Malkiewicz Rookie Junior Cup Champion – Morrissy leads Amateur Cup
Yamaha Rising Star Rookies Junior Cup – Toowoomba

The Yamaha Rising Star Rookies wrapped up the third and final round of their championship at Toowoomba today, with talented Husqvarna rider Bailey Malkiewicz taking out the support class title.

Bailey Malkiewicz
Bailey Malkiewicz

With the junior competitors taking to the track alongside the premier MX1 and MX2 classes today, riders were treated to a full house of spectators for both of their action packed motos.

In qualifying the talented junior riders took to the Echo Valley circuit like true professionals, utilising every minute on the track in order to record the fastest lap times – and when the timed qualifying session had wrapped up, it was Yamaha mounted Jack Kukas who clocked the quickest lap time (1:54.197), ahead of Husqvarna’s Malkiewicz (1:54.309) and Mason Semmens (KTM), the trio setting the pace for when racing kicked off later in the day.

Jack Kukas
Jack Kukas

In the first moto for the Yamaha Rising Star Rookies, it was fastest qualifier Kukas who made good use of the first gate pick, charging off the start straight and into the race lead. Less than a bikes-length behind was Malkiewicz followed by Semmens, and KTM mounted John Bova.

With 15 minutes on the clock in race one for the support category, the junior riders began to settle in to their positions, and showcase their skill on the national spec Echo Valley circuit.

Unfortunately for Bova, a mistake proved costly only two laps in – the KTM rider dropping back to seventh and allowing Connor McNamara to inherit fourth position.

By the halfway mark in the opening moto for the Yamaha Rookies, Kukas continued to lead, while Semmens had made his way past Malkiewicz into second, relegating the Husqvarna rider to third. Regan Duffy (KTM) had moved up to fourth, followed by McNamara, and Bova.

Mason Semmens
Mason Semmens

In what was a shock to on-lookers at the 14-minute mark Kukas went down and was forced to ride back to the pits and register a DNF, handing the race one lead to Semmens.

And when the chequered flag flew, the top spot is exactly where Semmens remained, taking the first race win from Malkiewicz and Duffy who took second and third respectively. Fourth went to McNamara, followed by Ryan Gaylor, Rhys Budd and Mason Rowe.

In the second moto for the Yamaha Rising Star Rookies, it was once again Semmens who after one lap held the race lead from Malkiewicz and Rowe, and with the Toowoomba surface beginning to dry out, the junior riders were faced with one of the most challenging tracks of the day.

By lap two, positions at the front had changed – Malkiewicz dropping back to fourth allowing both Rowe and Duffy to inherit a position each.

Regan Duffy
Regan Duffy

After six minutes on track, fastest qualifier Kukas began to make his way through the talented field of riders, the Yamaha mounted athlete determined to redeem himself after his DNF in moto one.

As the final race for the 250cc mounted competitors reached it’s closing stages, both Duffy and Kukas capitalised on a mistake from Rowe, the pair each moving up a spot into the final two podium positions behind Semmens.

But when the chequered flag flew, it was KTM’s Semmens who led from the gate drop all the way to the finish line, second place went to Duffy, while Kukas wrapped up the final moto in third. McNamara and Bova concluded race two in fourth and fifth places respectively, while Malkiewicz, Budd, Gaylor, Walker and Tyler Darby completed the top ten.

Connor McNamara
Connor McNamara

When the points were tallied from both races at Toowoomba, it was Semmens’ flawless performance which saw the KTM rider finish on the top step of the Round 9 podium. Second place at Toowoomba went to Duffy, while 2,6 race finishes handed third overall to Malkiewicz.

But thankfully for Malkiewicz the celebration didn’t stop there, the talented Husqvarna rider was also crowned the 2017 Yamaha Rising Star Rookies Champion this afternoon. Second in the championship went to Duffy, while Semmens wrapped up the three round title in third.

Bailey Malkiewicz – Husqvarna Australia – Yamaha Rising Star Rookies Champion

“It feels good to wrap up this championship – it’s been a good series for me, I’ve just stayed consistent and we’ve finished on top. Next year I’m stepping up into the MXD class, so the rookies category is a good way to get to know the tracks and see what I’ll be doing next year. In juniors we only have 10 minute races so it’s a lot different at the MX Nationals, and I’m happy with what I’ve learnt this year.”

Bailey Malkiewicz
Bailey Malkiewicz

Yamaha Rising Star Rookies Junior Cup Results – Toowoomba
  1. Mason Semmens – 70 points – KTM
  2. Regan Duffy – 62 points – KTM
  3. Bailey Malkiewicz – 57 points – Husqvarna
  4. Connor McNamara – 56 points – Husqvarna
  5. Rhys Budd – 49 points – Honda
  6. Ryan Gaylor – 49 points – Husqvarna
  7. John Bova – 48 points – KTM
  8. Jai Walker – 43 points – Yamaha
  9. Tyler Darby – 41 points – Honda
  10. Ezrah Demellweek-Dodds – 38 points – Husqvarna
Yamaha Rising Star Rookies Junior Cup Pdoium - Toowoomba
Yamaha Rising Star Rookies Junior Cup Pdoium – Toowoomba
Yamaha Rising Star Rookies Junior Cup Championship
  1. Bailey Malkiewicz – 184 points – Husqvarna
  2. Regan Duffy – 182 points – KTM
  3. Mason Semmens – 172 points – KTM
  4. Rhys Budd – 163 points – Honda
  5. Connor McNamara – 146 points – Husqvarna
  6. John Bova – 136 points – KTM
  7. Jack Kukas – 128 points – Yamaha
  8. Tyler Darby – 122 points – Honda
  9. Hayden Matterson – 93 points – KTM
  10. Deakin Hellier – 89 points – Yamaha

KTM Australian Amateur Cup – Toowoomba

The KTM Australian Amateur Cup competitors took to the track for their first outing of the season at Toowoomba today – the Round 9 support category delivering two action packed races, with home-grown hero Kerrod Morrissy wrapping up the day with the round victory.

Kerrod Morrissy
Kerrod Morrissy

With Echo Valley well-known as one of the most picturesque motocross tracks in the country, the KTM Amateur Cup class riders were treated to a backdrop like no other for their first two races of the year, and eventually it was Morrissy who delivered on home soil.

In qualifying, the Toowoomba local Morrissy used his experience at the venue to his advantage, clocking in with the fastest lap time at the conclusion of the timed session (1:56.152), an impressive 2.9 seconds faster than second quickest Matt Haworth (Honda), while Travis Regeling concluded the session in third (2:00.840).

When the KTM Australian Amateur Cup bikes charged down the start straight for their first moto at Toowoomba, it was no surprise to see the number 71 KTM machine of Morrissy out in front, followed by second fastest qualifier Haworth.

Ryan Kenney
Ryan Kenney

Unfortunately for Haworth, the Honda rider went high in a turn on lap two and as a result got caught up in the track signage, allowing the field of charging competitors to stream by.

With Haworth re-joining the race at the rear of the pack, Jack McNeice slotted in to second behind Morrissy, while Ryan Kenney was back in third.

With 15 minutes making up the support class’s first moto, the KTM Amateur Cup riders settled in to their positions, but one rider who was determined to chase down the top two was Kenney, and only soon after moving into third, the Suzuki rider made the pass on McNeice and moved into second.

By the halfway point in moto one, Morrissy had stretched out his lead to an impressive 10 seconds – meanwhile Kenney continued to maintain second ahead of Regeling, Evan Hood and James Mastin, and despite holding third for a number of laps, McNeice slipped back to eighth.

Travis Regeling
Travis Regeling

As moto one reached it’s closing stages, Morrissy’s local knowledge proved to be the key to success, the KTM rider looking calm and calculated as he ticked off lap after lap.

And when the chequered flag flew, it was Morrissy who secured the first KTM Australian Amateur Cup race win. Second place went to Kenney, followed by Regeling who held on to finish in third. Hood and James Maslin completed the top five followed by Brandon Gray, Steven Duck, Blake Cobbin, Jordan Flaherty and Cohn Evans.

The KTM Australian Amateur Cup class was then the final category to take to the track at Echo Valley this afternoon, and much like moto one it was Morrissy who quickly moved in to the race lead.

Blake Cobbin
Blake Cobbin

Behind Morrissy, was Haworth in second, followed by Regeling and Mitch Drummond in third and fourth positions.

By the three lap mark, the running order saw Morrissy continuing to lead from Haworth and Regeling, while Cobbin, and Kenney completed the top five with only a third of the moto remaining.

But it was Morrissy who continued to dominate in moto two, stretching his lead out to an impressive 28 seconds with one lap remaining.

And when the chequered flag flew for the final time at Toowoomba this afternoon, it was home grown hero Morrissy who collected his second race win of the day. Second place went to Kenney, while KTM mounted Cobbin finished in third. Haworth and Gray completed the top five, followed by Regeling, James Maslin, Drummond, Hood and Flaherty who all finished inside the top ten.

Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray

With 1,1 race results, Morrissy finished today’s outing on the top step of the KTM Australian Amateur Cup podium, second overall went to Kenney (KTM) while Regeling concluded the Toowoomba round in third.

Kerrod Morrissy – KTM Australian Amateur Cup Winner – Toowoomba

“It’s really nice to get the win in front of a home crowd at Toowoomba today – the track was really fun, and it was a challenge too so it’s been a good weekend. This is the second support class I’ve raced in this year. It’s fun to have the opportunity to ride different tracks and to get out on the weekend and have a go instead of sitting home and doing nothing. The support classes at the MX Nationals provide a really good opportunity for guys like myself to go racing. I’m enjoying every minute, and can’t wait for next weekend.”

KTM Australian Amateur Cup Podium
KTM Australian Amateur Cup Podium

KTM Australian Amateur Cup Results – Toowoomba
  1. Kerrod Morrissy – 70 points – KTM
  2. Ryan Kenney – 64 points – KTM
  3. Travis Regeling – 55 points – Honda
  4. Blake Cobbin – 53 points – KTM
  5. Brandon Gray – 51 points – Yamaha
  6. James Maslin – 50 points – KTM
  7. Evan Hood – 50 points – Yamaha
  8. Steven Duck – 44 points – KTM
  9. Jordan Flaherty – 43 points – Husqvarna
  10. Mitch Drummond – 42 points – Honda

The final round of the KTM Australian Amateur Cup will take place at Coolum on the Sunshine Coast next weekend, August 19 & 20.