Rodney Faggotter cements lead as Diener retired hurt | Australian Safari Day Three

Rodney Faggotter (AUS) is still leading the moto competition and didn’t experience the navigational errors the rest of the riders had.

“The first stage was basic, wide, fast and open. It was good fun,” said Rod.

“The second stage was very tricky navigation wise, and the hardest stage so far. The ground was very rocky so there were no tracks. The only time I had trouble was at a windmill which had a lot of cattle around it. They had chopped up the track.

“I’m just riding and having fun. Still got Quinn Cody chasing me. I just need to make sure he doesn’t get a stage win.”

Unfortunately, Faggotter’s team mate Shane Diener was forced to withdraw from the event with an injured finger that happened during day two. After consultation with the event doctors, Diener decided it was in his best interest to get surgery on the finger immediately and had to rush back to Perth.

“I crashed early on day two but was able to keep riding without too much pain,” Diener explains. “But when I arrived at our base for the night and spoke with the Doctor, he told me a week of riding without treatment could do some long term damage to my hand and my finger, so we decided it was best I withdraw and get surgery ASAP.”

Diener was running a solid second place at the time of withdrawal and it now leaves Faggotter with a 31 minute over Cody Quinn.

Ian Blythe (USA) has extended his lead of the Dakar Challenge to just over two hours, and has moved up to fourth spot in the overall rankings. “It’s my first rally, so I’m really just trying to not do anything stupid. The terrain isn’t bothering me. I’m trying to not get into race mode. I want to keep a safe pace,” said Ian.

“I really wanted to beat Quinn on a stage today. There’s two chairs at the end of each stage, it’s always Rodney and Quinn that get them, and I just miss out. I wanted that chair today!”

Current Standings – After Day 3 – Austrlaian Safari 2014

  1. Rodney Faggotter – 11.27.53 (Yamaha WR450F)
  2. Cody Quinn – 11.59.01 (CPW 450 RR)
  3. Ian Blythe – 12.09.30 (CPW 450 RR)
  4. Paul Nappy – 12.59.48 (Honda CRF450X)
  5. Paul Kenny – 13.02.01 (CPW 500 EXC)
Rodney Faggotter traversing stage three
Rodney Faggotter traversing stage three