Maxwell wins Superbike Race 1 from Herfoss

Herfoss takes championship lead

Cru Halliday dominates Supersport Race 1

Sunday at Wakefield Park’s ASBK Round 2 saw clear windy weather for the morning warm up sessions, with temperatures to soar as the day progressed. For the Superbike warm-up Maxwell topped the session, ahead of Herfoss and Waters, setting a 57.772, with the day’s two SBK races shaping up to be some nail biters.

With his pole position point Herfoss entered the day on equal points to Bryan Staring – Round 1 winner – with 60 points apiece, while Waters was just adrift on 59 points.

The Supersport warm up session also saw Cru Halliday fastest, breaking the one minute mark as sign of things to come, and ahead of Toparis and Epis who looked to be strong competition heading into the day’s races.

Superbike Race 1

The wind had well and truly picked up for the 20 lap Superbike Race 1 at 1100, with all eyes on Herfoss and Maxwell on the front row. Not to be forgotten, Waters completed the front row, while Falzon, Stauffer and Staring all started from the second row.

Track temperature had already reached 39.5 degrees by race start, with four manufacturers represented in the front two rows, led by Honda, followed by Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki.

Come race start Herfoss held the advantage of pole, taking the lead through the first lap, with Chiodo crashing out in Turn 1. Coming through first turn on Lap 3 Maxwell passed Herfoss on the inside under a yellow flag, before handing back the lead to avoid a penalty, but showing his hand early.

Herfoss responded by pulling a small lead on Lap 4, from Maxwell and Waters, with Maxwell remaining hot on his heels until the final corner of Lap 6, going up the inside of Herfoss and setting a 58.264 lap – the fastest of the race.

Back in fourth Bayliss was proving strong on the Panigale, holding off Falzon’s charge, while Bryan Staring chased down the duo from sixth place.

Herfoss was back in the lead at the halfway mark, but Maxwell retook the lead into the  final corner of lap 10, with Waters continuing to hold onto third, not allowing the leading two to make a gap at this stage.

By lap 14 Staring caught up to Falzon, who was still being held off by Bayliss who was proving strong in the braking area.

Herfoss was out in front with a 0.455 lead at the end of lap 16, with Maxwell closing down the gap, while back in fourth Bayliss ran wide, letting Falzon and Staring through, but keeping his Panigale Finale Edition on track and retaining sixth.

Maxwell closed down the gap to Herfoss down to .359 on lap 17 – with Waters now 4.7s behind the lead, and further reduced the gap down to 0.128 gap coming into the final lap, which was shaping up to be a belter.

It would come down to the chequered flag, with Maxwell taking the inside line onto the final straight and across the line, with the Yamaha pulling the lead by 0.031s from Herfoss, in a neck to neck battle. Waters came home in third, 6.153s behind, with Falzon fourth, Staring fifth and Bayliss sixth.

Following Race 1, Herfoss moved into the championship lead on 80 points, with Waters second on 77 points, Bryan Staring third on 76 and race winner Maxwell in fourth on 68 points.

Superbike Race 1 – Provisional Results

  1. Wayne MAXWELL Yamaha
  2. Troy HERFOSS Honda +.031
  3. Josh WATERS Suzuki +6.153
  4. Daniel FALZON Yamaha +7.257
  5. Bryan STARING Kawasaki +9.166
  6. Troy BAYLISS Ducati +10.753
  7. Glenn ALLERTON BMW +16.891
  8. Jamie STAUFFER Ducati +21.354
  9. Alex PHILLIS Suzuki +21.423
  10. Matt WALTERS Kawasaki +21.712
  11. Michael BLAIR (NSW) +21.806
  12. Kyle BUCKLEY (QLD) +30.122
  13. Corey TURNER (QLD) +30.797
  14. Arthur SISSIS (SA) +31.270
  15. Ted COLLINS (VIC) +41.605
  16. Mitchell LEVY (NSW) +47.122
  17. Bradley SWALLOW (NSW) +49.438
  18. Lucas VITALE (NSW) +49.747
  19. Brendan McINTYRE (NSW) +49.782
  20. Matt HARDING (NSW) +54.455
  21. Callum SPRIGGS (QLD) +55.884
  22. Adam SENIOR (WA) +1:00.773 3
  23. Philip CZAJ (VIC) +1:01.648

ASBK Superbike Top 10 Standings following Race 1

  1. Troy HERFOSS Honda 80
  2. Josh WATERS Suzuki 77
  3. Bryan STARING Kawasaki 76
  4. Wayne MAXWELL Yamaha 68
  5. Troy BAYLISS Ducati 66
  6. Daniel FALZON Yamaha 64
  7. Michael BLAIR Yamaha 51
  8. Matt WALTERS Kawasaki 48
  9. Alex PHILLIS Suzuki 43
  10. Glenn ALLERTON BMW 39

Yamaha R3 Cup – Race 2

Hunter Ford took an early lead from Zac Levy and Locky Taylor, with both hot on his heels in the first race of Sunday, while almost five-seconds back Khouri and O’Brien fought for fourth place.

Close dicing saw Locky Taylor take control from Ford, with little separating the top three, while Ford retook the lead down the straight on Lap 7, before Locky once again took the lead into Turn 1. Bramich also crashed out mid-race, but walked away.

Zack Levy took the lead across the line in final lap of the eight lap race, as the top three started passing back markers, and held the lead through the first few corners in a controlling move that he held to the finish line, with Ford and Taylor taking second and third, 0.073 and 0.113s behind.

Khouri took fourth, 5.5s off the leader’s pace, with Tayla Relph sixth a further second behind.

R3 Cup – Race 2 Provisional Results

  1. Zac LEVY 1:07.319
  2. Hunter FORD +.073
  3. Locky TAYLOR +.113
  4. Harry KHOURI +5.589
  5. Tayla RELPH +6.839
  6. John LYTRAS +9.022
  7. Travis HALL +9.451
  8. Troy RYAN +12.101
  9. Max STAUFFER +12.112
  10. Mitch KUHNE +22.796

Supersport Race 1

Cru Halliday took a dominant lead in the first Supersport race of the weekend from his pole position, with Toparis hanging on as he pulled an early gap.

The gap between frontrunners Halliday, Toparis and Epis quickly grew, with Halliday two seconds in front by lap 4 and Toparis putting over half a second between himself and Epis, which would only further grow as the race progressed.

Pearson held fourth, with Croker fifth, positions that they would maintain for the remainder of the race, with Croker only challenged by Scarcella.

Come race’s end it was Cru Halliday who took the dominant win, four seconds clear of Toparis and posting a fastest lap of 59.612, while Lachlan Epis was third, posting the only other sub one-minute lap, with a 59.881.

Broc Pearson was fourth, 8.199 seconds behind winner Halliday, while fifth place was claimed by Croker.

Cru Halliday also set a new lap record, with his 59.612, well clear of the previous record of 1:00.158, set in 2013.

Supersport Race 1 Provisional Result

  1. Cru HALLIDAY Yamaha 1:01.049
  2. Tom TOPARIS Kawasaki +4.003
  3. Lachlan EPIS Kawasaki +6.847
  4. Broc PEARSON Yamaha +8.199
  5. Max CROKER Suzuki +23.353
  6. Giuseppe SCARCELLA Kawasaki +23.619
  7. Jordan CARLSSON Yamaha +24.743
  8. Nic LIMINTON Yamaha +26.470
  9. Damon REES Honda +29.347
  10. Dallas SKEER Suzuki +29.914
  11. Scott NICHOLSON (VIC) +32.624
  12. Rhys BELLING (VIC) +32.749
  13. Jack PASSFIELD (NSW) +32.819
  14. Aidan HAYES (QLD) +34.944
  15. Zackary JOHNSON (VIC) +35.548
  16. Cambridge OLIVIER (QLD) +35.728
  17. Luke MITCHELL (NSW) +45.195

ASBK Supersport Top 10 Standings following Race 1

  1. Tom TOPARIS 95
  2. Cru HALLIDAY 86
  3. Broc PEARSON 67
  4. Damon REES 56
  5. Nic LIMINTON 49
  6. Zackary JOHNSON 48
  7. Rhys BELLING 47
  8. Giuseppe SCARCELLA 46
  9. Scott NICHOLSON 41
  10. Dallas SKEER 40

Supersport 300 – Race 2

Taylor took an early lead in Race 2, with Levy and Ford hot on his heals, with less than a tenth of a second between the three as they completed lap one, while Bramich and Relph fought it out for fourth a second in arrears.

Jarred Brook took a tumble on lap three, with Callum O’Brien also going down, with Brook retiring, and O’Brien back on Track.

By half distance Ford held the lead, from Bramich, Taylor and Levy, while Bayliss was not far behind in fourth. Competition was fierce however, with the lead swapping frequently.

A red flag was called on lap 8 with x x going down and the race called as a result. X x requiring medical attention, having taken a nasty tumble at turn 10.

Final positions left Zac Levy with win from Tom Bramich making a Yamaha 1-2, while Oliver Bayliss on the Kawasaki took the final podium position narrowly from Hunter Ford. Taylor was fifth not far behind.

Supersport 300 – Race 2 Provisional Results

  1. Zac LEVY Yamaha 1:07.278
  2. Tom BRAMICH Yamaha +.319
  3. Oliver BAYLISS  Kawasaki +.592
  4. Hunter FORD Yamaha +.632
  5. Locky TAYLOR Yamaha +.811
  6. Harry KHOURI Yamaha +2.650
  7. Tayla RELPH Yamaha +4.125
  8. Corey BRIFFA KTM +7.778
  9. Seth CRUMP KTM +12.269
  10. Ben BRAMICH KTM +15.412