Video Of The Week

Regular day at the office for Michael Rutter 

We’ve all seen some of the great on board footage from the Isle of Man that is out there on the net, from flying laps and races to ‘Average Joe’ having a Sunday blast.  Whatever you have seen whilst deep in your YouTube IOM Rabbit Hole, it’s all immensely impressive in its own right and deserving of praise and admiration.

This particular piece of on board footage with Michael Rutter has been doing the rounds for some time but worth another look as it stands out for me for various reasons. One being the conditions, which are not only hugely challenging due to the low lying sun flickering intrusively through the trees, but also the fact that the motorcycle (Panigale V4 Speciale) appears to be a stock motorcycle.  I’m not sure what is more impressive, a stock motorcycle fresh from the showroom floor that can be flogged that fast, or the pilot flogging the motorcycle that fast. I guess a bit of both!


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