2019 Gas Gas EC and XC range

Gas Gas have announced their 2019 EC enduro and XC cross-country models with improvements to their frame, suspension, engine and the electrical system.

Gas Gas GG XC act
2019 Gas Gas XC 300

The Spanish brand has tweaked the looks of its enduro models while maintaining the unmistakable styling of their off-road two-strokes.

GasGas XC sta
2019 Gas Gas XC300

With a dry weight just over 100 kilograms, the new Gas Gas range is positioned as one of the lightest bikes on the market, thanks to revisions to the engine, frame and suspension.

Gas Gas GasGas XC det
2019 Gas Gas XC starter

In addition to its improved electrical system, there comes a new starter with a greater capacity battery system, and the addition of the double switch engine map for altering dry or wet terrains.

Gas Gas GG XC act
2019 Gas Gas XC 300

The updated engine for both the 250cc and 300cc models provide an increase in performance and power, achieving a more linear delivery of torque throughout its range.

Gas Gas GasGas XC sta
2019 Gas Gas XC 200

The new 2019 Gas Gas Enduro range is made up of the EC 300/250/200 versions and the XC 300/250/200 cross-country.

Gas Gas GG EC act
2019 Gas Gas EC 300

The EC 250 & EC 300 will be the first to arrive in Australia at Gas Gas Dealerships at the end of September, with the Gas Gas XC 250 & XC 300 are expected to arrive in October.

GasGas EC sta
2019 Gas Gas EC300

For pricing and expected arrival for the Gas Gas EC and XC range, see below (Australia only). For more information visit the Gas Gas Australia website (link).

Gas Gas GG EC act
2019 Gas Gas EC 300

2019 Gas Gas XC & EC Pricing & Availability (Australia)

  • Gas Gas XC 200 $10,990 (TBC)
  • Gas Gas XC 250 $11,690 (Arriving Oct 2018)
  • Gas Gas XC 300 $11,990 (Arriving Oct 2018)
  • Gas Gas EC 200 $11,690 (TBC)
  • Gas Gas EC 250 $11,990 (Arriving Sept 2018)
  • Gas Gas EC 300 $12,490 (Arriving Sept  2018)


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