Woffinden tops SGP of Poland – Doyle leads tally

Great Britain’s Tai Woffinden has thrown down the gauntlet following his SGP of Poland domination, declaring, “I’m just coming through like a steam train.”

The Scunthorpe-born racer topped the MIB Nordic Gorzow FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Poland podium after powering past title rival Patryk Dudek to win the final. New World Championship leader Jason Doyle was third with Gorzow hero Bartosz Zmarzlik fourth.

SGP Podium of Poland - Image by Chris Horne
SGP of Poland podium – Image by Chris Horne

Woffy moved up to fourth place in the overall standings on 89 points and is now just eight short of Doyle, who has 97. The double world champion has now scored 32 points in the last two rounds and insists he’s a man on a mission as he chases title No.3.

Tai Woffinden

“The last round in Sweden was a step forward in the right direction and what we’ve been looking for for a few months now. To get that win was really good. I’m just getting warmed up. It’s a good situation to be in. The boys above me, it’s their championship to lose. I’m just coming through like a steam train. This reminds me of 2013 and the confidence reminds me of 2015. I’m ready. I want to thank Peter Adams, Jacek Trojanowski, Konrad Darwinski, Robert Ruszala and Leszek Wianiewski in Sweden. The team are working really hard. We’re just getting started and I am super excited for the rest of the year. Bring it on!”

Runner-up Dudek was gutted to see his wait for a maiden SGP win continue, but he was delighted to leave Gorzow with a very handy 13 points.

Patryk Dudek

“I am happy because I was back in the final again. I scored a lot of points and was near to winning, but Tai was faster. Maybe next time I will be first, but the most important thing for me was a good score today. Second place for me is very good.”

Doyle was elated to put his Swedish struggles behind him, after scoring just five points at the Teng Tools Swedish SGP in Malilla on August 12. He has now reached seven out of a possible eight finals this year and was glad to regain top spot in the World Championship from Maciej Janowski, who missed out on semi-final qualification with six points.

Jason Doyle - Image by Chris Horne
Image by Chris Horne
Jason Doyle

“I’m sure it couldn’t get any worse than when I went to Sweden two weeks ago. We needed to push quite hard in this one to get back up there. We didn’t want Magic to just run away into the distance. Hats off to Tai and Patryk; they did a great job. I know Patryk is spewing because he wanted to win, but there are plenty of years for him to come. It has been a great couple of days for myself. I’d just like to thank my boys for all the hard work they have done.”

Chris Holder was 16th for the SGP of Poland, and sits 12th in the overall standings.

Chris Holder - Image by Chris Horne
Chris Holder – Image by Chris Horne

Next up for the SGP stars is the IPONE German FIM Speedway Grand Prix at Teterow’s Bergring Arena on September 9.

SGP World Championship Standings
  1. Jason Doyle 97
  2. Maciej Janowski 94
  3. Patryk Dudek 93
  4. Tai Woffinden 89
  5. Fredrik Lindgren 87
  6. Bartosz Zmarzlik 80
  7. Emil Sayfutdinov 79
  8. Martin Vaculik 66
  9. Antonio Lindback 60
  10. Piotr Pawlicki 59
    …12. Chris Holder 52
MIB Nordix Gorzow SGP of Poland Scores
  1. Tai Woffinden 18
  2. Patryk Dudek 13
  3. Jason Doyle 14
  4. Bartosz Zmarzlik 10
  5. Emil Sayfutdinov 11
  6. Fredrik Lindgren 11
  7. Piotr Pawlicki 9
  8. Michael Jepsen Jensen 8
  9. Matej Zagar 7
  10. Vaclav Milik 7
  11. Martin Vaculik 7
  12. Krzysztof Kasprzak 6
  13. Maciej Janowski 6
  14. Antonio Lindback 5
  15. Martin Smolinski 4
  16. Chris Holder 2
  17. Kacper Woryna DNR
  18. Oskar Polis DNR