Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S

Weston Beach Race 2017 – Bristol, UK

The HydroGarden Weston Beach Race attracted over 70,000 people to Weston-Super-Mare over the course of the weekend for the 35th running of the event which saw local-lad Todd Kellett earning a second consecutive win this time over enduro legend David Knight and motocross star Martin Barr.

Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker

Kellett, who finished on the podium in the RPG Racing 4×4 quad class with his brother Ty, fired out of the gate to enjoy an incredible start aboard his Husqvarna but Jonny Walker was close behind down the 1.5-mile straight with Ashley Greedy, Knight, Luke Hawkins and Graeme Irwin in tow.

By the halfway point Kellett had enjoyed a perfect pit stop, while Barr managed to edge into second and Knight took up third. Greedy went on to eventually drop back to sixth, while Irwin suffered issues and was forced to retire from the race.

Kellett’s consistency and speed throughout the gruelling three-hour race was relentless and the 20-year-old Somerset rider was untouchable in the closing stages, as he brought his machine home to take a well-earned victory.

39-year-old Manxman David Knight, who was the last person to win back-to-back events here in 2010/2011, took the runner-up spot after pushing his bike over the line and was the only other rider to finish on the same number of laps as Kellett.

Buildbase Honda rider Martin Barr from Northern Ireland equalled his debut result from last year with a podium third in what was a spectacular battle of the amateurs against the pros at a near capacity entry of over 800 riders.

Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker

Jonny Walker concluded the event two-places higher than last year after making a number of unscheduled pit stops early on in the race. He finished fourth while Jamie Wainwright climbed back from 10th in the early part of the race to fifth place.

Guy Martin, who is known for his record breaking two-wheeled exploits, made a valiant effort to race a Honda Africa Twin around the course, although this proved troublesome for the Lincolnshire-lad and he was forced to retire after battling with the notorious Weston-Super-Mare dunes.

Todd Kellett – 1st

“It’s been a great day, and everyone knows me and my brother love it here, so to take another win is really special. It was nice to get a holeshot; it doesn’t really mean anything, but it gives you a good feeling and I did the same last year. I wanted to try and break Jonny (Walker) and get a gap between us, so I set a fast pace in the beginning and planned to calm it down a bit an hour in. It didn’t really happen, as I could run that pace for nearly the whole race, which was great. I got a little bit tired later on, but I managed to push through it, and then on the very last lap I had a very slow lap to ensure the clock went to zero so I didn’t have to do an additional lap. It was absolutely perfect and I’m over the moon; I didn’t have any crashes, which is always nice. I was expecting the traffic, but I felt my technical skill was good enough and I was thankful to be able to negotiate all the riders. I can’t wait to go for a hat-trick of wins next year.”

David Knight – 2nd

“I was steady away off the start, and I played it safe in the beginning, although I was a little bit further back than I’d have liked. I crashed in the second lap after landing on another rider and I hurt my wrist, which knocked me a little bit. I had a few other moments in the race, and I dropped back to sixth at one point. I got into a rhythm, calmed down, and as the fuel went down the bike was lighter and easier to ride. I got up to second and was pulling away, but Todd was flying, so I just ignored how far he was ahead to concentrate on what was going on behind me. I was catching him a little bit, but not close enough to make an impact. Anything can happen and it isn’t over until the chequered flag – I had to push the bike back over the line. I’ve had a right good laugh this weekend with a load of mates, Guy (Martin) has been here and I’ve had a laugh with him and it’s just been how it should be. I would love to get another win around here, Todd was flying today but it can so easily go wrong and I hope to come back to challenge for the victory again in future. I’m made up to be on the podium, and to get second feels as good as a win after what I’ve had over the last year and a half.”

Martin Barr – 3rd

“I got a decent start and was running third in the first lap. I was behind Jonny (Walker) and I got a face full of sand, then on one of the big dunes I looped the bike out and went down. I went back to around 10th, but I just started picking off the riders and came back through. After the first pit stop I was around second or third, but I think I had about seven crashes between there and the end of the race. I got stuck with two bikes in my back wheel, so I had to stop and pull them out, but the Honda 450 RX worked a dream out there. The first time I sat my arse on it was down the start straight. I’ve not been able to train much since a crash I had a few weeks ago, so to come away with another third position with so little preparation was really satisfying.”

KTM Enduro Factory Racing’s Jonny Walker has placed fourth at the 35th running of the iconic British event, Weston Beach Race. Competing in the race for the second time having finished sixth in 2016, Jonny placed less than two minutes from the podium at the end of the gruelling three-hour race.

Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker – 2017 Weston Beach Race
Jonny Walker

“Racing here at Weston Beach Race has been another amazing experience. Last year everything was new to me so I was expecting another great event, but I think this year things have been even bigger and better. Finishing fourth isn’t the result I wanted, but hats off to Todd Kellett – he smashed it this year, he really rode well. Finishing one-place off the podium is frustrating for me, but for the most part I felt like I rode a good race. I didn’t get away that well out of the starting pen but I dived down the inside over the first,
small dune before the start straight and moved forward a load of positions. I was third at the end of the first straight, then got up into second. Todd was riding really well, I couldn’t keep with him so I focused on holding second. I dropped into a really soft hole and filled myself in. I had to make a quick stop for goggles, then I fell in some water again on the next lap and had to stop again. After that things settled down a bit. It was tough at the start of the third hour, but my bike ran perfectly throughout the race. It’s been another great weekend at Weston.”

Results – HydroGarden Weston Beach Race 2017

  1. Todd Kellett (Husqvarna) 22 laps (3:01:51.65)
  2. David Knight (KTM) 22 laps +6:09.29
  3. Martin Barr (Honda) 21 laps
  4. Jonny Walker (KTM) 21 laps + 1:59.43
Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S

AMA EnduroCross – Round 4 – Everett, WA

Cody Webb has taken his third straight main event win at round 4 of the AMA EnduroCross in Everett, Washington last weekend with Trystan Hart and Colton Haaker rounding out the podium.

The start of the main event was chaotic as Haaker did a nose wheelie into the first turn when he locked bars with another rider. Hart came out of turn one with the lead ahead of Spain’s Joan Pau Segura and Webb.

Haaker’s bad start put him deep into the pack and then he crashed in the wood pit on lap one to drop to the back of the fifteen-rider field.

Hart led the first lap and then Webb worked his way past both Segura and Hart on lap three to take the lead. Webb and Hart both took the joker lane early in the race and held onto the top two spots. This allowed Webb to ride off to his third win in four races.

Colton Haaker - Image by Tanner Yeager
Colton Haaker – Image by Tanner Yeager

Hart held second until Haaker passed him on lap eleven but Haaker had not yet taken the joker lane setting up a tense final three laps. Haaker waited until the final lap to take the joker lane and Hart stayed close enough to take second back on the final turn.

Cory Graffunder started the race in 14th position but battled back to fourth place ahead of Ty Tremaine, Max Gerston, Cooper Abbott, Kyle Redmond, Noah Kepple and Wally Palmer who rounded out the top ten on his KTM.

Cody Webb – P1

“I struggled with my starts all day today and my face was riding Colton’s rear tire going into the first turn, I am not sure if we locked bars but he was doing a stopie. I tried to put in strong laps because I did not know what was going on with Colton and I know he rides strong all the way to end. It is great to get another win.”

Trystan Hart – P2

“This is kind of my home race since it is closest to my house in Canada. It was so great to have so many of those fans and family come down here to cheer me on. And I got the holeshot and led for a little bit. I knew that Colton had not taken the joker lane yet when he passed me so I stayed as close as possible and got him back on the last lap.”

Colton Haaker - Image by Tanner Yeager
Colton Haaker – Image by Tanner Yeager

Colton Haaker – P3

“I was down in the firewood section and stuck in somebody’s bike. I got a good start and when I put the brakes on I hooked handlebars with somebody and that put me into a nose wheelie. I rode the best I could and it wouldn’t have mattered (if I took the joker lane earlier), that what happens when you have to pass that many riders.”

Webb opened a ten-point lead over Haaker (101 to 91) with three events remaining. Hart holds third with 78, Redmond is fourth with 69 and Tremaine is fifth with 66 points.

Round five of the 2017 EnduroCross series will move on to Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, October 28.

Colton Haaker - Image by Tanner Yeager
Cody Webb took the pot spot on the podium, followed by Trystan Hart and Colton Haarker – Image by Tanner Yeage

Super EnduroCross

  1. Cody Webb
  2. Trystan Hart
  3. Colton Haaker
  4. Cory Graffunder
  5. Ty Tremaine
  6. Max Gerston
  7. Cooper Abbott
  8. Kyle Redmond
  9. Noah Kepple
  10. Wally Palmer

Super EnduroCross Championship Standings

  1. 1st. Cody Webb – 101
  2. 2nd. Colton Haaker – 91
  3. 3rd. Trystan Hart – 78
  4. 4th. Kyle Redmond – 69
  5. 5th. Ty Tremaine – 66
  6. 6th. Noah Kepple – 54
  7. 7th. Cooper Abbott – 49
  8. 8th. Cory Graffunder – 43
  9. 9th. Joan Pau Segura Verdaguer – 43
  10. 10th. Max Gerston – 38

2017 FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship – Round 2

It was an excellent day for a perfect race. The warm weather maintained at 28 degrees Celcius kick-start the morning with an optimum condition off-road section for the morning Warm Up session. Thousands of Indonesian crowd packed up the venue at Solo Baru as early as 8:00AM (+7:00GMT) for another round of spectacular SuperMoto race.

Thanthong, Zakaria and Baibullah battle it out
Thangthong, Zakaria and Baibullah battle it out

United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish, Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong and the Malaysian duo, Khairi Zakaria and Muhd Habibullah was seen to be in their perfect condition for the Moto 1 and Moto 2 race.

Moto 1 Report

Moto 1 received a warm welcome in Indonesia with a special Opening Ceremony graced by a full-fledged marching band and a stunt show performance. Opened by Sigit Diop Saputra, the representative of Bold Xperience, Chandra Syahriar, Managing Director of E-Plus Indonesia, Satheswaran Mayachandran, CEO of Asia Supersports Group, and Ahmad Suhaimi Abdullah, FIM Asia’s Jury President for Indonesia round, riders were seen focused during the line-up at their respective grid before the 2 lap warm-up laps.

Khairi Zakaria
Khairi Zakaria

United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish steals the holeshot away by blocking Malaysia’s Khairi Zakaria at the first corner, giving the Briton a golden ticket to lead the pack at the beginning of the race. However, the first dangerous yet threatening corner continued to play a pivotal role in the positioning.

Six riders collided into each other, causing two machines to break down at the beginning of the race. #40 Taiwan’s Lee Wei and #33 Indonesia’s Ivan Harry Nugra were the victims of the collision, bringing a DNF for both riders at the first lap of Moto 1.

The United Kingdom against Malaysian battle, Lewis Cornish and Khairi Zakaria pursued until the end of the race. Khairi was only a second behind the Briton but slowly losing his pace and ended with a seven seconds gap with Lewis.

Team Kenny Motorworks Tekmo Racing’s Lewis Cornish completed Moto 1 in 26 laps, the best lap time of 50.854, and a total time of 22:34.210. While 23 Motor Racing Team’s Khairi Zakaria completed the race in 26 laps, the best time of 51.280 and a total time of 22:56.705.

Lewis Cornish
Lewis Cornish

Having distance from the leader, Khairi Zakaria was met with a new rival. Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong was merely a second behind the Malaysian rider, putting more pressure on the Malaysian.

While the trio continued to lead the pack, Malaysia’s ace and 2016 season champion Muhd Habibullah was faced with a different challenge and contender. Japan’s Takashi Sasaki continues to tail the Malaysian until the end of the race, with a tight gap that makes no room for mistakes for Habibullah.

Doni Tata Praditya
Doni Tata Praditya

KTM Malaysia ELF Racing Team’s Muhd Habibullah completed Moto 1 in a total of 26 laps, the best time of 51.827 and a total time of 23:14.250. While Team KYT Autorace Global Riders’ Takashi Sasaki completed the race with a total of 26 laps, the best time of 51.840 and a total time of 23:20.865.

The top six for Moto 1 was completed by United Kingdom’s Lewis Cornish, Malaysia’s Khairi Zakaria, Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong, Malaysia’s Muhd Habibullah, Japan’s Takashi Sasaki and Indonesia’s Farudila Adam.

Moto 2 Race Report

Line-ups on the grid were surely brought forth an aura that silenced the crowd, as every rider were in full focus for the final race of the Indonesia round. However, the dream to pursue the race ended for Indonesia’s ace Farhan Hendro as he fails to start his bike, giving him a DNS for the race.

Trakarn Thangthong
Trakarn Thangthong

Meanwhile, while things might seem bright for the top riders, a mistake by Thailand’s Trakarn Thangthong took his chance to top the Asian Class podium as he was penalised with a 15-second jump-start penalty.

Malaysia’s Muhd Habibullah had a fantastic start in Moto 2 with a shocking holeshot against riders such as Lewis Cornish and Khairi Zakaria. However, his motorcycle that is unfit for this circuit dragged his position down to the fourth spot on the tenth lap, giving Lewis, Khairi, and Trakarn the advantage to lead the race.

Muhd Habibullah
Muhd Habibullah

Despite settling for fourth, Muhd Habibullah was left behind with a seven-second gap behind Khairi and Trakarn.

Malaysia’s Khairi Zakaria had his eyes on the podium since the beginning of the race. Completing the race in second for both Moto 1 and Moto 2, Khairi managed to take the second podium spot in the International Open Class, and the top spot in the Asian Class, making him the first Malaysian to sit on both podiums this season.

It was all smiles on the face of Lewis Cornish when he shot through the finish line of Moto 2. With the surging acceleration, cautious and highly strategised ride, he won the race with a stunning 3 second ahead of Khairi Zakaria and Trakarn Thangthong.

Lewis Cornish
Lewis Cornish
Lewis Cornish

“It is definitely more challenging in Moto 2. Habibullah got onto a fly at the start and took everybody with a surprise. Thankfully I was able to take his position. But I caught on to a few lappers quite badly that slowed me down, ended up with a few mistakes trying to pass them, giving Trakarn and Khairi the chance to close up. I brought it home in the end, and I am happy with the result. I could not be any happier winning the International Open Class again. It was a brilliant event, and I hope that I will continue my winning streak. We have made a few adjustments to the bike for this round, and I hope that these adjustments will help me in the next round.”

Team Kenny Motorworks Tekmo Racing’s Lewis Cornish completed Moto 2 in a total of 25 laps, the best lap time of 51.226 and a total time of 21:51.356.

Doni Tata Praditya
Doni Tata Praditya

Meanwhile, Indonesia’s superstar rider Doni Tata Pradita executed a final push in Moto 2. His performance surged tremendously as he keeps his focus and aims for the podium but ended in a stunning fifth position in the Asian Class despite his first attempt in the FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship.

A strong crowd of 35,000 people visited the weekend race in Indonesia. The prize presentation ceremony heard a glorious cheers for the podium winners, and once again making the FIM Asia SuperMoto Championship in Indonesia a highly successful event.

International Class Podium - 1st Lewish Cornish, 2nd Khairi Zakaria, 3rd Trakarn Thanthong
International Class Podium – 1st Lewish Cornish, 2nd Khairi Zakaria, 3rd Trakarn Thangthong

International Class Podium

  1. Lewis Cornish – United Kingdom
  2. Khairi Zakaria – Malaysia
  3. Trakarn Thanthong – Thailand
  4. Muhd Habibullah – Malaysia
  5. Takashi Sasaki – Japan
Asian Class Podium - 1st Khairi Zakaria, 2nd Trakarn Thanthong, 3rd Muhd Habibullah
Asian Class Podium – 1st Khairi Zakaria, 2nd Trakarn Thangthong, 3rd Muhd Habibullah

Asian Class Podium

  1. Khairi Zakaria – Malaysia
  2. Trakarn Thangthong – Thailand
  3. Muhd Habibullah – Malaysia
  4. Takashi Sasaki – Japan
  5. Doni Tata Pradita – Indonesia

Moto 1 Result – Top 5

  1. Lewis Cornish 22:34.210
  2. Khairi Zakaria 22:56.705
  3. Trakarn Thangthong 23:05.095
  4. Muhd Habibullah 23:14.250
  5. Takashi Sasaki 23:20.865

Moto 2 Result – Top 5

  1. Lewis Cornish 21:51.356
  2. Khairi Zakaria 21:54.670
  3. Trakarn Thangthong 22:09.578
  4. Muhd Habibullah 22:22.381
  5. Takashi Sasaki 22:28.087

Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S