—  ASBK 2011 – Round Four – Wanneroo Raceway 

—   Transcript from live page conducted during race two (read from bottom)

  • 0950 – SBK Race 2 Results
    1. Allerton
    2. Maxwell 1.5
    3. Coxhell 1.8
    4. Stauffer 2.3
    5. Bugden 3.1
    6. Attard 3.1
    7. Charlton 6.3
    8. Herfoss 6.8
    9. D Stauffer 15.0
    10. Odendaal 15.7
    11. McLaren
    12. C Stronach
    13. Trigwell
    14. Safranek
    15. B Waters
    16. Magee
    17. Simmonds
    18. Yanko
    19. Gill
    20. Schrape
    21. Moulton
    22. Phelan
    23. Kitchin
    DNF – Henry, B Stronach
  • 0949 – Maxwell, Coxhell and Stauffer really held up then… This race is Allerton’s…..
  • 0949 – A huge amount of lapped traffic again now…
  • 0948 – The boys working hard out there, I’m raising a sweat just watching…  Hanging on to those missiles around here a huge ask
  • 0947 – Maxwell will have to throw caution to the wind if he is to get back into a position where he can challenge Allerton…
  • 0946 – Glenn through the first lot well, Bugden and Stauffer held up a fair bit.  Again Allerton has threaded his way through the best…. That could be the deciding factor…
  • 0945 – Glenn laying black lines through the basin… Coming upon lappers now…
  • 0945 – Coxhell spun the rear trying to get good drive on the straight to challenge Maxwell at turn one but it looked to have cost him a little time down the chute
  • 0944 – Bugden’s joining the party… Robbie right on the back of the leading quartet now, Attard trying to come with him..
  • 0943 – Maxwell up the inside of Coxhell into the basin….  Allerton trying to break away
  • 0943 – Allerton through on Coxhell into the final turn… Awesome onboard shot from Jamie’s bike of the move, still nothing covers this top four
  • 0942 – Coxhell pulled some ground on Allerton that time around, responding to the challenge
  • 0942 – Coxhell still has the lead still from Allerton, Stauffer and Maxwell, this leading quartet have pulled away… Will we see lappers decide the outcome again today….
  •  0941 – Allerton up to second place now after putting in a mid 55…. He has put the hammer down…
  • 0940 – The top four all nose to tail; Coxhell, Stauffer, Allerton, Maxwell the order then a tiny gap to Attard, Bugden and Herfoss
  • 0939 – Craig a tiny bit wide in the middle of the basin but gathers it up and retains his advantage.  Allerton back up to 3rd now
  • 0938 – Allerton up to 3rd, under brakes into the final turn, Maxwell back past him into turn one… This will play into the hands of Coxhell and Stauffer…
  • 0938 – Hopefully this race will be shown on Channel 7 later today, great onboard footage
  • 0937 – Jamie hard on the gas out of the basin, his Dunlop stepping out, Coxhell under brakes the final turn to move back into the lead.
  • 0937 – Coxhell staying with Jamie through the kink, Allerton currently fourth
  • 0936 – Jamie under Coxhell into the basin and over the hill for the first time it is Stauffer, Coxhell, Maxwell
  • 0935 – Readying for a race start….  Away!  Coxhell got away well and into the lead at turn one!  Attard away well also in fourth place. Maxwell all over Coxhell already
  • 0934 – Warm up lap now
  • 0933 – Superbikes forming up on the grid
  • 0928 – Not far away from a race start on a fine morning at Wanneroo. The track just being prepped for the bikes, race start scheduled for 0935
  • 0920 – ASBK Warm up
    1. Allerton 55.81
    2. Maxwell 56.01
    3. Bugden 56.12
    4. J Stauffer 56.17
    5. D Stauffer 56.18
    6. Herfoss 56.26
    7. Henry 57.01
    8. Charlton 57.07
    9. Attard 57.08
    10. Coxhell 57.10

—   Transcript from live page conducted during race one (read from bottom)

  • 1252 – Race One Interviews
  • 1248 – Just recorded some interviews, will upload them shortly
  • 1220 – Well all the lapped traffic did wreck the end of that race a little. A huge difference in speed between the top half of the field and the latter half. But that’s the way it goes…
  • 1215 – ASBK Race One Results
    1 Glenn ALLERTON SB BMW S 1000 RR
    2 Wayne MAXWELL SB Honda CBR RR 1.598
    3 Jamie STAUFFER SB Honda CBR RR 2.497
    4 Robert BUGDEN SB Suzuki GSX-R 4.552
    5 Troy HERFOSS SB Suzuki GSX-R 5.877
    6 Craig COXHELL SB Honda CBR RR 7.156
    7 Ben ATTARD SB Aprilia RSV4 12.825
    8 Scott CHARLTON SB Suzuki GSX-R 14.155
    9 Ben HENRY SB Suzuki GSX-R 16.861
    10 Cole ODENDAAL SB Honda CBR RR 17.009
    11 Daniel STAUFFER SB Ducati 1198 17.235
    12 Cameron STRONACH SB BMW S 1000 RR 32.515
    13 Ben STRONACH SB BMW S 1000 RR 37.910
    14 Josh TRIGWELL SB Honda CBR RR 38.022
    15 Brodie WATERS PS Suzuki GSX-R 42.934
    16 Linden MAGEE PS BMW S 1000 RR 54.251
    17 Andrew SCHRAPE PS BMW S 1000 RR 1:03.337
    18 Ryan YANKO PS Honda CBR RR 1 Lap
    19 Brett SIMMONDS PS Honda CBR RR 1 Lap
    20 Mark GILL PS Honda CBR RR 1 Lap
    21 Daniel MOULTON PS Kawasaki ZX10R 1 Lap
    22 John PHELAN PS Kawasaki ZX10R 1 Lap
    23 Brett KITCHIN PS Kawasaki ZX10R 1 Lap
  • 1214 – More backmarkers…..  Last lap board, Maxwell from Allerton, both get held up into turn on this time around….  Allerton has threaded his way through…. He will win, Maxwell is stuck in traffic and has no chance from here…
  • 1213 – Allerton in the lead at turn one… Both riders sideways but Allerton crossed to the inside line to take command in the turn one…
  • 1213 – Bugden has broken away from Herfoss and Coxhell, will not catch the leading trio but will be buoyed
  • 1213 – Still Maxwell from Allerton… Jamie not out of it but has his work cut out for him…
  • 1212 – Bugden has got the better of Herfoss to move back up to fourth.  More backmarkers now for the leaders….
  • 1211 – Backmarkers everywhere….  Maxwell still from Allerton, Jamie perhaps faring a little better than the leading duo through that batch of traffic and back in touch a little…
  • 1211 – McLaren has retired
  • 1211 – The boys getting a little loose now as the tyre temp goes through the roof…
  • 1210 – Jamie just got baulked massively by a backmarker on a Kawasaki into the basin, had to take a terrible line to get around him, will cost him dearly.
  • 1210 – Lapped traffic may be a deciding factor…
  • 1209 – Maxwell has a small advantage over Allerton now, who in turn might come under attack from Jamie…
  • 1208 – Herfoss 1.8 seconds from the leader at the halfway mark, don’t think he will get on terms with them but it will certainly throw a cat among the pigeons if he can.
  • 1208 – Herfoss is closing on the leading trio a little…..  Come on Troy, get in the mix!
  • 1207 – Through the basin again…. Jamie just managing to keep Allerton and Maxwell, but that latter pair look to have the upper hand over him…
  • 1207 – Massive wheelie from Jamie over the hill that time around, huge.  Maxwell still in front. Bugden in 5th
  • 1206 – Allerton on the tail of Maxwell…. Jamie right there also… Six laps down… Brodie in 16th the leading ProStock machine
  • 1206 – Coxhell and Herfoss side by side over the hill…. Herfoss through…
  • 1206 – The boys into the high 55s now, the leading trio all in 55s… Lighting Dunlop up out of turn one.. Onboard footage is brilliant around here and the only way to appreciate this unique circuit
  • 1205 – Maxwell, Allerton, Stauffer then it is Coxhell from Herfoss
  • 1204 – Through the basin again, hard on the gas for the climb, and it is a hell of a climb, up the hill, mono over the hill… Maxwell and Stauffer both getting sideways into the turns. Glenn fairly composed…
  • 1203 – Maxwell, Allerton, Stauffer, all fairly close and running low 56s
  • 1202 – Maxwell is getting away a little… Glenn will have to throw caution to the wind to chase him down
  • 1202 – Wheelstands over the hill down to that intense uphill braking area.  Allerton up to 2nd I believe
  • 1201 – Still Team Honda 1-2 heading through the Basin…
  • 1201 – Maxwell from Jamie, Allerton, Attard up into 5th
  • 1159 – With tyre wear unlikely to come into it the start will be crucial here today, maximum aggression early on will reward come the flag, the guys will be pumped in readiness for that first tip in to turn one, a double right hander here at Wanneroo. Then hard on the gas through a kink before the only left-hander, an uphill heavily cambered turn, before an aggressive and physical throwover of the bike to the right to crest the hill before the run down into the hugely cambered and downhill basin, then climb up out of the basin, or bowl as some call it, up over the hill again nudging 250km/h standing on the rear brake to try and keep the front wheel somewhere near terra-firma, then the second hardest braking point in Australia, behind Mallala’s northern hairpin
  • 1157 – Pit crews starting to pull their gear off the grid in preparation for the warm up lap and race start
  • 1155 – This race only 15 laps, so will be done and dusted in 15 minutes and tyre wear will not really be an issue here, despite the warming temperatures.  Robbie Bugden being interviewed on the grid, helping shore up some local support by talking up the features of the racetrack
  • 1145 – Utes finished now, track being prepped for bikes, teams entering pit lane..

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