Andy Strapz drops in to tell about his new tool roll. 

Over the years I had request for tool rolls but resisted making them because they would be problematic. People would want a bigger pouch for a large, left handed screw driver or a special shaped slot for a small roundtuit. It wouldn’t suit some people.

I’ve always made knocked up a tool roll as I needed one, grabbing a  bit of scrap canvas and quickly knocking up something. I needed a new one for my last trip out to Never Never and put a little more time and thought into it.

As it turned out I was pretty happy with the results. I wanted a roll with flexibility, a pocket for bits and pieces and a small work surface. It had to be compact; travelling with 125 kg of tools is not a smart idea.

In the end it made sense just to release it to those who might like anyway, accepting that it wouldn’t suit some.

It’s constructed of tough Aussie canvas to the quality you’d expect from us, they are ready to go.

Price is $45 each plus postage.

Contact details

16F New St, Frankston, 3199

ph 03 9770 2207