Callum Spriggs wins QLD FX Supersport Round

Kyle Buckley leads FX Supersport Championship by 16-points over Mitch Levy

By Trevor Hedge – Images by Keith Muir and Trevor Hedge


Supersport Race One


The fire went out on Hayden Spinks’ machine on the grid which caused the race start to be delayed. Unfortunately that delay on the grid caused Mitch Levy to boil a battery due to excessive heat, thus the pole-sitter was then also pushed off the grid.

Callum Spriggs thus headed the field off the line as Kyle Buckley and Sam Muldoon gave chase but Spriggs ended up pulling away from his pursuers to a clear win over Buckley.



Supersport Race One Results
  1. Callum Spriggs / Yamaha
  2. Kyle Buckley / Kawasaki +4.052
  3. Sam Muldoon / Kawasaki +5.997
  4. Jordan Carlsson / Yamaha +7.267
  5. Keith Feely / Suzuki +56.339
  6. David Roughley / Yamaha +63.737
  7. Mick Train / Yamaha +85.805
Supersport Race Two

Due to not managing to start the opening race due to their mechanical issues, both Levy and Spinks started the second bout from the rear of the grid.

Jordan Carlsson was the early leader in race two from Buckley and Spriggs while Levy moved quickly through the field to take fourth place, but then ran a little wide which allowed Muldoon to again push him back to fourth.


Kyle Buckley eventually asserted his dominance and pushed through to the race lead as the race approached half distance. Spriggs put in a 1m13.19 on lap six to pull right up on to the tail of Buckley.

Levy managed to pull away from Muldoon and then started attacking Carlsson for third place. Levy made short work of Carlsson, who was then pushed further back to fifth place by Chris Quinn who was putting in a late charge.


As they got the last lap board nothing separated the leading trio, that was now Buckley-Spriggs-Levy.  Mitch Levy took second place from Buckley halfway through the final lap but could not broach the final jump forward to Spriggs, thus Callum Spriggs took the win from Levy while Buckley rounded out the podium in what was a cracking race.


Supersport Race Two Results
  1. Spriggs
  2. Levy +0.304
  3. Buckley +0.564
  4. Quinn +2.694
  5. Carlsson +3.076
  6. Spinks +12.873
  7. Muldoon +24.756
  8. Feely +57.254
  9. Roughley +57.487
  10. Train +64.270
Supersport Race Three


Mitch Levy hit the front early on in the final Supersport stanza and was never headed. His gap after the first few laps was already 1.5-seconds over Kyle Buckley, who in turn had a couple of bike lengths over Spriggs and Muldoon.

As the race reached the halfway stage Spriggs was all over the back of Buckley and mounting a challenge for that second position. While Muldoon now had Chris Quinn to contend with if he was to earn fourth place. Callum Barker was on a bit of a charge too and looking to join that fourth place party.

Buckley continued to hold off Spriggs for the next few laps, the pair both running mid to high 1min-13s. Spriggs, never one to make a rash move, eventually settled for that third place which was good enough to earn him the round victory.

Mitch Levy completely dominated that final bout, and if not for that mechanical gremlin at the start of today’s opening race likely would have took it right up to Spriggs for the round win, but that honour belongs to Spriggs.

Kyle Buckley was second for the round and Sam Muldoon stepped on the outright podium with a single-point advantage over Levy.

Buckley now leads the FX Supersport Championship by 16-points over Levy but with 150 points still up for grabs at the twilight Sydney Motorsport finale on Saturday, December 17th, the race for the title race is far from over.

Supersport Race Three Results
  1. Levy
  2. Buckley +2.42
  3. Spriggs +2.47
  4. Quinn +5.12
  5. Barker +5.443
  6. Muldoon +5.809
  7. Carlsson +12.11
  8. Spinks +16.50
  9. Roughley +66.21
  10. Train +66.37


FX Supersport 2016 Round Five Points
  1. Spriggs 70
  2. Buckley 64
  3. Muldoon 49
  4. Levy 48
  5. Carlsson 48
FX Supersport 2016 Championship Standings after round five
  1. Buckley 367
  2. Levy 351
  3. Carlsson 250
  4. Spinks 210