Mark Chiodo on the step from Supersport to Superbike for ASBK 2018

For 2018 Team Suzuki Ecstar Australia will be running a two-rider line-up, with defending champion Josh Waters joined by Mark Chiodo as the young Victorian graduates to the Superbike ranks.

Trev caught up with Mark ahead of this weekend’s season opener at Phillip Island.

So Mark you’ve cut a few laps on the GSX-R1000R now, how’s it gone hanging onto the big girl?

Mark Chiodo : “Yea I’ve had a few days on it now, and getting more used to it which is good, with the [Team Suzuki ECSTAR Australia] team with Wazz, Tiger and Phil, and all them, and Josh helping as well, it’s been awesome to adapt, and I think so far we’ve been doing good.”

Mark Chiodo's Suzuki GSX-R1000R
Mark Chiodo’s Suzuki GSX-R1000R – Mark at the front of the machine while Tiges changed his tyre and Warren Monson looks on

Your 675 triumph wasn’t exactly slow, but jumping on the GSX-R1000 is a whole different world, so try and explain to the casual punter what it’s been like to try and hang onto that bike with all that horsepower and torque, coming onto the gas out of the turns.

MC: “Well to be honest compared it doesn’t feel overly powerful, the way that Phil has tuned it, I mean I rode a standard version and it felt a bit over powerful, but the race bike that PTR has prepared, it’s just the throttle connection is so smooth, that it actually feels more like a 600, but handles like a superbike.”

Mark Chiodo - TBG Image
Mark Chiodo – TBG Image

Funny you say that, I did ride one – well I wouldn’t’ describe what I did as riding, but I did wobble around Phillip Island on the 218 rear wheel horsepower PTR GSX-R1000 that Wayne Maxwell won on, and it brings back to me what you said then, that the power delivery was so beautifully creamy smooth, and you could really get on the gas hard and the throttle to rear wheel connection was perfect, even the gear change was like a bolt action rifle, so short and positive, so much better than a standard bike. No doubt when you’re going as fast as you are then it gets a whole lot more physical, so have you had to up your training for that? Have you done race distance?

MC: “I actually haven’t had any issue with it at the moment, I haven’t changed anything in my training, but I actually haven’t been able to train much, because I’ve had a few little injuries. But the bike actually feels really easy to ride, because it just seems to plow through the wind, where on the 600 you’re always getting blown around. On the superbike it just powers straight through, and you can just take the same lines every time you go out on track, whereas on the 600s you’re always having to adapt to which way the wind is going, and getting pushed around a bit more. So I seem to get a bit more tired on the 600 than the superbike.”

Mark Chiodo - Image by TBG
Mark Chiodo – Image by TBG

What about when it comes to battling in close quarters, and perhaps you’re up the front with blokes like Herfoss, Maxwell and Allerton, and they start shoving an elbow in here and there… will you give it back as hard as you get it?

MC: “I think I’ll be shoving the elbow in first *laugh’s* and they’ll be giving it back! No, it’ll be definitely good to just be up there at some point in the season, and mixing it up with those guys, and yeah I hope I can do that. I’m sure that the bike is capable, with what Josh has shown, and with the team around me, I’m sure we’ll be able too, which is good.”

Mark Chiodo - Image by TBG
Mark Chiodo – Image by TBG

Trev: Good luck in round one!

ASBK Test – Phillip Island

January 30-31, 2018 – Combined Times (TBC)

  1. Glenn Allerton 1m32.728 BMW
  2. Bryan Staring 1m32.761 Kawasaki
  3. Josh Waters 1m32.838 Suzuki
  4. Mike Jones 1m33.158 Kawasaki
  5. Wayne Maxwell 1m33.160 Yamaha
  6. Daniel Falzon 1m33.244 Yamaha
  7. Michael Blair 1m33.633 Yamaha
  8. Troy Herfoss 1m33.745 Honda
  9. Matt Walters 1m33.754 Kawasaki
  10. Troy Bayliss 1m33.950 Ducati
  11. Mark Chiodo 1m34.018 Suzuki
  12. Jamie Stauffer 1m34.566 Ducati
  13. Callum Spriggs 1m34.996 Kawasaki
  14. Ted Collins 1m35.152 BMW
  15. Alex Phillis 1m35.476 Suzuki
  16. Aaron Morris 1m35.890 Yamaha
  17. Matt Harding 1m36.114 Kawasaki
  18. Lucas Vitale 1m36.458 Kawasaki
  19. Corey Turner 1m36.641 Suzuki
  20. Kyle Buckley 1m36.920 Kawasaki
  21. Brendan McIntyre 1m37.209 Suzuki
  22. Brad Swallow 1m37.521 Kawasaki
  23. Adam Christie 1m37.565 Suzuki
  24. Trent Gibson 1m37.725 Suzuki
  25. Patrick Li 1m38.277 Yamaha
  26. Con Kokkoris 1m38.513 Ducati
  27. Adam Senior 1m38.622 Yamaha
  28. Scott McGregor 1m39.191 Yamaha
  29. Heath Griffin 1m39.235 Ducati
  30. Phil Czaj 1m39.850 Aprilia
  31. Nathan Spiteri 1m40.960 Suzuki
  32. Ned Faulkhead 1m42.224 Honda

2018 ASBK Superbike Entry List – Round 1

  • 14 Glenn Allerton – NextGen Motorsports NSW BMW
  • 3 David Barker – VIC Kawasaki
  • 21 Troy Bayliss – Desmosport Ducati QLD Ducati
  • 178 Michael Blair – Yamaha, Gosford Classic Car Museum NSW A Yamaha
  • 83 Kyle Buckley – Kawasaki Bcperformance QLD A Kawasaki
  • 30 Markus Chiodo – Team Suzuki Ecstart Australia VIC A Suzuki
  • 27 Adam Christie – AGMT Suzuki, ECSTAR Oils SA A Suzuki
  • 29 Ted Collins – VIC A BMW
  • 53 Mason Coote – AARK Suspension and Tuning, Kubuto Helmets VIC A Kawasaki
  • 66 Aaiden Coote – AARK Suspension and Tuning / Cykel Products VIC B Kawasaki
  • 11 Philip Czaj – Eco light Up, 11Motosport VIC A Aprilia
  • 686 Tracey Davies – Villa Verde free Range Eggs, Girl Rdier VIC C Ducati
  • 82 Jake Drew – Brighton Bikes & Bits, Willmax Graphics, YRD VIC B Yamaha
  • 25 Daniel Falzon – Yamaha Racing Team / yamaha SA A Yamaha
  • 43 Edward Faulkhead – VIC Honda
  • 33 Sloan Frost – Treble Cone NZ A Suzuki
  • 22 Trent Gibson – A6M7 Suzuki VIC A Suzuki
  • 69 Heath Griffin – Russell Symes & Company, Craig McMartin NSW B Ducati
  • 96 Mathew Harding – K&R Hydraulics / Kawasaki Connection NSW A Kawasaki
  • 17 Troy Herfoss – Penrite Honda QLD A Honda
  • 57 Michael Jones – Allsite Concrete Cutting XXX Rated Race… QLD A Kawasaki
  • 41 Brian Kozan – Qualia Racing, Brian Kozan VIC C BMW
  • 68 Mitchell Levy – ATR / Manshed Auctions NSW A Yamaha
  • 92 Patrick Li – MotoGo Yamaha VIC B Yamaha
  • 39 Tassy Limanis – Vinnies Racing VIC D BMW
  • 18 Ashley Manuel – Pendragon Racing SA B Kawasaki
  • 137 Luke Martyr – VIC C Yamaha
  • 47 Wayne Maxwell – Yamaha racing Team / Yamaha VIC A Yamaha
  • 74 Scott McGregor – Mini Loader Hire Vic A Yamaha
  • 62 Brendan McIntyre – Western M’cycles Sydney NSW A Suzuki
  • 37 Hamish McMurray – Six ways from Sunday NSW B Kawasaki
  • 64 Aaron Morris – YRD NSW A Yamaha
  • 20 Alex Phillis – Phillis Racing VIC A Suzuki
  • 94 Mitchell Rees – Carl Cox Motorsport, Honda, Tony Rees Motorcycles NZ Honda
  • 81 Joel Rhodes – Bikebiz, Pathway Communications NSW C Yamaha
  • 77 Adam Senior – Senior Engineering / Pirelli WA A Yamaha
  • 61 Arthur Sissis – SA Suzuki
  • 16 Rowen Smith – Assembly Now VIC B Kawasaki
  • 78 Nathan Spiteri – Livson, RST VIC B Suzuki
  • 50 Callum Spriggs – Desmosport Ducati QLD A Kawasaki
  • 67 Bryan Staring – Kawasaki, BC Performance WA A Kawasaki
  • 99 William Strugnell – Statewide RR, Lees Spoton Motorcycles SA A Kawasaki
  • 56 Bradley Swallow – Kawsaki Oz / Duspeed NSW A Kawasaki
  • 24 Matt Tooley – Phillip Island Ride Days VIC C Yamaha
  • 44 Cody Travers – Cycle World Tasmania TAS Suzuki
  • 52 Corey Turner – Brisbane Motorcycles QLD A Suzuki
  • 34 Justin Vella – Benzina Garage/Vella Developments VIC C Kawasaki
  • 188 Lucas Vitale – BCPerformance Junior Team NSW A Kawasaki
  • 12 Matt Walters – Swann Insurance Superbike NSW A Kawasaki
  • 1 Josh Waters – Team Suzuki Ecstar Australia VIC A Suzuki

WorldSBK 2018 Phillip Island Race, Qualifying and Practice Schedule
WorldSBK 2018 Phillip Island Race, Qualifying and Practice Schedule

2018 ASBK Calendar

  • Round 1- WSBK, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit VIC February 22 – 25
  • Round 2- Wakefield Park Raceway, Goulburn NSW March 16 – 18
  • Round 3- The Bend Motorsport Park, Tailem Bend, SA April 19 – 22
  • Round 4- Hidden Valley Raceway, Darwin NT June 28 – 1 July
  • Round 5- Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick QLD August 17 – 19
  • Round 6- Winton Motor Raceway, Benalla, VIC September 7 – 9
  • Round 7- Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, VIC October 12 – 14


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