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September 25, 2018

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

What Went Down Last Weekend?

  • AORC – Round 8 and 9 – Kingston SE, South Australia
  • EnduroGP World Championship – Round 7 – France
  • World Enduro Super Series – Round 6 – Hawkstone Park
  • AMA Endurocross – Round 3 – Reno, Nevada
  • AMA National Enduro Series – Round 8 – Indiana
  • FIM Speedway World Championship (German SGP) – Teterow
  • NSW Junior Dirt Track Champions Awarded
  • Australia Struggles at Trial des Nations
  • Ferris OUT of Australian SX
  • 2018 Motocross des Nations Team List (with latest changes)
  • Seely Extends HRC Contract
  • 2019 AMA Supercross Schedule Announced
  • Musquin and Anderson Headline Paris SX
  • Gillman to Host 2019 AJMX
  • Gillman to host 2019 FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship
  • Thompson and Pettis with Canadian Triple Crown

AORC – Round 8 and 9 – Kingston SE, South Australia

The sun was beaming down on the paddocks at Kingston SE, South Australia for Round 8 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship and it was Daniel Milner (E3), Daniel Sanders (E2), Luke Styke (E1) and Michael Driscoll (EJ) who took out class victories.


Milner was once again simply in a class of his own, he stopped the clock at 58:44.297 after completing nine laps. After a nasty fall during the third test, Milner still had his composure and came away with yet another E3 victory.

It was another win, but Milner had to work for it; “It was a solid win today, it actually got quite difficult out there throughout the day. I had a good cartwheel on the third lap after going into the corner to hot, but after that I pushed to remain smooth and clean and finish well,” said Milner.

AORC Rnd Kingston E Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner – Image by John Pearson Media

Finishing behind Milner was once again Lachlan Stanford who completed the nine laps with a time of 1:02:25.285. Stanford continued his consistent season that has only seen him miss the podium on one occasion this season.

Rounding out the podium in the E3 class was Broc Grabham on his Gas Gas, who makes a welcome return to the podium here at Kingston SE. His time of 1:03:29.791 left him ten seconds ahead of Andrew Wilksch on his Sherco in fourth.

AORC Round 8 E3 Provisional Results

  1. Daniel Milner 58:44.297
  2. Lachlan Stanford 1:02:25.285
  3. Broc Grabham 1:03:29.791
  4. Andrew Wilksch 1:03:39.909
  5. Jesse Lawton 1:04:43.551


Continuing his undefeated run in the E2 class was Victorian Daniel Sanders, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Sanders out on the track, finishing the day with a few battle scars in a hard-earned victory.

His time of 59:00.645 was enough to keep Wil Ruprecht at a safe distance; “It was a pretty good run for me today, I had a bit of pressure on me in the class from Wil who kept me on my toes finishing in second for most of the tests today. It was good to have a consistent day and take the class win, we now look forward to tomorrow,” finished Sanders.

AORC Rnd Kingston E Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders – Image by John Pearson Media

Ruprecht has had a frustrating 2018 season to date with multiple shoulder injuries, but today he found the form many come to expect for the Yamaha rider, grabbing second in the E2 class with his effort of 1:00:16.082.

Lyndon Snodgrass continues to improve after moving from the E3 class down to E2 for season 2018, collecting the last spot on the podium with a time of 1:00:55.865.

AORC Round 8 E2 Provisional Results

  1. Daniel Sanders 59:00.645
  2. Wil Ruprecht 1:00:16.082
  3. Lyndon Snodgrass 1:00:55.865
  4. Joshua Green 1:01:08.709
  5. Beau Ralston 1:02:49.186


After making the cross from motocross to off-roads, Styke has looked completely at home picking up yet another E1 victory. The Yamaha rider got out of the blocks well in the first few tests and didn’t look back, collecting a final time of 1:00:35.392.

AORC Rnd Kingston E Fraser Higlett
Fraser Higlett – Image by John Pearson Media

Finishing behind Styke was Fraser Higlett, who has shown great improvement during his first season in the E1 class. Higlett registered a time of 1:01:54.958 to put himself right in the mix.

Rounding out the podium was the birthday boy Jeremy Carpentier who ended todays sprints with a time of 1:03:42.378. The Yamaha rider gave himself a birthday present by finishing on the podium and showing he is starting to come to grips with the Australian conditions.

AORC Round 8 E1 Provisional Results

  1. Luke Styke 1:00:35.392
  2. Fraser Higlett 1:01:54.958
  3. Jeremy Carpentier 1:03:42.378
  4. Jack Simpson 1:05:18.374
  5. Brad Hardaker 1:06:23.545


The defending champion is looking to goods once again, Driscoll took out his eighth win of the season from as many starts. Driscoll set the tone on his Yamaha from the first test of the day, registering the only test time in the six-minute barrier. He ended the day with a time of 1:01:51.711.

AORC Rnd Kingston EJ Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll – Image by John Pearson Media

“It was pretty good out there, it was quite a tough track, but I really enjoyed the challenge and just happy to take another win. I’m looking forward to backing it up again tomorrow,” said Driscoll.

Grabbing second place for the day was Joshua Brierley who is really cementing himself as the challenger to Driscoll’s undefeated season, registering a time of 1:04:09.735.

In another cameo appearance here at the AORC, motocross prodigy Mason Semmens was back at it and rounding out the podium after clocking a 1:04:19.286. To add to the motocross flavour MX Nationals rider Callum Norton made his first AORC appearance and grabbed fourth in the EJ class.

AORC Round 8 EJ Provisional Results

  1. Michael Drsicoll 1:01:51.711
  2. Joshua Brierley 1:04:09.735
  3. Mason Semmens 1:04:19.286
  4. Callum Norton 1:04:20.182
  5. William Price 1:06:48:981

In the battle of the sprints at Round 9 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) at Kingston SE, South Australia it would be Daniel Milner (E3), Daniel Sanders (E2), Fraser Higlett (E1) and Michael Driscoll taking the victories on Day 2.


The E3 class was once again the Milner show, despite putting his bike down in the first test, he composed himself and got back to his usual speed, taking the win with a time of 54:29.417.

AORC Rnd Kingston E Podium Rnd
AORC Round 9 E3 Podium – Image by John Pearson Media

Milner was made to earn the win here today with the tough conditions; “My first run today I pushed too hard into the corner and tucked the front end and lost a bit of time there. There was a log section that had us all struggling and I was definitely struggling with it but once I sussed out a line I managed to overcome the logs. The track was awesome it was rough, technical, hard and something we haven’t seen in AORC in a long time, credit to AORC for not taking it out and letting us battle through,” finished Milner.

Backing up his second place in yesterday’s sprint it was once again Lachlan Stanford, who pushed through the conditions to record a 58:46.646.

Taking the final spot on the podium and showing great improvement from yesterday’s results was Thomas Mason. Mason made some slight adjustments today and they paid off for him, with a time of 1:00:05.087.

AORC Round 9 E3 Provisional Top 5

  1. Daniel Milner 54:29.417
  2. Lachlan Stanford 58:46.646
  3. Thomas Mason 1:00:05.087
  4. Broc Grabham 1:00:20.564
  5. Andrew Wilksch 1:00:32.740


Daniel Sanders has continued his stellar season, taking his ninth win in as many starts since returning from Enduro GP. Sanders found a way to navigate around the tricky conditions that took a toll on the rider’s fitness, but the Victorian rider stayed consistent to register a 54:58.946.

AORC Rnd Kingston E Podium Rnd
AORC Round 9 E2 Podium – Image by John Pearson Media

Sanders was happy to take the win but will look to improve at the final round; “The track was pretty rough today but I got off to a good start, but a few mistakes and crashes set me back from the times I was after today. All in all it was a good weekend for us and the team did really well to adapt to the conditions and help me achieve the win,” said Sanders.

After missing the podium yesterday, Joshua Green bounced back here today to grab second place on his Yamaha with a time of 55:54.471. Green is one of the smoother riders in AORC and today it showed as the track became rough and he still looked cool and calm out there.

Lyndon Snodgrass made it a pair of third place finishes at Kingston SE, ended the day with a time of 56:46.015. Snodgrass leaves Kinston SE in second place in the E2 championship race.

AORC Round 9 E2 Provisional Top 5

  1. Daniel Sanders 54:58.946
  2. Joshua Green 55:54.471
  3. Lyndon Snodgrass 56:46.015
  4. Wil Ruprecht 58:23.192
  5. Stefan Granquist 59:27.463


After a second-place finish on the Saturday, Higlett has turned the tables to record his second race win of the season in the E1 class. Higlett has been known to enjoy the dusty and rough conditions and today was no exception as he stopped the clock at 58:30.922.

Frenchman Jeremy Carpentier grabbed his best finish down under, claiming second position to cap off a solid rounds riding with his third place on Saturday. The best result also comes on his 25th birthday, not a bad birthday present for the Yamaha rider.

Jack Simpson missed the previous round at Broken Hill, but he bounced straight back upon his return this weekend to snare the last spot on the podium. Simpson recorded a 1:01:07.670 to show he has found the speed again on return.

Luke Styke received a five minute penalty for deviating off the course, pushing him to fourth position with a time of 1:02.14.246.

AORC Round 9 E1 Provisional Top 5

  1. Fraser Higlett 58:30.922
  2. Jeremy Carpentier 1:00:14.556
  3. Jack Simpson 1:01:07.670
  4. Luke Styke 1:02:14.246
  5. Brad Hardaker 1:03:08.529


The rider who continues to dominate the EJ class is defending champion Driscoll, who battled the rough and technical test here at Kingston SE to register his ninth win of the season. The Yamaha rider stopped the clock at 57:24.799.

AORC Rnd Kingston EJ Podium Rnd
AORC Round 9 EJ Podium – Image by John Pearson Media

Driscoll took the win, but it wasn’t the easiest weekend for his team; “It was definitely a technical track today and I was happy with how I rode and to take the class win again is great, big thanks to the team as it wasn’t the easiest weekend for us, as I had a few spills throughout but we got it sorted and took the win,” said Driscoll.

What a ride it was from Callum Norton, yesterday was his first go at AORC and today he has leaped into second position. Norton normally competes in the motocross format and was riding a Husqvarna in MX Nationals this season, but he jumped on a KTM and tried off-road and he adapted well, collecting a time of 57:51.715.

The podium was rounded out by Joshua Brierley to back up his second place yesterday, his time of 1:01:12.612.

AORC Round 9 EJ Provisional Top 5

  1. Michael Driscoll 57:24.799
  2. Callum Norton 57:51.715
  3. Joshua Brierley 1:01:12.612
  4. Mason Semmens 1:01:30.827
  5. Cooper Sheidow 1:03:33.958

The final rounds of the AORC will see the riders venture to Omeo, Victoria on October 6-7, with a Cross Country on Saturday and then sprints on Sunday. There will also be the AORC Night of Nights on Sunday night, you can buy your tickets here.

EnduroGP World Championship – Round 7 – France

Day 1 Report

After four intense months of setup for the Moto Club Mazanais and Gils’on Tracks the Grand Prix of France arrived, with Steve Holcombe taking the E3 win, and sharing the EnduroGP victories with Alex Salvini.

Enduro GP – Day 1

In EnduroGP, while Steve Holcombe started the day strong, building a gap of more than 18 seconds ahead of Brad Freeman and Alex Salvini. After two intense duels in Saturday’s closing Super Straight, “Salvo” snatched the win by only 71 hundredths of a second!

EnduroGP France Rnd steve holcombe
Steve Holcombe – EnduroGP of France 2018 -Round 7

The Jolly Racing Team rider pushed hard to keep himself just 14 points behind Holcombe in the ultimate title fight. Freeman completed the podium, but he had to fight hard at the end of the day to keep Finland’s Eero Remes behind him by just 4 seconds. Loïc Larrieu closed out the top five.

Enduro GP Result – Day 1

  1. Alex SALVINI
  2. Steve HOLCOMBE
  3. Brad FREEMAN
  4. Eero REMES
  5. Loïc LARRIEU
  6. Jamie MCCANNEY
  7. Daniel MCCANNEY
  8. Christophe
  9. Thomas OLDRATI
  10. Anthony GESLIN

Enduro 2 – Day 1

In addition to the EnduroGP class, Salvini also took victory in the Enduro 2 class and stretched his advantage over Eero Remes and Loïc Larrieu a little more. Behind this trio, who have taken many podiums this year, Thomas Oldrati took another fourth position that confirms his good form at the moment. He left no chance for Deny Philippaerts who finished 5th, almost 2 minutes behind the 2008 Junior World Champion.

EnduroGP France Rnd alex salvini
Alex Salvini – EnduroGP of France 2018 -Round 7

E2 Result – Day 1

  1. Alex SALVINI
  2. Eero REMES
  3. Loïc LARRIEU
  4. Thomas OLDRATI
  6. Nicolas DEPARROIS
  7. Josh GOTTS

Enduro 1 – Day 1

In E1, Brad Freeman grabbed his 6th victory in a row and consolidated his place at the top of the category. He is now 26 points ahead of his compatriot Jamie McCanney. Fighting hard, the Outsiders Yamaha rider injured his hand and dropped his pace, leaving the way open for the Beta Boano rider. Davide Guarneri the Italian completed the podium.

E1 Result – Day 1

  1. Brad FREEMAN
  2. Jamie MCCANNEY
  3. Davide GUARNERI
  4. Antoine BASSET
  5. Yohan LAFONT
  6. Eemil POHJOLA
  7. Manuel MONNI
  8. Mathieu DOVEZE France

Enduro 3 – Day 1

In Enduro 3, Holcombe again dominated proceedings with more than 59 seconds of advantage on the Factory Gas Gas rider Danny McCanney. After a bad start early in the day, Christophe Namobtin was able to overhaul his compatriot Anthony Geslin in the last special to take 3rd place. While Romain Dumontier worked hard for 5th place in front of Argentina’s Cristian Arriegada.

EnduroGP France Rnd steve holcombe
Steve Holcombe – EnduroGP of France 2018 -Round 7

E3 Result – Day 1

  1. Steve HOLCOMBE
  2. Daniel MCCANNEY
  3. Christophe NAMBOTIN
  4. Anthony GESLIN
  5. Romain DUMONTIER
  6. Cristian ARRIEGADA

Junior Class – Day 1

Fresh Junior World Champion Matteo Cavallo also won the J2 victory ahead of Joe Wootton and Jack Edmondson while Andrea Verona climbed on the top step of the J1 podium on Day 1 ahead of Théo Espinasse and Kirian Mirabet.

125cc Class – Day 1

In  Youth 125cc, Ruy Barbosa set the record straight after the disappointment of the Italian Grand Prix. The Chilean won the day by more than 13 seconds ahead of Dan Mundell. This first day has been indecisive in several categories but equally it brought us the first World Champion of the 2018 season: Matteo Cavallo.

Day 2 Report

With the dust changing the original plans of the Moto Club Mazanais on the second day of the French EnduroGP it was finally proposed to run a three lap Enduro Sprint race.

EnduroGP – Day 2

This was sufficient for Steve Holcombe who increased his gap in the EnduroGP Championship on his rival Alex Salvini. However, the Italian was unlucky with an electrical problem… and while he was able to finish the day, this problem made him lose more than a minute in Special Test 4. Spectators also witnessed a duel until the end between Eero Remes and Christophe Charlier, for the final step on the podium. The Finn won the war by only 25 hundredths of a second!

EnduroGP France Rnd eero remes
Eero Remes – EnduroGP of France 2018 -Round 7

Enduro GP Result – Day 2

  1. Steve HOLCOMBE
  2. Christophe NAMBOTIN
  3. Eero REMES
  4. Christophe CHARLIER
  5. Loïc LARRIEU
  6. Daniel MCCANNEY
  7. Brad FREEMAN
  8. Jamie MCCANNEY
  9. Davide GUARNERI
  10. Antoine BASSET

EnduroGP standings

  1. HOLCOMBE Steve 208
  2. SALVINI Alex 178
  3. FREEMAN Brad 167
  4. REMES Eero 165

Enduro 3 – Day 2

With his victory in the main class, Steve Holcombe leaves with a double win in Enduro 3. But he had to face a Christophe Nambotin who was keen not to let his young rival beat him in front of the French fans! The Brit will need to wait a little longer to own the World Champion’s plate. Gas Gas’ Danny McCanney completed the podium and consolidated his third place against Anthony Geslin.

E3 Result – Day 2

  1. Steve HOLCOMBE
  2. Christophe NAMBOTIN
  3. Daniel MCCANNEY
  4. Anthony GESLIN
  5. Romain DUMONTIER
  6. Jean Charles SCHNEIDER
  7. Cristian ARRIEGADA

E3 Class standings

  1. HOLCOMBE Steve 244
  2. NAMBOTIN Christophe 208
  3. MCCANNEY Daniel 200

Enduro 2 – Day 2

The woes of Alex Salvini in fifth, have once again shaken up the E2 category since his first pursuer in the provisional Eero Remes won the day in front of Christophe Charlier who finally returned to the podium after a very unlucky season so far. Loïc Larrieu closed the podium in front of Thomas Oldrati.

EnduroGP France Rnd Loic Larrieu
Loic Larrieu – EnduroGP of France 2018 -Round 7

E2 Result – Day 2

  1. Eero REMES
  2. Christophe CHARLIER
  3. Loïc LARRIEU
  4. Thomas OLDRATI
  5. Alex SALVINI
  7. Josh GOTTS
  8. Cedric SOUBEYRAS

E2 Class standings

  1. SALVINI Alex 224
  2. REMES Eero 210
  3. LARRIEU Loic 203

Enduro 1 – Day 2

In Enduro 1, it was once again Brad Freeman who proved unbeatable… although not without pain! The Beta Boano rider started the day very badly by falling twice in the first special. Courageous and carrying on despite a painful shoulder, he still took victory by just 99 hundredths of a second in front of a determined Jamie McCanney. Once again, Davide Guarneri prevented Antoine Basset from getting on the podium in front of his home crowd while Eemil Pohjola, fifth, got the better of Wild Card Yohan Lafont.

EnduroGP France Rnd Jamie McCanney
Jamie McCanney – EnduroGP of France 2018 -Round 7

E1 Result – Day 2

  1. Brad FREEMAN
  2. Jamie MCCANNEY
  3. Davide GUARNERI
  4. Antoine BASSET
  5. Eemil POHJOLA
  6. Yohan LAFONT
  7. Manuel MONNI
  8. Mathieu DOVEZE France

E1 Class standings

  1. FREEMAN Brad 246
  2. MCCANNEY Jamie 218
  3. BASSET Antoine 190

Junior Class – Day 2

In the Junior classes, it was thought that Matteo Cavallo would relax a little after lifting the Junior World Champion’s crown the day before… nothing of the sort! Jarno Boano protégé, however badly he started the day, finished in top spot once again, and setting at the same time the best time in all the categories combined on the last special test. Cavallo won at the expense of a charging Joe Wootton who shone throughout the day… Andrea Verona climbed onto the last step of the Overall Junior podium in front of his teammate Davide Soreca and Jack Edmondson.

Once again in J2 it was Cavallo who won. He is getting ever closer to the victory in the J2 World Cup. Completing the podium on Day 2 were Joe Wootton and Davide Soreca, returning from surgery. Andrea Verona was able to win the J1 World Cup crown, one round before the end of the season.

125cc Class – Day 2

Finally, this Grand Prix of France witness the crowning of a second World Champion in the form of Ruy Barbosa. His most serious rival for the title before today, Dan Mundell had to be content with fourth place, pipped at the end of the day by one of Ivan Cervantes’s protégés in the RFME team, Sergio Navarro Huertas. Finally, New Zealand sensation Hamish MacDonald closed out the Top 5 in Youth just ahead of Gerard Gomez.

Rüdersdorf, Germany will host the grand finale of the EnduroGP season over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of October.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

World Enduro Super Series – Round 6 – Hawkstone Park

Josep Garcia continued on his winning performance from Saturday’s qualifying Sprint Enduro to claim a start-to-finish victory at round six of the World Enduro Super Series held at the Hawkstone Park Cross-Country facility last weekend.

WESS Rnd Hawkstone Cross Country Competitors
World Enduro Super Series 2018 – Round 6 Hawkstone Park

It was a memorable race for British riders as fan favourites Nathan Watson (KTM) and Billy Bolt (Husqvarna) secured podium results at their home race with second and third respectively. In finishing third on the day Bolt becomes the new championship leader with two rounds remaining.

With scattered showers blowing through the iconic Hawkstone Park venue, the skies cleared for the start of Sunday’s two-and-a-half-hour Original Fast Eddy Cross-Country, much to the welcome relief of the 250 riders on the start line.

After Saturday’s electric qualification event, Garcia took pole position and was quick to turn that advantage into a holeshot as the riders blasted off the start line. With his nose in front, the Spaniard immediately set a blisteringly fast pace to distance himself from the chasing pack. Lap after lap the KTM rider edged further and further ahead from his closest challengers Watson and Bolt to charge his way to an eventual one-minute and 34-second margin of victory.

Josep Garcia (KTM – ESP)

I am really happy to win my first race in WESS. I felt really good in the race – I set off first and stayed in front the whole time. My team were great, they let me know how much of an advantage I had and so I was able to gauge the gap back to Nathan. I did have a couple of crashes but thankfully it was nothing too serious and I didn’t lose too much time. I’ve really enjoyed myself here at Hawkstone Park. It’s been an awesome weekend and to win both days is perfect. It’s given me added motivation for hopefully another good result at the next round.”

WESS Rnd Hawkstone Cross Country Josep Garcia
Josep Garcia – World Enduro Super Series 2018 – Round 6 Hawkstone Park

However, behind Garcia the battle raged on between Watson, Bolt and early contenders Taddy Blazusiak and Jaume Betriu with British wildcard Alex Snow and Manuel Lettenbichler close behind.

During the first hour both Watson and Bolt swapped positions as they broke clear of Blazusiak and Betriu. With a perfect pitstop, Watson jumped into second and it was a position he would control until the chequered flag. Despite keeping Watson honest throughout, Bolt had to settle for the final step of the podium, but in doing so also moved to the top of the championship standings.

The World Enduro Super Series continues with round seven at Sweden’s Gotland Grand National on October 26/27.

AMA Endurocross – Round 3 – Reno, Nevada

Cody Webb rebounded from a disappointing round two to win the Reno EnduroCross ahead of championship rival Colton Haaker who will keep the championship points lead by a single point. Ty Tremaine rounded out the podium on the Alta Redshift electric bike to earn the first-ever AMA professional podium for an electric powered motorcycle.

Haaker dominated the first of the two pro class heat races but forgot to take the No Joke Lane and, therefore, had to go to the Last Chance Qualifier instead of the main event. GasGas backed Noah Kepple moved up to take the heat one win, the first of his career. Redmond, Ty Cullins, Cristobal Guerrero, Abbott and Ryan Wells finished second to sixth respectively to earn main event spots.

In the second pro heat race, Webb took the win over Tremaine. Dustin McCarthy, Geoff Aaron, Giacomo Redondi and Mason Ottersberg finished third through sixth respectively to earn slots in the main event.

The top four riders from each of the above heat races faced off in head-to-head bracket races. The winner earns a bonus point and first gate pick for the main event. With the points leader Haaker not in the brackets, it was Webb’s opportunity to gain a point. But Tremaine, who is from nearby Gardnerville, Nevada managed to beat Webb when they faced off in the final.

Cody Webb

“Reno was much better than last weekend. With the injury earlier in the year, I was behind and trying to rely on talent and that wasn’t enough. So I spent all week with Trystan Hart, Cooper Abbott, and Cody Miller riding motos to get my intensity back and that helped. I hope Trystan is okay since he was riding so  good, so it is a bummer to see him hurt his wrist or arm.”

Colton Haaker

“The mistake I made in the heat race (missing the No Joke Lane), it was easy tonight and I was so focused on the track that I just forgot to hit it. In the main, I got an okay start and got to second pretty quick and tried to close on Cody. He was so good in the Matrix and jumping into the rocks that he was putting a couple of seconds on me there. I think I was making up time on the rest of the track but not enough.”

Ty Tremaine

“I didn’t get the best start so I took the No Joke Lane right away, and then from there, I just started picking guys off one by one. I got into third and then rode my own race. We made history tonight with the Alta, which is crazy. And I did it with all of my family and hometown crowd here, which was so great.”


  1. Cody Webb, KTM
  2. Colton Haaker, Husqvarna
  3. Ty Tremaine, Alta
  4. Geoff Aaron, GasGas
  5. Kyle Redmond, Husqvarna
  6. Noah Kepple, GasGas
  7. Cristobal Guerrero, Yamaha
  8. Ty Cullins, Beta
  9. Benjamin Herrera, Beta
  10. Cooper Abbott, KTM
  11. Giacomo Redondi, KTM
  12. Dustin McCarthy, Yamaha
  13. Mason Ottersberg, Beta
  14. Ryan Wells, KTM

AMA National Enduro Series – Round 8 – Indiana

Grant and Stewart Baylor have finished 1-2 at round 8 of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series which was held in Indaina last weekend.

Grant got off to a strong start by posting the fastest time in the 10-mile opening test, outrunning his brother by 34 seconds. From there, Grant continued to extend his lead, losing only to Thad DuVall in test four and to his brother in test six.

Steward edged DuVall by 16 seconds to finish second, extending his championship point lead to 20 over FMF KTM’s Josh Toth.

Aussie girls Tayla Jones and Mackenzie Tricker went 1-2 in the Wonen’s class ahead of .Rachel Gutish and Tayler Bonecutter.

The Kenda AMA National Enduro Series returns to action on November 4th for the Gobbler Getter National Enduro in Stanton, Alabama, the ninth and final round of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series.

Results – September 23, 2018

  1. Grant Baylor (KTM)
  2. Steward Baylor (KTM)
  3. Thad DuVall (Hus)
  4. Josh Toth (KTM)
  5. Evan Smith (Hus)
  6. Andrew DeLong (GG)
  7. Ben Kelley (KTM)
  8. Ryder Lafferty (Hus)
  9. Cory Buttrick (Hus)
  10. Thorne Devlin (GG)
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

FIM Speedway World Championship (German SGP) – Teterow

Great Britain racer Tai Woffinden has topped the German SGP podium in Teterow ahead of reigning champion Jason Doyle, title rival Bartosz Zmarzlik and American legend Greg Hancock.

SGP Teterow Germany Podium
FIM Speedway World Championship – German SGP, Teterow

Woffinden ended his night on a total of 16 points, extending his advantage at the top of the standings to 10 after Zmarzlik scored 15. This means 12 points at the Torun SGP of Poland on October 6 will guarantee Woffy his third world title irrespective of what Zmarzlik scores in his homeland.

Indianerna and Wroclaw rider Woffinden was delighted to bounce back after scoring five at the AZTORIN Slovenian SGP in Krsko on September 8.

Tai Woffinden

“I think I’ve had three or four GPs, where I wouldn’t say I have been struggling a little bit, but I was just not on my day. But it’s the business end of the season now and I mean business. I’ve proved that and I’m ready to go to Torun in two weeks and lift that trophy.  Tonight was about making sure I didn’t lose a lead or I could extend it. I extended it by one point, so it’s job done. I can go home, relax and focus on two weeks’ time.”

Second-placed Doyle. He has now racked up 33 in just two rounds as he moves closer and closer to guaranteeing his place in SGP 2019. But the Newcastle-born racer knows there’s plenty of work to do on one of the world’s great race tracks in Torun.

Doyle, who has never finished below fifth in the World Championship, surged up to sixth in the standings after storming to 16 points.

Jason Doyle

“Hopefully I can get in that top eight. That’s the main goal now and the last one in Torun is going to be very difficult. There are some fast riders who can go there and score big points. I know the job is not over yet. It’s very hard this year. If you don’t make a semi, you feel pretty disappointed. It’s such a fine line between making a semi and getting straight into the final. But it’s exciting. I thought I was going to have to beg for a place for next year! So it’s nice to be in the top six.”

Third-placed Zmarzlik was content with his night’s work.

Bartosz Zmarzlik

“Today was not so bad. I am happy because I scored 15 points and it wasn’t such a bad result. All the time I remember last year here – I only scored two points. This was a little bit better and I am happy because I stayed in the top two.”

German SGP Scores

  1. Tai Woffinden 16 points
  2. Jason Doyle 16 points
  3. Bartosz Zmarzlik 15 points
  4. Greg Hancock 12 points
  5. Matej Zagar 12 points
  6. Niels-Kristian Iversen 12 points
  7. Maciej Janowski 9 points
  8. Fredrik Lindgren 9 points
  9. Nicki Pedersen 8 points
  10. Emil Sayfutdinov 8 points
  11. Chris Holder 7 points
  12. Artem Laguta 4 points
  13. Kevin Wolbert 3 points
  14. Przemyslaw Pawlicki 3 points
  15. Kai Huckenbeck 2 points
  16. Martin Smolinski 1 point
  17. Martin Vaculik 0 points
  18. Craig Cook 0 points

World Championship Standings

  1. Tai Woffinden 124 points
  2. Bartosz Zmarzlik 114 points
  3. Maciej Janowski 98 points
  4. Fredrik Lindgren 98 points
  5. Greg Hancock 93 points
  6. Jason Doyle 86 points
  7. Patryk Dudek 84 points
  8. Emil Sayfutdinov 78 points
  9. Artem Laguta 77 points
  10. Matej Zagar 73 points
  11. Nicki Pedersen 67 points
  12. Chris Holder 60 points

NSW Junior Dirt Track Champions Awarded

The Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club Inc played host to the New South Wales Junior Dirt Track Championships, proudly supported by Worthington Motorcycles Honda, on September 15-16. The action-packed racing over two days has seen 13 new NSW junior state champions crowned.

Best Presented Michael WEst
Best Presented Michael West

After some inspirational words from seven-time Paralympian and local MP, Liesl Tesch,  the 99 scheduled races got underway at Allen Park, Somersby, on the NSW central coast. Across the age groups, seven wins went to Ryan Smith (3), Cameron Dunker (2), Noah Cardinale and Rory Hutchinson from the Kurri Kurri club, and another three wins to brothers Tom (2) and Sam Drane from Forbes.

Other winners who travelled to the event included Queenslander Riley Nauta, Victorian Archie McDonald and Jayden Holder from Kempsey, NSW. Local racers Lachlan Russell and Lochlen Trappel were twice placed, with Russell also winning the support class, while Jacob Roulstone and Lincoln Knight took home place-getter medallions.

In all, it was a weekend of great racing, with officials praising the many riders who showed vastly improved form – which augers well for their future racing.

Dave Cooke, CEO of Motorcycling NSW

“Every state title event in NSW is the result of a lot of hard work from key groups of people. I’d like to congratulate the Central Coast Junior Motorcycle Club for not only hosting the event, but doing everything in their power to prepare the venue for two days of hard racing that, from all accounts, ran smoothly and to schedule. Thank you to all those that competed, and, of course, special congratulations to our nine new state champions across 13 classes!”

2018 NSW Junior Dirt Track Champions

50cc Auto DIV2 7/u9 Years

  1. Riley Nuata
  2. Viv Muddle
  3. Valetino Knezovic

65cc 7/u9 Years

  1. Jayden Holder
  2. Riley Nauta
  3. Hugh Dilley

65cc 9/u13 Years

  1. Cameron Dunker
  2. Talon Cardinale
  3. Hayden Nelson

85cc (4ST) Modified 7/u10 Years

  1. Sam Drane
  2. Lachlan Russell
  3. Cody Wilby

85cc (4ST) Modified 10/u14 Years

  1. Tom Drane
  2. Harrison Voight
  3. Jacob Roulstone

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) SW 9/u11 Years

  1. Cameron Dunker
  2. Hayden Nelson
  3. Lachlan Russell

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) 11/u13 Years

  1. Tom Drane
  2. Harrison Voight
  3. Archie McDonald

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) BW 11/u13 Years

  1. Archie McDonald
  2. Tom Drane
  3. Harrison Voight

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) 13/u16 Years

  1. Noah Cardinale
  2. Lochlen Trappel
  3. Lincoln Knight

85cc (2ST)/150cc (4ST) BW 13/u16 Years

  1. Rory Hutchinson
  2. Noah Cardinale
  3. Lochlen Trappel

100-150cc (2ST) 13/u16 Years

  1. Ryan Smith
  2. Tristan Adamson
  3. Jayden Rodgers

100-150cc (2ST)/250cc (4ST) 13/u16 Years

  1. Ryan Smith
  2. Harrison Ryan
  3. Wade O’Keefe

200-250cc (4ST) 13/u16 Years

  1. Ryan Smith
  2. Harrison Ryan
  3. Max Berry
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Australia Struggles at Trial des Nations

It was a tough weekend for Team Australia at the Trial des Nations in the Czech Republic. The Australian Men’s Team finishing in 6th place for the International Trophy and the Women’s Team finishing in 8th place. The competition was fierce and conditions were tough throughout the weekend. Despite this, the Aussies showed plenty of grit and determination.

Trials des Nations Team Australia
2018 Australian Trial des Nations team

Spain stormed to a fantastic fifteenth consecutive FIM Trial des Nations victory at a wet, wild and spectacular Sokolov venue in the Czech Republic with their three-man team of Toni Bou – Repsol Honda and Gas Gas team-mates Jeroni Fajardo and Jaime Busto reigning supreme in the Men’s World Championship category.

It was a much closer-fought affair in the Women’s TDN class where, competing alongside the men for the first time in the competition’s rich and illustrious history, Great Britain’s Emma Bristow – Sherco, Donna Fox – Montesa and Jess Brown – Scorpa regained the title they lost last year to Spain.

Australias female Trials Des Nations team
2018 Australian Female Trial des Nations team

With the best two scores through each section counting towards a country’s result, riders from twenty-three nations faced a mixture of man-made hazards featuring huge boulders and more natural terrain in nearby woods where grip was at a minimum. Day-long torrential rain and plunging temperatures added to the drama and forced organisers to modify the sections as the event became a war of attrition.

The Australians noted that the rain and steep hills were far from ideal for them. The effort they put in was unrelenting and showed true Aussie spirit, but the results were not what they were after.

The TDN brought a close to the 2018 TrialGP season, and marked the second and yet another successful season with Sport7 at the helm. For a full list of results head to

Motorcycling Australia thanked Team Australia Competitors Kyle Middleton, Connor Hogan, Chris Bayles, Kristie McKinnon, Michelle Coleman and Jenna Lupo for their efforts representing Australia on the world stage. MA would also like to thank Team Manager Phil Whittle and minders, Daniel Felton, Jacob Whittle, Hayden Ahrens and Sam Hull.

Ferris OUT of Australian SX

Three-time Australian Motocross Champion Dean Ferris will miss the remainder of the 2018 Australian Supercross Championship, the CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team announced today.

mx nationals coolum rnd saturday mx partice ferris ImageScottya
Dean Ferris

Ferris sustained a concussion and severe bruising to his right lung in a crash at the opening round of the championship last weekend. According to the team, Ferris was in the ICU for a night before being transferred to the general ward the following morning. He was released from the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and is expected to make a full recovery.

Dean Ferris

“I don’t recall anything of the crash, but my doctors are confident they have everything under control and I will make a full recovery. There were some concerns around my lung, but they are happy with the progress, and now it’s just a matter of rest and relaxation to ensure everything stays on track. It’s hard to put a time frame on it, but due to the lung issue, my doctor has told me to lay low for four to six weeks and no physical exercise, and then they can assess me from there and we can begin the process of building strength and condition back. With the tight schedule of this years’ supercross championship, I will be out for the remainder of the series, but already looking forward to getting back on the bike and continuing my goal of racing in the US in 2019.”

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx ferris mic
Dean Ferris

Ferris announced in August that he will race the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship in the U.S. in 2019. At this time, Ferris has yet to announce a deal for next year. In 2014, Ferris signed with Red Bull KTM and finished 14th overall in the 250SX West Region Championship, but his season was cut short due to injury and he eventually returned to Europe and the FIM Motocross World Championship. He raced the High Point National in 2017 and finished second in the first 450 moto.

The CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team will continue with Dylan Long. A replacement rider for Ferris has yet to be determined at this point.

Craig Dack – CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team Manager

“At this point, no decision has been made either way, and we are just coming to terms with what happened on the weekend. Dean has had an amazing three-year run with us so his injury has been a bit of a shock, and at the moment we are doing what we can to assist. Our short-term focus is to get Dylan up the front, give Dean what he needs for his recovery, and then assess what our next move is from there. On behalf of everyone at CDR, we wish Dean a quick and full recovery and look forward to seeing him back at the track as soon as possible.”

mx nationals coolum round mx cdr dacka ImageScottYa
CDR Yamaha’s Craig Dack – MX Nationals 2018 – Coolum Round 10

Round two of the Australian Supercross Championship hits Coolum on the Sunshine Coast on October 6.

2018 Motocross des Nations Team List (Updated!)

We are less than two weeks away from the annual Motocross des Nations which will be held in the United States at the Red Bud track in Michigan on October 7 and below is a list of the teams that have currently announced their riders.

Mouths are watering at the prospect of Jeffrey Herlings going toe to toe with Eli Tomac or how Aaron Plessinger goes against the regular World MX2 stars including Jorge Prado and Pauls Jonass while us Aussies are waiting to see if we can somehow break into the top five.

One point of interest is the fact that Romain Febvre has been replaced by Jordi Tixier instead of Marvin Musquin leaving little doubt that Marvin is on the nose with the French governing body.

  • ARGENTINA – Joaquin Poli, Julian Seibel, Juan Pablo Luzzardi
  • AUSTRIA – Lukas Neurauter, Michael Sandner, Pascal Rauchenecker
  • AUSTRALIA – Kirk Gibbs, Hunter Lawrence, Mitch Evans
  • BELGIUM – Clement Desalle, Jago Geerts, Jeremy Van Horebeek
  • BRAZIL – Gustavo De Souza, Enzo Lopes, Fabio Santos
  • CANADA – Colton Facciotti, Tyler Medglia, Jess Pettis
  • CHILE – Nicolas Aravena, Javier Vasquez, Manuel Pavez
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Vaclav Kovar, Martin Michek, Martin Krc
  • ESTONIA – Tanel Leok, Hardi Roosiorg, Harri Kullas
  • FRANCE – Gautier Paulin, Dylan Ferrandis, Jordi Tixier
  • GERMANY – Ken Roczen, Henry Jacobi, Max Nagl
  • GREAT BRITAIN – Tommy Searle, Max Anstie, Ben Watson
  • GUAM – Brandon Scharer, Cody Williams, Sean Lipanovich
  • HOLLAND – Jeffrey Herlings, Calvin Vlaanderen, Glenn Coldenhoff
  • ICELAND – Einar Sigurdsson, Andri Gudmundsson, Ingvi Bjorn Birgisson
  • IRELAND – Graeme Irwin, Martin Barr, Richard Bird
  • ITALY – Antonio Cairoli, Alessandro Lupino, Michele Cervellin
  • JAPAN – Toshiki Tomita, Taiki Koga, Haruki Yokoyama
  • MEXICO – Tre Fierro, Felix Lopez, Julio Cesar Zambrano
  • NEW ZEALAND – Cody Cooper, Hamish Harwood, Rhys Carter
  • PHILIPPINES – Kenneth San Andres, Mark Reggie Flores, Carlo Rodriquez
  • PORTUGAL  – Rui Goncalves, Dioga Graca, Paulo Alberto
  • PUERTO RICO  – Travis Pastrana, Ryan Sipes, Kevin Windham
  • QUATEMALA  – Jose Fernandez, Pablo Barrientos, Jorge Gonzalez
  • SOUTH AFRICA  – Michael Docherty, Bradley Lionnett, Caleb Tennant
  • SPAIN  – Jose Butron, Jorge Prado, Carlos Campano
  • SWEDEN  – Filip Bengtsson, Alvin Ostlund, Anton Gole
  • SWITZERLAND  – Valentin Guillod, Jeremy Seewer, Killian Auberson
  • UKRAINE  – Volodymyr Tarasov, Dmytro Chernov, Dymtro Asmanov
  • USA – Eli Tomac, Aaron Plessinger, Justin Barcia
  • VENEZUELA  – Lorenzo Locurcio, Anthony Rodriguez, Carlos Badiali
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Seely Extends HRC Contract

American Honda have announced that Cole Seely has signed a contract extension to remain with Team Honda HRC through the 2019 season, campaigning the AMA Supercross and AMA Pro Motocross Championships.

HRC Contract Extended Cole Seely
Cole Seely

This will mark Seely’s fifth season aboard a factory-prepared CRF450R; the Californian has spent his entire premier-class career (and the majority of his 250-class career) with the Honda brand.

Erik Kehoe – Team Honda HRC Team Manager

“I’m looking forward to having Cole back with us for 2019. He had a tough year with his injuries, but as his recovery progressed, he became more eager and excited to get back to racing, which was great to see. We’re confident in his ability to make his comeback and return to the podium. He’s very talented and a huge asset to our team, so we’re happy to continue our relationship.”

Cole Seely

“I’m really excited to be re-signing with American Honda, I have an awesome crew around me and we get along great, so I’m eager to get back to work with them. This past year was really rough, so to have a company like Honda continue to back me is amazing. It’s one thing to have brand loyalty as a rider, but to have rider loyalty as a brand is saying something huge. This will be my 10th season on a Honda! I’m excited for 2019 but am trying to take things slow and easy right now so I can build myself up and not rush the process. We have started to do some testing though so it’s been fun getting back into the mix.”

HRC Contract Extended Cole Seely
Cole Seely

Following the 2018 Motocross of Nations, Team Honda HRC’s crew and riders will focus solely on preparing for the 2019 season and will not be participating in the Monster Energy Cup.

2019 AMA Supercross Schedule Announced

The 2019 Supercross series schedule has been announced and the big changes stem around the fact that the world’s best supercross riders will go to Nashville for the first time in the sport’s 45-year history and from Nashville, it will go to Denver’s Broncos Stadium for the first time since 1996.

The returning destinations include Detroit and East Rutherford which were both last on the schedule in 2017 and there will be three Triple Crown events and two East-West Showdowns—although the cities have not be announced. Anaheim gets it’s traditional two rounds on January 5 and January 19.

The good news for the weekend warrior is that there will be eight Sunday National Amateur Supercross races, called Supercross Futures, with round two in Arizona kicking off the amateur festivities. Amateurs will earn Road to Supercross points toward their professional AMA Supercross license. The Amateur Championship finale will be held at the Monster Cup on October 19 in Las Vegas.

The AMA Supercrpss Championship Calendar
2019 AMA Supercross Schedule

Musquin and Anderson Headline Paris SX

With Marvin Musquin, the winner last year, and Jason Anderson, the US Supercross champion, the annual Paris Supercross will have a real taste of American Supercross!

AMA MX Musquin Tomac Multiple MX JK SpringCreek
Marvin Musquin

Having returned to the French capital last year after three editions in Lille, the Paris Supercross looks more exciting than ever with the comeback of many top Supercross riders in one of the most modern arenas in Europe.

Xavier Audouard – Paris SX Sport Director

“For sure we’ll have the best line-up of the last twenty years, Having Marvin and Jason, who battled for the US title, and also Dylan Ferrandis, Zach Osborne, Jayson Brayton, Tyler Bowers and Vince Friese alongside the best French SX riders confirms that Paris remains one of the best events outside the USA.”

The race format is similar to last year with two sprint races (4 minutes + 1 lap, 6 minutes + 1 lap) and one main event (9 minutes + 1 lap) for the SX2, and for the SX1 the Superpole, two sprint races (4 minutes + 1 lap, 8 minutes + 1 lap) and one main event (15 minutes + 1 lap).

Of course the show will also feature FMX with six top riders involved in three contests (Best Whip, All Tricks, Best Tricks). Coming from Australia Josh Sheehan and Jarryd McNeill will challenge Japanese Genki Watanabe and Frenchies David Rinaldi, Brice Izzo and Nicolas Texier, and will find in the U Arena enough space to deliver a great show.

AMAMX RNd Ironman Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson

Designed by Jean Luc Fouchet and Cedric Lucas, the track will remain one of the biggest in Europe and will be more selective.

Cedric Lucas

“After the start the riders will cross the Arena for 100 meters and a double left turn will offer several lines to get the holeshot; then the track will go in the opposite side compared to last year, and we’ll have more left turns so it will be easier for the riders to play with the rear brake.”

The track will of course be one of the key features to a successful event, as well as the show and the line up. Regarding the show everyone now knows how to use all the facilities of this new stadium, including the lights and the giant screen, to offer an even better show. For the fans who will attend the event, there’s a huge novelty as all tickets will give access to the practice sessions (doors will open at 3 pm on Saturday and 11.30 am on Sunday).

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Gillman to Host 2019 AJMX

Motorcycling Australia confirmed that the 2019 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship (AJMX) will be hosted by the Motocross Riders Association at the Gillman Motocross Track in Gillman, South Australia (SA).

KTM AJMX to Gillman
Gillman to host 2019 AJMX

With multiple State Championships under their belt over the past 10 years, the Motocross Riders Association will no doubt deliver an event to remember. The dates have also been locked in, taking place September 28 – October 5, 2019.

Mark Walmsley – Event Promoter

“I’m ecstatic to bring AJMX back to SA again, we’re going to make it huge and make it the best one in Australia from the last five years. Although it’s getting to a warmer time of year, we can handle it. We’ve got enough water and machinery to deal with the weather. We ran a state title a few weeks ago and did a lot of radio advertising and got great spectator numbers. I think the numbers will be huge for a national title like AJMX. If we can get kids there, maybe we can get more people on the track, especially because the Juniors are the future of the sport.”

The AJMX is the apex of Junior Motocross racing in Australia and MA is excited to collaborate with the Motocross Riders Association to showcase our homegrown junior talent in this national title!

Gillman to host 2019 FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship

FIM Oceania has confirmed the FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship will once again be conducted at Adelaide’s Gillman Speedway Stadium.

FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship to Gillman
Gillman also to host 2019FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship

This is the fifth successive year this event has been allocated to Gillman and Speedway Manager David Parker couldn’t be happier.

David Parker

“To get the event five years running, and last season and this as a standalone venue, is something all our officials, staff and volunteers can be very proud of.”

FIM Oceania President Glen Williams

“FIM Oceania is thrilled to be associated with the FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship at Gillman Speedway, in South Australia. We are looking forward to yet again seeing some of the world’s best Speedway Sidecar riders battling it out for an evening of spectacular racing. FIM Oceania has the important role of helping to create and develop the sport of motorcycling within our region. Our continued support of this high-quality event reflects the valued exposure that Gillman Speedway brings to our sport within Oceania. I am sure that the FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship will again be action packed and hotly contested. It will be a weekend of handle bar to handle bar racing with riders from Australia, New Zealand joining International stars. Gillman Speedway allows spectators to see, smell, hear and feel all of the high octane race action up-close and it will be racing not to be missed”

The FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championship will be held at Saturday night, 30 March 2019. Details of the riders taking part will be announced when each country makes its selections, but David Parker said he was pleased to say the current champion Darrin Treloar will be defending his FIM Oceania championship.

Thompson and Pettis with Canadian Triple Crown

The second round of the supercross portion of the Rockstar Triple Crown series took place last weekend in London, Ontario, at the Delaware Speedway and in 450 Pro class Cole Thompson took the win over Colton Facciotti and Phil Nicoletti while Jess Pettis earned his second straight win in 250 Pro over Shawn Maffenbeier and Logan Karnow.


  1. Cole Thompson
  2. Colton Facciotti
  3. Phil Nicoletti
  4. Cody VanBuskirk
  5. Tyler Medaglia
  6. Dillan Epstein
  7. Davey Fraser
  8. Ryan Derry
  9. Mitch Goheen
  10. Donald Turner


  1. Jess Pettis
  2. Shawn Maffenbeier
  3. Logan Karnow
  4. Marco Cannella
  5. Jake Tricco
  6. Eric Jeffery
  7. Jack Wright
  8. Quinn Amyotte
  9. Wyatt Waddell
  10. Sam Gaynor
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax


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