Bell’s Star helmet now features MIPS

‘Multi-directional Impact Protection System’

Five shell sizes -1500g – From $649.95 RRP

Bell Star Helmet - Isle of Man - Gloss Black Gold
Bell Star Helmet – Isle of Man – Gloss Black Gold

Since its introduction back in 1967, the Bell Star has long represented the standard in head protection. Revered as the first full-face helmet on the market, the Bell Star inspired an industry to pursue the science of head protection, which today is reflected in the adoption of the MIPS system.

Bell Star Helmet - Matte Black
Bell Star Helmet – Matte Black

The new Bell Star is more than an evolution of its predecessor. It’s a complete rethinking of what a race helmet should be, driven by the essential needs of the modern racer and rider, featuring a TriMatrix Composite shell with MIPS, a Panovision shield and five shell sizes.

Bell Star Helmet - Black Torsion - Gloss Hi Viz Green
Bell Star Helmet – Gloss Hi Viz Green Black Torsion

Weighing from just 1500g, the Bell Star features Magnefusion removable magnetic cheekpads and a combination of X-Static and XT-2 padding, as well as integrated speaker pockets, while remaining eyewear compatible. Coming in sizes XS-XXL and DOT, ECE 22.05 and Snell M2015 compliant the Star is available from $649.95 RRP.


Bell Star Helmet - Gloss Red Blue Torsion
Bell Star Helmet – Gloss Red Blue Torsion

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is a leading slip-plane technology inside the helmet, designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts.

When a head rotates quickly and comes to a sudden stop, the rotational acceleration can cause the brain tissue to experience high levels of strain. The stretching of the tissue that can be caused by these motions can result in various types of brain injury. Bell believe that helmets equipped with MIPS technology can provide an additional measure of protection in certain impacts.

Bell Star Helmet - Gloss White
Bell Star Helmet – Gloss White

MIPS uses a slip-plane system that moves inside the helmet, mimicking the brain’s own protection system. This layer is designed to rotate inside the helmet with the intent to potentially slow or reduce the amount of energy transferred to or from the head. Science shows that if the strains associated with rotational acceleration can be reduced, you might be able to reduce the risk and severity of brain injury.

Bell Star (MIPS) Features

  • TriMatrix Composite Shell
  • MIPS Equipped
  • Panovision Sheild with Class 1 Optics
  • Magnefusion Removable Magnetic Cheekpads
  • X-Static and XT-2 Padding
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Eyewear Compatible
  • Available in 5 Shell sizes
  • 1500 grams
  • DOT/ECE 22.05/Snell M2015 certified
  • Sizes – XS to XXL
  • Starting at RRP $649.95
Bell Star helmet now featuring MIPS
Bell Star helmet now featuring MIPS