2016 Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance ASBK Superbike

ASBK 2016 SMP Images Gallery C

ASBK 2016 SMP Images Gallery C – Images by Keith Muir
ASBK 2016 – Round Three – Sydney Motorsports Park

At the flag Wayne Maxwell triumphed by a significant 14.1-seconds over Allerton while Jones rounded out the podium a further 6.5-seconds behind Allerton. The injured Jamie Stauffer did very well to finish fourth ahead of Matt Walters and Brayden Elliott while Troy Herfoss managed to pick up two positions on the final lap to salvage seventh place.

A perfect weekend for Wayne Maxwell. Pole position and two race wins closed the #47 man to within three-points of championship leader Glenn Allerton.

Herfoss leaves Sydney Motorsport Park eight-points adrift of Allerton and despite this weekend certainly leaving a bad taste in his mouth, to have a weekend completely off the pace in comparison to his prime foes in the championship, and still only come out eight-points off the series lead, is not too bad a result.

The ASBK tyre war in this round certainly went to Dunlop. In both the wet and the dry, Maxwell and Allerton had the wood on all their competitors by a handy margin.  The top Pirelli finisher Mike Jones not too far off their one-lap pace, but on overall race distance was not within cooee of Maxwell.

Next stop Wanneroo… Who will have the best package for the undulating 2.41km ribbon of tarmac that these days is called Barbagallo Raceway?  We will have to wait until the first weekend in June to find out….

ASBK 2016 – Round Three – Sydney Motorsports Park – Race Two Results
  1. Wayne Maxwell
  2. Glenn Allerton
  3. Mike Jones
  4. Jamie Stauffer
  5. Matt Walters
  6. Brayden Elliott
  7. Troy Herfoss
  8. Adam Senior
  9. Simon Galloway
  10. Paul Dutton
ASBK 2016 – Round Three – Sydney Motorsports Park – Championship Standings
  1. Glenn Allerton 133
  2. Wayne Maxwell 130
  3. Troy Herfoss 125
  4. Mike Jones 93
  5. Ben Burke 85
  6. Cru Halliday 77
  7. Daniel Falzon 70