was a magician on a bike, a natural champion and he will be celebrated throughout the event.

Classic MXWA Event Register (Link)

  • $35 ride fee -includes band and camping fees
  • $35 one day memberships
  • $30 for one day MA/MWA licence
  • Saturday Night-Non Competitors-$10 per car entry

What Racing is Left for 2018?

OK, the Motocross of Nations is done and dusted as is the AORC, Speedway GP and the American Flat Track  seasons BUT there is still shit loads of racing to go before Santa sends his reindeer into the skies – see the list of the remaining events for 2018 below:

  • Australasia
    • Australian Supercross Championships
      • Oct. 20 – Port Adelaide
      • Nov. 11 – AUS-X Open – Sydney
    • New Zealand Supercross Championships:
      • Nov. 24 – SX Open – Auckland
      • Dec. 1 – South Waikato
      • Dec. 15 – Southland
  • Asia
    • Japan Supercross: Nov. 3 – Tokyo 2018
  • America
    • 2018 Red Bull Straight Rhythm: Oct. 20 – Pomona, CA
    • 2018 World Vet Championships: Nov. 3-4 – Glen Helen, CA
    • 2018 Thor Mini Olympics: Nov. 19-24 – Gainesville, FL
    • 2018 Day In The Dirt: Nov. 24-26 – Glen Helen, CA
    • 2018 AMA World Off-Road Championships (WORCS):
      • Oct. 19-21 – Adelanto, CA
      • Nov. 9-11 – Primm, NV
    • 2018 AMA EnduroCross Series
      • Oct. 20 – Denver, CO
      • Oct. 27 – Everett, WA
      • Nov. 3 – Boise, ID
    • 2018 GNCC: 27 Oct. – 28 Oct – AMSOIL Ironman, Indianapolis
    • 2018 Canadian Triple Crown Supercross
      • Nov. 3 – Quebec
      • Nov. 17 – Hamilton
  • Europe
    • 2018 Weston Beach Race: Oct. 19-21 – Bristol, UK
    • 2018 Paris Supercross: Nov. 17-18 – Paris, France
    • World Enduro Super Series (WESS)
      • Oct. 26 – Gotland Grand National – Sweden
      • Nov. 10 – Red Bull Knock Out Beach Race – The Netherlands
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax