Moto News Weekly for September 10, 2019

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What happened this week

  • Briar Bauman one step closer to AFT Twins title
  • Gauthier tops AFT Singles at Williams Grove
  • Ryan Varnes catapults up AFT Production Twins standings
  • AORC heads to the Hedley championship final
  • Zmarzlik claims SGP Championshipship lead in Denmark
  • KTM dominates MXGP of Turkey
  • Courtney Duncan 2019 WMX World Champion
  • Mike Kras crowned 2019 EMX2T Champion
  • Dunlop throws support behind Sultans of Slide
  • Kirkness wins 2019 King of the Grasstree Beach Race
  • Team Belgium wins 2019 Vets MXdN
  • Portugal readies for International Six Days Enduro (ISDE)
  • Colton Haaker extends Husqvarna contract
  • Provisional 2020 Cross-Country Rallies Championship Calendar

Briar Bauman one step closer to AFT Twins title

Briar Bauman seized back the momentum with a timely victory in Saturday night’s Williams Grove Half-Mile in Mechanicsburg, Pa. Bauman’s fifth win of the 2019 American Flat Track season earned him a bit of breathing space in the AFT Twins championship hunt as time is running out for multi-time defending champion Jared Mees in his bid to make it three straight.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Twins ERV
2019 AFT Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Bauman and Mees clashed in an early-lap dogfight that teased a race-long showdown between the two title contenders. However, Bauman was simply too strong for Mees on this night, powering away from his rival just six laps into the 25-lap Main.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Twins Davis Fisher ERV
Davis Fisher – 2019 AFT Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Bauman couldn’t exhale quite that early, however. Rookie revelation Brandon Price rolled by the champ and set his sights on Bauman for the lead on lap 7. Price pushed Bauman to the checkered flag, collecting his maiden premier-class podium finish just 0.878 seconds off the win.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Twins Brandon Price ERV
Brandon Price – 2019 AFT Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Mees was knocked off the podium entirely when Davis Fisher made his way into third. Mees attempted a last-corner maneuver to steal back the position – and some critical points in the process – but came up just short.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Twins Podium Briar Bauman FA
Briar Bauman topped the Twins Main Event – 2019 AFT Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

As a result, Bauman extended his title advantage to 35 points (305-270) and is well poised to clinch his first AFT Twins championship a round early at the Indian Motorcycle Minnesota Mile presented by Law Tigers on September 21.

Briar Bauman

“The success tonight comes from the team. They’ve done everything for me, and the bike has been so good. I was nervous in the pits earlier, and they got my spirits up. Bronson has been struggling, but he came up to me and said, ‘Dude, you’re the baddest guy here – just go out and get it.’ I have such a good support group. My family has been at all the rounds and all the fans and my friends… I come to the racetrack to see my family and I race while I’m here. I can’t thank everyone enough for being here.”

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Twins Briar Bauman FA
Briar Bauman – 2019 AFT Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Williams Grove Half-Mile – AFT Twins Main Event

# Rider Bike Gap
1 Briar Bauman Indian FTR750 25 Laps
2 Brandon Price Indian FTR750 0.878
3 Davis Fisher Indian FTR750 4.525
4 Jared Mees Indian FTR750 4.894
5 Robert Pearson Indian FTR750 6.27
6 Jarod Vanderkooi HD XG750R Rev X 9.693
7 Sammy Halbert HD XG750R Rev X 9.948
8 Jeffrey Carver Jr. Indian FTR750 10.632
9 Larry Pegram Indian FTR750 11.641
10 Brandon Robinson Indian FTR750 11.841

AFT Twins Standings

# Rider Points
1 Briar Bauman 305
2 Jared Mees 270
3 Bronson Bauman 221
4 Jeffrey Carver Jr. 195
5 Brandon Robinson 179
6 Jarod Vanderkooi 179
7 Henry Wiles 153
8 Robert Pearson 149
9 Sammy Halbert 145
10 Davis Fisher 139
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Gauthier tops AFT Singles at Williams Grove

Dalton Gauthier registered a second-consecutive AFT Singles victory to expand his championship advantage in title fight crunch time. Gauthier and reigning champion Dan Bromley went back and forth over the race’s opening half, throwing big moves as they tussled for the lead. Gauthier ultimately outlasted the spirited effort of Bromley to shake free on lap 7 and never looked back.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Singles Whale ERV
Max Whale came home sixth – 2019 AFT Singles Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Bromley had other worries beyond Gauthier’s class-leading fourth victory. He was first dropped to third by a confident Morgen Mischler and then lost out in a last-lap battle with charging Englishman Oliver Brindley for the final spot on the podium.

As a result, Gauthier now leads Bromley by 15 points (266-251) with two races left to decide this year’s champion. Third-ranked Mikey Rush kept his title hopes alive (230 points) with another top-five result in fifth.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Singles Dalton Gauthier ERV
Dalton Gauthier – 2019 AFT Singles Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter
Dalton Gauthier

“Dan was running it on the inside of me pretty much every turn in those first couple of laps, and I’d dive right back inside on him and make it happen. I kind of outsmarted him, I think. He’s making it tough to win this championship, but I think we’ve got the upper hand right now. My riding has been awesome lately. I’ve just been having fun, and that’s the main thing for me to be fast and smooth.”

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Singles Dalton Gauthier FA
Dalton Gauthier – 2019 AFT Singles Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Williams Grove Half-Mile – AFT Singles Main Event

# Rider Bike Gap
1 Dalton Gauthier Husqvarna FC450 15 Laps
2 Morgen Mischler KTM 450 SX-F 0.61
3 Oliver Brindley Yamaha YZ450F 3.257
4 Dan Bromley KTM 450 SX-F 3.492
5 Mikey Rush Honda CRF450R 3.765
6 Max Whale Kawasaki KX450F 4.559
7 Dallas Daniels Yamaha YZ450F 4.839
8 Cole Zabala Honda CRF450R 5.872
9 Shayna Texter KTM 450 SX-F 6.32
10 Chad Cose Suzuki RMZ 450 6.541

AFT Singles Standings

# Rider Points
1 Dalton Gauthier 266
2 Dan Bromley 251
3 Mikey Rush 230
4 Jesse Janisch 183
5 Chad Cose 175
6 Shayna Texter 165
7 Ryan Wells 157
8 Morgen Mischler 145
9 Max Whale 120
10 Kevin Stollings 101
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Ryan Varnes catapults up AFT Production Twins standings

Rock-steady Ryan Varnes registered a virtual wire-to-wire victory in the 15-lap AFT Production Twins Main event to make his once quiet championship bid a whole lot louder.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Production Twins ERV
2019 AFT Production Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Varnes sprinted away to the holeshot with polesitter Dalton Gauthier in tight formation. Gauthier dove up the inside of Varnes entering Turn 3 on lap 2. Varnes immediately countered, squaring Gauthier back up and retaking the lead a short straight later.

Varnes continually solidified his advantage from there; he never offered the talented Gauthier a second opportunity for a strike and managed to break his challenge over the race’s final five laps.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Production Twins FA
2019 AFT Production Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Title leader Cory Texter closed down on Gauthier late, but simply ran out of laps. He finished 0.412 back of Gauthier in third to complete an all-Pennsylvania podium.

Varnes’ second win of the season catapults him into second in the championship standings and pulls him to within 16 points of Texter (165-149) with two rounds remaining.

Ryan Varnes

“In the semi, I couldn’t really hold the corners and we made a last-minute change before the Main Event hoping that it would help, and it definitely did. I’m just stoked to do it in Williams Grove and PA. It was only like an hour-and-a-half to get here today and I was able to sleep in my own bed last night, so that was pretty cool. It’s great to see all my family and friends out here too and do this in front of them. It’s awesome.”

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Prod Ryan Varnes ERV
Ryan Varnes – 2019 AFT Production Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Kolby Carlile is now ranked third at 140 points after slashing past both James Rispoli and Kevin Stollings in the waning laps to finish fourth in Williams Grove.

AFT Williams Grove Half Mile Rd Production Twins podium FA
Ryan Varnes topped the Production main event podium from Gauthier and Texter – 2019 AFT Production Twins Williams Grove Half-Mile – Image by Scott Hunter

Williams Grove Half-Mile – AFT Prod. Twins Main Event

# Rider Bike Gap
1 Ryan Varnes Kawasaki Ninja 650 15 Laps
2 Dalton Gauthier HDXG750R Rev X 0.842
3 Cory Texter Yamaha MT-07 1.255
4 Kolby Carlile Yamaha MT-07 6.322
5 James Rispoli HD XG750R Rev X 6.654
6 Kevin Stollings Kawasaki Ninja 650 6.786
7 Cody Johncox Yamaha MT-07 10.046
8 Ben Lowe Kawasaki Ninja 650 11.462
9 Andrew Luker Kawasaki Ninja 650 12.662
10 J.R. Addison Kawasaki Ninja 650 14.147

AFT Production Twins Standings

# Rider Points
1 Cory Texter 165
2 Ryan Varnes 149
3 Kolby Carlile 140
4 Dalton Gauthier 122
5 James Rispoli 109
6 J.R. Addison 105
7 Chad Cose 94
8 Cody Johncox 92
9 Ben Lowe 92
10 Kevin Stollings 85

AORC heads to the Hedley championship final

After a total of 3323km travelled in this year’s Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship, the series will make its last stop on this year’s tour at Hedley in Victoria, a small village in South Gippsland, east of Welshpool. Besides the E3 and Masters category, all the other championships are still up for grabs and will be decided this weekend. Here’s a look at what to expect:


In the E1 class, Luke Styke holds down a 16-point advantage over Lyndon Snodgrass. Fraser Higlett and Michael Driscoll are also in the running, as they are both 31 and 36 points behind Styke respectively. However, they would need some kind of a miracle for the championship to go all the way down to the final round on Sunday, however they will battle it out for third place.

AORC Rnd Coonalpyn Luke AORC rd
Luke Styke

Going off the form guide from last year’s round at Hedley, Styke will be hard to beat. The current E1 Champion took out both rounds in 2018, beating Higlett. This weekend however, Snodgrass will have to throw the kitchen sink and everything else at Styke to try and stop him from winning his second title. You would almost bet but that Styke is on course to winning the crown.


Daniel Milner has pretty much got one hand and four fingers on the E2 Championship. Milner, who has won the E1 title in 2013, E2 championship in 2017 and last year’s E3 championship heads into this weekend with 225-points on the board, 27-points clear from Josh Green. The Victorian rider pretty much has to finish on Saturday and collect a handful of points and it will be game over for the chase for the title.

AORC Rnd Coonalpyn Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner


While the E3 championship may have already been won, which saw Daniel Sanders locking it up at the previous round in South Australia, the fight is on for the bride’s maid position. Andrew Wilksch  and Jesse Lawton will be going hammer and tongs this weekend for the runner up spot. Just six points separate the pair.

Hattah Desert Race Andy Wilksch
Andy Wilksch – Image by John Pearson Media


Kyron Bacon is hunting his first senior’s championship this weekend and 2019 could possibly be the year that is finally comes together after spending the last few years finishing second in the junior classes.

The 17-year-old will have to bring his A game with him to Hedley, not to say that he hasn’t this year, as he has taken out seven wins in this year’s championship and finished third in the other two rounds. Bacon has a very determined Josh Brierley ready to pick up the pieces, if anything were to go wrong and slash Bacon’s 17-point lead in the championship.

AORC Rnd Toowoomba EJ Kyron Bacon
Kyron Bacon

And what about Korey McMahon, who sits in third place? Well, he’s an outside chance for the championship, being 34-points off the lead. Yes, he’s consistent, but will need a hell of a lot of luck to for things to go his way.


Now, the Women’s championship. Jess Gardiner has already edged her name into the history books last time out by becoming the first female rider to score over 2000 championship points. Gardiner, who enters her 90th AORC round start on Saturday is again about to create another bit of history in the sport by potentially winning her fifth championship. If Gardiner, who holds down a 25-point lead over the ever improving Emma Milesevic, does get the job done this weekend, she will become the third rider in the Women’s class to have won back-to back titles, joining Alison Parker, who won in 2007 and 2008 and Jemma Wilson, who took out the title in 2016 and 2017.

AORC Rnd Coonalpyn Jess aorc rd
Jess Gardiner

Gardiner is pinning her hopes on putting the championship beyond reach this Saturday, which will allow to ride freely come the final round on Sunday. The fight is on between Milesevic and Yamaha’s Emelie Karlsson. Six points is difference between them. So, who would be the favourite? Well, seeing round ten is a cross-country, Milesevic did win the cross-country event at Broken Hill, so she would have to be short odds with the bookies. However, Karlsson is a wily old fox and knows how to defend as well as attack. Can youth get the better of an experienced head?

Veterans & Masters

Lee Stephens enters this weekend with a commanding lead, 43, to be exact. Looking at the championship, it seems as the top three, which are Stephens, Chris Thomas and Jason Pearce will all hold their ground. Kirk Hutton has already locked up the Masters championship. However, Peter Rudd and Craig Treasure will be going all at it for second place in the championship as 20 points separates the pair.

AORC Broken Hill bhsund Lee Stephens
Lee Stephens


The J2 class is the closest championship in the whole series with Billy Hargy, leading the way by eight points ahead of Max Phillips with Campbell Hall just three points behind Phillips. Who will win out of these three? Well, depends which way the wind blows really. It will come down to who holds their nerves the best, but something which is for certain is that this championship WILL go down to the final seconds of the championship.

AORC Rnd Toowoomba J Billy Hargy
Billy Hargy

Riley McGillivray is almost on the eve of claiming the J3 title. A healthy 38-point lead over Kodi Stephens, while William Dennett is only six points behind Stephens.

Finally, the J4 class. Mackenzie Johnsonis  leading the way on 186-points, eleven points ahead of Blake Hollis who won’t be there to fight out the championship due to injury. With only 15 points separating the next three competitors in Oscar Collins, Charlie Milton and Kobe Conley, a podium position or even two is up for the taking and will go to the final days racing.

Zmarzlik claims SGP Championshipship lead in Denmark

Polish ace Bartosz Zmarzlik stormed into a nine-point FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship lead at the Danish SGP, but says he won’t be looking at the standings until after the decider in Torun. The world No.2 won his third SGP of 2019 at Vojens Speedway Center after getting the better of Matej Zagar, Fredrik Lindgren and Emil Sayfutdinov in the final, ending the night on 18 points.

Zmarzlik claims SGP Championshipship lead in Denmark
Bartosz Zmarzlik – 2019 Danish SGP

Having started the meeting level on 85 with Leon Madsen, Zmarzlik surged on to 103 and is nine points ahead of Sayfutdinov in second, who has 94, with Madsen third on 92 after falling short of the semi-finals on seven points.

Zmarzlik has now given himself a golden opportunity to become Poland’s third world champion, following in the tyre treads of 1973 winner Jerzy Szczakiel and 2010 SGP champion Tomasz Gollob. But the Gorzow hero won’t be paying any attention to the World Championship standings until after the next two rounds in Cardiff on September 21 and Torun on October 5.

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Zmarzlik topped the podium at last year’s Adrian Flux British SGP and can’t wait for the 2019 edition in two weeks as speedway prepares to take over Cardiff’s iconic Principality Stadium once again.

Bartosz Zmarzlik

“I am not looking at the table. I am only focused on myself. I will see the table after the last heat in Torun. It feels very nice to win this GP. This feels unbelievable because after my first heat I didn’t feel so fast. I didn’t feel the best. I knew I could do better and in the GP, every point is so very important. I scored 18 points today, so that’s not bad. I had different setups for the semi-final and final. It was good work from all my team to get there and I have to say thank you very much to them. Now I am looking forward to Cardiff. I have good memories of Cardiff. I won there last season, but every year is different and I am focused on this one. I like the big stadium and all the fans. I will see them soon!”

Vojens runner-up Zagar is delighted with the progress he has made across an astonishing fortnight. He booked his place in SGP 2020 with victory at the GP Challenge in Gorican on August 24. The Slovenian then finished third at the Aztorin German SGP in Teterow last Saturday. After storming to second in Denmark, he’s pleased to see his hard work paying dividends.

Matej Zagar

“Step by step, we have made progress. Success doesn’t come from nothing and we have been working really hard. It’s not an easy job and you need to put everything you have into it. I am happy I have made progress.”

Third-placed Lindgren was happy to keep himself firmly in the medal hunt, scoring 15 points to retain fourth place in the World Championship. He is now just five points short of Madsen in third and closing rapidly on the rostrum places.

Fredrik Lindgren

“It was a very good result. I felt consistent. I was making good decisions in the first turn and riding smoothly. I was comfortable with my bike tonight and that certainly helps. “A lot of the top boys scored a lot of points, so it was very important for me to hang in there in the medal hunt.”

SGP World Championship Standings

  1. Bartosz Zmarzlik 103
  2. Emil Sayfutdinov 94
  3. Leon Madsen 92
  4. Fredrik Lindgren 87
  5. Martin Vaculik 79
  6. Maciej Janowski 73
  7. Patryk Dudek 72
  8. Matej Zagar 65
  9. Artem Laguta 63
  10. Niels-Kristian Iversen 61
  11. Jason Doyle 60
  12. Janusz Kolodziej 50
  13. Antonio Lindback 47
  14. Tai Woffinden 46
  15. Max Fricke 36
  16. Robert Lambert 31
  17. Mikkel Michelsen 15
  18. Bartosz Smektala 10
  19. Oliver Berntzon 7
  20. Vaclav Milik 4
  21. Maksym Drabik 4
  22. Matic Ivacic 2
  23. Jacob Thorssell 2
  24. Martin Smolinski 1

Danish SGP Scores

  1. Bartosz Zmarzlik 18
  2. Matej Zagar 13
  3. Fredrik Lindgren 15
  4. Emil Sayfutdinov 16
  5. Jason Doyle 12
  6. Tai Woffinden 11
  7. Antonio Lindback 9
  8. Martin Vaculik 7
  9. Niels-Kristian Iversen 7
  10. Leon Madsen 7
  11. Mikkel Michelsen 6
  12. Maciej Janowski 6
  13. Artem Laguta 5
  14. Patryk Dudek 3
  15. Robert Lambert 3
  16. Janusz Kolodziej 0
  17. Michael Jepsen Jensen DNR
  18. Anders Thomsen DNR

KTM dominates MXGP of Turkey

Red Bull KTM were major protagonists at Afyon for the Grand Prix of Turkey and the penultimate round of the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship as MX2 World Champion Jorge Prado ran to his fifteenth victory of the season and Jeffrey Herlings took his works KTM 450 SX-F to a first win.

For the full report see:
Herlings returns to form at 2019 MXGP of Turkey (link)

Dutchman Jeffrey Herlings dealt with former teammate Pauls Jonass early in the first moto to escape and celebrate his second chequered flag of the season (in just his fourth appearance). In the second race he had to pursue friend and countryman Coldenhoff again and needed all of his skill and conditioning to make a pass on the final lap. Herlings’ 1-1 meant a confidence-boosting victory in his second full outing in 2019 and just two weeks after his comeback from a fractured ankle at the Grand Prix of Sweden.

MXGP Rnd Turkey MX Herlings Gajser start
Jeffrey Herlings – 2019 MXGP of Turkey
– Round 17

Coldenhoff’s 3-2 allowed the Dutchman to be part of the MXGP podium ceremony for the fourth GP in a row as he classified as runner-up, while Pauls Jonass claimed the final overall podium position.

Jeffrey Herlings

“It is getting better and better, in Sweden I wasn’t that prepared, but now just after three weeks on the bike, it is amazing what I can do. It has been a crazy weekend and I am super happy with my win. I had that line and I knew I had to make it perfect. I want to thank my mum the team and everyone who supported me and I wish to congratulate Glenn, he rode amazingly.”

MXGP Rnd Turkey Jeffrey Herlings
Jeffrey Herlings – 2019 MXGP of Turkey
– Round 17
Glenn Coldenhoff

“We are close to the end of the Championship and I really need those points as I still have a chance for third in the standings. I’m pushing hard for that. I don’t like to get passed on the last lap but it’s really amazing to see two Dutch flags on the box so I am really happy.”

MXGP Rnd Turkey Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoff – 2019 MXGP of Turkey
– Round 17
Pauls Jonass

“We have been working hard with the team and it’s been a tough year, but finally I am feeling better and better and it’s nice to get back to back podiums. I made some mistakes but I feel good and look forward to the last GP in China.”

MXGP Rnd Turkey Pauls Jonass
Pauls Jonass – 2019 MXGP of Turkey
– Round 17

MXGP Round Overall Results

# Rider R1 R2 Total
1 Herlings, Jeffrey 25 25 50
2 Coldenhoff, Glenn 20 22 42
3 Jonass, Pauls 22 16 38
4 Gajser, Tim 15 20 35
5 Monticelli, Ivo 13 18 31
6 Paulin, Gautier 16 15 31
7 Seewer, Jeremy 18 13 31
8 Van Horebeek, Jeremy 12 14 26
9 Strijbos, Kevin 10 12 22
10 Tixier, Jordi 9 11 20

MXGP Standings

# Rider Points
1 Gajser, Tim 744
2 Seewer, Jeremy 542
3 Paulin, G. 499
4 Coldenhoff, G. 488
5 Tonus, Arnaud 462
6 Jonass, Pauls 428
7 Jasikonis, A. 416
8 Van Horebeek, J. 403
9 Febvre, Romain 384
10 Cairoli, A. 358
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Jorge Prado captured a thirteenth Qualification Heat win on Saturday and headed a Red Bull KTM 1-2 as Tom Vialle took second place. The double world champion continued his form on Sunday as a twenty-first holeshot of the year (from 31 starts) led into a comprehensive twenty-eighth moto success. The eighteen year old provided an exact replay in the second race and eased to his fifteenth GP triumph (from sixteen) and thirteenth 1-1 double from that haul.

MXGP Rnd Turkey MX Prado start
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Turkey – Round 17

Jago Geerts and Roan Van De Moosdijk completed the podium, with only three-points separating second through to sixth for points in the GP overall, with Maxime Renaux sitting on equal points with Moosdijk, while Tom Vialle and Calvin Vlaanderen where one point in arrears.

Jorge Prado

“I’m enjoying it, and the first race was very fun while the second race was rougher but I got the start, which is the key and I want to go to the next round and get another one. I love winning GPs and hopefully we can do it again next weekend.”

MXGP Rnd Turkey MX Prado podium
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Turkey – Round 17
Jargo Geerts

“It was a pretty good weekend, a first good race for second place and the second race I got another good start, but I wasn’t very comfortable, I finished fifth for second overall. I am happy with that.”

MXGP Rnd Turkey Jago Geerts
Jago Geerts – 2019 MXGP of Turkey
– Round 17
Roan Van De Moosdijk

“It is unbelievable, I had a strong qualifying race but the first race was tough then I battled with Adam Sterry and then crashed and finished in fifth. The second race was better and I worked my way to third, it was a long race for me, the longest in my career. I want to thank the team, my family, and Marc De Reuver.

MXGP Rnd Turkey MX VanDeMoosdijk podium
Roan Van De Moosdijk – 2019 MXGP of Turkey
– Round 17

MX2 Round Overall

# Rider R1 R2 Total
1 Prado, Jorge 25 25 50
2 Geerts, Jago 22 16 38
3 Van De Moosdijk, Roan 16 20 36
4 Renaux, Maxime 18 18 36
5 Vialle, Tom 13 22 35
6 Vlaanderen, Calvin 20 15 35
7 Sterry, Adam 14 14 28
8 Forato, Alberto 12 13 25
9 Boisrame, Mathys 15 10 25
10 Guadagnini, Mattia 10 11 21

MX2 Standings

# Rider Points
1 Prado, Jorge 787
2 Olsen, T. 592
3 Geerts, Jago 505
4 Vialle, Tom 495
5 Jacobi, Henry 442
6 Sterry, Adam 384
7 Renaux, Maxime 376
8 Vlaanderen, C. 359
9 Boisrame, M. 303
10 Watson, Ben 282
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Courtney Duncan 2019 WMX World Champion

Courtney Duncan (Bike It DRT Kawasaki) claimed the Women’s Motocross World Championship this weekend at the final round of the WMX, and was crowned 2019 Women’s Motocross World Champion in Afyon, Turkey – her first World championship. The New Zealander went 1-1 and proved once again to be too good for the opposition after dominating the whole series with four rounds won.

MXGP Rnd Turkey Courtney Duncan
Courtney Duncan – MXGP of Turkey 2019

The Kiwi was assured of the individual World title after her victory in moto one, but was determined to end the series on a high with yet another moto and overall GP win.

The lone Kawasaki girl grabbing the holeshot to race clear of the chasers at several seconds a lap, celebrating victory by an overwhelming twenty-nine seconds with a classical whip.

Courtney completed the individual championship thirty-six points ahead of her closest rival and Kawasaki took the manufacturers’ title by twenty points. It was their fourth consecutive two moto win maximum GP score and the third in a row, an unbeaten run of success for the 2020 KX250 which Kawasaki and the DRT crew introduced mid-summer.

MXGP Rnd Turkey Courtney Duncan
Courtney Duncan – MXGP of Turkey 2019
Courtney Duncan

“I am lost for words. I can’t describe it. I won my first race and I expected big things from myself and everyone around me also. I needed to take my time and learn from these mistakes and failures and when we felt like quitting, we kept going and here we are, World champion. Yes, I mean I wanted to go out there and ride a good race and I had nothing to lose and just put the hammer down. What a way to end the season, nine out of ten wins and I couldn’t be happier. It was cool to clinch it yesterday and just enjoy today and embrace the moment. I am so grateful my family did and all my other family, they put in a bit effort. The team, Dixon Racing, Monster Energy and so awesome to have my family here.”

MXGP Rnd Turkey Courtney Duncan
Courtney Duncan – MXGP of Turkey 2019

2019 WMX – Championship Classification

# Rider Nat. Bike Points
1 Duncan, C. NZL KAW 239
2 Van De Ven, N. NED YAM 203
3 Papenmeier, L. GER YAM 195
4 Verstappen, A. BEL YAM 171
5 Andersen, Sara DEN KTM 153
6 van der Vlist, S. NED KTM 152
7 Valk, Lynn NED YAM 147
8 Dam, Line DEN HON 111
9 Borchers, Anne GER SUZ 106
10 van Wordragen, N. NED YAM 65
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Mike Kras crowned 2019 EMX2T Champion

The MXGP of Turkey hosted the final round of the EMX2T championship presented by FMF Racing where Mike Kras not only won the day, but was also crowned 2019 EMX Champion.

MXGP Rnd Turkey Iacopi Kras Anderson
Iacopi, Kras and Anderson battle it out

The Dutchman went 3-1 for the victory and finished just one point ahead of Brad Anderson, who went 2-2 for second overall, and second in the championship. Third in the championship was Todd Kellett.

The first EMX2T race saw an early lead from Kras after being close to Anderson in the first and second corner, then Anderson went down in the second corner but was quickly into third and then moved into second, but it was Iacopi who re-passed first Anderson on lap six and then Kras on lap eight when the Dutchman stalled his bike.

Kras tried to come back, but was rattled and Anderson moved past, and into second place. Kras faded badly in the second part of the race, but still finished third. The Italian Iacopi won his third race of the season from Anderson and Kras.

MXGP Rnd Turkey Mike Kras
Mike Kras – MXGP of Turkey 2019

The second EMX2T race was the all-important championship decider. Iacopi led from Kras and Anderson, with Dimitrios Baxeanis and Francesco Galligari in fourth and fifth. Kras moved into the lead quickly and Anderson also past Iacopi. After a lap Kras was already nearly five seconds ahead of Anderson, with Iacopi seven seconds back in third place.

As the race moved into the fifth lap Anderson started closing up on Kras and it was just two seconds behind, but Kras clocked the quickest lap of the race to stay in front. Making the championship complicated Iacopi caught Anderson and was all over the British who started struggling and lost a position to the Italian rider.

The lead by Kras was just under two seconds, but then all of a sudden just as Iacopi caught and tried to pass the leader, his bike stopped, and he ended up last. Kras held a big lead over Anderson and went on to win the race and the championship.

Mike Kras

“I just want to say this, my kids will remember me as a champion. I needed to take it easy. I could see Brad (Anderson) wasn’t catching me. I just want to take the title home and now we will celebrate. Before the race I felt good, because it isn’t the first time I go for a championship even if we arrived in Turkey tied in points. I took a good start and rode my own race.”

MXGP Rnd Turkey Mike Kras
Mike Kras – MXGP of Turkey 2019
# Rider Nat. Bike Points
1 Kras, Mike NED KTM 280
2 Anderson, Brad GBR KTM 279
3 Kellett, Todd GBR YAM 200
4 Kovar, Vaclav CZE GAS 180
5 Lusbo, Andero EST HUS 162
6 Gorini, Andrea SMR YAM 102
7 Deghi, G. ITA KTM 93
8 Iacopi, Manuel ITA YAM 90
9 van t Ende , Y. NED KTM 88
10 Todd, Brad GBR YAM 86


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Dunlop throws support behind Sultans of Slide

In a win for Australian Flat Track racing, Dunlop has joined forces with Motorcycling NSW to support the Sultans of Slide as it draws attention back to some of Australia’s most skilled motorcycle racers. Dunlop has a long association with motorcycle racing in all its forms, from juniors to seniors, road and dirt, in both local and global events.

With the senior Sultans of Slide competitors racing on 19-inch wheels, much like those in the AMA Flat Track Championship – where the Dunlop DT3 is a control tyre – it was a simple decision for the team behind Dunlop Motorcycle tyres in Australia: Ficeda Accessories.

Robbie Bugden – Dunlop Motorsport Manager

“I grew up racing dirt track. It’s where I learnt a lot of skills before I went on to eventually race superbikes, so I’m personally really excited to be a part of something that shines a light on this discipline. Dunlop has a strong racing heritage around the world, and we of course have the DT3 tyres as a control tyre in AMA Flat Track, so it’s a natural fit to partner with the Sultans of Slide. With open tyre rules in this series, we welcome the competition, and can’t wait to see some exciting racing at all three rounds. Maybe I’ll have to consider dusting the gear off and having a race!”

Kirkness wins 2019 King of the Grasstree Beach Race

The King of the Beach trophy is dedicated to Steve Dinsdale, who was a tireless supporter of beach racing, with the Grasstree Beach Race continuing his legacy, with 2019 heralding Michael Kirkness as King of the Beach, taking the win from Damien Koppe, and Daniel O’Brien, with Darren Walker and Michael Carew completing the top five.

2019 King of the Beach – Grasstree Beach Race

# Rider Gap
1 Michael KIRKNESS 03:47.8
2 Damien KOPPE +3.338
3 Daniel O’BRIEN +17.36
4 Darren WALKER +19.342
5 Michael CAREW +25.18
6 Mitchell WALKER +26.734
7 Chad TURNBULL +27.843
8 Johnny RACZ +28.096
9 Luke BURGESS +30.345
10 Clinton BLACKMUR +31.741

65cc 7-U10 Points

# Rider Points
1 Cruz HARRIS 69
2 Chace WILKINSON 50
3 Stephanie TURNBULL 40

65cc 9-U12 Points

# Rider Points
1 Lachlan POLSON 75
2 Darcy PADDLE 66
5 Tiffeny RYAN 16

Junior Lites Points

# Rider Points
2 Wyatt NEIL 60
3 Brenton WILSON 60
4 Thomas CORBET 58
5 Noah VERNON 50

Mini Lites 12-U16 Points

# Rider Points
1 Bailey GOODE 70
2 Joel SEXTON 69
3 Leyton NEIL 62
4 Jye NAYLOR 54
5 Scott RYAN 48

Mini Lites 9-U12 Points

# Rider Points
1 Lachlan POLSON 75
2 Hayden CORBET 64
4 Brock MOOHIN 50
5 Cruz HARRIS 36

0 – 300 2/- Points

# Rider Points
1 Chad TURNBULL 63
2 Michael CAREW 62
3 Jaymes SZOLLOS 60
4 Lincoln ROBERTS 52
5 Michael BROOKS 50

451 – 750 4/- Points

# Rider Points
1 Damien KOPPE 75
2 Justin MUSCAT 64
3 Mitchell WALKER 58
4 Adrian CORBET 42
5 Jordan GILMORE 40

301 – 650cc 2/- Points

# Rider Points
1 Wade MOOHIN 72
2 Michael KIRKNESS 67
3 Darren WALKER 62
4 Clinton BLACKMUR 50
5 Darren TICKLE 45

0 – 300 4/- Points

# Rider Points
1 Jordan GILMORE 70
2 Luke BURGESS 69
3 Scott MARTIN 62
4 Dewayne RYAN 54
5 Andrew LINDLEY 48

Street Bikes Points

# Rider Points
1 Michael KIRKNESS 65
2 Daniel O’BRIEN 63
3 Michael CAREW 62
4 Wayne MUSCAT 60
5 Brad LUFF 52

301 – 450 4/- Points

# Rider Points
1 Damien KOPPE 75
2 Luke BURGESS 67
3 Jack MILLBURN 66
4 Murray RICHARDS 63
5 Johnny RACZ 62

Team Belgium wins 2019 Vets MXdN

The 2019 Vets MXdN event has been won by the Belgian Team in the main EVO category, with the final moto deciding the result. The Belgian squad fought it out with the US team, while the English team suffered following a crash by Stephen Sword on Saturday’s qualifying session, leaving just three riders to compete.

Belgium took the win over the US, with a 19-point advantage, under great conditions which prevailed for the weekend.

In the Twinshock class it was Germany who took the win thanks to slotting their three points-scoring riders into every moto of the weekend, with England runner up following the USA only having two riders complete the race in the final moto.

Portugal readies for International Six Days Enduro (ISDE)

At the Portuguese round of the FIM Superbike World Championship at Portimao details of the 94th edition of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) were shared to the assembled national and international media.

Portugal readies for International Six Days Enduro ISDE
Portugal readies for 2019 International Six Days Enduro

In just 65 days – from November 11 to 16 – the Portimao circuit will welcome over 750 riders from 34 countries to compete in what remains the oldest event in the FIM calendar.

The beautiful Algarve region will provide the perfect stage for professional and amateur riders to do battle over the same course, with each day of competition starting and finishing at the paddock based at the fantastic facilities at the Portimao circuit.

As well as remaining the ultimate test of man and modern machine, the event in November will also incorporate the fourth edition of the FIM Enduro Vintage trophy. This year sees the introduction of a new category – The Vintage Veterans Trophy Team which will comprise of one team per nation, with each team consisting of three riders aged at least fifty years old.

Jorge Viegas – FIM President

“It is important for the FIM to use circuits at different occasions and have diverse competitions. It is important for the circuit, but also it offers good facilities for the participants and also for the media. The FIM Six Days of Enduro always marks a special moment in the season with so many national federations involved, and I am confident that this edition will be one to be remembered for all involved and wish both the riders and the organisers the best of luck.”

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Colton Haaker extends Husqvarna contract

Husqvarna Motorcycles have announce that Colton Haaker has signed a two-year contract extension with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing, with the 29-year-old set to remain with the team through to the end of the 2021 season. Haaker will continue to focus on the AMA Endurocross series and US Hard Enduro events.

SuperEndur Rnd Bilbao Spain colton haaker
Colton Haaker – Image by Future7Media

In Colton’s four full years with the team, he has earned an impressive number of championship titles across an extensive range of enduro events, both in the United States and worldwide. Haaker will continue to contest the AMA Endurocross series, US Hard Enduro events, and other selected international races.

Colton Haaker

“It is incredible to be with the team for another two years. I started with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna four years ago with no titles and since then I have earned five! We have set out new goals for the upcoming years and I hope to continue our winning ways.”

SuperEndur Rnd Bilbao Spain colton haaker
Colton Haaker – Image by Future7Media

Provisional 2020 Cross-Country Rallies Championship Calendar

The FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship provisional calendar for 2020 has been announced will feature four mixed events out of the five events in total, and only the Rally dos Sertoes of Brazil will be exclusively under the control of the FIM including Motos and Side by Side Vehicles (SSV).

  • Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge – EMSO – 20 – 26 March 2020
  • Rally Kazakhstan – AMFK – 24 – 29 May 2020
  • SilkWay Rally- MFR – 03 – 17 July 2020
  • Rally dos Sertoes – CBM – August / Sept. 2020 (TBC)
  • Rally of Morocco – FRMM – 08 – 13 October 2020

After many years of discussion the FIM also announced the arrival of the famous Dakar as the opening round of the FIM Cross-Country Rally Championship in 2021. More detailed information to come.

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