2019 Australian Superbike Championship

Round 7 – SMP

The ASBK Finale – Part One

Troy Herfoss made it clear of his intentions to get right down to business with the Penrite Honda man putting in a series of 1m30s laps in morning warm-up, the best of which was a 1m30.280s.

Mike Jones was the only other man to record more than one lap in the 1m30s while Wayne Maxwell put in a best of 1m30.9s. 

There also appeared to be a bit of gamesmanship or head games already unfolding during warm-up. Herfoss shadowing Jones for much of the session, it was unclear if the DesmoSport Ducati man knew he was being shadowed…

Jamie Stauffer had got out the right side of bed with a 1m31.020s in warm-up his fastest lap of the weekend. The McMartin Racing Team obviously making some progress overnight with their K-Tech suspension. 

Bryan Staring was on the pace also with a 1m31.109s while YRT team-mate Cru Halliday and Daniel Falzon were both under 1m31.5s.

ASBK Superbike Morning Warm-Up Results

1Troy HERFOSS Honda CBR SP1m30.280
2Mike JONES Ducati FE+0.031
3Wayne MAXWELL Suzuki GSXR+0.713
4Jamie STAUFFERDucati V4R+0.740
5Bryan STARING Kawasaki ZX10RR+0.829
6Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha YZF-R1+1.084
7Daniel FALZON Yamaha YZF-R1+1.200
8Josh WATERS Suzuki GSXR+1.597
9Mark CHIODOHonda CBR SP+1.655
10Damon REESHonda CBR SP+1.874
11Arthur SISSISSuzuki GSXR+2.048
12Matt WALTERSKawasaki ZX10RR+2.182
13Glenn ALLERTONBMW S RR+2.333
14Lachlan EPISKawasaki ZX10R+2.438
15Alex PHILLIS Suzuki GSXR+2.500
16Sloan FROSTSuzuki GSXR3.297
17Ben BURKE Kawasaki ZX10RR+3.311
18Brendan MCINTYRESuzuki GSXR+4.763
19Nathan SPITERISuzuki GSXR+6.791
20Michael EDWARDS Yamaha YZF-R1+6.846


ASBK Superbike Race One

The ambient temperature had already passed 30-degrees and track temperatures were heading towards 45-degrees as the tension rose around Sydney Motorsports Park this morning as riders sat on the grid.

Troy Herfoss – Image by Rob Mott

A full season of training effort by the riders, a year of machine preparation and tuning by the teams, all coming down to one final day of competition to decide who would be the ASBK Superbike Champion. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK R Grid Mike Jones
Mike Jones – Image by Rob Mott

Some red flag incidents on Sunday morning in support category races had allowed the nerves to build further and further ahead of the 13-lap opening Superbike bout that finally got underway at 1153, half-an-hour behind schedule. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK R Start Wayne maxwell Leads
Wayne Maxwell leads early on – Image by Rob Mott

Falzon got a good jump off pole position but Wayne Maxwell was the early race leader, Falzon second, Herfoss third, Staring fourth and Jones fifth.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK R Wayne maxwell Leads
Wayne Maxwell leads early on – Image by Rob Mott

Mike Jones moved past Staring to take fourth late on lap one and Falzon took the lead from Maxwell out of turn one early on the second lap.  Jones then got Herfoss to move up to third place.

The Penrite Honda man was already asking more from his rear tyre than it could cope with as he tried to get back past Jones. Herfoss then put stupendous loads on his front tyre through turns one and two as he battled hard to stay in touch. 

Maxwell went up the inside of Falzon to take the lead again with ten laps to run. Herfoss lost close touch with the leading trio down the straight but then made all that ground back up into turn one. 

Jones took second place from Falzon at turn four to move up to second place. Herfoss quickly followed suit to push the South Australian back to fourth place. Bryan Staring and Cru Halliday were also not far behind.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK R Mike Jones Leads Daniel tucks front
ASBK Superbike Race One – ASBK 2019 Rnd 7 SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Mike Jones through to the lead at turn nine with nine laps to go. Daniel Falzon then slid out of the race at the same point.

ASBK Rnd SMP SBK R Falzon Crash
Falzon goes down – Image by Cori Mitchell

Mike Jones, Wayne Maxwell, Troy Herfoss, the top three in the championship and the top three in this race… Eight laps to go…  Staring looked strong in fourth and we know how those Dunlops hang in all the way to the chequered flag. Cru Halliday was in fifth, and still close enough to work his way into the podium fight if he had enough tyre left at the end. 

Little changed over the next few laps apart from Staring and Halliday starting to creep towards that leading trio.

ASBK TBG Round SMP SBK R Staring Halliday TBG
Cru Halliday and Bryan Staring – TBG Image

Herfoss up the inside of Maxwell around the back of the circuit with 4.5 laps to run… Jones had a half-a-second buffer now and it would be interesting to see if the Penrite Honda man had any tyre left to mount a late challenge. He had been sliding around since the opening lap so if asked to predict I would have said it was highly doubtful he would have enough rubber left to hang on to a podium, let alone challenge for a win. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK R Mike Jones Leads
ASBK Superbike Race One – ASBK 2019 Rnd 7 SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Herfoss though left nothing in the locker in his quest to try and chase that Ducati. With two laps to go he had narrowed the gap down to under three-tenths and showing how inaccurate my prediction had been. Herfoss simply didn’t look to care as that Fireblade SP danced around underneath him, obviously comfortable with the set-up of the bike when grip was gone.

Herfoss was all over the back of Jones around the back of the circuit for the final time, you could tell how much he wanted it, but ultimately it was Jones that took the win. Power perhaps the telling factor in that battle.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK R Parc Ferme Troy HERFOSS Mike Jones Wayne MAXWELL
ASBK Superbike Race One – ASBK 2019 Rnd 7 SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Wayne Maxwell had run out of tyre and in the closing laps was behing shadowed by both Bryan Staring and Cru Halliday, but just managed to keep them at bay for the final step on the podium. 

ASBK TBG Round SMP SBK R Podium Jones Herfoss Maxwell
ASBK SMP Superbike Race One Podium – TBG Image

With 13-laps left this afternoon to decide the title, Jones will take a half-point lead into that final battle to decide the war. Herfoss the man in second. Maxwell five-points further back in third.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SBK R Parc Ferme Mike Jones
ASBK Superbike Race One – ASBK 2019 Rnd 7 SMP – Image by Rob Mott

And rain is expected this afternoon… 

ASBK Superbike Race One Results / Standings

1Mike JONES Ducati FE19m48.712
2Troy HERFOSS Honda CBR SP+0.341
3Wayne MAXWELLSuzuki GSXR+4.975
4Bryan STARINGKawasaki ZX10RR+4.989
5Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha YZF-R1+5.344
6Jamie STAUFFERDucati V4R+17.517
7Mark CHIODOHonda CBR SP+18.996
8Glenn ALLERTON BMW S RR+22.984
9Josh WATERSSuzuki GSXR+23.551
10Damon REESHonda CBR SP+24.819
11Matt WALTERS Kawasaki ZX10RR+26.835
12Lachlan EPIS Kawasaki ZX10R+33.153
13Alex PHILLIS RSuzuki GSXR+36.631
14Ben BURKE Kawasaki ZX10RR+37.666
15Brendan MCINTYRE Suzuki GSXR+38.026
16Sloan FROST Suzuki GSXR+55.575
17Dominic DE LEONKawasaki ZX10R+57.637
18Matthew TOOLEYYamaha YZF-R11m06.224
19Heath GRIFFIN Suzuki GSXR+1:07.718
20Michael EDWARDSYamaha YZF-R1+1m30.735
21Nathan SPITERISuzuki GSXR+1m30.872
DNFDaniel FALZONYamaha YZF-R18 Laps
DNSArthur SISSISSuzuki GSXR13 Laps
1Michael JONES025261.5
2Troy HERFOSS020261
3Wayne MAXWELL018256
4Cru HALLIDAY016238
5Bryan STARING017228.5
6Josh WATERS012228
7Matt WALTERS010170.5
8Daniel FALZON10157
9Alex PHILLIS08139
10Mark CHIODO014119
11Damon REES011109.5
12Arthur SISSIS00106.5
13Glenn ALLERTON01395
14Lachlan EPIS0994
15Glenn SCOTT0090
16Aiden WAGNER0071
17Sloan FROST0565
18Ted COLLINS0049
19Aaron MORRIS0040
20Brendan McINTYRE0638
21Philip CZAJ0031
22David BARKER0027
23Max CROKER0027
24Jamie STAUFFER01525
25Matt TOOLEY0318
26Dean HASLER0015
27Evan BYLES0013
28Brian HOUGHTON0010
29Kyle BUCKLEY009
30Nathan SPITERI008
31Ben BURKE077
32Michael EDWARDS016
33Adam SENIOR005
34Dominic DE LEON044
36Trent GIBSON003
37Ryan YANKO003
38Heath GRIFFIN022
39Will DAVIDSON002

Australian Supersport Race One

Tom Toparis streaked away from pole ahead of Jack Passfield and Tom Edwards while Oli Bayliss was also hot to trot but just as they started to wind up around the back of the circuit the red flag came out. Two riders were down at turn two and one of them was in a precarious position and required medical attention.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Start Tom EDWARDS Leads
Supersport Race One – ASBK Rnd 7 – SMP – Image by Rob Mott

It was quite a lengthy delay before proceedings got underway again. Toparis got away well and went into turn one alongside Jack Passfield and Tom Edwards but it was Edwards that emerged as the early race leader and over the course of the opening lap the 600 debutante managed to pull out half-a-second over his his pursuers. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Start Tom EDWARDS Leads
Supersport Race One – ASBK Rnd 7 – SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Early on lap two Toparis and Passfield were racing hard and swapping places but Toparis eventually got the better of Passfield late on that lap to set about chasing down Edwards. As they started lap three Tom Edwards had nine-tenths over the 2019 ASBK Supersport Champion. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Start Tom EDWARDS leads TOPARIS
Supersport Race One – ASBK Rnd 7 – SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Toparis then put in a 1m32.819s as he closed in on Edwards. The Goulburn teenager then took his time to pass Edwards as it looked as though he had the speed to just bide his time and wait for a mistake from Edwards.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Start Tom EDWARDS
Supersport Race One – ASBK Rnd 7 – SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Oli Bayliss had worked his way forward through the pack to be on terms with Jack Passfield by half-race distance and was challenging for third place.  That group then grew further later in the race and the tussle for the final spot on the rostrum became a five-way affair as Aidan Hayes, Oli Bayliss, Jack Passfield, Broc Pearson and Jack Hyde fought for position in close quarters combat.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Start Tom TOPARIS Leads
Supersport Race One – ASBK Rnd 7 – SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Edwards fended off the advances of Toparis for a while but a thrust around the outside at turn three was the decisive move that gave Toparis the advantage in the second half of the race. Edwards tried valiantly but could not stay on terms with Toparis in the final laps and took second place 0.753s behind the champ.

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Start Tom TOPARIS Leads
Supersport Race One – ASBK Rnd 7 – SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Oli Bayliss won an intense battle for third place ahead of Aidan Hayes and Jack Passfield. 

ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens SS R Podium Toparis Edwards Bayliss
Supersport Race One – ASBK Rnd 7 – SMP – Image by Rob Mott

Broc Pearson’s sixth place was enough to secure the #2 plate in the Australian Supersport Championship over Nic Liminton 

Australian Supersport Race One Results / Standings

1Tom TOPARISYamaha YZF-R614m09.553
2Tom EDWARDS Yamaha YZF-R6+0.753
3Oli BAYLISS Yamaha YZF-R6+8.208
4Aidan HAYESYamaha YZF-R6+8.346
5Jack PASSFIELD Yamaha YZF-R6+8.567
6Broc PEARSON Yamaha YZF-R6+8.922
7Jack HYDE Yamaha YZF-R6+9.642
8Nic LIMINTON Yamaha YZF-R6+11.213
9Callum SPRIGGSYamaha YZF-R6+11.831
10Rhys BELLINGYamaha YZF-R6+18.121
11Ty LYNCHYamaha YZF-R6+20.353
12Andrew EDSER Kawasaki ZX6R+29.095
13Brodie MALOUF Yamaha YZF-R6+30.390
14Chris QUINN Yamaha YZF-R6+30.870
15Avalon BIDDLEYamaha YZF-R6+35.410
16Luke MITCHELL Yamaha YZF-R6+36.176
1Tom TOPARIS125376
2Broc PEARSON015261
3Nic LIMINTON013221
4Aidan HAYES017208
5Oliver BAYLISS018199
6Dallas SKEER00161
7Jack PASSFIELD016157
8Ty LYNCH010151
9Reid BATTYE00142
10Rhys BELLING011129
11Chris QUINN07116
12Avalon BIDDLE06107
13Callum SPRIGGS012101
14Jack HYDE01481
15John QUINN0076
16Andrew EDSER0973
17Luke MITCHELL0570
18Richie DIBBEN0048
19Zac JOHNSON0037
20Scott NICHOLSON0031
21Timothy DONNON0028
22Brodie MALOUF0826
23Dylan WHITESIDE0026
24Samuel LAMBERT0022
25Tom EDWARDS02020
26Callum O’BRIEN0018
27Ryan SELLEN0017
28Chandler COOPER0017
29Corey TURNER0016
30Ben LIEBIG0014
31Matt CRANMER0013
32Luke SANDERS0013
33Bronson PICKETT0012
34Daniel LEONARD005
35Oscar DAVISON001

YMF F3 Cup Race Two

The second YMF R3 Cup battle of the weekend was the first race on the Sunday schedule here at SMP this morning and it was a cracking way to start the day. 

Unfortunately a red flag put an early halt to proceedings. Zac Levy was declared the winner with Hunter Ford and John Lytras beside him on the podium.  

That second place put Ford in the box seat to wrap up the YMF R3 Cup, a 22-point advantage heading into the final seven-lap bout later this afternoon giving the 20-year-old one hand on the cup. 

YMF F3 Cup Race Two Results / Standings

1Zac LEVYYamaha YZF-R38m47.611
2Hunter FORD Yamaha YZF-R3+0.033
3John LYTRAS Yamaha YZF-R3+0.041
4Ryan SMITH Yamaha YZF-R3+0.071
5Brandon DEMMERY Yamaha YZF-R3+0.525
6Ben BAKERYamaha YZF-R3+0.578
7Reece OUGHTREDYamaha YZF-R3+0.688
8Max STAUFFER Yamaha YZF-R3+1.989
9Jacob HATCH Yamaha YZF-R3+7.479
10Kyle O’CONNELLYamaha YZF-R3+7.548
11Archie MCDONALD Yamaha YZF-R3+10.133
12Caleb GILMORE Yamaha YZF-R3+10.181
13Matt RINDELYamaha YZF-R3+16.754
14Zak PETTENDYYamaha YZF-R3+16.769
15Harry PARKER Yamaha YZF-R3+16.858
16Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R3+28.647
17Patrick LI Yamaha YZF-R3+37.415
18Hunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R3+44.212
19Dominic FLETCHERYamaha YZF-R3+1m22.170
DNFLaura BROWNYamaha YZF-R31 Lap
DNFTony SIMS Yamaha YZF-R31 Lap
1Hunter FORD2520276
2John LYTRAS1818254
3Max STAUFFER1713243
4Brandon DEMMERY2016235
5Locky TAYLOR00195
6Zac LEVY1325194
7Reece OUGHTRED1514135
8Ryan SMITH1417120
9Ben BAKER1615119
10Luke JHONSTON00117
11Harry KHOURI0086
12Tristan ADAMSON0084
13Jacob ROULSTONE0082
14Matt RINDEL9879
15Jacob HATCH121278
16Travis HALL0076
17Archie McDONALD81071
18Laura BROWN10066
19Kyle O’CONNELL111165
20Zak PETTENDY7764
21Zylas BUNTING0059
22Harrison VOIGHT2456
23Mitch KUHNE0046
24Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES0036
25Patrick BOGNAR5534
26Harry PARKER4627
28Caleb GILMORE6915
29Keegan PICKERING0014
30Dominic FLETCHER0211
31Josh NODEN0011
32Josh HALL0011
33Hunter DIPLOCK339
34Bronson PICKETT008
35Jeremy CZMOK007
36John BLENKIN006
37Jamie PORT005
38Cameron AGOSTINI005
39Kristian AGOSTINI002
40Tony SIMS101

bLU cRU Oceania Junior Cup Race Two

Tom Drane led the OJC field in the early stages of the race from Archie McDonald and Carter Thompson but nothing separated the top ten riders over the first laps of the six-lap encounter.

Marianos Nikolis though ran the smartest final lap to take the victory ahead of Tom Drane and Jacob Hatch. 

It was Carter Thompson though crowned the inaugural Oceania Junior Cup Champion!  Carter heads to the Asia Talent Cup for season 2020. 

bLU cRU OJC Championship Race Results / Points

1Marianos NIKOLIS Yamaha YZF-R1512m22.978
2Tom DRANE Yamaha YZF-R15+0.096
3Jacob HATCHYamaha YZF-R15+0.126
4Archie MCDONALDYamaha YZF-R15+0.252
5Zak PETTENDY Yamaha YZF-R15+0.279
6Patrick BOGNARYamaha YZF-R15+0.355
7Carter THOMPSONYamaha YZF-R15+0.400
8Reece OUGHTREDYamaha YZF-R15+0.474
9Max GIBBONS Yamaha YZF-R15+0.536
10Angus GRENFELLYamaha YZF-R15+0.767
11Cormac BUCHANAN Yamaha YZF-R15+2.112
12Cameron DUNKERYamaha YZF-R15+2.118
13Cros FRANCIS Yamaha YZF-R15+2.283
14Lincoln KNIGHT Yamaha YZF-R15+4.334
15Jai RUSSO Yamaha YZF-R15+14.505
16Hunter DIPLOCK Yamaha YZF-R15+14.567
17Clay CLEGGYamaha YZF-R15+14.646
18Lucas QUINN Yamaha YZF-R15+14.685
19Tom CONNORSYamaha YZF-R15+14.689
20Jamie PORTYamaha YZF-R15+14.770
21Dominic FLETCHERYamaha YZF-R15+14.960
22Varis FLEMINGYamaha YZF-R15+14.997
23Toby JAMES Yamaha YZF-R15+38.839
1Carter THOMPSON1714324
2Angus GRENFELL011290
3Tom DRANE2520268
4Archie McDONALD1817242
5Max GIBBONS1612234.5
6Marianos NIKOLIS2025227
7Reece OUGHTRED1413206
8Jacob ROULSTONE00201
9Zak PETTENDY1016178
10Cros FRANCIS128167
11Glenn NELSON00163
12Jacob HATCH1518156
13Jai RUSSO86129
14Lucas QUINN63127
15Cormac BUCHANAN010118.5
16Varis FLEMING2092
17Lincoln KNIGHT11790
18Patrick BOGNAR91589
19Hunter DIPLOCK7575
20Jamie PORT4168
22Tom CONNORS5240
23Thomas BROWN0029
24Dominic FLETCHER1023
25Cameron DUNKER13922
26Jayden MARTIN0021
27Toby JAMES0017
28Clay CLEGG347


Supersport 300 Race Two

The penultimate bout in the Supersport 300 Championship was another tightly fought affair as championship hopeful Senna Agius looked to claw back more points on championship leader Max Stauffer. 

Zac Levy, Luke Jhonston, Senna Agius, Max Stauffer, John Lytras and Hunter Ford were the main protagonists early on as Seth Crump, Brandon Demmery and Ryan Smith strived to forge their way forward.

On the last lap Senna Agius moved through to the lead but nothing separated the rival combatants as they negotiated the 3.93km Sydney Motorsports Park for their shot at glory.

Luke Jhonston got Agius on the line for the win!  That could be a telling factor in the championship chase as leader Max Stauffer took fourth, and Jhonston claiming the win from Agius limiting the damage to Stauffer’s championship hopes.

There is eight-points now separating Stauffer from Agius in the chase for the Supersport 300 Championship and only eight-laps remaining this afternoon that will decide who will be champion….

Supersport 300 Race Two Results / Standings

1Luke JHONSTON Kawasaki EX 40014:01.108
2Senna AGIUS Kawasaki EX 400+0.034
3Zac LEVY Yamaha R3 321+0.160
4Max STAUFFER Yamaha R3 321+0.802
5Brandon DEMMERYYamaha R3 321+0.886
6John LYTRAS Yamaha R3 321+1.007
7Hunter FORDYamaha R3 321+1.394
8Seth CRUMP KTM RC 390+2.503
9Yannis SHAWKawasaki EX 400+2.639
10Ryan SMITH Yamaha R3 321+2.733
11Kyle O’CONNELL Yamaha R3 321+14.957
12Ben BAKERYamaha R3 321+16.237
13Matt RINDELYamaha R3 321+17.120
14Zylas BUNTINGKawasaki EX 400+17.525
15James JACOBS Kawasaki EX 400+29.833
16Peter NERLICHKawasaki EX 400+30.419
17Harry PARKER Yamaha R3 321+30.567
18Jimmy BROADBENTKawasaki EX 400+30.720
19Noel MAHONKawasaki EX 400+30.826
20Laura BROWN Yamaha R3 321+31.091
21Patrick LI Yamaha R3 321+52.014
22Craig WHITE Kawasaki EX 400+1m22.430
DNFCaleb GILMORE Yamaha R3 3214 Laps
1Max STAUFFER2017367
2Senna AGIUS2520359
3Hunter FORD1814289
4Seth CRUMP1113275
5Yannis SHAW1212273
6John LYTRAS1415262
7Brandon DEMMERY1616241
8Zac LEVY1718226
9Locky TAYLOR00203
10Luke JHONSTON1525202
11Ben BAKER139195
12Harry KHOURI00192
13Peter NERLICH55145
14Travis HALL00116
15Luke POWER0098
16Zylas BUNTING6783
17Kyle O’CONNELL101069
18Jacob ROULSTONE0063
19Callum O’BRIEN0062
20Ryan SMITH91158
21Laura BROWN7155
22Mitch KUHNE0054
23Olly SIMPSON0051
24Tristan ADAMSON0048
25Matt RINDEL0843
26Ben BURKE0043
27Dylan WHITESIDE0039
28Harrison VOIGHT1034
29Reece OUGHTRED0027
30Mitchell SIMPSON0025
31Stephany KAPILAWI-JAMES0015
32Harry PARKER0414
33Tayla RELPH0014
34James JACOBS4610
35Noel MAHON2210
36Jacob HATCH009
37Grace POUTCH009
38Caleb GILMORE808
39Jesse WOODS008
40Tom NEWTON007
41Jimmy BROADBENT336
42Josh HALL006
43Bronson PICKETT004
46John BLENKIN002
47Keegan PICKERING002
48Jordan SIMPSON001

Superbike Masters Race Two Results / Standings

1Aaron MORRIS Yamaha FZR 10434m49.568
2Stephen KAIRLYamaha FZR 1040+11.686
3John ALLEN Yamaha OW31 750+13.934
4Stephen CRAIG Suzuki GSXR 750+22.915
5Stephen WARD Yamaha FZR 1000+24.074
6Mark McVEIGHYamaha FZR 1000+24.096
7Scott WEBSTER Harris Suzuki 1200+24.526
8Stuart WOODBURY Ducati SP 851+28.611
9Mick JOHNSTON Ducati TTF1 985+34.235
10Phillip BURKE Honda RC30 750+37.563
11Roger GUNN Harris F1 1170+37.620
12Anthony BANN Kawasaki ZXR 750+38.361
13Greg DAL SANTO Ducati SS 700+51.772
14Denis ACKLAND Kawasaki Z 1260+53.461
15Andrew GARRETTSuzuki GSXR 750+54.558
16Patrick POVOLNY Suzuki GSX 1100+57.864
17Gary NAYSMITH Kawasaki Z J 1166+1:00.523
18Mark RODDA Suzuki GS S 1100/
19Paul RIGNEY Harris Kawasaki 1170+1m00.889
20Karen WEBBSuzuki GSXR 749+1m02.559
DNFDarren LARK Suzuki GSX 11501 Lap
DNFSteven HARLEY Yamaha FZN 7502 Laps
DSQGregory JAMES Honda CB R 11001 Lap


1John ALLEN209104
2Mark McVEIGH177.575.5
3Scott WEBSTER15770
4Alexander PICKETT0060
5Murray CLARK0054
6Mark RODDA41.549.5
7Aaron MORRIS2512.537.5
8Gregory JAMES8037
9Stephen KAIRL181028
10Darren LARK0026
11Stephen CRAIG168.524.5
12Stephen WARD14822
13Stuart WOODBURY136.519.5
14Mick JOHNSTON12618
15Phillip BURKE115.516.5
16Anthony BANN104.514.5
17Richard EASTON0014
18Roger GUNN7512
19Denis ACKLAND63.59.5
20Steven HARLEY909
21Patrick POVOLNY52.57.5
22Gary NAYSMITH325
23Greg DAL SANTO044
24Andrew GARRETT033
25Karen WEBB20.52.5
26Paul RIGNEY112

ASBK Schedule AEDT

Sunday Schedule
08.30YMF R3 CupWUP
08.40bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupWUP
08.50Motorsport TV SupersportWUP
09.00YMI Supersport 300WUP
09.10Kawasaki SuperbikeWUP
09.25Superbike MastersWUP
09.40YMF R3 CupR2
10.05bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupR2
10.25Motorsport TV SupersportR1
11.00YMI Supersport 300R2
11.25Kawasaki SuperbikeR1
12.10Superbike MastersR2
12.25Lunch – Pit Lane Walk
13.05YMI Supersport 300*R3
13.35Motorsport TV Supersport*R2
14.10Kawasaki Superbike*R2
15.05bLU cRU Oceania Junior CupR3
15.30YMF R3 CupR3
15.55Superbike MastersR3
ASBK TBG Round SMP Desmo Celebration Mike Jones TBG FinalRnd Cover

ASBK Images Gallery C | 2019 ASBK season finale

2019 ASBK Images Round 7 – SMP – Gallery C Images Rob Mott/TBG
ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens DesmoSport Ducati Ben Henry FinalRnd Cover

ASBK Images Gallery B | 2019 ASBK season finale

2019 ASBK Images Round 7 – SMP – Gallery B Images Rob Mott/TBG
ASBK Rnd SMP RbMotoLens Jones Champ Sticker Ducati

Mike Jones wins 2019 ASBK Title with R2 victory at SMP

2019 Australian Superbike Championship Round 7 - SMP The ASBK Finale - Part TwoASBK Superbike Race Two Race one was an exciting battle that ended up going...

Daniel Falzon takes pole at sweltering SMP | ASBK Finale

2019 Australian Superbike Championship Round 7 - Sydney Motorsports ParkSuperbike After a sensational ASBK season it now all comes down to one last slugfest at Sydney...
ASBK TBG Round SMP Cru Halliday TBG

Halliday quickest on Friday at SMP | ASBK Finale

2019 Australian Superbike Championship Round 7 - Sydney Motorsports ParkThe track temperature was over 54-degrees by the time Superbike FP2 got underway at 1330 this...