Dean Ferris wins Horsham MX Nationals Round 
Dean Ferris now has a 45-point advantage at the top of the Championship Standings ahead of Kirk Gibbs
Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris

Thor MX1 – MX Nationals 2017 – Round Four – Horsham

CDR Yamaha’s Dean Ferris took his fourth consecutive Thor MX1 overall victory at Horsham thanks to another flawless score card across two motos, at what was a challenging fourth instalment of the Motul MX Nationals today.

In the two days prior to todays event, heavy rain blanketed the Western Victorian venue, but the sun came out when it mattered and when the gates opened at Horsham, spectators and fans we treated to ideal weather conditions and a technically demanding track, which Ferris relished in.

When riders in the premier Thor MX1 class headed out for their practice and qualifying sessions this morning, riders were forced to take on their first muddy track of the season. With the conditions proving difficult, most opted to put down minimum laps, and it was KTM’s Kirk Gibbs who was fastest of the session on only his first lap (2:17.125).

It was once again no surprise the CDR Yamaha’s Ferris was well within the top times recording a 2:18.187 lap time which ensured he was second quickest, while DPH Motorsport’s Kade Mosig found his speed late in the session placing him in third (2:18.221). Crankt Protein Honda Racing’s Todd Waters and MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Aleksandr Tonkov were the final two riders to progress through to GoPro Superpole.

But for the first time this season it wasn’t Ferris who collected the GoPro Superpole victory. Waters managed a lightening fast 2:10.510 hot lap time, awarding him his first GoPro win of 2017, three championship points, and first pick of the MX1 grid.

Thor MX1 Moto 1

With the Horsham track claiming a number of machines in other categories by the time the Thor MX1 class lined up for their first moto this morning, thousands of spectators watched on eager to witness the premier class take on the gruelling track conditions.

When the gate dropped and riders headed in to the first turn, it was an all out battle for the holeshot, but once again it was CDR Yamaha’s Ferris who wasted no time securing the Raceline holeshot and from there he moved in to a familiar position – the race lead.

Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris

With a clear track ahead of him Ferris took full advantage of the first lap, stretching his lead out to an impressive nine seconds. Slotting in to second place behind him was KTM Motocross Racing Team’s Luke Styke, followed by MX1 rookie Luke Clout in third.

Despite securing his first GoPro Superpole win this morning, Waters was back in tenth place after one lap, and on a mission to make up time due to a first turn crash.

By the time riders headed into lap three, Clout had gotten by the far more experienced Styke, and was looking ultra comfortable in second position. Behind the top three DPH Motorsport’s Mosig was in fourth, followed by fastest qualifier Gibbs who was circulating with the absence of goggles.

Luke Clout
Luke Clout

As race one progressed, Ferris began to come under fire from second placed Clout, who had gradually made up ground on the CDR Yamaha machine, but as soon as Ferris felt the pressure he accelerated away, dashing any hopes of a battle for the lead.

Meanwhile, despite riding without the protection of goggles, Gibbs was in no way deterred, and by the time riders reached the six lap mark, the KTM rider had made the pass on Mosig for fourth, where he began to eye off his teammate Styke.

Luke Styke
Luke Styke

Another rider who was capturing the attention of the crowd with his charge through the pack was Waters – the Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team rider had managed to make his way from tenth to sixth by the halfway mark in the moto.

With 20 minutes run, Ferris was four seconds a lap faster than any other rider on track, showcasing his undeniable consistency and skill aboard his CDR Yamaha machine.

And it was in the top spot that Ferris remained for the duration of the 30 minutes, crossing the finish line to collect his sixth moto win in race one at Horsham. Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team rider Clout finished in second, recording his best result of the season, while Styke also managed his best race finish so far in 2017, coming home in third.

DPH Motorsport’s Mosig snatched back fourth in the later stages of the moto followed by Gibbs who slipped back to fifth. Waters, Tonkov, Davey Motorsport’s Hamish Harwood, Wilson Coolair Motul Factory Suzuki’s Kyle Peters, and Lachlan Davis (KTM) completed the top ten.

Kyle Peters
Kyle Peters

Thor MX1 Moto 2

In the second moto for the Thor MX1 class, competitors were welcomed to drier track conditions, and it was Crankt Protein Honda Racing Team’s rookie Clout and Ferris who were neck and neck off the start, but in what seems to be the theme this year, it took less than a lap for Ferris to find his way into the lead position.

Behind Ferris and Clout, was once again KTM Motocross Racing Team’s Styke in third, while MEGA Bulk Fuels Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Tonkov got to a solid start finding himself in fourth.

Aleksandr Tonkov
Aleksandr Tonkov

With the track far more technical in the second moto, Ferris’ showed off his confidence and ability, and by the three-lap mark was more than five seconds a lap quicker than his competitors. Clout, who is only in his first year in the MX1 class, continued in second position, while Styke began to come under fire his team mate Gibbs in what was shaping up to be an exciting battle for third.

With Gibbs desperate for championship points, it wasn’t long before the KTM rider made the move on Styke, while Wilson Coolair Motul Factory Suzuki’s Peters passed Waters for fifth on the very same lap.

Kirk Gibbs
Kirk Gibbs

By the half way point in race two, it became clear that Ferris was on another level, continuing to lead by a huge margin from Clout and Gibbs in second and third positons. Peters made his way up to fourth, followed by Waters and Styke who unfortunately had slipped back to sixth position.

With nine laps in the books, Clout began to feel the pressure from Gibbs who was navigating his way through the field, testing the young rider’s ability – but just as the fight for the position was heating up, Clout’s bike let out a plume of smoke, and only seconds later the young Honda rider was pushing his bike back to the pits, dashing any hopes of a podium.

With Clout out of the picture, his teammate Waters inherited third place, while Peters followed suit slotting up to fourth.

With only a lap remaining, Ferris was simply unstoppable – the margin to second placed Gibbs growing greater with every turn, and with both Gibbs and Waters behind him with their goggles around their arms, the CDR Yamaha rider was under minimal threat.

Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig

So when the chequered flag flew for the final time at Horsham today, it was no surprise to see Ferris once again finish victorious. Second in moto two was taken by KTM’s Gibbs, while Waters managed to hold on for third. Styke and Peters wrapped up race two in fourth and fifth places respectively, while Harwood, Mosig, Tonkov, Davis and Joel Green completed the top ten in race two. 

However, the man of the moment was Ferris at the conclusion of racing today, his 1,1 race finishes rewarding him with his fourth consecutive round win at Horsham. Second on the podium was secured by Gibbs, while teammate Styke completed the Thor MX1 podium.

Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris
Dean Ferris – CDR Yamaha – Round 4 Winner

“I had a good time out on the track today, it wasn’t a track that rewarded crazy riding, you had to think your way through it and continue to make smart decisions all day and fortunately the team and I were able to get those right on the weekend. Starts also proved important as following would have made vision difficult so it was great that I got both holeshots and led the first lap in each race. I think it is the first time I actually have got two holeshots at the MX Nationals and I’m glad it was today and on this track. I can’t thank the CDR Yamaha team enough as things are going really well at the moment. Everyone did it just as tough as the riders today working in difficult conditions and again the guys did a great job. Now with a 43 point lead in the championship, Ferris and the team face a quick one week turn around to be ready for round five of the championship at Murray Bridge in South Australia this weekend. The team will have a huge amount of work to do back at the workshop this week while I will head home and continue my usual routine. After the Murray Bridge round we have a five week break in the MX Nationals so it’s important to finish the first half of the season on a strong note and Murray Bridge is a track I enjoy racing so I look forward to racing there next weekend.”

Kirk Gibbs
Kirk Gibbs
Kirk Gibbs – 2nd Overall

“Again I’m not happy, obviously the fitness is there and it feels like the speed is there, but I’m not getting away early and it’s too hard to make it up. The first moto was really tough with lappers, with the track being wet there was only one real line and I got caught with them and went down a few times. The second moto was a lot better, but when Clouty’s bike stopped right in front of me I had a bit of a wild ride trying to miss him. The bike’s great and everything’s feeling really good at the moment, but without me getting off the line better, we aren’t getting the chance to race for wins, so we’ll go home and keep working on that and try to fight for some wins at Murray Bridge.”

Luke Styke
Luke Styke
Luke Styke – 3rd Overall

“A great day! I changed my program up a little bit in the last few weeks and just set about trying to be more efficient on the bike and it helped a lot. My bike was awesome, and the changes we made going into the round improved our balance, too. Practice and qualifying were good; I was on the verge of making it into Super Pole but got pipped on the last lap, but I stayed positive and really worked on my starts, and got two, top-two starts. First moto was solid – a slow start but a strong finish so that gave me some confidence. I was riding good in the second moto and holding second, but came unstuck and went down pretty hard. Then I just tried to regroup and battle all the way to the end from there. We went 3,4 for the weekend and I’m really happy.”

Jay Marmont and KTM Australia Motorsports Manager Rob Twyerould
Jay Marmont (left) with KTM Australia Motorsports Manager Rob Twyerould
Jay Marmont – KTM Motocross Racing Team Manager

“It was great for the team to have both riders on the podium here. As a team we worked hard during the week finding little things to create a bit more confidence, but unfortunately the track didn’t allow us to feel all those gains – it was basically just survival mode. Kirk struggled with his starts today but in typical Kirk Gibbs style he fought through and showed some great speed. Luke was top-two both times at the first turn, and got a really good first moto result. He crashed in the second while in a good position, but then worked his way back to a podium. Hopefully this result gives Luke confidence to push for top three in the championship.”

Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig – 5th Overall

“I’m disappointed for sure walking away from Horsham with the same result as Conondale. 5th overall is not horrible by any means, and the conditions were tough, but they were the same for everyone. I was in a better position in race two sitting about 4th and feeling good but a decent crash, hurting my finger, put me back to around 12th and I used a lot of energy working my way back through to 7th.”

Kyle Peters
Kyle Peters
Kyle Peters – 6th Overall

“The weekend was a step in the right direction – a baby step, but it was positive none the less. In moto one I got quite a good jump out of the gate but I got caught up going in to the first turn and then ended up coming off a few times. Once you went down in moto one it was next to impossible to do anything – I could barely twist the throttle with all the mud I had in my gloves, but we survived the first moto. In the second race I had a bit of trouble off the start again but I managed to get back to fifth which was much better. I was happier with the way I rode in the second moto. At the moment I’m not where I want to be, especially with how many points I’m down, but I’m going out with the goal to win every race. I’ve been working to get my strength back after being sick and we are getting there – so we’ll keep working hard, keep pushing and I’m sure a win isn’t far away.”

Thor MX1 Round 4 Results

1) Dean Ferris – 70 points
2) Kirk Gibbs – 58 points
3) Luke Styke – 58 points
4) Todd Waters – 55 points
5) Kade Mosig – 52 points
6) Kyle Peters – 48 points
7) Hamish Harwood – 48 points
8) Aleksandr Tonkov – 47 points
9) Lachlan Davis – 43 points
10) Keiron Hall – 40 points

Thor MX1
Thor MX1
Thor MX1 Championship Standings

1) Dean Ferris – 288 points
2) Kirk Gibbs – 243 points
3) Todd Waters – 224 points
4) Kade Mosig – 223 points
5) Luke Styke – 215 points
6) Kyle Peters – 182 points
7) Aleksandr Tonkov – 173 points
8) Luke Clout – 173 points
9) Nathan Crawford – 149 points
10) Keiron Hall – 148 points

Wilson Todd reclaims Motul MX2 Championship lead at Horsham

Horsham Motocross Track roared to life today, with DPH Motorsport’s Wilson Todd securing the Motul MX2 overall victory and the category’s red plate at Round 4 of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals in Western Victoria.

Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd

It was an unusual day of racing for the fourth instalment of the championship, with riders taking to the track in pristine weather conditions today, however below their wheels, the surface was a completely different story.

After heavy rain had fallen in the lead up to round four, riders were forced to contend with an extremely muddy track for their qualifying session, but it was DPH Motorsport’s Todd who set the pace this morning with a 2:10.582 lap time, more than four seconds quicker than second fastest qualifier Hamish Harwood (2:14.266) while KSF Racing’s Dylan Wills was third fastest on track thanks to a 2:14.759 lap time.

Unfortunately for KTM two-stroke rider Egan Mastin of Davey Motorsports, despite initially setting the fastest time in qualifying (2:10.086) he was penalised three positions due to jumping under a yellow flag.

Motul MX2 Moto 1

When riders lined up for their first moto of the day, the sun was out but the track remained wet and muddy, and as a result riders opted to forgo their sighting lap and head straight into a race start. When the gate dropped it was Todd who got the jump and secured the first Raceline holeshot, but with a slippery and wet surface to contend with, WBR Yamaha’s Aaron Tanti was able to find grip and challenge the DPH Motorsport’s rider. However, Tanti went down only a few turns later handing the lead back to Todd, where he then had a clear track ahead of him.


With 30 minutes on the clock in moto one for the Motul MX2 class, riders played it smart in the opening laps, ensuring that they preserved their machines for the duration of the race.

Behind Todd after two rotations was Serco Yamaha’s Jackson Richardson, followed by Harwood and Penrite CRF Honda Racing’s Kyle Webster.

Kyle Webster

Despite not getting the best of starts, red plate holder Mitchell Evans began to make his way to the front by the third lap, and with riders going down left right and centre in the mud, it was a mission to simply keep their machines upright.

But Todd was having no issue with the conditions out in front, the Yamaha rider stretching out his lead to an incredible half a lap by the time riders had reached the half way mark. Behind him, Richardson continued to maintain second position despite going down numerous times, followed by Webster, Harwood and red plate holder Evans in fifth.

With the track proving to be brutal in moto one, it was simply survival of the fittest, and unfortunately for Richardson a small mistake proved costly, dropping from second back to sixth in a matter of seconds.

With less that five minutes left on the clock in the opening moto Todd continued to lead from Harwood who was the only rider that the DPH Motorsport’s leader hadn’t lapped. Webster slipped back to third thanks to a pass from Kiwi Harwood, followed by Mitchell Evans and Richie Evans in fourth and fifth places respectively.

Mitchell Evans
Mitchell Evans

But it was Todd’s patience and technique that paid off in moto one, surviving the toughest conditions of the season to take the first race win at Horsham. Second in race one and the only rider not lapped by Todd was Harwood, followed by Webster in third. Red plate holder Evans wrapped up the opening moto in fourth, followed by Ricky Latimer in fifth. KSF Racing’s Wills, Tomas Ravenhorst, WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha’s Tanti, Lachlan Wilson and James Brown all completed the top ten.

Incredibly 16 riders registered a DNF in the first Motul MX2 class race, indicative of the conditions that competitors were forced to contend with.

Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd
Motul MX2 Moto 2

After the challenge of moto one, in race two it was a dash for points for the Motul MX2 competitors. And when gates dropped for the second time today it was Todd once again who shot off the start and secured the holeshot.

With the start playing a huge role in the outcome of today’s racing, Harwood and privateer Latimer wasted no time slotting in behind their race leader, while Richardson was just outside the top three in fourth, desperately racing for points after a disappointing race one finish.

After three laps on track, one rider who was visibly absent from the top ten was red plate holder Mitchell Evans – Evans who had entered the round having been undefeated since round two was back in 14th position and with a large task ahead of him if he was to chase down the leaders.

Mitchell Evans
Mitchell Evans

With only 20 minutes to race in the second moto for the Motul MX2 class, both Harwood and Latimer were charging hard in a bid to keep race leader Todd in their sights, while behind them, Richardson, Webster and Mastin were locked into their own battle for top five positions.

By the halfway point in race two, Todd looked unstoppable in P1, followed by Harwood, Latimer, and Serco Yamaha’s Richardson.

As the Motul MX2 class reached its later stages in race two, riders had settled in to their positions, but one thing was certain and that was that no one was getting near the DPH rider Wilson Todd.

When the chequered flag flew on the second moto it was Todd who crossed the line victorious by more than 22 seconds, while Ironman Harwood recorded his best result so far this season finishing in second, followed by privateer Latimer who also finished in a career best third in moto two. CRF Honda Racing’s Webster and Serco Yamaha’s Richardson wrapped up the second race in fourth and fifth places respectively. Mastin, Wills, Raceline Pirelli KTM’s Rykers, Mitchell Evans, and Richie Evans all finished inside the top ten in moto two.


With 1,1 race results Todd was rewarded with the round four win as well as the red plate at Horsham this afternoon , second on the podium was Kiwi Harwood, while consistency paid off for Webster who’s 3,4 results handed him with third overall at Horsham.

Wilson Todd – DPH Motorsports Yamaha – Round 4 Winner

“Well, I didn’t drop it this week! The conditions were pretty average, and the heavy mud through qualifying and the first race were difficult, with a lot of the field DNF’ing, it just goes to show the time and effort the team puts into my bike as well as having the best products in the industry on board pays off. Race two let me race more than just surviving like in race 1, I can’t wait for Murray Bridge next weekend! It’s awesome to get the championship lead back – I went out there today and I was consistent in the mud and these aren’t conditions that usually suit me so I’m pretty happy. I knew when I went out for qualifying that there was only one gate that I wanted and that was the inside, so I put in my best effort to get there and it paid off. Being on the podium is what we need the most, its really important. I got two awesome starts which made it easier – we kept the mud off the bike, got two wins, and the red plate so we couldn’t be happier.”

Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd
Hamish Harwood – 2nd Overall

“The track was real tough, but I got a couple of good starts and managed to get good results. I was happy with 2-2 in MX2 and 8-6 for seventh overall in MX1 was great, since the top ten are all factory guys. In MX2, Wilson was just gone and there was no one behind me so I was just doing my own thing. I only had one crash all day from six outings – a little tip-over in the last MX1 race. My strategy was just to crack it wide open and hang on, and it definitely got pretty loose at times. The bike got so heavy it was hard to do anything at all with it, and so sticky that your pants would stick to the seat, but I managed to keep it up. I’ve never really ridden mud that thick.”

Hamish Harwood
Hamish Harwood
Mitch Evans – 5th Overall

“It was a tough weekend, no question. Starts here were so important as vision was terrible when behind other riders and my starts weren’t what they needed to be today. I made a few mistakes and it was hard to even keep it on two wheels in some sections but I was able to keep my bike running and get through the day safely and not lose too many points so that’s the positive. Hopefully it won’t be as wet at Murray Bridge next week and we can get things back on track there.”


Motul MX2 Round 4 Results

1) Wilson Todd – 70 points
2) Hamish Harwood – 64 points
3) Kyle Webster – 58 points
4) Ricky Latimer – 56 points
5) Mitchell Evans – 50 points
6) Dylan Wills – 49 points
7) Jackson Richardson – 46 points
8) Egan Mastin – 44 points
9) Aaron Tanti – 42 points
10) Tomas Ravenhorst – 42 points

Motul MX2 Championship Standings

1) Wilson Todd – 257 points
2) Mitchell Evans – 246 points
3) Jackson Richardson – 224 points
4) Egan Mastin – 215 points
5) Hamish Harwood – 213 points
6) Kyle Webster – 208 points
7) Dylan Wills – 186 points
8) Aaron Tanti – 178 points
9) Ricky Latimer – 168 points
10) Jayden Rykers – 168 points

Jy Roberts races to Pirelli MXD overall victory at Horsham

The Pirelli MXD class took on gruelling track conditions at Round 4 of the Motul MX Nationals at Horsham today, with Husqvarna’s Jy Roberts concluding the event with a round win for the first time this season.

It was a battle in the mud that MXD competitors were forced to contend with today, with Roberts putting in two consistent rides which saw him leave Horsham victorious.

The Pirelli MXD riders took on the mud and deep ruts during their qualifying session this morning, but it was actually SD3 Husqvarna’s Kaleb Barham who topped the time sheets and secured first gate pick with a 2:32.904 lap time on his first and only hot lap. Second quickest this morning was New Zealander Wyatt Chase (2:36.039) followed by Dylan Wood who wrapped up the session in third (2:36.835).

Kaleb Barham
Kaleb Barham
Pirelli MXD Moto 1

The Pirelli MXD class lined up for their first race just after 11am this morning, and much like their qualifying session, the track was muddy and challenging. When the gate dropped, Roberts (Husqvarna) secured the Raceline holeshot and moved in to the race lead, followed by Chase, and Yamalube Yamaha Racing’s Cooper Pozniak.

With the circuit dishing out the most difficult conditions of the season, riders were forced to be calculated and patient, and with 20 minutes on the clock in moto one, it was also imperative that riders kept the mud off their machines.

After only two laps, riders were close to unrecognisable with dirt covering the bikes and gear of all competitors. But despite having a number of moments, Roberts continued to lead. Pozniak made his way up to second place aboard his Yamaha, followed by Sam Pelz (Yamaha) in third.

Cooper Pozniak
Cooper Pozniak

A notable absentee from the front of the pack was red plate holder Cody Dyce, who after three laps was back in ninth position.

With the track continuing to change with every lap, the Pirelli MXD class showed plenty of maturity in moto one, and with eight minutes left on the clock, Roberts continued to keep his Husqvarna machine upright. Pelz who had been in third place dropped back to sixth allowing Wood to inherit the final podium position.

After 18 minutes, Roberts looked strong out in front, while Pozniak managed to hold on to second position from Wood in third. Chase and Jai Constintinou remained in fourth and fifth, while red plate holder Dyce had made his way up to sixth.

Cody Dyce
Cody Dyce

When the last lap board was finally displayed riders were nothing short of relieved, and with Roberts out in front, the Husqvarna rider simply had a single rotation left to collect a victory. And collect a win is exactly what Roberts did. Second place in race one was taken by Pozniak, while Chase was gifted third, thanks to a DNF from Wood.

Constantinou wrapped up the opening Pirelli MXD moto in fourth followed by Bulk Nutrients WBR Yamaha’s Hugh McKay who finished in fifth. Dyce, Tredinnick, Brodie Ellis, and Isaac Ferguson completed the top ten in race one for the Pirelli MXD class.

Pirelli MXD Moto 2

In the final Pirelli MXD moto it was Roberts once again who snatched up the Raceline holeshot, but it was Yamaha mounted Pelz who moved in to the early race lead, with red plate holder Dyce, and Roberts slotting in behind him.

With only 20 short minutes on the clock in race two, Dyce wasted no time chasing down the MXD race leader Pelz, and by the time riders headed in to lap two Dyce had made the pass and began to check out.

Behind the top two, Roberts continued to hold off WBR Bulk Nutrients Yamaha’s McKay in fourth, while Ellis who had been in fifth dropped back to seventh position after four laps on track.

With riders’ relatively spread out as the second moto unfolded, McKay captured the attention of the crowd, making his way past Pelz for third position, however the track was simply unforgiving this afternoon, and only a lap later McKay went down but the Yamaha rider was able to re-join the pack in the same position.

Cody Dyce
Cody Dyce

As riders approached the later stages of the moto, SD3 Husqvarna’s Barham came through the pack, passing both McKay and Pelz on the way to slot in to the final podium position. But with only two laps remaining, it was Dyce who looked solid and in control of the final moto.

So when the chequered flag flew for the final time at Horsham this afternoon, it was no surprise to see Dyce cross the line victorious, second place was taken by race one winner Roberts, while Barham wrapped up his final moto in third. Yamaha backed McKay and Pelz crossed the line in fourth and fifth places respectively, followed by Ellis, Raceline Pirelli KTM’s Fogarty, Williams, Norton, and Wood who completed the Pirelli MXD top ten in moto two.


With 1,2 race results it was Roberts who secured the overall victory at the conclusion of todays racing for the first time this season, while red plate holder Dyce took in a solid haul of points taking second step on the Pirelli MXD podium. Third today was Bulk Nutrients WBR Yamaha Racing Team’s McKay after racing to 5,4 race results at Horsham.

Jy Roberts – Husqvarna Australia – Round 4 Winner

“I’m stoked with how today went especially considering the track conditions here at Horsham. I went out there and put consistent laps down and managed to get 1,2 results for my first overall. I’ve had a couple of second place finishes this year so to get that round win feels awesome. Hopefully I can carry that momentum into Murray Bridge next weekend.”

Cody Dyce – Second overall

“I really struggled this morning, both in practice and in race one. I’m not sure what was going wrong, maybe crashing early in each session and getting my grips and bike filthy? I usually like it when its muddy but I found it tough this morning. But, I was able to get things sorted for race two and with a much better start, I got to the lead as quickly as I could and I was able to ride my own race from there. The guys in the team did a great job during the day and they were under the pump getting bikes turned around and ready for the races so a huge thank you to Cory, Mike and Rob who all put in a huge effort today.”

Cooper Pozniak
Cooper Pozniak
Cooper Pozniak – Fourth overall

“Today my goal was to put two good motos together and I was on track after the first race. I stayed calm and just continued to read my pit board and stay exactly where I was. The plan was the same for race two but I tried to pass a lapped rider in the wrong spot and went down. The front end of the bike grabbed pretty hard and a gave my wrist a bit of a hit but otherwise I’m okay. So it was a frustrating end to the day but I will continue to work on making good decisions on the track and redeem myself at Murray Bridge this weekend. Thank you to everyone on the Yamalube Yamaha Racing team for a massive effort today in the mud and hopefully I can reward them next week,”

Jy Roberts
Jy Roberts
Pirelli MXD Round 4 Results

1) Jy Roberts – 67 points
2) Cody Dyce – 60 points
3) Hugh McKay – 54 points
4) Cooper Pozniak – 51 points
5) Brodie Ellis – 47 points
6) Jai Constantinou – 45 points
7) Sam Pelz – 44 points
8) Jake Williams – 43 points
9) Isaac Ferguson – 41 points
10) Morgan Fogarty – 39 points

Pirelli MXD Championship Standings

1) Cody Dyce – 246 points
2) Jy Roberts – 232 points
3) Morgan Fogarty – 203 points
4) Cooper Pozniak – 197 points
5) Isaac Ferguson – 191 points
6) Hugh McKay – 177 points
7) Kaleb Barham – 176 points
8) Jai Constantinou – 170 points
9) Brodie Ellis – 159 points
10) Sam Pelz – 149 points

Yamaha 250 Juniors

The Yamaha 250cc Junior Class returned to the Motul MX Nationals at Horsham, contending with the first mud race of the season. It was Husqvarna’s Bailey Malkiewicz who secured the round win and the red plate after two consistent finishes at Horsham yesterday, seeing the youngster walk away with plenty of reason to celebrate.

With the track at Horsham suffering from heavy rain in the lead up to the round, when riders headed out on track to record their fastest times during qualifying yesterday morning, it was a mission for competitors to simply to stay upright.

But one rider who was able to do more than just stay upright was KTM’s Regan Duffy. Duffy clocked in a 2:45.289 lap time handing him first gate pick when racing commenced. Second fastest on track that morning was John Bova aboard his KTM (2:46.379), followed by Husqvarna’s Malkiewicz (2:50.711) in third.

Yamaha 250 Junior Moto 1

Race one for the Yamaha 250cc Junior category took place immediately after the lunch break at Horsham yesterday, and it was Duffy who carried his momentum from qualifying into the first race of the day. After getting the jump off the start, Duffy stretched out an impressive gap on second placed Rhys Budd (Honda), while Bova was only a short distance behind in third.

At the mid-way point in the moto, third fastest qualifier Malkiewicz charged through the pack to pass Bova for third, while Duffy and Budd continued to occupy the top two positons. When riders received the last lap board there had been little change to positions at the front, and when the chequered flag flew it was KTM mounted Duffy who took the win.

Malkiewicz managed to make the pass on Budd for second just before the finish line, relegating Budd to third at the conclusion of the moto. Bova, and Hayden Matterson finished in fourth and fifth places, while Callum McGlade, Connor McNamara, Liam Andrews, Tyler Darby and Noah Coad completed the top ten in race one.

Yamaha 250 Junior Moto 2

In moto two, riders were forced to contend with some of the most difficult conditions of the day. With the track drying thanks to the sunny weather, and three championship classes taking to the track prior to the Yamaha 250cc Junior category’s final moto, the youngsters were dealt deep ruts and a tough track in their final race at Horsham.

At the conclusion of the 15-minute moto, it was Malkiewicz who walked away with the final victory of the day followed by KTM’s Mason Semmens and Bova in second and third places respectively.

Unfortunately, despite Duffy crossing the line first in the final moto, the KTM rider was docked three positions due to jumping under a yellow flag which placed him in fourth once positions had been adjusted.

Yamaha’s Jack Kukas wrapped up the final outing for the Yamaha 250cc Junior class in fifth, followed by Dante Hyam, Budd, Matterson, Darby and Caleb Clifton who completed the top ten.

With results from both motos combined, it was Malkiewicz’s 2,1 finishes that rewarded him with the top step of the podium and the championship lead yesterday, second at Horsham was Duffy, while Bova completed the Yamaha 250cc Junior class podium.

Bailey Malkiewicz – Husqvarna Australia – Yamaha 250cc Junior Class Winner

“I had a really good day at Horsham. I managed to qualify third and finish with 2,1 results which gave me the overall and the points lead heading into our last round,I stayed on the bike and rode smart – the track was a mud bath during qualifying and the first moto. The track was pretty good in the last race, but the sun was getting low and casting shadows in the ruts which made it hard to see, but we’re happy to come away with the win, and looking forward to the next round.”

Yamaha 250cc Junior Podium
Yamaha 250cc Junior Podium
Yamaha 250cc Junior Class Round Results
  1. Bailey Malkiewicz – 67 points
  2. Regan Duffy – 63 points
  3. John Bova – 58 points
  4. Rhys Budd – 54 points
  5. Hayden Matterson – 49 points
  6. Jack Kukas – 45 points
  7. Callum McGlade – 45 points
  8. Tyler Darby – 44 points
  9. Connor McNamara – 43 points
  10. Liam Andrews – 41 points
Yamaha 250cc Junior Class Championship Standings
  1. Bailey Malkiewicz– 127 points
  2. Regan Duffy – 120 points
  3. Rhys Budd – 114 points
  4. Mason Semmens – 102 points
  5. Jack Kukas – 98 points
  6. Hayden Matterson – 93 points
  7. Connor McNamara – 90 points
  8. John Bova – 88 points
  9. Tyler Darby – 81 points
  10. Callum McGlade – 71 points

The fifth round of the 2017 Motul MX Nationals will be held at Murray Bridge in South Australia on Sunday May 28, 2017.

Images provided by MX Nationals