2020 AMA Supercross
Round 7 – Tampa, Florida

Report by Trevor Hedge – Images Hoppenworld

250 SX East

Geico Honda’s Chase Sexton is the defending east coast champion and is looking to repeat that feat before he steps up to the 450 class in 2021. The riders most likely to stop that happening is Jeremy Martin, Shane McElrath, Jordon Smith and RJ Hampshire. With the switch to the east coast competition there are also no Aussies in the line-up.

Shane McElrath dominated the first heat race while Sexton had a clear victory in the second 250 heat on a track that had some deep sand sections that caught out plenty of riders.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Starts SX TPA Kardy
250 Start

Jordon Smith scored the holeshot in the 250 Main but Shane McElrath quickly swept through to the lead as Smith’s second position quickly came under attack from Jeremy Martin.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa McElrath Smith Multiple SX TPA Kardy
Shane McElrath

The battle between Smith and Martin went to the latter but their tussle had allowed McElrath to enjoy clear air and pull away from his pursuers, his margin out to almost four-seconds only a couple of minutes into the moto. 

AMA SX Rnd Tampa McElrath Smith Multiple SX TPA Kardy
McElrath wasted no time passing and pulling clear of Smith

Chase Sexton was in fourth but worked his way past Smith and then Martin to move up to second place but with 10-minutes remaining McElrath’s lead was now over six-seconds.

A switch up of his training program, diet and a move to Yamaha machinery obviously all gelling well for the 25-year-old as he cruised home to victory completely unchallenged.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa McElrath SX TPA Kardy
Shane McElrath

Sexton closed to within six-seconds in the closing stages as McElrath backed off on the way to the flag but he was never in the same race as the #12 Yamaha. 

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Sexton SX TPA Kardy
Chase Sexton

Jeremy Martin’s return to competition from a broken back 18 months ago was also a celebratory affair with the 26-year-old rounding out the podium ahead of Garrett Marchbanks and Jordon Smith.

RJ Hampshire was on course for a top-five before getting caught up on a tough-block that cost him a lot of time and saw him card only a sixth place finish, despite the 24-year-old recording the fastest lap of the race.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Hampshire SX TPA Kardy
RJ Hampshire recorded the fastest lap of the race
AMA SX Results 250 East
Round One – Raymond James Stadium

Pos Rider Bike Laps/Gap
1 Shane Mcelrath Yamaha YZ250F 19 Laps
2 Chase Sexton Honda CRF250R +02.962
3 Jeremy Martin Honda CRF250R +07.263
4 Garrett Marchbanks Kawasaki KX250 +12.535
5 Jordon Smith Kawasaki KX250 +14.349
6 Rj Hampshire Husqvarna FC250 +33.208
7 Kyle Peters Honda CRF250R +42.132
8 Joey Crown Yamaha YZ250F +45.003
9 James Decotis Suzuki RMZ250 +46.181
10 Jo Shimoda Honda CRF250R +47.256
11 Jace Owen Honda CRF250R 18 Laps
12 Joshua Hill Yamaha YZ250F +01.572
13 Cedric Soubeyras Husqvarna FC250 +01.855
14 Nick Gaines Yamaha YZ250F +07.700
15 John Short Honda CRF250R +12.937
16 Jerry Robin Honda CRF250R +14.525
17 Jordan Bailey Honda CRF250R +31.805
18 Hunter Sayles KTM 250SX-F +34.133
19 Enzo Lopes Yamaha YZ250F +35.617
20 Justin Starling Honda CRF250R +56.570
21 Isaac Teasdale Suzuki RMZ250 17 Laps
22 Curren Thurman KTM 250SX-F 3 Laps
Pos Rider Bike Laps/Time
1 James Decotis Suzuki RMZ250 7 Laps
2 Hunter Sayles KTM 250SX-F +04.774
3 Curren Thurman KTM 250SX-F +04.776
4 Isaac Teasdale Suzuki RMZ250 +07.010
5 Jalek Swoll Husqvarna FC250 +07.090
6 Tristan Lane KTM 250SX-F +09.775
7 Lorenzo Locurcio Kawasaki KX250 +10.581
8 Dustin Winter KTM 250SX-F +14.821
9 Luke Neese Honda CRF250R +15.590
10 Jeremy Hand Honda CRF250R +16.232
11 Chase Marquier Honda CRF250R +17.177
12 Kevin Moranz KTM 250SX-F +18.300
13 Grant Harlan Honda CRF250R +20.113
14 Carter Halpain Yamaha YZ250F +20.894
15 Cody Vanbuskirk KTM 250SX-F +23.229
16 Kyle Swanson KTM 250SX-F +26.954
17 Lane Shaw KTM 250SX-F +28.885
18 Justin Thompson Kawasaki KX250 +30.365
19 Zane Merrett KTM 250SX-F +38.727
20 Travis Sewell Kawasaki KX250 3 Laps
21 Tj Albright KTM 250SX-F DNF
22 Ryder Floyd Honda CRF250R DNS
Pos Rider Bike Laps/Gap
1 Chase Sexton Honda CRF250R 9 Laps
2 Jeremy Martin Honda CRF250R +05.103
3 Rj Hampshire Husqvarna FC250 +22.094
4 Joshua Hill Yamaha YZ250F +27.306
5 Jo Shimoda Honda CRF250R +28.145
6 Jace Owen Honda CRF250R +34.203
7 Joey Crown Yamaha YZ250F +37.898
8 Jordan Bailey Honda CRF250R +37.910
9 Cedric Soubeyras Husqvarna FC250 +38.143
10 Curren Thurman KTM 250SX-F +43.481
11 Travis Sewell Kawasaki KX250 +44.617
12 Cody Vanbuskirk KTM 250SX-F +46.664
13 Luke Neese Honda CRF250R +50.103
14 Lane Shaw KTM 250SX-F 8 Laps
15 Grant Harlan Honda CRF250R +00.923
16 Chase Marquier Honda CRF250R +03.112
17 James Decotis Suzuki RMZ250 +31.364
18 Tj Albright KTM 250SX-F 5 Laps
19 Jalek Swoll Husqvarna FC250 2 Laps
20 Ryder Floyd Honda CRF250R DNF
Pos Rider Bike Laps/Gap
1 Shane Mcelrath Yamaha YZ250F 9 Laps
2 Garrett Marchbanks Kawasaki KX250 +14.441
3 Jordon Smith Kawasaki KX250 +14.607
4 Kyle Peters Honda CRF250R +17.971
5 Enzo Lopes Yamaha YZ250F +20.295
6 John Short Honda CRF250R +24.609
7 Justin Starling Honda CRF250R +36.209
8 Jerry Robin Honda CRF250R +39.244
9 Nick Gaines Yamaha YZ250F +39.852
10 Hunter Sayles KTM 250SX-F +40.967
11 Isaac Teasdale Suzuki RMZ250 +48.240
12 Lorenzo Locurcio Kawasaki KX250 +51.927
13 Kyle Swanson KTM 250SX-F 8 Laps
14 Kevin Moranz KTM 250SX-F +08.178
15 Tristan Lane KTM 250SX-F +09.175
16 Zane Merrett KTM 250SX-F +25.525
17 Carter Halpain Yamaha YZ250F +29.964
18 Jeremy Hand Honda CRF250R +38.072
19 Justin Thompson Kawasaki KX250 2 Laps
20 Dustin Winter KTM 250SX-F DNF
Pos Rider Total
1 Dylan Ferrandis 135
2 Justin Cooper 128
3 Austin Forkner 122
4 Brandon Hartranft 110
5 Alex Martin 98
6 Jacob Hayes 89
7 Luke Clout 83
8 Michael Mosiman 82
9 Derek Drake 78
10 Mitchell Oldenburg 72
11 Carson Brown 72
12 Martin Castelo 53
13 Killian Auberson 51
14 Aaron Tanti 50
15 Jett Lawrence 46
16 Jay Wilson 45
17 Robbie Wageman 43
18 Michael Leib 32
19 Christian Craig 29
20 Cameron Mcadoo 27
21 Logan Karnow 27
22 Shane Mcelrath 26
23 Mitchell Falk 24
24 Chase Sexton 23
25 Jeremy Martin 21
26 Garrett Marchbanks 19
27 Jordon Smith 18
28 Rj Hampshire 17
29 Cheyenne Harmon 17
30 Kyle Peters 16
31 Joey Crown 15
32 James Decotis 14
33 Jo Shimoda 13
34 Derek Kelley 13
35 Jace Owen 12
36 Ludovic Macler 12
37 Joshua Hill 11
38 Cedric Soubeyras 10
39 Nick Gaines 9
40 John Short 8
41 Jerry Robin 7
42 Lorenzo Camporese 7
43 Jordan Bailey 6
44 Chris Howell 6
45 Taiki Koga 5
46 Hunter Sayles 5
47 Bryson Gardner 4
48 Enzo Lopes 4
49 Justin Starling 3
50 Isaac Teasdale 2
51 Curren Thurman 1

450 SX

Eli Tomac arrived on the east coast having trimmed Ken Roczen’s championship lead to only a single point. Defending champion Cooper Webb had also recently come in to some better form and was victorious last week in San Diego to land in Florida only nine-points adrift of Roczen.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Tomac Towel JK
Eli Tomac’s KX450F adorned with a themed towel

Tomac and Malcolm Stewart both started the opening heat race strongly but it was the Kawasaki man that was quickest on the opening lap to fend off Stewart and streak away to a dominant win.

Starts have been Tomac’s achilles heel all season but he was very quick out of the blocks in that heat race and apart from one significant moment in the whoops was untroubled on his way to victory. Cooper Webb was third in the first heat ahead of Justin Brayton and Dean Wilson. Chad Reed was 12th and would have to go to the LCQ to earn his spot in the Main.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Cianciarulo SX TPA Kardy
Adam Cianciarulo

Adam Cianciarulo scored the holeshot in the second 450 Heat and had clear air while two incidents on the opening lap caused dramas for many of his opposition. Blake Baggett losing a lot of ground in one of those incidents which meant the #4 KTM had to ride hard in order to fight his way back up the field to earn his transfer spot to the main.

Ken Roczen managed to get within striking distance of Cianciarulo a couple of times and finally managed to sneak past the Kawasaki man after he made a mistake in the sand. Lapped traffic saw Roczen held up a little late in that heat and allowed Cianciarulo to almost steal the win on the run to the flag but the Honda man held on to take victory.

Zach Osborne rounded out the top three ahead of Broc Tickle, the Suzuki rider making his return to competition after serving a two-year suspension for testing positive to stimulants.

Vince Friese scored the holeshot in the Main ahead of Adam Cianciarulo, Eli Tomac and Malcolm Stewart, while Ken Roczen was languishing outside the top ten as the 22-rider field negotiated the first turns of the layout inside the Raymond James Stadium.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Starts SX TPA Kardy Cover
Cianciarulo was quickly through to the lead

Cianciarulo was into the lead before turn two and streaking away from Friese. Eli Tomac was the next rider to pass Friese, quickly followed by Malcolm Stewart pushing Friese further back to fourth ahead of Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen. That pair also made short work of Friese.

Eli Tomac steadily pulled back tenth here and there to close on his team-mate before making his move with just over 11-minutes remaining in the Main. It initially looked as though Cianciarulo would have enough speed to stay with and shadow Tomac but it didn’t turn out that way as his more experienced teammate pulled away to a clear lead.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Tomac Cianciarulo Multiple SX TPA Kardy
Eli Tomac pulled away from Adam Cianciarulo

Cooper Webb and Malcolm Stewart tussled hard over third place in the middle stages of the race race but eventually it was the KTM man that got the better of that battle. Ken Roczen momentarily also sneaked past Stewart but then went down after losing the front and had to watch Stewart blow by him.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Webb Friese Roczen Multiple SX TPA Kardy
Cooper Webb

Cianciarulo went down after getting crossed-up in the whoops while in a strong second place to really upset the race. Adam was hung up on tough blocks and by the time he get going again he had been relegated all the way back to tenth place.

With five-minutes remaining on the shot clock Tomac had a 13-second lead over Webb while Ken Roczen had managed to move up to third place after getting past Stewart.

Justin Hill then also pushed past Stewart to move the #27 Honda back to sixth place where he immediately came under further attack by Dean Wilson, Justin Brayton and the recovering Adam Cianciarulo.

Eli Tomac backed the pace off in the closing laps and cruised to his third victory of the season. Cooper Webb was a clear second place, well ahead of Ken Roczen.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Podium SX TPA Kardy
The 450 podium

Justin Barcia got fourth by a nose over Justin Hill at the flag. Dean Wilson was sixth ahead of Malcolm Stewart who just managed to stave off the advances of a closing Adam Cianciarulo who salvaged eighth place.

Justin Brayton scored ninth while Jason Anderson rounded out the top ten after being penalised two positions for gaining a track advantage.

Chad Reed, the only Australian in the SX field across both classes on the east coast, won the LCQ before finishing 19th in the Main.

AMA SX Rnd Tampa Reed SX TPA Kardy
Chad Reed

AMA Supercross now heads to Arlington in Texas next week and Eli Tomac will carry a four-point lead over Roczen into that triple-crown round eight of the 17-round 2020 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship.

AMA SX Results 450
Round Seven – Raymond James Stadium
Pos Rider Bike Laps/Gap
1 Eli Tomac Kawasaki KX450 26 Laps
2 Cooper Webb KTM 450SX-F Factory Edi +07.290
3 Ken Roczen Honda CRF450R Works E +18.043
4 Justin Barcia Yamaha YZ450F +24.117
5 Justin Hill Honda CRF450R +24.510
6 Dean Wilson Husqvarna FC450 Factory +26.761
7 Malcolm Stewart Honda CRF450R +28.314
8 Adam Cianciarulo Kawasaki KX450 +28.968
9 Justin Brayton Honda CRF450R +31.812
10 Jason Anderson Husqvarna FC450 Factory +31.813
11 Zach Osborne Husqvarna FC450 Factory +44.114
12 Broc Tickle Suzuki RMZ450 +44.644
13 Vince Friese Honda CRF450R 25 Laps
14 Martin Davalos KTM 450SX-F Factory Edi +00.313
15 Tyler Bowers Kawasaki KX450 +08.666
16 Aaron Plessinger Yamaha YZ450F +09.643
17 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha YZ450F +25.006
18 Kyle Cunningham Suzuki RMZ450 +38.583
19 Chad Reed Honda CRF450R +51.730
20 Ryan Breece Suzuki RMZ450 24 Laps
21 Adam Enticknap Suzuki RMZ450 +06.854
22 Blake Baggett KTM 450SX-F Factory Edi DNS
Pos Rider Bike Laps/Gap
1 Chad Reed Honda CRF450R 8 Laps
2 Kyle Cunningham Suzuki RMZ450 +01.040
3 Ryan Breece Suzuki RMZ450 +07.054
4 Adam Enticknap Suzuki RMZ450 +12.323
5 Daniel Herrlein KTM 450SX-F +19.664
6 Cade Clason Kawasaki KX450 +21.799
7 James Weeks Yamaha YZ450F +22.010
8 Joan Cros Kawasaki KX450 +23.469
9 Logan Karnow Kawasaki KX450 +24.504
10 Ronnie Stewart Husqvarna FC450 +29.887
11 Nick Schmidt Husqvarna FC450 +31.507
12 Aj Catanzaro Kawasaki KX450 +34.248
13 Deven Raper Kawasaki KX450 +39.781
14 Joshua Cartwright Kawasaki KX450 +41.723
15 Tevin Tapia Yamaha YZ450F +43.132
16 Mason Kerr +43.876
17 Alexander Nagy KTM 450SX-F +46.583
18 Theodore Pauli Kawasaki KX450 +56.105
19 Josh Greco KTM 450SX-F 7 Laps
20 Scotty Wennerstrom Kawasaki KX450 +13.387
21 Alex Ray Kawasaki KX450 DNS
22 Jared Lesher KTM 450SX-F DNS
Pos Rider Bike Laps/Gap
1 Eli Tomac Kawasaki KX450 9 Laps
2 Malcolm Stewart Honda CRF450R +01.482
3 Cooper Webb KTM 450SX-F Factory Edi +07.394
4 Justin Brayton Honda CRF450R +08.686
5 Dean Wilson Husqvarna FC450 Factory +16.214
6 Justin Hill Honda CRF450R +20.125
7 Tyler Bowers Kawasaki KX450 +22.101
8 Aaron Plessinger Yamaha YZ450F +22.876
9 Vince Friese Honda CRF450R +25.827
10 Kyle Cunningham Suzuki RMZ450 +28.519
11 Ryan Breece Suzuki RMZ450 +33.897
12 Chad Reed Honda CRF450R +38.474
13 Ronnie Stewart Husqvarna FC450 +50.080
14 Nick Schmidt Husqvarna FC450 8 Laps
15 Theodore Pauli Kawasaki KX450 +08.301
16 Deven Raper Kawasaki KX450 +18.812
17 Alexander Nagy KTM 450SX-F +22.291
18 Josh Greco KTM 450SX-F +36.821
19 Tevin Tapia Yamaha YZ450F 3 Laps
20 James Weeks Yamaha YZ450F DNF
Pos Rider Bike Laps/Gap
1 Ken Roczen Honda CRF450R Works E 9 Laps
2 Adam Cianciarulo Kawasaki KX450 +00.486
3 Zach Osborne Husqvarna FC450 Factory +08.077
4 Broc Tickle Suzuki RMZ450 +11.664
5 Justin Barcia Yamaha YZ450F +14.836
6 Jason Anderson Husqvarna FC450 Factory +24.451
7 Martin Davalos KTM 450SX-F Factory Edi +24.932
8 Blake Baggett KTM 450SX-F Factory Edi +26.299
9 Kyle Chisholm Yamaha YZ450F +38.732
10 Daniel Herrlein KTM 450SX-F 8 Laps
11 Aj Catanzaro Kawasaki KX450 +03.222
12 Joan Cros Kawasaki KX450 +06.754
13 Mason Kerr +17.516
14 Adam Enticknap Suzuki RMZ450 +27.392
15 Cade Clason Kawasaki KX450 +44.483
16 Logan Karnow Kawasaki KX450 +1:05.533
17 Scotty Wennerstrom Kawasaki KX450 7 Laps
18 Alex Ray Kawasaki KX450 DNF
19 Joshua Cartwright Kawasaki KX450 DNS
20 Jared Lesher KTM 450SX-F DNS
Pos Rider Total
1 Eli Tomac 155
2 Ken Roczen 151
3 Cooper Webb 144
4 Justin Barcia 135
5 Adam Cianciarulo 128
6 Jason Anderson 118
7 Malcolm Stewart 106
8 Justin Brayton 103
9 Justin Hill 93   1
10 Blake Baggett 91
11 Zach Osborne 87
12 Dean Wilson 86
13 Aaron Plessinger 77
14 Vince Friese 70
15 Martin Davalos 59      
16 Tyler Bowers 42
17 Justin Bogle 24
18 Kyle Chisholm 21
19 Chad Reed 21
20 Alex Ray 19
21 Chris Blose 18
22 Kyle Cunningham 16
23 Ryan Breece 16
24 Benny Bloss 13
25 Broc Tickle 11
26 James Decotis 4
27 Jason Clermont 3
28 Cade Autenrieth 3
29 Adam Enticknap 2
30 Fredrik Noren 2
31 Jerry Robin 1
32 Joshua Cartwright 1