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August 7, 2018 by Darren Smart

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

What Went Down Last Weekend?

  • Australian MX Nationals – Round 9 – Gladstone
  • Wilson Todd aims for MX2 title at Coolum
  • Jemma Wilson announces racing retirement
  • Jarred Brook dominates at Barleigh Ranch
  • Legends Set for Geelong SX – Or Are They?
  • FIM World Motocross – MXGP of Belgium
  • 191 Riders Line Up for EMX Classes in Belgium
  • Belgian MXoN Team Announced
  • Australian Dirt Track Championships – Barleigh Ranch
  • Maxima Racing Oils Conondale Classic
  • Kailub Russell to AMA Motocross
  • Success for Kawasaki at Loretta Lynn’s
  • Justin Bogle out for the rest of season
  • Jake Johnson Wins Buffalo Chip TT
  • Ryan Sipes Tops AFT Singles – Max Whale 8th
  • Chile to host FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Rnd 3

Justin Bogle out for the rest of season

Suzuki Factory Racing Team’s Justin Bogle will be sidelined for the remainder of the 2018 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Bogle had been dealing with fatigue and loss of strength in his hand since returning to racing last month following a long layoff due to a broken upper right arm sustained at the San Diego Supercross.

The Oklahoma rider underwent a successful sub muscular ulnar nerve transposition surgery yesterday to repair the damaged ulnar nerve in his upper right arm.

Justin Bogle

“I came into 2018 with high hopes, but I was hit with a number of uncontrollable circumstances. The year went sideways and never straightened out. Originally, I wanted to finish the last three rounds of the Nationals, but after further consulting with my doctors, we decided to get surgery in order to fix my arm and start with a clean slate moving forward.

Australian MX Nationals – Round 9 – Gladstone

MX1: Ferris is the Champ

Dean Ferris has made it three MX Nationals championships in a row after claiming the overall win at round nine of the championship in Gladstone last weekend.

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx start evans long Cover
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9

See the full report here: Dean Ferris | Three in a row MX1 champ with CDR Yamaha

Despite holding over a 100 point lead coming into round nine, the former GP star not only won Superpole but he dominated both MX1 races with consummate ease.

Dean Ferris

“As I said earlier in the week, my plan was to just keep doing things as I had been doing them and nothing really changed despite the fact there was a championship on the line. Maybe the biggest thing for me today was that I actually won Superpole, as I have been pretty ordinary in those things this year, so it was good to get a good lap in and get a little boost going into the first moto. But overall, this year has been a dream for me and It’s been awesome to work with some great people and companies that support me. It’s also good to have plenty of friends and family who made the trip up from Kyogle to be here for me means a lot. My partner Renae has to put up with a lot as I can get pretty intense at times and she does a great job looking after our little family. I love that she is a part of my life. The CDR Yamaha Monster Energy Team are the best in the business and everyone works so hard and are so determined to succeed that it motivates me to work with them. Thank you to everyone on the team and are loyal sponsors who also provide us with what we need. Now, with the championship out of the way, I’m looking forward to going to Coolum and just enjoying the weekend. My first championship in 2016 was all pressure with three of us going for the win and last year also had plenty riding on it, so to roll in this year with the pressure off and just for the love of racing is good. I can’t wait!”

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx ferris one
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – Dean Ferris

Brett Metcalfe continued his solid form with second place in Gladstone, moving into fourth in the standings.

Brett Metcalfe

“Moto 1 was good and bad, I wanted to win and I pushed several times for the lead but there were limited areas to pass and I had to settle for 2nd.  I want to congratulate Dean on the Championship he has ridden well all year. I was bummed with race 2 but I need to accept that my energy wasn’t there, this cold got the better of me.  I am happy with another podium but I know and truly believe we are capable of winning races.”

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx metcalfe honda
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – Brett Metcalfe

After getting his privateer Husqvarna sorted in recent round Caleb Ward was able to earn his first MX1 podium while fellow rookie Mitch Evans finish a more than credible fourth on the day.


  1. Dean Ferris (Yamaha) 70
  2. Brett Metcalfe (Honda) 62
  3. Caleb Ward (Husqvarna) 60
  4. Mitch Evans (KTM) 58
  5. Dylan Long (Yamaha) 52
  6. Luke Clout (KTM) 48
  7. Callum Norton (Husqvarna) 48
  8. Zak Small (Husqvarna) 45
  9. Joben Baldwin (Yamaha) 42
  10. Charlie Creech (Honda) 40

Thor MX1 Championship Standings

  1. Dean Ferris 629
  2. Mitch Evans 507
  3. Luke Clout 498
  4. Dylan Long 454
  5. Brett Metcalfe 454
  6. Caleb Ward 444
  7. Rhys Carter 417
  8. Joel Wightman 337
  9. Kade Mosig 321
  10. Zak Small 311

MX2: Wilson Scores the Overall

Former MX2 champion Jay Wilson broke through for his first MX2 round win since 2015 with an inspired ride at the Gladstone circuit where he topped Kiwi Hamish Harwood and championship leader Wilson Todd for the overall.

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx walk out
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – MX2 Walk Out

In the opening MX2 race, championship leader Todd leapt to the front of the pack and led the field through the first handful of corners, before going down and having to muster a come-from-behind attack on his way to sixth. Harwood was the ultimate benefactor from Todd’s misfortune as he raced to a 2.3s lead over Aaron Tanti and a solid third result from Wilson. Wilson’s Yamalube Yamaha Racing team-mate Richie Evans finished fourth and DPH Husqvarna pilot Dylan Wills fifth.

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone mx Harwood
Hamish Harwood victorious in the opening MX2 Moto

Todd made amends in the second MX2 moto by leading from gate-drop to chequered flag, but was kept honest all race by Wilson, with just 1.5s separating them at the finish-line. Kyle Webster finished a distant third, ahead of Tanti and Harwood.

Wilson Todd

“Although it was possible to win the championship, I tried not to think about it and I knew a lot of things had to go my way for that to happen, so I just tried to ride the best I could and let the results take care of themselves. I got a great start in the first race and moved into the lead only to fall in a turn out the back. When you go down early in the race, even for just a few seconds, it allows the whole field to get by so I was a fair way back and had a lot of work to do to get back near the front. I pulled through to sixth which wasn’t great but was good enough to get some points but I was also able to have a good look at the track and a few new lines for moto two. Moto two was better. I got another good start and was in front right away. I could see Jay behind me and tried to keep him at a safe distance. He put in a big charge on the last few laps, but I was able to hang on for the win and to finish up on the podium was pretty good. Thanks to Serco Yamaha for all their support. Even though Nathan is out injured, they whole crew continue to come to the rounds and help me and the bike is working well at the moment.”

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx wilson todd
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – Wilson Todd

Todd takes a commanding 57 point lead into the final round at Coolum this weekend.


  1. Jay Wilson (Yamaha) 62
  2. Hamish Harwood (KTM) 61
  3. Wilson Todd (Yamaha) 60
  4. Aaron Tanti (Kawasaki) 60
  5. Richie Evans (Yamaha) 53
  6. Cody Dyce (Yamaha) 46
  7. Jy Roberts (Husqvarna) 45
  8. Jayden Rykers (KTM) 43
  9. Kyle Webster (Honda) 42
  10. Ricky Latimer (Honda) 42

Championship Standings (After 9 of 10 Rounds)

  1. Wilson Todd – 558
  2. Aaron Tanti – 501
  3. Hamish Harwood – 498
  4. Dylan Wills – 457
  5. Jay Wilson – 452


Bailey Malkiewicz (Yamaha) put in one of his best rides this year on his way to a double-race win in the MXD class while Jayce Cosford (Yamaha) and Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) rounded out the podium.

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mxd
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – MXD Start
Bailey Malkiewicz

“I needed a round like this to get some breathing space heading into Coolum, it’s only 24 points and there is still a lot of work to be done but I would rather be 24 in front than 24 behind. I came up here for a local race not so long ago, but the track was nothing like it turned out today. The ruts were deep, sharp and traction wasn’t always easy to find so I had to not get too aggressive and keep as calm as I could as it was easy to make a mistake out there and go down. My bike was in great shape today and thanks to the team for all the work they put in during the week. Hopefully now I can finish the job at Coolum.”

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mxd Malkiewicz Cosford Dukes
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – MXD Podium
1. Bailey Malkiewicz (Yamaha) 70
2. Jayce Cosford (Yamaha) 58
3. Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) 57

In the day’s first Motul MXD race Dukes took command of the race, before a mistake with three laps to go let Malkiewicz by and eventually finish with a very comfortable 22.2s buffer over Dukes. Cosford finished the race a lonely third, with John Bova (KTM) fourth and Brodie Ellis (Yamaha) in fifth.

The second MXD moto was a tighter affair, with Malkiewicz coming from sixth place on the opening lap to hunt down race leader Rhys Budd (Honda) mid-way through the race. He eventually led team-mate Hugh McKay across the line by 4.2s, with Budd in third. Cosford completed the moto in fourth and Bova fifth.

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mxd cosford
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – Jayce Cosford

Malkiewicz takes a 24 point lead into the final round at Coolum this weekend.


  1. Bailey Malkiewicz (Yamaha) 70
  2. Jayce Cosford (Yamaha) 58
  3. Riley Dukes (Husqvarna) 57
  4. Rhys Budd (Honda) 54
  5. John Bova (KTM) 54
  6. Hugh McKay (Yamaha) 51
  7. Maximus Purvis (Yamaha) 48
  8. Brodie Ellis (Yamaha)
  9. Liam Walsh (KTM) 42
  10. Mason Rowe (KTM) 42

MXD Championship Standings

  1. Bailey Malkiewicz – 528
  2. Hugh McKay – 504
  3. Riley Dukes – 501
  4. Max Purvis – 488
  5. Brodie Ellis – 459

The final round of the 2018 Pirelli MX Nationals will be held at Coolum, Queensland next weekend, on 11-12 August.

Wilson Todd aims for MX2 title at Coolum

Serco Yamaha’s Wilson Todd is just 14 points away from securing his first MX2 MX Nationals crown after action wrapped up at round nine of the series, over the weekend.
Todd, who took control of the series points lead after round four and carried the leaders red plate since, needs nothing more than a top 10 finish at the opening race at the 10th and final round of the championship this weekend at Coolum.

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx todd gate pick
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – Wilson Todd

There was a possibility of wrapping the championship up at round nine but a fall while leading the opening race soon put paid to that as he dropped several positions while he remounted and got back under way. He managed to claw his way back to sixth place and salvage decent points but the chance to clinch the championship win a round early went out the window.

The final round hits the black sand of Coolum this weekend and has proven to be a happy hunting ground for Todd in the past. He has won Australian Junior Motocross Championships as well as the 2015 MXD championship at the popular venue and he hopes to add to this weekend.

MX Nationals Rnd Gladstone moto mx todd yz
MX Nationals 2018 – Gladstone Round 9 – Wilson Todd
Wilson Todd

“I will try and take the same mindset into the last round. I want to ride well as I like riding Coolum and there is always a good crowd and atmosphere there.”

Jemma Wilson announces racing retirement

Four time Australian Off Road Champion, Jemma Wilson, has made the shock decision to retire from racing immediately, after admitting she has lost the passion for racing during recent rounds of the championship.

Jemma Wilson
Jemma Wilson – Image by John Pearson Media

The long-time Yamaha pilot and former ISDE champion, has struggled with motivation during the 2018 season and although she knew it would be her last, rounds five and six of the series rammed home that her energies had shifted and she has decided to hang up her helmet from competitive racing.

Jemma Wilson

“Racing has been a huge part of my life but this year has been tough for me to find the passion for racing. I hoped that my old competitive self would take over once racing got underway at Dungog, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I withdrew from the event and decided it was over for me. It was an emotional moment, but I know it was the right decision to make. I really wanted to finish out the season because all the people and companies that have helped me through it all, have become mates and people I respect, and I didn’t want to let them down. But my heart just isn’t in it and I have my fingers crossed that I am remembered for all the years of riding through anything with a smile of my face rather than this surprise exit.”

Jemma Wilson competing the 2017 ISDE
Jemma Wilson competing the 2017 ISDE

Jemma’s legacy in the sport will never go unnoticed and she is somewhat of a pioneer in Women’s off- road racing. Her resume includes being part of the winning world Championship ISDE team, multiple Australian championships and over 100 starts in the AORC during a 13-year career studded with success.

Jemma Wilson

“Looking back over what I have achieved, I’m overwhelmed by the success and support I have had. Thank you to everyone that has played a part in my career. I have had so many wonderful sponsors throughout my career and Yamaha has always stood by me and supported my racing. It has taken me to so my places and I have met so many wonderful people I could never thank them all. I’ve focused on racing my entire adult life, and I’m so excited to put my energies into other things.”

Jess Gardiner won the Women's Round 4, from Emelie Karlsson and Jemma Wilson
Jemma Wilson (left) on the podium at AORC Round 4

Thankfully, Jemma isn’t going cold turkey on her dirt bike habit as she still plans on continuing with her coaching and riding at non-competitive events just for the pure fun of riding a dirt bike.

Jarred Brook dominates at Barleigh Ranch

Words: Peter Baker

Brook again showed his liking for the Barleigh Ranch track to claim three class wins – Pro 250, MX Open-and Pro 450 -and second place in the Pro Open class to exactly match his performance in the corresponding championship meeting at Tamworth last year.

Townsville rider Kayden Downing (2,1,2 in his heats) was an emphatic all-the-way winner in the Pro Open final while top qualifier Brook battled hard after a poor start to just snatch second place on the line from Sean McLellan (1,3,3) with Daniel Wicks (4,4,2) fourth.

The Pro 250 class produced a clean-sweep of heats and final for Brook, and plenty of very close competition behind him. It was another Brook clean-sweep in the MX Open, with Kayden Downing (2,fall, 2, won repechage) this time grabbing second in the shadow of the checkered flag ahead of Daniel Wicks (2,1,2).

The final of the Pro 450 class was red-flagged, in the re-run Brook (2,1,1) was closer to Wicks sooner, and got by with Mackenzie Childs (1,3,2) collecting his only rostrum place with third ahead of Bailey Spencer (1,2,3). Brook also received the Rod Allen Memorial Trophy for the Pro 450 victory.

The Under 19 class was only decided by a last lap pass in the final round leaving Jake Farnsworth (3,2,2,1,1) on top. Hugh Skidmore was a commanding winner of the 500cc slider class remaining unbeaten, also receiving the first Don Begley Memorial Trophy.

Briony Hendrickson (1,1,1,1,3) won the Womens class for the fifth time in the last six stagings. The Dirt Track Sidecar class saw defending champion Darren Fien, this year with Shaun Fien as passenger (2,2,1) win in the final. The Fiens also received the George Watson Memorial Trophy.

Robert Booth was dominant and never headed in claiming the ATV Open class. Speedway Sidecars were relegated to a support class.

Winners of the support classes were Stephen Saunders / Adam Botham (Speedway Sidecars), Anthony Farrell (Over 35s), Kevin Griffiths (ATV Pro), Thomas Donnelly(200-250cc 4-str 13 – U16 yrs.), Tom Drane (85cc 2str/ 150cc 4str 9 – U13yrs.) and Jayden Holder (65cc 7 – Under 10s).

Legends Set for Geelong SX – Or Are They?

Round three of the 2018 Australian Supercross Championships at GMHBA Stadium in Geelong, Victoria is set to play homage to the former stars of the sport with a star-studded line-up of Australian Supercross Legends and Champions to make a special appearance at the October 13 event.

Already confirmed for Round 3 of the Australian Supercross Championship is American Supercross star Justin Brayton and TBE is expected to announce more leading riders and guests, heading into the event.
Already confirmed for Round 3 of the Australian Supercross Championship is American Supercross star Justin Brayton and TBE is expected to announce more leading riders and guests, heading into the event.

The Legends and Champions Revival will be headlined by decorated Australian dirt bike veteran Craig Dack, who is a Geelong local, and his arch-rival Glen Bell, in a special feature of the national championship meeting that is being presented by Motorcycling Australia and Troy Bayliss Events.

Craig Anderson, Troy Carroll, Jay Marmont, Danny Ham, Cameron Taylor and Ryan Marmont are also confirmed to appear and will be interviewed by fellow Legend Lee Hogan as they take to the track.

More riders are set to be named for the event and for my mind it won’t be a true representation of our supercross history without Stephen Gall, Anthony Gunter, Trevor Williams, Troy Dorron, James Deakin, Dave Armstrong, Steven Maguire, Dale Britton, Anthony Gobert, Kim Ashkenazi, Phil Sargent, Stephen Andrew, Vaughan Style, Jeff Leisk, Andrew ‘Beatle’ Bailey and Paul Grant (off the top of my head).

FIM World Motocross – MXGP of Belgium

The Lommel circuit in Belgium looks like it is as much fun to ride as it would be to put your thumb in a vice while heating it up with a naked flame but it is a test for true champion so it is no surprise that Jeffrey Herlings and Jorge Prado continued to stretch their championships leads in the MXGP and MX2 classes respectively.

MXGP Rnd Belgium Cairoli Herlings start
MXGP 2018 – Belgium Round 15 – MXGP Start

See the full report here: Jeffrey Herlings & Jorge Prado top MXGP of Belgium

MX1 Report

Jeffrey Herlings is simply in a class of his own at the moment and now leads the championship by 36 points over Cairoli.

Jeffrey Herlings

“The weekend was really good. I am very pleased, I took three good starts and won the qualifying, both races and was fastest in each practice. It is one of my favourite tracks on the calendar anyhow but I’m happy to extend the championship by 6 points and I’m looking forward to Switzerland.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Herlings action
MXGP 2018 – Belgium Round 15 – Jeffrey Herlings

Despite a hand injury Antonio Cairoli is the ‘next best’ but he needs to start winning if he wants to bring the championship to the final rounds.

Antonio Cairoli

“I know how to ride sand and to ride here for sure but to keep the speed and his pace for the whole race is very tough, I couldn’t do more. We are fighting to the end of the season, we will try to stay on his rear wheel and when it is possible to go for a win.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Tony Cairoli RA
Antonio Cairoli – Image by Ray Archer

Max Anstie scored a rare podium.

Max Anstie

“It is always nice to be back up on the podium, it was a tough one and they made me work for it. It was a solid and consistent weekend in practice and timed training. Of course I want to be on the podium every weekend but it is hard to be up here. It is not easy even with all the amount of work we do…in the gap from 3rd to 10th you can be battling with great guys in 9th and 10th having a good race and finish 10th or you could have just as good of ride and finish 3rd.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Anstie action
MXGP 2018 – Belgium Round 15 – Max Anstie

MX2 Report

Jorge Prado scored the overall podium result with perfect 50 points followed by Covington’s 2-3 and Olsen’s 3-4. Prado now leads the championship by 28 points after gaining 17 points on Jonass this weekend.

MXGP Rnd Belgium Prado Jonass start
Jorge Prado and Pauls Jonass leading the MX2 field
Jorge Prado

“It was a great weekend getting the qualifying win yesterday and today I felt really good already in warm up with the bike and the track. The first race I got a good start and could win then in the second race got the FOX Holeshot and won again. We train really hard and you can tell we get to a track like this.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Jorge Prado
MXGP 2018 – Belgium Round 15 – Jorge Prado
Thomas Covington

“This weekend I’m really happy to be up here on the podium in Lommel. I really struggled here my first few years in Europe so to come away with a podium is pretty big for me, I think it has been a long time since an American was on the podium at Lommel so it is a pretty cool accomplishment.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Thomas Covington
MXGP 2018 – Belgium Round 15 – Thomas Covington
Thomas Kjer Olsen

“It is really great to be on the podium again. I had a couple of rough weeks off the podium so I was really motivated to get back on the box, just get 2 good starts, and ride like I know I can. I am happy for me and for the whole team to have 2 riders on the podium at the home GP.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Thomas Kjer Olsen
MXGP 2018 – Belgium Round 15 – Thomas Kjer-Olsen

191 Riders Line Up for EMX Classes in Belgium

The Lommel circuit in Belgium hosted EMX125 and EMX250 classed alongside the FIM Motocross World Championship and it was Mattia Guadagnini and Mel Pocock who took full advantage of the opportunity to win this weekend and took their respective overall victories.

MXGP Rnd Belgium EMX Start
MXGP 2018 – Belgium Round 15 – EMX125

Coming into the weekend 100 riders were entered into the 125cc class alone with another 91 in EMX250 and by the start of Saturday’s points paying race a series of timed sessions combined with a last chance race narrowed the fields to 40 riders each.

Pocock’s win reduced his deficit in the EMX250 championship to just two behind Mathys Boisrame while there is now just three points separating Thibault Benistant and Rene Hofer in the EMX125 class – see the results and championship points below:

Belgian MXoN Team Announced

Belgium announced their Motocross of Nations team at the MXGP of Belgium in front of home fans last weekend.

The team will be led by Clement Desalle in the MXGP class with Jeremy Van Horebeek riding the Open division and Jago Geerts taking the spot in MX2. Aside from the three primary riders, Kevin Strijbos and Julien Lieber were announced as reserve riders.

Australian Dirt Track Championships – Barleigh Ranch

Jarred Brook has won three highly competitive classes at Barleigh Ranch when the Australian Dirt Track Championships was held at the iconic facility last weekend.

Defending champion Jarred Brook - Image by David Lamont
Jarred Brook – Image by David Lamont

Brook won the MX Open Class ahead of Kayden Downing and Daniel Wicks before taking out the 250 Pro Class ahead of Sam Davies and Jake Farnsworth then the 450 Pro Class over Wicks and Mackenzie Childs.

Downing got the better of Brook and Sam McLellan in the 450 Pro Class while other class winners included Stephen and Clarissa Saunders (Speedway Sidecars), Anthony Farrell (Over 35s), Jake Farnsworth (Under 19s), Jayden Holder (65cc 7 to U 10Yrs), Briony Hendrickson (Women’s), Thomas Donnelly (M -200- 250cc 13 – U16Yrs), Hugh Skidmore (Sliders), Ken Griffith (ATV), Darren and Shaun Fien (Dirt Track Sidecars), Robert Booth (ATV Open) and Tom Drane (HC – 85 2ST & 150 4ST 9-U13 STD/BW).

Maxima Racing Oils Conondale Classic

The Maxima Racing Oils Conondale Classic has once again exceeded all expectations with the Sunshine Motorcycle Club and QVMX putting together a well laid out and prepared track for two full days of bar-banging action.

Luke Wilson added his name to the coveted list of Pro Class winners as well as winning the highly competitive 125 Cup but the former Australian Motocross and Supercross Championship contender had to deal with some serious competition from the evergreen pairing of James Deakin and Jacob Dank.

Deakin went on to win two other classes over the weekend while Dank did his usual to win four other classes along the way and then we had the Kiwi contingent showing up with the most successful being Mitch Rowe who won the 50+ Vets class after Deakin’s bike poo’d itself in the final moto.

Hardcase Riley Lee entered 11 classes and won three of them but young gun Ashley Mason got the better of Lee in the Evo 250 Class while other class winners included Jon Hafey, Thomas McKeown, Daryn Moore, Jake Day and Dylan Hickling.

It is worth noting that Ashley Sprenger, who was still sporting blisters from winning the Vintage Class at the AORC round at Dungog the weekend before, won the Pre 1975 class and placed third in the Pre90 4-Stroke class – this guy is as tough as nails!

Pro Class

  1. Luke Wilson 95
  2. James Deakin
  3. Dylan Hickling

125 GP

  1. Luke Wilson
  2. Jacob Dank
  3. Connor Rice

Pre 85 263+

  1. Riley Lee
  2. Ashley Mason
  3. Steven Freiberg

Veterans 50+

  1. Mitch Rowe
  2. Boyd Watty
  3. James Deakin

Evo 250

  1. Ashley Mason
  2. Riley Lee
  3. Nicholas Leggatt

Pre 90 4 Stroke

  1. Thomas McKeown
  2. John Kittle
  3. Ashley Sprenger

Pre 78 250

  1. Daryn Moore
  2. David Preston
  3. Roger Dawson

Pre 90 263+

  1. James Deakin
  2. Adam Martin
  3. Mitch Rowe

Pre 85 125

  1. Jake Day
  2. Steven Freiberg
  3. Garry Coughran

Pre 95 263+

  1. Dylan Hickling
  2. Paul Grant
  3. Carl Goss

Pre 95 125

  1. Jacob Dank
  2. Paris Corless
  3. Martin Thann

Evo 125

  1. Jacob Dank
  2. Rex Day
  3. Chris Gatehouse

Pre 85 250

  1. Riley Lee
  2. Ashley Mason
  3. Peter Schmith

Pre 90 250

  1. James Deakin
  2. Brock Haskins
  3. Andrew Gifford

Pre 78 263+

  1. Jon Hafey
  2. Daryn Moore
  3. Cameron Pritchard

Pre 95 250

  1. Riley Lee
  2. Jake Blundell
  3. Daniel McKenzie

Pre 75

  1. Ashley Sprenger
  2. Mitchell Semmens
  3. David Orr

Pre 90 125

  1. Jacob Dank
  2. Andrew Gifford
  3. Ben Schodel

Kailub Russell to AMA Motocross

This is very cool – five-time GNCC National Champion Kailub Russell will compete in the 450MX class for the last three rounds of the 2018 AMA Pro Motocross Championship beginning this weekend with the Unadilla National in New Berlin, New York.

Russell, who currently leads the GNCC XC1 Open Pro Championship by 54 points, will continue to vie for his sixth-consecutive title when the cross-country racing series resumes from a two-month American summer break on Sept. 16.

Kaileb Russell AMA Motocross Championship
Kailub Russell

With a break in the off-road schedule, Russell jumped at the well-timed opportunity to try his hand in the Pro Motocross Championship with full support from the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team. Russell’s mechanic will be Jade Dungey for the last three rounds.

Kailub Russell

“I’m really excited to have an opportunity to ride under Roger De Coster’s team. It’s been a goal of mine to compete in AMA Pro Motocross for a long time and I hope I can put in some solid performances!”

Roger DeCoster

“As a multi-time off-road champion, I have a lot of respect for Kailub and his racing accomplishments. It’s been his dream to race a professional motocross event and it just so happens that we have an extra race bike prepared so it makes sense to take advantage of his open schedule and see what he can do at the last three rounds.”

The 2018 AMA Pro Motocross Championship resumes next Saturday, Aug. 11, with the Unadilla National in New Berlin, New York.

Success for Kawasaki at Loretta Lynn’s

The Kawasaki Team wrapped up the 37th Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynn’s Dude Ranch, in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee with plenty to celebrate. Team Green left the ranch with several championships and a number of moto wins and podiums, along with memories and friendships to last a lifetime.

Loretta Lynns MX Kawasaki Team Green K
Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship – Loretta Lynn’s

The Team Green squad of Krystian Janik, Ryder DiFrancesco, Nick Romano, and Chance Hymas contested the 85cc (9-12) division aboard their KX85 motorcycles. At the end of the week’s racing, it was DiFrancesco who would ultimately be crowned the 2018 85cc (9-12) national champion; but it wasn’t without a battle from his teammates.

Team Green occupied the podium throughout the week with Hymas taking the third moto win. In the Mini Sr. 1 (12-13) class, DiFrancesco had to overcome a crash in the first moto that left him with a seventh. Undeterred, the California native won the second moto and cruised to third in the final moto to take home his second national championship.

Loretta Lynns MX Kawasaki Team Green K
Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship – Loretta Lynn’s

Seth Hammaker led the charge for the Team Green big bike riders aboard his KX250F, battling for wins and championships in both the 250A and Open Pro Sport divisions, followed by teammate Lance Kobusch.

Hammaker set the tone early in the week by winning the first 250A moto and made it known that he was one of the fastest at the ranch in 2018. He was forced to battle from outside the top-20 to ultimately finish fourth overall with teammate Kobusch in fifth overall after battling for the win in the final moto.

Loretta Lynns MX Kawasaki Team Green K
Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship – Loretta Lynn’s

In the Open Pro Sport division, Hammaker earned a solid second overall by never finishing off the podium and taking the win in the final moto. Following Hammaker’s lead, Dilan Schwartz fought hard in both Schoolboy 2 (12-17) and 250B, where he earned a pair of third-place finishes. Hannah Hodges contested the WMX class aboard her KX250F, earning a solid second place after two hard-fought motos.

John Grewe would once again win the Masters 50+ championship for the third consecutive year with Team Green teammate Earl May in third. Grewe also placed his KX™450F in fourth overall in the Senior 40+ class, while Team Green rider Taylor Painter captured second overall and a moto win in the Vet 30+ class and Stephen Ward finished second in 450C.

Loretta Lynns MX Kawasaki Team Green K
Annual AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship – Loretta Lynn’s
 Ryan Holliday – Team Green Manager

“It’s always great coming to Loretta Lynn’s, we enjoy catching up with so many of our Kawasaki racers and families from coast to coast. We strive to give them the best experience and support that our Team Green staff can provide.”

Kawasaki Championships and Top-5 Finishes – Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship:

85cc (9-12)

  • 1st – Ryder DiFrancesco
  • 2nd – Chance Hymas

Mini Sr 1 (12-13)

  • 1st – Ryder DiFrancesco
Masters (50+)
  • 1st – John Grewe
  • 3rd – Earl May

Open Pro Sport

  • 2nd – Seth Hammaker


  • 2nd – Hannah Hodges

Vet (30+)

  • 2nd – Taylor Painter

450 C

  • 2nd – Stephen Ward

250 B

  • 3rd – Dilan Schwartz
  • 5th – Jesse Flock

Schoolboy 2 (12-17)

  • 3rd – Dilan Schwartz

Senior (40+)

  • 3rd – Gregory Pamart
  • 4th – John Grewe


  • 4th – Seth Hammaker
  • 5th – Lance Kobusch

85 (9-11) Limited

  • 4th – Krystian Janik

Supermini 2 (13-16)

  • 5th – Jeremy Ryan

Girls (11-16)

  • 5th – Landrey Hazen

Jake Johnson Wins Buffalo Chip TT

Jake Johnson has taken a rare victory over championship leader Jered Mees in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd of Sturgis Rallygoers who packed the house for Sunday evening’s Buffalo Chip TT which was round 12 of 18 of the 2018 American Flat Track championship.

Buffalo Chip TT AFT Twins Mees Johnson ERV
AFT Twins 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Jared Mees & Jake Johnson

Mees inherited the lead after last year’s Buffalo Chip winner Briar Bauman crashed and collected second-placed Jarod Vanderkooi. Mees appeared to have a clear path to his 10th victory of the season, but Johnson chased him down and overhauled him with relative ease at about the halfway point in the 25-lap Main.

From there J.J. controlled the contest en route to his fifth career TT victory. Mees narrowly held second, being forced to defend the position from Sammy Halbert to the checkered flag.

Buffalo Chip TT AFT Twins Jake Johnson FA
AFT Twins 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Jake Johnson

Johnson couldn’t have asked for a better environment to return to the top of the podium. In only its second year, the Buffalo Chip TT furthered its near-instantaneous claim as one of the genuine destination events on the AFT calendar. Some 10,000 raucous fans again jammed the fences around the purpose-built TT circuit laid out on the fabled Buffalo Chip Campgrounds to lend the evening a rock concert-like atmosphere.

And that was fitting, because the race action effectively served as the ultimate opening act for Theory of a Deadman, who took to the stage immediately following the podium ceremonies to keep a memorable Sunday at the 78th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally rocking late into the night.

Buffalo Chip TT AFT Twins Start FA
AFT Twins 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Start
Jake Johnson

“I got a bad start and thought my night was over as soon as the green light went. Still, I was patient. There were guys jamming and crashing up front. But after I caught Jared, I couldn’t wait. The door opened and I had to take it. Luckily I was able to put some good laps in and get a bit of breathing room. “I’m not going to lie, those last five laps I was holding my breath. It’s been a long time since I’ve won one of these.”

Buffalo Chip TT AFT Twins Jake Johnson FA
AFT Twins 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Jake Johnson

The victory was Johnson’s first since the opening weekend of the 2016 season. It was also his first aboard an Indian. Despite the rare defeat, Mees continues to dominate the championship fight. His Sunday runner-up finish saw him open his points lead up to a head-shaking 85 points.

The Buffalo Chip TT – AFT Twins

  1. Jake Johnson – Indian Scout FTR750
  2. Jared Mees – Indian Scout FTR750 +0.999
  3. Sammy Halbert – Harley-Davidson XG750R +1.124
  4. Hayden Gillim – Indian Scout FTR750 +12.069
  5. Bronson Bauman – Indian Scout FTR750 +12.486
  6. Henry Wiles – Kawasaki Ninja 650 +12.997
  7. Mikey Rush – Harley-Davidson XG750R +13.526
  8. Chad Cose – Indian Scout FTR750 +14.056
  9. Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. – Indian Scout FTR750 +14.300
  10. Jarod Vanderkooi – Harley-Davidson XG750R +19.859
Buffalo Chip TT AFT Twins Podium FA
AFT Twins 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Twins Podium

The Buffalo Chip TT – AFT Twins Standings

  1. Jared Mees 265
  2. Henry Wiles 180
  3. Brad Baker 147
  4. Kenny Coolbeth, Jr. 135
  5. Jeffrey Carver Jr. 132
  6. Briar Bauman 121
  7. Chad Cose 117
  8. Sammy Halbert 116
  9. Jake Johnson 108
  10. Davis Fisher 104

Ryan Sipes Tops AFT Singles – Max Whale 8th

Off-road legend Ryan Sipes grabbed the AFT Singles win with an exceptional wire-to-wire performance, with two-time Singles TT race winner Jacob Lehmann and Cole Frederickson coming home second and third.

Buffalo Chip TT AFT Singles Sipes Lehmann ERV
AFT Singles 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Ryan Sipes leads Lehmann

Sipes, a Supercross race winner and America’s first-ever ISDE overall winner, got the holeshot ahead of Lehmann and Frederickson, and it proved crucial. Lehmann hounded Sipes throughout, but the ex-motocrosser used his superior skills over the jump – pulling wheelies prior to each launch to keep his trajectory low – to build just enough of a gap to prevent Lehmann from mounting an assault for the lead. Sipes held the position to the flag, adding a Grand National Flat Track race victory to his extensive racing resume.

Runaway title leader Dan Bromley was the best of the championship contenders, finishing fourth. As a result his advantage now stands at a massive 52 points.

Buffalo Chip TT AFT Singles Sipes Frederickson ERV
AFT Singles 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Sipes and Frederickson

Conversely, the title hopes of Shayna Texter took a significant – if not entirely unexpected – hit at the Buffalo Chip. The continued TT difficulties of the class’ all-time winningest rider cost her yet again, as she failed to advance to the Main and scored no points on the evening.

Australian dirt track specialist Max Whale managed to make it to the final where he piloted his Kawasaki 450 to a more than credible eighth place.

The Buffalo Chip TT – AFT Singles

  1. Ryan Sipes – Husqvarna FC450
  2. Jacob Lehmann – Honda CRF450R +0.832
  3. Cole Frederickson – Honda CRF450R +2.538
  4. Dan Bromley – KTM 450 SX-F +8.820
  5. Jesse Janisch – Yamaha YZ450F +9.352
  6. Kolby Carlile – Yamaha YZ450F +10.105
  7. Ryan Wells – Honda CRF450R +12.314
  8. Max Whale – Kawasaki KX450F +12.939
  9. Dawson Schieffer – Yamaha YZ450F +16.736
  10. Brandon Price – Honda CRF450R +17.078
Buffalo Chip TT AFT Singles Podium FA
AFT Singles 2018 – Buffalo Chip TT – Podium

The Buffalo Chip TT – AFT Singles

  1. Dan Bromley 213
  2. Ryan Wells 161
  3. Kolby Carlile 142
  4. Shayna Texter 139
  5. Jesse Janisch 128
  6. Morgen Mischler 126
  7. Brandon Price 117
  8. Kevin Stollings 108
  9. Oliver Brindley 96
  10. Tristan Avery 74

Chile to host Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Rnd 3

Four months have passed since the main protagonists in the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship competed against each other in the deserts of Abu Dhabi and Chilean rider Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) secured victory.

Cross Country Championship Pablo Quintanilla Husqvarna RallyZone
Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Rnd 3 – Chile – Image by RallyZone

April’s Qatar Cross-Country Rally was not supported by the factory teams and Orlen Junior Team rider Maciej Giemza (KTM) claimed the win to take the lead in the FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship.

The world’s best riders will now compete against each other across a multitude of technical tracks, sand dunes and demanding sandy sections in the Atacama Desert that they have crossed many times before.

This year features a compact route with short liaisons between the start and finish points of the stages. Lack of rain in the region means no flowering desert this time…  The mining town of Copiapó will be the nerve centre of the Atacama Rally once again and will host the Rally HQ, while rally officials stay at the nearby Antay Hotel and Tierra Amarilla, 16km from the city, hosts the service park.

Cross Country Championship Chile RallyZone
Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Rnd 3 – Chile – Image by RallyZone

In the motorcycle category, almost all the factory teams are present. Pablo Quintanilla (Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Racing) will be keen to defend his crown and shine on home sand. The Chilean will be supported in his quest for success by the American Andrew Short.

Five riders will represent the Monster Energy Honda Team: Kevin Benavides, Paulo Gonçalves, Ignacio Cornejo, Ricky Brabec and Joan Barreda. The Red Bull KTM Factory Team includes three Dakar winners – Matthias Walkner, Sam Sunderland and Toby Price.

Yamalube Yamaha will also be present with the two French riders Adrien Van Beveren and Xavier de Soultrait, who climbed into the spotlight at the beginning of the year. They will be accompanied by the Argentinean rider Franco Caimi.

Cross Country Championship Chile Map RallyZone
Cross-Country Rallies World Championship Rnd 3 – Chile – Image by RallyZone

Finally, the Hero Motorsport Rally Team has entered two riders – Oriol Mena and Joachim Rodrigues – in Chile for the first time. In addition to Ignacio Cornejo, the Orlen Team’s Maciej Giemza will compete in the Junior category alonside Adam Tomiczeck.

Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S