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July 17, 2018 – By Darren Smart

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

What Went Down Last Weekend?

  • Australian MX Nationals – Round 7 & 8 – Raymond Terrace
  • Dunlop tops MX1 & MX2 at The Ranch
  • Mosig Suspended
  • Adelaide and Ipswich Vie for 2019 Australian FIM Speedway Grand Prix
  • Herlings and Geerts are Dutch Champs
  • Honda up front in UK MX Nationals
  • Canadian Rockstar Triple Crown MX – Round 6 — Gopher Dunes
  • ADAC MX Masters – Round 4 — Moggers, Austria
  • Bou Gets Win 101
  • Wilksch and Trigg take out Nhill Pony Express
  • Supp Regs for 2018 KTM Australian Junior MX Championship Released
  • Barreda looks to defend Baja Aragón titles

Australian MX Nationals – Round 7 & 8 – Raymond Terrace

The completely revamped Ranch MX at Raymond Terrace hosted rounds seven and eight of the Australian MX Nationals last weekend and despite only wining one of the four MX1 motos over the weekend Dean Ferris kept his perfect overall wins record intact for the 2018 season while Aaron Tanti and Dylan Wills shared the spoils in the MX2 class.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx fox cdr ferris ImageByScottya
Dean Ferris on the MX1 start line at Ranch MX – Image by Scottya

Tonound seven saw Ferris take the opening moto win ahead of Brett Metcalfe and Mitch Evans before shadowing his team mate Dylan Long in race two to cross the finish line in second place so with 1-2 moto results Ferris racked up round win number seven.

Round eight was the first time Ferris wasn’t able to take a race win but his 2-2 moto results in the back to back format were good enough for the overall win while Long took the first 15 minute moto win with Luke Clout claiming his first MX1 victory in the second.

Ferris kept his round win streak alive and he now has a 106-point lead over his rivals.

Dean Ferris

“Sometimes you have weekends where you go 1-1 and it’s pretty easy, other weekends, like here at Raymond Terrace, you just have to find a way to win and I’m glad I was able to do that. It’s nice to know you can win when things are going perfectly but also rewarding to know that when it comes time to out race, out-smart or just be consistent, I was able to do it. Thanks to the entire CDR Yamaha Monster Energy team as the double header weekends take a massive effort from everyone and the guys always come through and to have Dylan on the podium with me is great for everyone here at CDR.”

mx nationals round mx Ferris daughter happy ImageByScottya
Dean Ferris wins MX1 at Ranch MX – Image by Scottya

Long finished with 6-1-1-5 moto finishes over the weekend to claw his way to fourth in the championship.

Dylan Long

“Was a great weekend for me and one that I have been working hard towards for a long time. My starts were good all weekend and putting myself in such good positions in every race allowed me to ride the way I know I can ride. My bike was unreal and being able to race with Dean this weekend gives me a lot of confidence as I know just how fast he is and how hard he works. It’s nice to leave a race meeting with my head high and proud of my results and I want to have this feeling every weekend I race my dirt bike.”

mx nationals round mx long holds lead
Dylan Long – Image by Scottya

Luke Clout scored his maiden victory in the top class in round eight to finish second overall.

Luke Clout

“I was pretty consistent across the weekend, going 4-3 and 4-1, so it was good points for the double-header. I got good starts, but I did lack a bit of aggression, so Jay kicked me into gear for that last one. I rode really aggressive from the start and got myself into the lead and ended up with the win. I’m really, really pumped I’ve finally got the monkey off my back and it’s put me second in the championship. To stand on the podium in second overall is my best overall finish and to finish off with a race win is even better.”

mx nationals ranch mx saturday superpole gibbs clout ktm ImageByScottya
Luke Clout and Kirk Gibbs – Image by Scottya

Round nine of the MX Nationals which takes place in Gladstone, Queensland on August 5.

THOR MX1 Moto 1 – Round 7

  1. Dean Ferris
  2. Brett Metcalfe
  3. Mitch Evans
  4. Luke Clout
  5. Rhys Carter
  6. Dylan Long
  7. Keiron Hall
  8. Corey James
  9. Callum Norton
  10. Joel Wightman
    …DNF Kirk Gibbs

Fastest Lap: Brett Metcalfe 1:49.945

THOR MX1 Moto 2 – Round 7

  1. Dylan Long
  2. Dean Ferris
  3. Luke Clout
  4. Brett Metcalfe
  5. Rhys Carter
  6. Mitch Evans
  7. Caleb Ward
  8. Corey James
  9. Callum Norton
  10. Joel Wightman
    …DNS Kirk Gibbs

Fastest Lap: Dylan Long 1:43.690

mx nationals round race mx winners over all
Round 7 MX Nationals Thor MX1 Podium -Long, Ferris, Metcalfe – Image by Scottya

THOR MX1 Moto 1 – Round 8

  1. Dylan Long
  2. Dean Ferris
  3. Brett Metcalfe
  4. Luke Clout
  5. Mitch Evans
  6. Caleb Ward
  7. Rhys Carter
  8. Callum Norton
  9. Corey James
  10. Lachlan Davis

Fastest Lap: Dylan Long 1:46.398

THOR MX1 Moto 2 – Round 8

  1. Luke Clout
  2. Dean Ferris
  3. Mitch Evans
  4. Rhys Carter
  5. Dylan Long
  6. Brett Metcalfe
  7. Caleb Ward
  8. Corey James
  9. Joel Wightman
  10. Lachlan Davis

Fastest Lap: Caleb Ward 1:47.585

THOR MX1 Championship Standings after Round 8 of 10

  1. Dean Ferris – 556 points
  2. Luke Clout – 450
  3. Mitch Evans – 443
  4. Dylan Long – 402
  5. Brett Metcalfe – 393
  6. Rhys Carter – 392
  7. Caleb Ward – 386
  8. Kade Mosig – 321
  9. Joel Wightman – 300
  10. Kirk Gibbs – 292
  11. Zak Small – 266
  12. Connor Tierney – 257
  13. Charlie Creech – 231
  14. Corey James – 197
  15. Izak Maule – 196
  16. Levi McManus – 188
  17. Keiron Hall – 184
  18. Beau Dargel – 176
  19. Joel Green – 170
  20. Lachlan Davis – 168

MX2 championship point’s leader Wilson Todd got the weekend off to a perfect start with the opening moto win for round seven ahead of Dylan Wills, Aaron Tanti, Jayden Rykers and Hamish Harwood then in the second moto Harwood got the win ahead of Tanti, Jay Wilson, Wills and Todd giving Tanti the round win.

mx nationals round mx start corner
MX2 Start – MX Nationals Round 8 – Image by Scottya

Round eight on Sunday saw Todd once again take the opening moto win this time ahead of Wills , Harwood, Tanti and Wilson but in the second moto Wills turned the tide to take the win ahead of Todd who in turn his the chequered flag ahead of Tanti, Wilson and Richie Evans.

Dylan Wills

“Kade’s been such a huge influence on my riding this year, so it was tough sitting in the truck without him there this weekend, but to the team’s credit, they knuckled down, focused on the job in front of us and really had my back all weekend. I’m so happy to have finally gotten my first overall win, and glad I could give the guys some good news. I felt really good on the bike coming into the weekend and my speed was there in round seven, so when I finally got stronger starts in the last two races, I was battling for the lead rather than passing to get to the front. With two rounds to go, this is where I want to be, so I’ll be working even harder to stay here.”

mx nationals round mx winners wills
Dylan Wills – Image by Scottya
Aaron Tanti

“It was a different format this weekend, but I was pretty happy with how I went. I had good starts in every single race and I was pretty consistent, going 3-2 for the overall win in round seven and in the back-to-back races I went 4-3 for third overall. I’m just happy with my consistency and starts. We knew the chase would be on in the second half of the season and I’ve stayed consistent where some other guys haven’t, so now we are looking forward to the final two rounds in Queensland next month.”

mx nationals round race mx winners tanti st place
Aaron Tanti – Image by Scottya
Wilson Todd

“It was a lively weekend with the format changes, the track and also being a double header but I managed to get through it pretty well and was able to get a few extra points in the championship, so I can’t complain too much. The MX2 field is pretty competitive this year and with the track on the weekend starts were very important as the track speed of the top five or six guys was so close. There was some awesome racing and plenty of bar banging which was fun but the roost killed so it was hard to follow anyone.”

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx todd hole shot button ImageByScottya
Wilson Todd – Image by Scottya

PIRELLI MX2 Moto 1 Round 7

  1. Wilson Todd
  2. Dylan Wills
  3. Aaron Tanti
  4. Jayden Rykers
  5. Hamish Harwood
  6. Richie Evans
  7. Cody Dyce
  8. Jay Wilson
  9. Kale Makeham
  10. Jy Roberts

Fastest Lap: Wilson Todd 1:49.517

PIRELLI MX2 Moto 2 Round 7

  1. Hamish Harwood
  2. Aaron Tanti
  3. Jay Wilson
  4. Dylan Wills
  5. Wilson Todd
  6. Kyle Webster
  7. Kaleb Barham
  8. Cody Dyce
  9. Jayden Rykers
  10. Kale Makeham

Fastest Lap: Dylan Wills 1:44.518

mx nationals round race mx winners spraying
Round 7 overall MX2 Podium – Wilson Todd, Aaron Tanti, Hamish Harwood – Image by Scottya

PIRELLI MX2 Moto 1 Round 8

  1. Wilson Todd
  2. Dylan Wills
  3. Hamish Harwood
  4. Aaron Tanti
  5. Jay Wilson
  6. Jy Roberts
  7. Kale Makeham
  8. Cody Dyce
  9. Jayden Rykers
  10. Richie Evans

Fastest Lap: Wilson Todd 1:48.820

PIRELLI MX2 Moto 2 Round 8

  1. Dylan Wills
  2. Wilson Todd
  3. Aaron Tanti
  4. Jay Wilson
  5. Richie Evans
  6. Cody Dyce
  7. Hamish Harwood
  8. Jayden Rykers
  9. Kale Makeham
  10. Cooper Pozniak

Fastest Lap: Dylan Wills

Pirelli MX2 Championship Standings after round 8 of 10

  1. Wilson Todd – 498 Pts
  2. Aaron Tanti – 441 Pts
  3. Hamish Harwood – 437 Pts
  4. Dylan Wills – 419 Pts
  5. Jay Wilson – 390 Pts
  6. Kale Makeham – 348 Pts
  7. Jy Roberts – 345 Pts
  8. Kyle Webster – 327 Pts
  9. Egan Mastin – 308 Pts
  10. Cody Dyce – 267 Pts
mx nationals round mxd racing goggles ImageByScottya
MXD Race Start – Image by Scottya

Bailey Malkiewicz is the new MXD championship leader after 1-1-8-1 moto results over the two days while former championship leader in Hugh McKay ended the weekend with 6-2-6-4 moto results to leave Raymond Terrace trailing Malkiewicz by just five points while Riley Dukes and Max Purvis are still very much in the title hunt.

Bailey Malkiewicz

“It was a good weekend for me and it feels good to get things back on track after Conondale. To win three out of the four races here and make up a heap of points is awesome. I just wish I did a little better in the first back to back race but I’m still really happy with how I raced and the way my bike went. The team did a great job again and now we are off to Gladstone which is a track that I have ridden before and look forward to racing a national on.”

mx nationals round mxd bailey malkiewicz
Bailey Malkiewicz – Image by Scottya
Hugh McKay

“It wasn’t the weekend I was hoping for but I guess I did the best I could given the circumstances. I can’t really explain how my finger got so damaged in the crash but RACESAFE were able to work some magic and get me through the weekend so a huge thank you to them for all their help. Being a four-race weekend, it was important that I stay out there and just gather as many points as I could. It actually felt a little better on Sunday but I had to be aware of getting roosted from rocks and not doing any more damage.”

mx nationals round mxd racing mckay start gate ImageByScottya
Hugh McKay – Image by Scottya

MOTUL MXD Moto 1: Round 7

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz
  2. Jye Dickson
  3. Rhys Budd
  4. Riley Dukes
  5. Maximus Purvis
  6. Hugh McKay
  7. Brodie Ellis
  8. Dylan Wood
  9. Liam Walsh
  10. Mason Rowe

Fastest Lap: Maximus Purvis 1:52.707

MOTUL MXD Moto 2: Round 7

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz
  2. Hugh McKay
  3. Riley Dukes
  4. Rhys Budd
  5. Brodie Ellis
  6. Riley Ward
  7. Jye Dickson
  8. Jayce Cosford
  9. Maximus Purvis
  10. Dylan Wood

Fastest Lap: Brodie Ellis 1:47.789

mx nationals round mxd winners
MXD Round 8 Winners – Dukes, Malkiewicz, Budd – Image by Scottya

MOTUL MXD Moto 1: Round 8

  1. Jayce Cosford
  2. Riley Dukes
  3. Jye Dickson
  4. Brodie Ellis
  5. Maximus Purvis
  6. Hugh McKay
  7. Rhys Budd
  8. Bailey Malkiewicz
  9. Dylan Wood
  10. Riley Ward

Fastest Lap: Riley Dukes 1:49.228

MOTUL MXD Moto 2: Round 8

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz
  2. Riley Dukes
  3. Jye Dickson
  4. Hugh McKay
  5. Brodie Ellis
  6. Jayce Cosford
  7. Maximus Purvis
  8. Rhys Budd
  9. John Bova
  10. Mason Rowe

Fastest Lap: Riley Dukes 1:50.443

Pirelli MXD 2018 Championship Standings after Road 8

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz – 458 Pts
  2. Hugh McKay – 453 Pts
  3. Riley Dukes – 444 Pts
  4. Maximus Purvis – 440 Pts
  5. Brodie Ellis – 411 Pts
  6. Rhys Budd – 376 Pts
  7. Jye Dickson – 351 Pts
  8. Morgan Fogarty – 348 Pts
  9. Mason Rowe – 341 Pts
  10. Jake Williams – 294 Pts
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Dunlop tops MX1 & MX2 at The Ranch

Rounds 7 & 8 of the MX Nationals at The Ranch in Raymond Terrace proved once again, that the Dunlop Geomax is the tyre to be on to succeed.

mx nationals ranch mx saturday practice mx ferris bike fix ImageByScottya
Dean Ferris is one of the many leading riders over the weekend running Dunlop tyres

A revised format saw MX1 (450cc) and MX2 (250cc) racers have a single moto on Saturday, followed by a shorter race on Sunday morning to complete round seven, while back-to-back sprint races decided the eighth round of the championship.

MX Nationals Rnd Conondale Dylan Long bloodShirt ImageByScottya
Dylan Long – Image by Scottya

It was another weekend of overall wins for CDR Yamaha’s Dean Ferris. However, the reigning champion didn’t have it all his own way in the MX1 class this time, with teammate Dylan Long taking two race wins and KTM Factory racer Luke Clout taking his first premier-class race win. In fact, over the four races, Dunlop had a 1-2 finish in every race, along with 1-2-3-4 in races two and three, with Penrite Honda’s Brett Metcalfe in the mix all weekend.

 Robbie Bugden – Dunlop Motorsport Manager

“The MX Nationals continue to produce some amazing racing, showing that we have some of the most talented racers in the world, and while some may not like the mixed race format of the weekend, I think all the fans who watched would agree the racing was incredibly entertaining at The Ranch. Congratulations to CDR Yamaha and Dean Ferris. They continue to dominate the premier class, with Dylon Long taking some race wins this time around, alongside the ever-consistent Ferris. DPH Motorsport have had a rough week, so it was great to see Dylan Wills take his first MX2 overall win, while Luke Clout taking his first MX1 win was another weekend highlight for Dunlop.”

mx nationals friday wilson todd rear fender ImageByScottya
Wilson Todd – Image by Scottya

Dunlop also dominated the MX2 class, with 1-2 finishes in all bar one race, with Wilson Todd showing why he’s leading the championship. Todd took two race wins, a fifth and a second over the weekend, while a hard-charging Dylan Wills won the final moto, coming home tied on points with Todd for round eight, taking his career first MX2 overall win.

Mosig Suspended

Husqvarna’s Kade Mosig was forced to withdraw from last weekend’s seventh and eighth round of the Pirelli MX Nationals at Ranch MX after being provisionally suspended from racing by Motorcycling Australia.

Kade Mosig

“Sorry to inform everyone, unfortunately I won’t be racing this weekend at Raymond Terrace, I have been provisionally suspended from racing until further notice. This is an extremely difficult time for me. I want to apologise to all the people that support me,” Mosig said on social media.

Kade Mosig
Kade Mosig

Whether the suspension relates to an Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) issue has yet to be confirmed.

Dale Hocking – DPH Husqvarna Team Owner

“We received notification from MA (Motorcycling Australia) that Kade has been provisionally suspended from racing and it’s gutted us as a team. We can look further into Kade’s suspension when more information is available in the coming weeks.”

Adelaide and Ipswich Vie for the Australian FIM Speedway GP

Following the cancelation of the Australian FIM Speedway Grand Prix that had been hosted at Etihad Stadium, PSE (Paul Sergeant Events) and Motorcycling Australia (MA) have been seeking a replacement venue for the round.

Chris Holder - Melbourne SGP 2016
South Australia and Queensland vie for Australian SGP – Chris Holder – SGP 2016

The search for a new home for the event has been led by Melbourne-based PSE and MA long with series rights holders BSI Speedway to try and come up with an alternative venue.

Stage one of the three stage process was open to all tracks and interested venues across the country with the first stage closing on 13 April. A final further stage of the submission process is now underway with further updates expected at the end of August.

Submissions from venues Adelaide Showgrounds, SA, and Ipswich Motorsport Park, QLD, are under consideration for a potential Australian event from 2019 onwards, as efforts continue to bring the world’s top speedway stars back Down Under for future years.

Herlings and Geerts are Dutch Champs

Zwarte Cross hosted the final round of the Dutch Motocross Championship and it was Jeffrey Herlings and Jargo Geerts are the champions in the MX1 and MX2 classes respectively.

MXGP Rnd Indonesia Jeffrey Herlings RA
Jeffrey Herlings – Image by Ray Archer

Herlings dominated the final round with 1-1 results, ahead of Glenn Coldenhoff who came away with 2-2 scores and Max Anstie with 3-3 scores while American Malcolm Stewart finished seventh overall in his one off appearance on the series.

Calvin Vlaanderen won the final round in MX2 class with 1-2 scores while second overall was Hector Anthony Rodriquez with 7-1 scores and Geerts was third.

Honda up Front in UK MX Nationals

Following the fifth and penultimate round of the 2018 Michelin MX Nationals at Canada Heights the three Buildbase Honda riders contesting the series now occupy the top positions in the MX1, MX2 and 250F MXY2 class championships.

With just the final round to go at Cusses Gorse on September 2, Jake Nicholls leads MX1 by 31 points, Josh Gilbert has edged into an eight-point lead in MX2 and despite a big crash in his opening moto Callum Green heads the 250F MXY2 division by 51 points.

Following his American adventure when he raced to 10th at the seventh round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at RedBud last weekend, Jake was in great form and ran a comfortable 1-1 despite the intense heat and teak-tough Kentish track.

 Jake Nicholls

“I’ve had a real good week practising – I’ve finally got my track in good condition – leading up to this and it showed today. I had two good starts and just cracked on really. We had a small problem so I went out on my spare bike in the second race which was a little bit of a fight but I still won it fairly comfortably. It was pretty hot but my fitness felt good and I didn’t get tired so it was nice to get back to winning ways. They did a memorial for Steven Lenoir and I won that which was really cool. He was a great competitor so to win something like that is really important to me. It means something.”

UK MX Nationals Canada Heights Jake Nicholls
Jake Nicholls – Image courtesy of UK MX Nationals

In the MX2 class Josh ran 1-2, surviving an off-track excursion in race two, to take second overall and move into the championship lead.

 Josh Gilbert

“Overall I’m really happy about how today went. I was quickest in practice and I felt like I was the fastest MX2 rider in both races and I’m now leading the championship going into the last round. I had a really good start in race two and ended up going around the second corner in second behind Jake. As I went down the first hill I was side-by-side with Mel Pocock and I went wide and he went tight but he drifted across and I ended up going down. I had to get up and come through the pack but I still managed second so I’m happy.”

 In the 250F MXY2 class Callum Green had a big crash in Saturday’s opening moto but bounced back with a third and two wins which ensures he keeps his championship lead.

 Ryan Thorpe

“Jake was on rails all day today and controlled both races comfortably. Josh was riding great but he was forced to battle through in race two after he went off the track on the opening lap. Callum showed what he’s made of after a big crash yesterday. He was riding in a lot of pain today but managed to score good points and as result Buildbase Honda riders are leading the MX1, MX2 and 250F MXY2 classes going into the final round.”

Pro MX1 Race 1

1. Jake Nicholls (Buildbase Honda), 2. Elliott Banks-Browne (Geartec Husqvarna), 3. Graeme Irwin (Hitachi ASA KTM), 4. Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Honda), 5. Liam Knight (Trevor Pope KTM), 6. Dan Thornhill (CAB Screens Honda).

Race 2

1. Jake Nicholls (Buildbase Honda), 2. Graeme Irwin (Hitchai ASA KTM), 3. Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Honda), 4. Kristian Whatley (Rob Hooper Yamaha), 5. Jamie Law (RSS Apico Husqvarna), 6. (Elliott Banks-Browne (Geartec Husqvarna)

UK MX Nationals Canada Heights Jake Lenoir Trophy
Jake Nicholls with the Lenoir Trophy – Image courtesy of UK MX Nationals


1. Jake Nicholls (Buildbase Honda) 50, 2. Graeme Irwin (Hitachi ASA KTM), 42, 3. Gert Krestinov (Phoenix Tools Honda) 38, 4. Elliott Banks-Browne (Geartec Husqvarna 37, 5. Kristian Whatley (Rob Hooper Yamaha) 31, 6. Ryan Houghton 31 (Rob Hooper Yamaha) 28.

Pro MX2 Race 1

1. Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda), 2. Mel Pocock (Revo Husqvarna), 3. Taylor Hammal (Trevor Pope KTM), 4. Brad Anderson (Verdesports Substance KTM), 5. Martin Barr (Revo Husqvarna), 6. Ashton Dickinson

Race 2

1. Mel Pocock (Revo Husqvarna), 2. Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda), 3. Martin Barr (Revo Husqvarna), 4. Lewis Tombs (Putoline Planet Racing), 5. Taylor Hammall (Trevor Pope KTM), 6. Dylan Woodcock (Revo Husqvarna)


1. Mel Pocock (Revo Husqvarna) 47, 2. Josh Gilbert (Buildbase Honda) 47, 3. Martin Barr (Revo Husqvarna) 36, 4. Taylor Hammal (Trevor Pope KTM) 36, 5. Lewis Tombs (Putoline Planet Racing), 32, 6. Dylan Woodcock (Revo Husqvarna) 26.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Canadian Rockstar Triple Crown MX
Round 6 – Gopher Dunes

The gruelling Gopher Dunes facility played host to the 6th round of the Canadian Triple Crown Motocross Series last weekend and it was Tyler Medaglia and Jess Pettis who won the 450 and 250 classes respectively.

Medaglia scored the overall with 4-1 moto results against Dillan Epsyein’s 1-4 moto results while championship leader Colton Facciotti kept his title hopes well and truly alive with 3-3 moto results for third overall.

In the 250 class former championship leader Shawn Maffenbeier didn’t bother the scorers after a shocking weekend handing the championship lead to Pettis who got the overall win with two moto wins while Josh Osby (4-2) and Tanner Ward (6-3) rounded out the podium.

450 Results

  1. Tyler Medaglia 4-1
  2. Dillan Epstein 1-4
  3. Colton Facciotti 3-3
  4. Cole Thompson 5-2
  5. Kaven Benoit 6-5

450 Championship Standings

  1. Colton Facciotti 306
  2. Tyler Medaglia 281
  3. Cole Thompson 280
  4. Kaven Benoit 280
  5. Matt Goerke 276
  6. Dillan Epstein 238

250 Results

  1. Jess Pettis 1-1
  2. Josh Osby 4-2
  3. Tanner Ward 6-3
  4. Dylan Wright 3-6
  5. Hayden Halstead 7-4

250 Championship Standings

  1. Jess Pettis 291
  2. Shawn Maffenbeier 283
  3. Joey Crown 281
  4. Josh Osby 244
  5. Marco Cannella 230
  6. Dylan Wright 227

ADAC MX Masters – Round 4 – Moggers, Austria

Little known Bence Szvoboda has won round 5 of the German ADAC MX Masters held at Moggers last weekend while MXGP contender Jeremy Seewer was forced to end the day in second on the back of 7-1 moto results.

ADAC MX Masters Round Moggers Austria
ADAC MX Masters – Round 4 – Moggers, Austria – Image courtesy of


  1. Bence Szvoboda  2-4
  2. Jeremy Seewer 7-1
  3. Jens Getteman 5-2
  4. Henry Jacobi   4-3
  5. Jeffrey Dewulf 1-11

Championship Standings

  1. Henry Jacobi 157
  2. Max Nagl 144
  3. Jeffrey Dewulf 130
  4. Jens Getteman 128
  5. Lukas Neurauter 91

Toni Bou Gets Win 101

Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou clinched victory in the fifth round of the TrialGP World Championship held this weekend in Auron, France taking his total GP tally to 101.

TrialGP Round Toni Bou
Toni Bou

The fifth event of the TrialGP World Championship was battled out this weekend at an altitude of 1700 metres above sea level, in Auron, a French town in the Alps-Maritimes and World championship leader Toni Bou was able to finish the first lap in top position, with thirteen penalty points plus one for exceeding the time limit.

On the second lap, Bou was able to whittle down the score, securing the win before finishing the course. This is victory number 101 for Bou in top flight competition and thus extends the champion’s lead over Jeroni Fajardo in second overall place to thirteen points.

Toni Bou

“It was a very tough trial, we were under a lot of pressure. It was difficult for us to be comfortable since we have fought a lot and we had to make the most of the set-up that we had. It was a trial at altitude, but thanks to the fact that I live and train in the heights of Andorra, we manage it better and better each time. This is a very important victory for the championship.”

TrialGP Round Toni Bou
Toni Bou

Results TrialGP of France

  1. BOU Toni
  2. FAJARDO Jeroni
  3. BUSTO Jaime
  4. RAGA Adam
  5. FUJINAMI Takahisa
TrialGP Round Toni Bou Podium
Toni Bou tops the Round 5 podium from Fajardo and Busto

Rider Standings

  1. BOU Toni – 110
  2. FAJARDO Jeroni – 97
  3. BUSTO Jaime – 91
  4. RAGA Adam    – 78
  5. CABESTANY Albert – 69

Wilksch and Trigg take out Nhill Pony Express

The annual Nhill Pony Express Enduro held in Western Victoria has been won by the Motul Pirelli Sherco duo of Nathan Trigg and Andy Wilksch despite a poor start left them well behind the main field.

With 173 senior entrants, the fight to get into the lead was never going to be easy as Wilksch explained.

 Andy Wilksch

“I totally stuffed the start which forced us to play catch-up all day. We just kept chipping away at it and on the third-last lap I pulled in 50-seconds on the leaders and had us within striking distance to pass for the lead. It’s such a fun track, it’s bottomless sand in sections, there’s bush sections and the turns get so sandy you can charge into them as hard as you dare and just keep the throttle on and rail them. Four hours is a long race and the track gets rough enough to torch plenty of people but it’s awesome fun. It was great to get the win,” said Wilksch “The team of Beau Taylor and Jayden Pilgrim have won this race for the past seven years. I’ve been here before and failed to catch them so it was good to end their winning streak. It’s quite a popular race and there’s some serious pace near the front so it was rewarding to get the win with Triggy.”


Nhill Pony Express Andy Wilksch
Andy Wilksch – 2018 Nhill Pony Express

Wilksch handed the riding duties back to Trigg for the penultimate lap where Trigg unleashed the mighty Sherco 450 SEF-R and made the pass for the lead. Trigg pulled a 15-second margin on second place before he pulled into the pits and Wilksch set out on the final 18-minute lap.

Wilksch was able to further extend the Team Sherco lead on his 300 SE Factory edition on the final lap and cross the finish line 30-seconds clear of second place.

Nhill Pony Express Nathan Trigg
Nathan Trigg – 2018 Nhill Pony Express

Wilksch and Trigg completed 13 laps of the Nhill circuit, 30-seconds clear of seven-time event winners Taylor and Pilgrim, while Corey Watts and Morgan McNicol were third.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Supp Regs for 2018 KTM Australian Junior
MX Championship Released

Motorcycling Australia (MA) have released the Supplementary Regulations for the 2018 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship (KTM AJMX) which will take place at the Coastal Motocross Club in Penguin, Tasmania from September 29 to October 6.

To view a copy of the Supplementary Regulations click here, alternatively you can find them by heading to the “Motocross” section of the MA website.

Australian Junior MX Nationals 2014
Australian Junior MX Nationals

Entries are open at and close at 8pm, on the 10th of September.

Coastal Motocross Club President Stuart Weller said the club is looking forward to hosting the AJMX after successfully contributing to past events in Tasmania such as the 2015 Australian Four Day Enduro (A4DE).

Stuart Weller – Coastal Motocross Club President

“The KTM AJMX will provide an excellent opportunity for juniors to compete against the best talent within Australia and visiting international riders, at our venue. It is a huge honour for our club, its the first time since 2004 we last had a Junior National Championship. We had applied to host the AJMX championship for the last two years and we were successful on our second attempt, which is a great get for our club and the state of Tasmania. We have a great committee formed and we are tracking really well leading up to September 29, and with the weather we have our fingers and toes crossed we get six days of great Tasmanian spring weather.”

Barreda looks to defend Baja Aragón titles

The small Spanish town of Teruel will host Baja Aragón, round two of the FIM Cross-Country Bajas World Cup, for the sixth successive year on July 20-22.  Last year’s winner in the motorcycle category, Joan Barreda (Honda) will be fighting hard to retain his crown.

Barreda defend Baja Aragon titles in
Joan Barreda to defend his Baja title

For this 35th edition of Baja Aragón, organised by Octagon, 32 motorcycles are registered for the FIM Cross-Country Bajas World Cup category, including three women – Spanish riders Sara Garcia (Yamaha) and Rosa Romero (KTM) and the Portuguese Rita Vieira (Yamaha).

Four Juniors will also be in the running: Rita Viera (Yamaha), Team Orlen’s Polish duo of Maciej Giemza (KTM) and Adam Tomiczek (KTM) and the Spaniard Ivan Donoso (Honda).
Defending champion Joan Barreda tops the entry list on his Honda, but the factory Spanish rider faces competition from the likes of Joan Pedrero (IES) and David Casteu’s Team Sherco – composed of Michael and Adrien Metge and Aravind Prabhakar – and many other outsiders who could spring a surprise.

Friday’s super special stage of around 10km and two other longer stages on Saturday and one on Sunday will run in the province of Aragón over a competitive distance of 529.50km, 288.50km of liaison and a total of 818km over the three days.

Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S