2019 Pirelli MX Nationals

Round Eight – Moree

Images by Bella Maurer

Thor MX1 Report

Kirk Gibbs won Superpole ahead of the opening MX1 moto but due to incidents in the previous MXD moto, riders were pulled back from the gates as organisers chose to instead delay the start of the MX1 moto and head to an early lunch break instead.

MX Nationals Rnd Moree MX Pro class
MX1 450 Start – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

Hayden Mellross carried some injuries into the opening MX1 moto and it was clear from the outset that those knee problems were causing him issues, and likely ruining his championship chances. Heading to Moree Luke Clout held an 11-point lead over Mellross, who in-turn had three-points over Todd Waters.

Kirk Gibbs had been effectively ruled out of the championship chase due to his problems earlier in the season but that had not dented any of his drive for race wins.  A much better middle part of the season has pushed Gibbs forward into fourth place but it would still take not only amazing rides for Gibbs over the remaining races of the season, but probably also some significant misfortunes for the leading trio, for the rider to improve on that placing.

MX Nationals Rnd Moree Kirk Gibbs
Kirk Gibbs – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

Once racing recommenced, Gibbs capitalised on his pole position to break away to an early lead over Todd Waters and that pair quickly started to march away from third placed Brett Metcalfe and Dylan Long. The order remained static until late in the race when Waters squeezed past Gibbs and then pulled away to take a clear victory.

What unfolded ahead of the next race for the premier classes was something we saw once before at a road race meeting. The rough Moree circuit had taken its toll, with 12 riders already sent off to the local hospital, which saw the hospital administration declare that they were not in a position to take any more urgent patients. 

MX Nationals Rnd Moree st Todd Waters nd Kirk Gibbs Brett Metcalfe x MX Pro class
MX1 450 Podium – 1) Todd Waters, 2) Kirk Gibbs, 3) Brett Metcalfe – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

Thus organisers were left no choice but to call it a day, and Todd Waters will take the red plate to the championship finale, with a two-point buffer over Luke Clout. 

As it stands Todd Waters leads Luke Clout in the Thor MX1 class on 422-points to 420, with Hayden Mellross a further 12-points behind Clout on 408. Kirk Gibbs is a distant fourth with a 61-point gap to third placed Mellross, while Brett Metcalfe holds fifth on 323-points.

The 2019 Pirelli MX Nationals will reconvene next weekend at Coolum for the final double-header round that will decide who will wear the championship crowns, with Waters, Clout and Mellross all in the mix, with Kirk Gibbs holding an outside chance of breaking into the top three. 

Thor MX1 Results

1Todd Waters0.000
2Kirk Gibbs5.015
3Brett Metcalfe17.181
4Dylan Long19.51
5Richie Evans33.142
6Caleb Ward35.974
7Connor Tierney45.739
8Justin Rodbell01:02.0
9Luke Clout01:02.4
10Lawson Bopping01:37.1
11Hayden Mellross01:41.0
12Jesse Dobson01:48.8
13Zak Small01:53.8
14Joel Wightman02:00.9
15Cody Dyce02:04.4
16Ryan Gaylor1 lap
17Charlie Creech1 lap
18Levi McManus1 lap
19Nic Frayne1 lap
20Jamie Harvey2 laps
21Daniel Webber2 laps
DNFDylan Wood
DNFJayden Rykers
1Todd Waters35
2Kirk Gibbs32
3Brett Metcalfe30
4Dylan Long28
5Richie Evans26
6Caleb Ward25
7Connor Tierney24
8Justin Rodbell23
9Luke Clout22
10Lawson Bopping21
11Hayden Mellross20
12Jesse Dobson19
13Zak Small18
14Joel Wightman17
15Cody Dyce16
16Ryan Gaylor15
17Charlie Creech14
18Levi McManus13
19Nic Frayne12
20Jamie Harvey11
21Daniel Webber10
22Jayden Rykers
23Dylan Wood


1Todd Waters422
2Luke Clout420
3Hayden Mellross408
4Kirk Gibbs347
5Brett Metcalfe323
6Justin Rodbell310
7Jayden Rykers300
8Richie Evans284
9Jesse Dobson277
10Lawson Bopping236
11Zak Small224
12Joel Wightman218
13Dylan Long204
14Cody Dyce199
15Charlie Creech196
16Joben Baldwin193
17Erki Kahro190
18Levi McManus179
19Caleb Ward152
20Ryan Gaylor142
21Tomas Ravenhorst140
22Dean Ferris128
23Dylan Wood116
24Lachlan Davis112
25Connor Tierney109
26Ryan Shadbolt105
27John Prutti78
28Nic Frayne70
29Daniel Webber46
30Matthew Parkinson45
31Brandon Gray45
32Daniel Milner43
33Daniel Sanders40
34Jamie Harvey40
35Izak Maule38
36Ryan Findanis35
37Rory Mckercher34
38Daniel Banks24
39Zac Towill20
40Jesse Bishop19
41Jonty Jones17
42Bryson Cherrett14
43Colby Campbell14
45Lachlan Holroyd8
46Mitch Norris7
47Wade Irwin6
48Jake De Zwart6
49Thomas Hill6
50Max Francis6
51Bryson Cherrett4
52Alistair Lewis4
53Harley Bodger3
54Brendon Riley2

Pirelli MX2 Report

Jay Wilson and Wilson Todd clashed in the opening moto which cost both dearly in the short back-to-back format, with Jay Wilson only managing to salvage 12th place, while championship leader Wilson Todd rescued a seventh.

MX Nationals Rnd Moree MX Pro
Pirelli MX2 250 Start – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

Davey Motorsports KTM rider Dylan Wills dominated the moto despite a concerted attack over the final laps that saw Nathan Crawford march forward past Aaron Tanti and then Isaac Ferguson move up into second place. Wills though held on for the win with Crawford second, while Isaac Ferguson rounded out the podium.

Joel Evans scored the holeshot when action got back underway after their short break but Wilson Todd was determined to make amends for his seventh place in the opening bout and was quickly through to the lead.

Nathan Crawford rapidly moved through to second place and Jay Wilson moved up to third ahead of Luke Reardon and Aaron Tanti. As the race started to shake out, the one man moving forward to further shake things up again was moto one victor Dylan Wills.

Moto one podium-getter Isaac Ferguson exited the race with five laps to go after going down in a massive tumble.

A lap later Nathan Crawford made his first challenge for the lead on Wilson Todd, while a more aggressive move a couple of turns later saw Crawford move through to the lead. Jay Wilson then also moved forward to challenge and was now the new fastest man on track.

Nathan Crawford was the clear victor in the final moto over Wilson Todd with Jay Wilson ahead of Aaron Tanti and Dylan Wills.

On combined results from the two back-to-back motos it was Nathan Crawford the overall victor ahead of Dylan Wills and Wilson Todd. And with the early call on proceedings that also, of course, made Nathan Crawford the round winner. 

MX Nationals Rnd Moree Dylan Willis
Dylan Willis – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

Wilson Todd may have been regulated to third overall after the combined moto result, however he continues to hold the championship lead into the final, on 427-points to second placed’s Kyle Webster on 406. Jay Wilson completes the top three six-points back from Webster on 403, with Nathan Crawford (374) and Aaron Tanti (356) completing the top five.

With the season final double-header at Coolum looming, it’s still anyone’s game in the Pirelli MX2 class. 

Pirelli MX2 Results

1Dylan Wills0
2Nathan Crawford1.558
3Isaac Ferguson2.496
4Aaron Tanti13.781
5Joel Evans22.44
6Luke Reardon24.968
7Wilson Todd33.828
8Cooper Pozniak37.15
9Morgan Fogarty39.027
10Riley Ward40.594
11Lochie Latimer42.05
12Jay Wilson44.397
13Kyle Webster52.324
14Tom Jones55.973
15Ricky Latimer56.712
16Joel Green01:01.5
17Bailey Malkiewicz01:16.0
18Tomas Ravenhorst01:25.3
19Riley Stephens01:30.6
20Jack O’Callaghan01:39.1
21Chandler Burns01:41.7
22Jai Constantinou01:44.9
23Shannon Moore01:52.3
24Zhane Dunlop01:54.0
25Dylan Marchand01:55.1
26Ashley Schuuring1 lap
27Trent Loder1 lap
1Nathan Crawford0
2Wilson Todd3.97
3Jay Wilson4.958
4Aaron Tanti6.268
5Dylan Wills10.157
6Kyle Webster24.456
7Bailey Malkiewicz38.705
8Joel Evans43.379
9Cooper Pozniak50.442
10Riley Ward51.126
11Luke Reardon53.54
12Tomas Ravenhorst59.206
13Joel Green01:07.2
14Ricky Latimer01:08.7
15Tom Jones01:11.2
16Dylan Marchand01:14.8
17Lochie Latimer01:28.2
18Chandler Burns01:44.0
19Jack O’Callaghan01:45.4
20Trent Loder01:54.2
21Shannon Moore02:02.8
22Zhane Dunlop1 lap
23Ashley Schuuring1 lap
DNFMorgan Fogarty0
DNFIsaac Ferguson0
DNFJai Constantinou0
DNSRiley Stephens0
1Nathan Crawford323567
2Dylan Wills352661
3Wilson Todd243256
4Aaron Tanti282856
5Jay Wilson193049
6Joel Evans262349
7Cooper Pozniak232245
8Luke Reardon252045
9Kyle Webster182543
10Riley Ward212142
11Bailey Malkiewicz142438
12Lochie Latimer201434
13Joel Green151833
14Ricky Latimer161733
15Tom Jones171633
16Tomas Ravenhorst131932
17Isaac Ferguson3030
18Chandler Burns101323
19Jack O’Callaghan111223
20Morgan Fogarty2222
21Dylan Marchand61521
22Shannon Moore81018
23Zhane Dunlop7916
24Trent Loder41115
25Ashley Schuuring5813
26Riley Stephens1212
27Jai Constantinou99
1Nathan Crawford35
2Dylan Wills32
3Wilson Todd30
4Aaron Tanti28
5Jay Wilson26
6Joel Evans25
7Cooper Pozniak24
8Luke Reardon23
9Kyle Webster22
10Riley Ward21
11Bailey Malkiewicz20
12Lochie Latimer19
13Joel Green18
14Ricky Latimer17
15Tom Jones16
16Tomas Ravenhorst15
17Isaac Ferguson14
18Chandler Burns13
19Jack O’Callaghan12
20Morgan Fogarty11
21Dylan Marchand10
22Shannon Moore9
23Zhane Dunlop8
24Trent Loder7
25Ashley Schuuring6
26Riley Stephens5
27Jai Constantinou4
1Wilson Todd427
2Kyle Webster409
3Jay Wilson403
4Nathan Crawford374
5Aaron Tanti356
6Dylan Wills336
7Bailey Malkiewicz300
8Cooper Pozniak273
9Ricky Latimer269
10Morgan Fogarty254
11Isaac Ferguson248
12Joel Evans245
13Joel Green206
14Riley Dukes202
15Jye Dickson188
16Lochie Latimer169
17Sam Pelz167
18Chandler Burns145
19Jai Constantinou143
20Dylan Marchand141
21Kaleb Barham135
22Jack O’Callaghan125
23Riley Ward112
24Riley Stephens103
25Josh Brewster94
26Luke Reardon93
27Jy Roberts91
28Tomas Ravenhorst88
29Zhane Dunlop76
30Shannon Moore72
31Jesse Bishop58
32James Clay47
33Ashley Schuuring31
34Lachlan Davis28
35Bradley Rankmore26
36Lachy Steen23
37Wyatt Chase22
38Lyndon Snodgrass20
39Maddy Brown18
40Royce Anell17
41Shane Mason17
42Tom Jones16
43Bailey Koolen11
44Cody Hall9
45Trent Loder7
46Jordan Waters6
47Lachlan Burns0
48Michael Skinner0
49Benjamin McAliece0

Motul MXD Report

Rhys Budd hooked up on the baking clay of Moree the best, to score the holeshot in the opening Motul MXD moto ahead of Jayce Cosford and Brodie Ellis. Budd was looking solid out front before a big crash in the sand section saw him and his Honda hit the deck quite hard.

MX Nationals Rnd Moree MXD Under s
MXD riders prepare at Moree – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

Tye Jones needed no second invitation to take the lead and the Husqvarna rider then put down some quick laps to try and break away from Brodie Ellis and Noah Ferguson. His rivals though found more speed and Brodie Ellis made his way past to take the lead. 

Jack Kukas and Mason Semmens were running hard in fourth and fifth places when they came together at high speed in the air in what was a horrible clash. Mason Rowe’s goggles were then filled with a tumbling Kukas and Semmens, and their separated bikes.

MX Nationals Rnd Moree MXD Under class
Pirelli MXD – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

While he did an amazing job not to collect his fallen competitors, Rowe himself was sent off the track due to his last-second high-speed evasive action and went down in an even more sickening impact. Thankfully he was not too seriously injured but it is doubtful he will make the final championship rounds.

Regan Duffy managed to move past Tye Jones to move up to second place but Brodie Ellis was the fastest man on the circuit. Some sort of mistake later in the race though saw Regan Duffy close Ellis down and pass him for the lead. Max Purvis then got a sniff and started to close within striking distance of Ellis.

On the final lap Max Purvis and a tiring Ellis engaged in battle but New Zealander Brodie Ellis dug deep and managed to prevail for that second place.

Unchallenged in the latter parts of the race Western Australia’s Regan Duffy took the chequered flag 3.7-seconds ahead of Ellis.

MX Nationals Rnd Moree st Regan Duffy nd Brodie Ellis rd Maximus Purvis MXD class
Pirelli MXD Podium – 1) Regan Duffy, 2) Brodie Ellis, 3) Maximus Purvis – 2019 MX Nationals – Round 8, Moree

Due to the early curtailing of proceedings, Duffy’s competition did not get another chance to put one over him, and he will take a 34-point lead over Max Purvis into the Motul MXD Championship finale. That places Duffy on 461-points to Purvis’s 427, while a distant third placed Rhys Budd holds 370 points and a 39-point lead over Brodie Ellis in fourth, with Noah Ferguson a single-point behind in fifth.

Motul MXD Results

1Regan Duffy0.000
2Brodie Ellis3.688
3Maximus Purvis6.156
4Tye Jones16.3
5Jai Walker25.643
6Jayce Cosford57.229
7Mackenzie O”Bree01:09.3
8Jake Cobbin01:11.6
9Liam Walsh01:12.6
10Rhys Budd01:16.5
11Ethan Ashmore01:17.7
12Noah Ferguson01:19.0
13Deakin Hellier01:28.8
14Riley Findlay01:43.5
15Oliver Marchand01:45.1
16Caleb Goullet1 lap
17Jordan Brown1 lap
18Thornton Brough2 laps
DNFSamuel Bailey0
DNFMason Semmens0
DNFJack Kukas0
DNFMason Rowe0
DNFKorey McMahon0
1Regan Duffy35
2Brodie Ellis32
3Maximus Purvis30
4Tye Jones28
5Jai Walker26
6Jayce Cosford25
7Mackenzie O”Bree24
8Jake Cobbin23
9Liam Walsh22
10Rhys Budd21
11Ethan Ashmore20
12Noah Ferguson19
13Deakin Hellier18
14Riley Findlay17
15Oliver Marchand16
16Caleb Goullet15
17Jordan Brown14
18Thornton Brough13
19Mason Rowe
20Mason Semmens
21Jack Kukas
22Samuel Bailey
23Korey McMahon
1Regan Duffy461
2Maximus Purvis427
3Rhys Budd370
4Brodie Ellis331
5Noah Ferguson330
6Mason Rowe310
7Jai Walker303
8Liam Walsh287
9Jack Kukas280
10Jayce Cosford277
11Mackenzie O”Bree266
12Tye Jones254
13Mason Semmens249
14Deakin Hellier186
15Navrin Grothues167
16Ethan Ashmore157
17Jake Cobbin150
18Micheal Murphy144
19Korey McMahon141
20Riley Findlay122
21Hugh Roache116
22Lochie Smith82
23Oliver Marchand77
24Billy Bray77
25Jaxon Rayner56
26Thornton Brough51
27James Beston50
28Caleb Goullet49
29Liam Andrews44
30Samuel Bailey44
31Caleb Clifton42
32John Bova38
33Denzel Woulfe36
34Wilson Greiner-Daish35
35dale lyons30
36Brandon Steel29
37Jaxon Pearce29
38Zac Paar28
39Oscar Nastri26
41Riley Fucsko25
42George Knight24
43Josh Mangiapane22
44Mitchell Johnson22
45James Davison21
46Jordan Brown20
47Aaron Mason20
48Nicholas Kefford16
49Jake Barron13
50Zack Wright13
51Zack Wright11
52Lachlan Okeefe5
53Jordan Holt2
54Luke Petersen0
55Kyle Evans0