2019 MotoGP – Round 10

Brno with Boris

Given the iffy weather conditions at Brno, I had a feeling the race was going to be a brilliantly chaotic event. I was so wrong.

MotoGP Brno QP Marquez Michelin
Marc Marquez – Brno 2019

Sure, Marquez had once again dominated in Practice and Qualifying, but the half-rain/half-sorta-rain conditions also saw Zarco lever himself onto the front row in third (the first KTM in history to have that happen to it), with Jack Miller in second after a brave qualifying performance.

Then it rained just after Moto2 finished. Then it stopped, leaving the track in a strange and perilous state. Turns 13 and 14 were wet. Turn One was wet. Half the grid spots were damp, the other half were dry. The rest of the track was dry.

The race was declared wet.

MotoGP Rnd Brno Pol Espargaro
Pol Espargaro – 2019 MotoGP Round 10, Brno

As the teams scrambled around the grid swapping tyres, Rossi, who heads the Rider Safety Phalanx, went over to Carmelo Ezpeleta and told him, with some Italian arm-waving, how this was all going to go down.

MotoGP Brno QP Rossi
Valentino Rossi waved more than his finger when he confronted Ezpeleta in pit-lane ahead of the scheduled race start

The now 20-lap race was duly delayed for 45 minutes.

Which allowed a) Iannone to wonder how he’d managed to qualify in last place behind Tito Rabat; and b) for Franco Uncini to get about 400,000-odd Safety Car laps in.

I think delaying the race was the right call. People who don’t think it was the right call clearly lack the wit to understand what will certainly happen when a bunch of slick-shod 300hp motorcycles enter a wet Turn One. It’s not a matter of balls. It’s a matter of brains.

MotoGP Rnd Brno marquez
2019 MotoGP Round 10, Brno

When the race finally got underway, it very quickly became apparent Uncini putting the Safety Car sideways was to be the most exciting thing that happened that round.
Marquez made it to Turn One first and then stayed there until the end of the race.

He was joined by Dovi in second, Miller in third and Rins in fourth. Which is how they finished, all about a second apart.

Behind them Crutchlow battled heroically to avoid eating Czech gravel and brought it home in fifth, followed by Rossi and Quartararo.

MotoGP Rnd Brno Crutchlow
Cal Crutchlow – 2019 MotoGP Round 10, Brno

It was all very processional.

Zarco rode stoically backwards to finish in 14th after starting in third. Displaying true Napoleonic “I’m a gonna invade Russia!” genius, he actually managed to ride from third to 18th in just eight laps.

Vinales was also right back to his usual form. He started in ninth and finished in 10th. He and his old enemy, Oliveira, relived their antagonism from the lesser classes, but Maverick did eventually assert his dominance and passed both him, Bagnaia and Asparagus P.

MotoGP Rnd Brno Maverick Vinales
Maverick Vinales – 2019 MotoGP Round 10, Brno

Morbidelli and Mir saw themselves off, with a bit of help from Zarco in the first lap, while the soon-to-be-unemployed Syahrin, waited a few laps before also limping back to the change-rooms.

There were a few lacklustre passes – Rins did Miller, then Miller did Rins. Rossi passed Espargaro, who was also slowly riding backwards through the field, and Crutchlow passed both him and Rossi and didn’t crash as a result. Even Quartararo didn’t seem to be his usual fabulous self, content to finish behind Rossi in seventh.

MotoGP Rnd Brno Pol Espargaro
Valentino Rossi hunting Pol Espargaro

At the sharp-end, Marquez was indomitable. Again. A ruthless metronome of conquest.
The entire championship, I feel, is about beating him. Or not beating him, as it turns out. Everyone seems to be coming to terms with that – you can tell by their humourless, empty eyes and strained press conferences – except maybe Fabulous Quartararo, who’s making a bit of a name for himself with Rossi’s old bike. But even he has to be wondering about Marquez at races like Brno.

MotoGP Rnd Brno marquez F
Marc Marquez claims his 50th MotoGP premiere class win in a history-making result at Brno

What is it going to take to beat the Spaniard, who now seems to be almost toying with the field?

MotoGP Rnd Brno marquez
Marc Marquez – 2019 MotoGP Round 10, Brno

No-one has the answer for this, though there’s all kinds of hopes bursting forth from the test that followed the Brno round (Test Report Here – Link). So 2020 might be something to look forward to for them.
 The rest of us are simply going to have to get used to Marquez looking back over his shoulder on the last lap, with his five hundred smiling teeth glinting from behind his helmet.

MotoGP Rnd Brno MotoGP Podium
Marc Marquez topped the podium from Andrea Dovizioso and Jack Miller at Brno- 2019 MotoGP Round 10, Brno

This weekend they’re all off to the high-speed Red Bull Ring in Austria, a track where Ducati has ruled.

It’s entirely possible that reign has also come to an end.

Brno MotoGP Results/Championship Standings


1Marc MarquezHonda39’24.430
2Andrea DoviziosoDucati+2.452
3Jack MillerDucati+3.497
4Alex RinsSuzuki+4.858
5Cal CrutchlowHonda+6.007
6Valentino RossiYamaha+9.083
7Fabio QuartararoYamaha+12.092
8Danilo PetrucciDucati+13.976
9Takaaki NakagamiHonda+15.724
10Maverick ViñalesYamaha+16.558
11Pol EspargaroKTM+18.234
12Francesco BagnaiaDucati+19.738
13Miguel OliveiraKTM+22.539
14Johann ZarcoKTM+30.459
15Stefan BradlHonda+30.500
16Tito RabatDucati+30.755
17Andrea IannoneAprilia+37.170
18Aleix EspargaroAprilia+37.343
19Karel AbrahamDucati+44.296
20Sylvain GuintoliSuzuki+48.938
Not Classified
DNFHafizh SyahrinKTM14 Laps
DNFFranco MorbidelliYamaha0 Lap
DNFJoan MirSuzuki0 Lap

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1Marc MarquezHonda210
2Andrea DoviziosoDucati147
3Danilo PetrucciDucati129
4Alex RinsSuzuki114
5Maverick ViñalesYamaha91
6Valentino RossiYamaha90
7Jack MillerDucati86
8Cal CrutchlowHonda78
9Fabio QuartararoYamaha76
10Pol EspargaroKTM61
11Takaaki NakagamiHonda57
12Franco MorbidelliYamaha52
13Joan MirSuzuki39
14Aleix EspargaroAprilia31
15Andrea IannoneAprilia21
16Jorge LorenzoHonda19
17Johann ZarcoKTM18
18Miguel OliveiraKTM18
19Francesco BagnaiaDucati15
20Tito RabatDucati14
21Stefan BradlHonda13
22Michele PirroDucati9
23Sylvain GuintoliSuzuki3
24Karel AbrahamDucati3
25Hafizh SyahrinKTM3
26Bradley SmithAprilia0


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