Grabham defects from Honda to KTM for 2009

Grabham defects from Honda to KTM for 2009Australia’s current number one desert racer, Ben Grabham has signed with Motorex KTM Off-Road Racing to represent the successful factory team for 2009 and beyond.

The reigning Australian Safari and Finke Desert title holder is currently testing the new 2009 model KTM 400 EXC four stroke, and 250 EXC two stroke for the 2009 Australian Off-Road Championship, yet Grabham is still undecided which bike will be his signature model for next year, as the Bathurst racer finds himself torn between the two motorcycles.

“KTM produce world renowned desert racing bikes, and their EXC range has no competition for the handling required in enduro racing, which was one of the main reasons I chose to sign with Motorex KTM,” said Grabham.

“I have dominated desert racing in Australia for the past two years, and plan to maintain this status for 2009, but where I really want to make an impact is in the Australian Off-Road Championship, and with KTM behind me I feel confident to win.

“I have two motorcycles that I’m really happy with, both the KTM 400 EXC four stroke and the 250 EXC two stroke, so I now need to decide which bike I will ride for the E2 class in the Australian Off-Road Championship next year.

“My first race with Motorex KTM will be the Deep Well Desert Race in Alice Springs NT, in January. I competed in this event last year thinking it was a fun race. I’d only just got back on the bike after breaking my collarbone, and I hadn’t looked into the event enough, as it turned out the race was like a mini Finke Desert Race, and the heat was 40 degrees plus, so that caught me off guard. I have a bit more of an idea now what to expect in this race, and I will be riding the new KTM 505 XC-F, which should see me win. This is the bike I will also ride in the 2009 Finke Desert Race.”

Ben Grabham will join existing Motorex KTM Off-Road Racing team members Brad Williscroft and Ben Kearney, with the trio working towards conquering all classes of the Australian Off-Road Championship for 2009, whilst also dominating in desert racing.

Wearing two hats as team rider and manager, Brad Williscroft comments, “Motorex KTM Off-Road Racing is stoked to have Ben Grabham as our new recruit for 2009. We were considering a number of riders to expand our team, but nobody fit the mould of what we were looking for better than Grabham.

“For Grabham it’s all about being on the right bike and with the right team to win, and he has fit right in with Ben Kearney and myself, who share the same goals.

“His off-road achievements go beyond recent years of desert racing, he has also won two Australian Four Day Enduro events outright, so he is no stranger to enduro racing, and he will be a great competitor for KTM in the Australian Off-Road Championship.”

Adding to Brad Williscroft’s comments, KTM Australia General Manager, Jeff Leisk said, “Motorex KTM is honoured to have Ben Grabham join our off-road team. He will complete our strategy of having contenders in all classes E1, E2 and E3 of the Australian Off-Road Championship, and will spear head our attack of the desert events in 2009.”

Grabham defects from Honda to KTM for 2009