“Going Nowhere Fast” by UK artist D*Face
“Going Nowhere Fast” by UK artist D*Face

Monza Imports recently staged a launch for the new Bell Bullitt helmet at Kustom Kommune in Melbourne.

The event was to announce the release of the Bullitt into the Australian market and allowed end-consumers to see, touch and try on all models of the Bullitt. Over 350 people took the chance to attend on the night.

Whilst the hero of the event was the Bell Bullitt, the night also featured a custom helmet exhibition called  “loadedlids”, something Monza Imports aim to hold it on an annual basis.

12 artists, both international and domestic, were approached to take part in the exhibition.

Karl from KDS was on hand to complementary pinstripe any helmets bought on the night.

Monza Imports also gave away a custom painted by KDS Bell Bullitt to one lucky person.

Roland Sands Apparel was also on display during the night to complement the Bell range.

Check out the gallery of images from Bell Bullitt Launch at Kustom Kommune below.


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