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December 26, 2017 – By Darren Smart

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Latest News

  • Nathan Crawford’s Jimboomba Win Reinstated
  • MA Licence Fees set for increase in 2018
  • ASADA Gives Matt Moss a 4 Year Ban
  • Raceline Pirelli KTM Sign Evans and Rykers for 2018
  • Yamalube Yamaha Sign Wilson and Evans for 2018
  • Kawasaki and Dyson Motorsport Team-Up for 2018
  • McKay and Malkiewicz Sign with Bulk Nutrients Yamaha for 2018
  • AJS Motorcycle Club Sources Own Insurance
  • New Champion Set for Australian Under-21 Speedway Championship
  • Australian Speedway Championship Goes Live in 2018 with NRGTV
  • Jason Doyle Signs for Somerset
  • Jett Lawrence to Geico Honda in 2019
  • JMC Motorsports Racing Announces Four Rider 250 Team
  • Mathias Bellino signs with Honda Euroboost
  • 2018 FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championship Calendar Announced
  • Youthstream Announce Officially Approved Teams for 2018

Nathan Crawford’s Jimboomba Win Reinstated

Nathan Crawford crossed the finish line in first place at the final round of the Australian Supercross Championships at Jimboomba on the 18th of November but a post-race protest relegated him from first to third position following an incident where he left the track, re-joined the race and it was deemed that he gained an advantage.

Nathan Crawford
Nathan Crawford – Image by Marc Jones Photography

On the back of audio/visual footage Crawford successfully appealed the decision and has been restored the Round 6 Jimboomba SX1 win with the Kawasaki rider moving to fourth place in the championship.

The basis for the decision below stems from Chapter 7 of the GCRs and in particular Rule which provides for penalties where a rider’s machine has left the track and thereby an advantage has been gained.

Evidence shows Crawford, when leading towards the end of the race, left the track inadvertently for a few seconds. He slowed up with his hand in acknowledgement of what had happened. He then re-joined the race and eventually crossed the finish line in first position.

Nathan Crawford - Image by Marc Jones Photography
Nathan Crawford – Image by Marc Jones Photography

The committee, with respect, disagrees with the basis of the decision to penalise Crawford. There is sufficient evidence to say that Crawford did not ‘gain an advantage’ within the meaning of Rule This alone is enough to reinstate the competitor’s first place position and points.

Please find the updated championship and round points below.

Round 6 Jimboomba SX1 Results

  1. Nathan Crawford
  2. Nick Schmidt
  3. Kade Mosig
  4. Daniel Reardon
  5. Justin Brayton
  6. Dean Ferris
  7. Joel Wightman
  8. Dylan Long
  9. Daniel Herrlein
    …DNF. Todd Waters

SX1 Championship Standings

  1. Justin Brayton 124
  2. Daniel Reardon 108
  3. Dean Ferris 103
  4. Nathan Crawford 99
  5. Dylan Long 95
  6. Kade Mosig 92
  7. Nick Schmidt 64
  8. Todd Waters 61
  9. Danie Herrlein 59
  10. Joel Wightman 52

MA Licence Fees set for increase in 2018

Motorcycling Australia (MA) will introduce a marginal increase in the licensing fee structure for National Annual licence holders effective as of 1 January 2018.

Motorcycling Australia
Motorcycling Australia

The rise only applies to the six National Annual Licences, Senior National, Junior National, Senior Restricted National, Junior Restricted National, Recreation Licence 1 and Mechanic.

Mechanic licence will now see a flat fee across each state, and will provide licence holder’s access to MA’s Personal Accident and Public & Products Liability Insurance at MA permitted activities and events.

Motorcycling Australia & State Bodies – 2018 Licence Fees

  • Senior National – $325
  • Junior National – $299
  • Senior Restricted National – $240
  • Junior Restricted National – $145
  • Mechanic – $75
  • Recreation Licence 1 – $135
  • *Please note that State Controlling Bodies may charge a manual licence processing fee

ASADA Gives Matt Moss a 4 Year Ban

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) have acknowledged the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to sanction Matt Moss for the presence and use of a prohibited substance.

Moss was subject to an intelligence-led test at the Murray Bridge round of the MX Nationals in 2016. His sample was analysed at the Australian Sports Drug Testing Laboratory, part of the National Measurement Institute, which detected the presence of Ostarine and its metabolites.

MX Nationals 2016 - Round Six - Nowra - Matt Moss
MX Nationals 2016 – Matt Moss

Ostarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) which is banned at all times in sport and is not approved for human use in Australia, except for experimental research purposes. The US Food and Drug Administration recently warned that SARMs pose serious health concerns, including increased risk of heart attack, stroke and life-threatening liver toxicity.

As a result of the CAS decision, Moss was given a four year ban, backdated to 15 July 2016 to account for time served under a provisional suspension. The ban also includes the disqualification of any results from the date the sample was taken, as well as the forfeiture of any medals, points or prize.

Mr Moss will be ineligible to participate, as an athlete or support person, in any sports that have adopted a World Anti-Doping Agency compliant anti-doping policy until 15 July 2020.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Raceline Pirelli KTM Sign Evans and Rykers for 2018

Raceline Pirelli KTM have signed Northern Queenslander Mitch Evans to compete in the MX1 and SX1 categories while Jayden Rykers will once again take on the MX2 class.

Evans, who will make the shift to a KTM 450 SX-F for both Motocross and Supercross next year believes he is up for the challenge.

Mitch Evans
Mitch Evans joins Raceline Pirelli KTM in 2018 – Image by Marc Jones Photography
Mitch Evans

“For 2018 I always knew that I wanted to be on the 450. This year I really struggled to keep my weight down and to be light enough on the 250 particularly with my starts, so I felt it was time to step up to the bigger machine. The opportunity came up with Raceline where I was able to make that switch in a low pressure development situation. I raced KTM’s in my junior career and to have the chance to get back on orange again with all the big changes that they have made to the bike and in the 450 class is awesome.”

Rykers, who has already spent a season with Raceline Pirelli KTM is excited to confirm that he has re-signed with the team.

Jayden Rykers
Jayden Rykers also resigned with the Raceline Pirelli KTM team – Image by Marc Jones Photography
Jayden Rykers

“It’s great to be back with Raceline for 2018, the team has been restructured to two riders and I’m glad to take on the role as their MX2 rider for 2018. I think it’s always good to keep a tight structure and have a reliable program with a team you know and trust. From Raceline Pirelli KTM to Justin Currie from Total Athlete Development, we are able to build on our relationship and foundations that we made in 2017.”

Yamalube Yamaha Sign Wilson and Evans for 2018

The Yamalube Yamaha Racing Team have signed Jay Wilson and North Queenslander Richie Evans to compete in the MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championships on board the YZ250F.

Wilson has a long history with Yamaha and the company has plans for the 2015 Australian MX2 Champion in the future which will be announced in due course but his first goal is to secure good results in 2018.

Jackson Richardson - Image By Marc Jones
Jay Wilson signed with Yamalube Yamaha for 2018 – Image By Marc Jones
Jay Wilson

“Coming back to Yamaha and especially to Yamalube Yamaha is awesome and the guys here just get racing. I roll in on day one and my bike, gear, spares, tyres, oils and everything is ready to go; they just make racing easy and are always one step ahead. I enjoy racing with this team and had my best results surrounded by them so I look forward to a great year of racing with them. The YZ250F is the best bike in the class and I felt right at home the moment I got back on it. I feel motivated to go racing again. We have also had some discussions about my future within racing and the motorcycle industry and Yamaha and I have come up with some plans regarding that. When I finish racing I would love to still be involved somehow and there are a lot of opportunities within Yamaha that I can grow so I’m looking forward to announcing those plans during the year. But right now, I’m a racer and I want to win races and championships in 2018.”

Evans finished the 2017 MX Nationals in ninth place on board a privateer Yamaha despite missing the final two rounds with injury and proved to have the speed of the front runners, qualifying well at every round. His down fall was fitness and pure bike time which was due to him doing a full time University course as well as part time work to fund his racing.

Now with the support of the Yamalube Yamaha team, Evans is able to dedicate his time to training and racing and looking to continue his climb up the rankings in the MX2 class.

Richie Evans - Jono Porter Privateer trophy winner
Richie Evans – Jono Porter Privateer trophy winner
Richie Evans

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the call and offered the ride with Yamaha. I have never been able to dedicate myself 100% to racing due to my school or University commitments but with this opportunity with Yamalube Yamaha I’m going to grab it with both hands and give it my all. 2017 was tough trying to fit everything and it placed a lot of pressure on my family to get to each event to support me but now there won’t be any mad rush on the Saturday prior to a round to have the bike ready and everything sorted. I can’t thank the Yamalube Yamaha team enough for taking a chance on me and I will do everything I can to repay their faith in me.”

Kawasaki and Dyson Motorsport Team-Up for 2018

Dyson Motorsports will run the Kawasaki supported Motocross and Supercross effort to compete in the 2018 MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championship series.

Ranking as one of the top Australian Sprintcar teams over the last six years, Dyson Motorsports have enlisted premier international riders and claimed one of the biggest sprint car titles in Australia, the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic in 2014.

Kawasaki and Dyson Motorsport Team-Up for 2018
Kawasaki and Dyson Motorsport Team-Up for 2018

Dyson Motorsports now eagerly look towards their next chapter which entails a Kawasaki backed effort in the 2018 MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championship series.

Sean Dyson – Director of Dyson Motorsports

“We are extremely excited for the partnership between Dyson Motorsports and Kawasaki Motors Australia and we look forward to working together throughout 2018. This year we ran Dylan Wood in the MX Nationals out of a small rigid truck and then built upon that to compete with a two rider team in the Australian Supercross Championship and now we have stepped it up again with a plan to run 3 riders, with a larger transporter and team base in 2018. Jay and Jess Foreman will bring well-respected work ethic and expertise to our team which will give us more experience next year and I will provide the backing through my company, Complete Parts and Equipment.”

The Dyson Motorsport team structure will include the esteemed Jay and Jess Foreman, who will jointly manage riders, KX250F and KX450F development and logistics.

The driving force behind Dyson Motorsports is in the form of Complete Parts and Equipment, a company that supplies parts, equipment and services to the mining and civil industries across Australia, including selling new, used and reconditioned parts for earth moving equipment plus rebuilding componentry and machines.

Robert Walker – Kawasaki Motors Australia National Sales and Marketing Manager

“Dyson Motorsports have shown their fighting spirit in their core Sprintcar racing activities over the years. We are confident that our support will take their Motocross and Supercross campaign to the next level, including the addition of our KX450F and KX250F models to their arsenal which will certainly give them a competitive edge.”

Additional announcements covering rider selection and key sponsors will be made in the near future.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

McKay and Malkiewicz Sign for Bulk Nutrients Yamaha

Hugh McKay and Bailey Malkiewicz have signed with the Bulk Nutrients Yamaha team to compete in the 2018 MX Nationals and Australian Supercross Championship on board the class leading Yamaha YZ250F.

The newly appointed outfit will see the young duo chase victory in the MXD (under19) division at the MX Nationals as well as contest the SX2 class in the Australian Supercross Championship.

Hugh McKay
Hugh McKay

McKay finished the 2017 MXD championship in fourth place but his improvement in the back half of the season was noticeable and he enters the new season looking to build on the momentum he has gained.

Hugh McKay

“I am really looking forward to taking the next step, with it being my last year in the U19s, I want to do everything I can to put myself right up towards the front and battling for a championship. I’m really happy to have re-signed by Bulk Nutrients Yamaha for another year. It’s great to be surrounded by the hardworking group at WBR who understand my goals and do everything they can to help me work towards them. It’s awesome to still be on the Yamaha as it’s a bike I feel really confident on and know my equipment will be the best out there. I’m looking forward to a big year ahead.”

Alongside McKay will be rising star, Bailey Malkiewicz. Malkiewicz, will make his MXD debut this season after winning the Australian Junior Motocross championship in 2017, his final year as a junior competitor. He now makes the big step up to professional racing with the guidance of the Bulk Nutrients Yamaha Team.

Bailey Malkiewicz
Bailey Malkiewicz
Bailey Malkiewicz

“I’m looking forward to a fresh start on a Yamaha, with a new team and also keen on racing a full season of MX Nationals and Supercross. It’s exciting to be a part of the Bulk Nutrients Yamaha race team for 2018 and I know that we can put in the work and hopefully achieve some goals and make 2018 a year to remember.”

Yamalube and GYTR have come on board with a great support package for the team as well as a huge investment by Ficeda Imports with their range of high quality products.

Team principle, Travis Whitten, has juggled his commitments of running a successful Yamaha retail outlet in Echuca in Victoria, as well as grow the race team but loves the challenge and is looking forward reaping the rewards of the hard work he and his team have put in.

Travis Whitten

“2018 marks an exciting year for the team and some massive shoes to fill. We are confident we have a good group of people and will provide a great environment for the riders to achieve their goals. The team will all work extremely hard to keep such a prestigious program Yamaha has at the top and show case just how good the Yamaha YZ250F is. Our goal is simply race for the championship and also give our riders the tools they need to further their careers and go on to be Yamaha MX2 front runner in years to come.”

AJS Motorcycle Club Sources Own Insurance

The AJS Motorcycle Club have decided to source their own insurance for club events while remaining affiliated with Motorcycling WA for their MA licensed members and national events – see the press release today:

**Press Release**

The AJS Motorcycle Club has made the decision to move in a new direction for the 2018 season.

Due to the rising costs from our governing body and the current financial climate, the club has decided to source its own insurance.

This will also mean lower costs for our members and no licences will be required to ride at the club.

We will be staying affiliated with MWA for those members who wish to have an MA licence and will still be holding our National Events.

We are very excited for the 2018 season and look forward to seeing you all get back to what you all love to do….RIDE.

Memberships will be open from the 1st of January to 31st December 2018.

Membership of the Moto Trials division of the AJS MCC is arranged separately – inquiries to be made to

Our registration days will be posted on our Facebook page in the coming weeks please make sure you join our page for the latest updates.

Official Facebook Page Link:

2018 Membership Fees

  • Single Membership Fee: $200.00 (includes track key)
  • Flag Deposit: $150.00 (refundable $75.00 per flag day)
    • Please remember the Flag Deposit is just that a deposit, you as a member get your deposit back when you complete your flag duty, AJSMCC DOES NOT keep this money.
  • Ride Day Fees: $30.00 Members
  • $60.00 Non-Members

Club events will be posted early in January so please keep an eye out for the 2018 calendar on the Facebook page and on the website

Australian Speedway Championship Goes Live in 2018 with NRGTV

NRGTV will be bringing the 2018 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship to life with all four rounds set to be streamed live online.

2017 Australian Solo Speedway
2017 Australian Solo Speedway

With the national series kicking off at Kurri Kurri in New South Wales on the 6th of January, NRGTV’s preparations are well underway, and the team behind the scenes are looking forward to bringing the fast paced, adrenaline packed discipline to viewers, delivering a whole new viewing experience.

After a successful broadcast of Speedway events in Mildura in 2015, Kevin Williams shared that NRGTV is a perfect fit for the 2018 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship.

Kevin Williams

“It’s fantastic to finally announce the NRGTV will be broadcasting this year’s National Speedway Championship. We have had experience in streaming Speedway and Dirt Track events, all of which were well received. Speedway fans deserve to be able to watch their beloved sport as it happens, and we are committed to providing that in 2018. NRGTV’s technology is improving every year – we have just purchased new equipment in preparation for the four-round championship and are excited to deliver viewers with a whole new experience regardless of whether they are at the event or at home.”

The Broadcast will also include commentary from the very best in the country, including three-time Speedway World Champion Jason Crump, Mark Bracks and NRGTV’s expert presenter Aiden Williams.

Those wanting to tune into the action will have the opportunity to purchase a one-round viewing pass at the price of $9.99 or a series subscription which includes all coverage on demand after the events at a low cost of $25.97 at 35% off, starting December 22nd you can use the code ‘Speedway-2018’ in the coupon section of the pay window to increase the discount to 50% for the series pass $19.99 50% offer expires 31st December.

For more information on the Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship, head to

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

New Champion Set for Australian Under-21 Speedway Championship

With former champions and front-runners Max Fricke, Jack Holder, Brady Kurtz and Josh Pickering no longer eligible, the 2018 Australian Under-21 Speedway Championship will see a new champion for 2018.

Max Fricke
Max Fricke (pictured) Jack Holder, Brady Kurtz and Josh Pickering are no longer eligible and 2018 will see a new champion

The event will be held over two nights at Olympic Park in Mildura from 20-21 January with qualifying on the Friday night, the pack of 16 riders will do battle for the remaining six spots in Saturday night’s final.

There are 10 riders already in the final on Saturday night, with two-time world Champion Matthew ‘Happy’ Gilmore leading the new wave of riders looking to claim the Under-21 500cc Australian Speedway Championship.

Gilmore will have a tough time holding off a pack which includes Joshua McDonald, Dale Borlace, Brayden Mcguiness and Mitchell Cluff, who are all looking to better their 2017 results.

Jedd List will make the jump to the Under-21 class after taking out the Under-16 250cc class in 2017, Tom Dixon, Declan Kennedy and Issac Howes will also make the step up.

10 Seeded Riders

  • Dakota Ballantyne
  • Ben Cook
  • Joel Coyne
  • James Davies
  • Matthew Gilmore
  • Zaine Kennedy
  • Jaimon Lidsey
  • Cooper Riordan
  • Blake Russell
  • Jordan Stewart

Riders vying for final 6 Spots

  • Dale Borlace
  • Aden Clare
  • Mitchell Cluff
  • Brandan Coglan
  • Zach Cook
  • Oliver Hamilton
  • Isaac Hawes
  • Declan Kennedy
  • Declan Knowles
  • Kane Lawrence
  • Jedd List
  • Joshua Mcdonald
  • Brayden Mcguiness
  • Jack Morrison
  • Matthew Pickering
  • Kye Thomson
  • Reserve 1: Mitchell Grech
  • Reserve 2: Tom Dixon

Jason Doyle Signs for Somerset

Somerset have given their fans the ultimate Christmas present after bringing Jason Doyle back to Highbridge as World Champion.

The Aussie icon raced for the Rebels at Premier League-level in 2008, 2012 and 2013 before going full-time in the top flight and establishing himself as one of the sport’s top riders, winning the FIM Speedway World Championship in Melbourne in October.

Jason Doyle
Jason Doyle

With Swindon releasing him from his contract, this cleared the way for Doyle to lead the Somerset charge in the Premiership, where he joins Jack Holder, Richard Lawson, Charles Wright, Jake Allen, Bradley Wilson-Dean and Jonas Jeppesen.

But Doyle is delighted to be spearheading Rebels play-off push and insisted he always wanted to race in the UK. “Very happy to announce I will be at Somerset Rebels for 2018! I wanted to race British speedway next season!! And no better way to do it than race with Somerset! See you all at the Oak Tree next season!!”

Doyle’s move represents arguably the biggest signing in the club’s history and boss Garry May insists the deal underlines Rebels’ ambition. “I think this was the signing all Somerset fans had hoped for, but perhaps never thought it would actually happen. But I know that Jason considers Somerset as his ‘home’ as far as speedway is concerned, and his signing is a statement of intent by the club for 2018.”

Jett Lawrence to Geico Honda in 2019

Once Jett Lawrence completes the 2018 season in the EMX250 series on Suzuki machinery he will move to America with a contract with GEICO Honda for 2019 and beyond, so now both Lawrence brothers will move to the U.S. together.

Jett Lawrence
Jett Lawrence

A press release from GEICO/Factory Connection Honda explains that Jett will race amateur in the U.S. in 2019, but his graduation date to the pros will be determined later (could be as early as 2020, but possibly later).

“We’ve done our research and talked to a lot of people in both Australia and Europe, and they all believe Jett is the real deal,” GEICO Honda team manager Dan Betley said. “We’re looking forward to having both Hunter and Jett learn the ropes of U.S. racing with us starting in 2019.”

JMC Motorsports Racing Announces Four Rider 250 Team

JMC Motorsports Racing team has signed veteran Chris Howell (#122) for his third season with the team, and new additions Chase Marquier (#81), and Jon Ames (#74) in their sophomore year in supercross, JMC Motorsports Racing is also happy to announce signing Austin Root (#130) for his rookie supercross season.

Thanks to some Husqvarna support, the team will have four riders competing in the 250 Class aboard 2018 FC250s. Chris Howell, and Chase Marquier will be competing in the West Region while Austin Root and Jon Ames will contest in the East Region aboard the race-proven 2018 Husqvarna FC250.

This will be the first year that the JMC Motorsports Racing Team will be competing in both regions, with help of team owners Joel and Michele Micka and the support of our dedicated sponsors. Jensen Hendler will be stepping up to the crew chief position and will oversee all race bike R&D. He will be in charge of quality control and providing a dual role on Sunday Amateur Racing, helping new talent realizing their dreams by competing on JMC Motorsports Racing bikes as well.

The team owners’ expectations are one of still building the program. It’s always a struggle to be competitive at this level of motorcycle racing. With a great group of talented young riders, dedicated family support, and unwavering support from sponsors, the team expects the 2018 season to be one of their best yet. The desire to put on a great show for the fans, mentor younger riders, and give back to the sport is paramount to the success of our program.

The team’s 2018 product sponsors include JMC Motorsports, FLY Racing, HGS Exhaust, ENZO Racing, Renn Fuel, Integrity Electric, Alliance Steel, HRMC, Rekluse, Acerbis, Shaffer Oil, ARC levers, Fusion Graphics, 100% Goggles, BUD Racing, Sunstar, Braking, Motion Pro, Renthal, Dubya, Wossner, DT1 Air filters, Guts Factory Seats, and P-One Management. More sponsors are being added, and updates will follow. Joel would like to say a special thank-you to Josh Pitts from Renn Fuel, Ross from Enzo, and Tony from P-One for all the help and continued support.

Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Mathias Bellino signs with Honda Euroboost

After six years with the Husqvarna Factory team, Mathias Bellino has signed for Honda Euroboost for the 2018 season.

Mathias Bellino (Husqvarna)
Mathias Bellino will move to Honda Euroboost for 2018

After a season with two big shoulder injuries, the 2015 E3 World Champion was left without a ride at the end of the season so the Frenchman has decided to accept an offer from Yves Rodes and Honda Euroboost, and he will therefore race with the brand new Honda CRF 450X in a private team structure.

Yves Rodes – Honda Euroboost

“We are very happy to have reached this agreement with Mathias, and we are convinced that his talent coupled with the new CRF 450RX, will allow him to occupy the podiums in 2018. We are well informed and all ready to help him achieve these goals, and further enrich an already outstanding track record. This new adventure promises to be exciting and the entire Honda RedMoto team welcomes the choice of Mathias Bellino.”

Mathias Bellino
Mathias Bellino
Mathias Bellino

“I am obviously very happy to announce that I will ride Honda next season alongside super-motivated people such as Yves Rodes and his team. I gave my agreement and we launched the project while I was still injured with my shoulder, and therefore without being able to try the bike. But I went there without doubts because everyone knows the reputation of the reds and in my opinion I took no risk on the basis of the bike, which remains the number 1. The idea took root not long ago, and everything was prepared and very quickly. So I will created my own structure in collaboration with a key person in my eyes: Greg Gilson, who will be in charge of managing the team! This is a huge job, and everything is not yet finalised, but I assure you that we are working hard to refine the final details. So we will have a lot of things to reveal to you little by little in the weeks to come … It’s a great challenge, with an ultra-motivated team by my side and a strong programme of races!”

2018 FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championship Calendar Announced

The FIM Maxxis Enduro World Championships & FIM Enduro World Cup 2018 calendars have been announced as have the official classes and changes to the format – see below:

  • 17-18 March Helsinki – Päijänne* Finland
  • 27-29 April Santiago de Compostela Spain
  • 04-06 May Castelo Branco Portugal FMP
  • 01-03 June Tallinn Estonia EMF
  • 30 June The Wall (Arco di Trento)** Italy
  • 31 Aug.-02 Sept. Edolo Italy
  • 22-23 September Hawkstone Park*** (TBC) UK
  • 12-14 October Woltersdorf Germany
    • TBC = To be confirmed
    • * Enduro in winter conditions ** Hard Enduro – One day *** Enduro Sprint Saturday / GNCC Sunday
Enduro World Championship 2017
Enduro World Championship 2017

2018 FIM Maxxis Enduro Categories


  • Enduro 1 (E1): Up to 250cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke
  • Enduro 2 (E2): 250+ cc 4 stroke up to 450cc 4 stroke
  • Enduro 3 (E3): 250+ cc 2 stroke and 450+ cc 4 stroke
  • EnduroGP: Rankings based on overall standings (E1-E2-E3) Starting order: 1st to 15th in inverse order of the provisional rankings.


Age limit 23 years. Creation of Junior 1 and Junior 2 categories:

  • FIM Enduro Junior 1 World Cup (J1): Up to 250 cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke
  • FIM Enduro Junior 2 World Cup (J2): 250+ cc 2 stroke and 4 stroke
  • The final rankings will take into account the 10 best results in Junior 1 & Junior 2.
  • The FIM Junior Enduro World Champion will be decided based on the overall rankings of the Junior 1 and Junior 2 categories.


125cc Age limit 21 years. The final rankings will take into account the 8 best results in Youth 125cc.


The FIM Women’s Enduro World Cup will be held on the last event of the season.

Several organisational changes will be applied from 2018

  • Wednesday evening before the event: Distribution of timetables, time sheets and itineraries.
  • Thursday morning: Opening of the paddock to the teams.
  • Friday night after the Super Test: Motorcycles will be placed in the Parc-Fermé.
Smarty's Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax
Smarty’s Weekly Moto News Wrap proudly brought to you by Dunlop Geomax

Youthstream Announce Officially Approved Teams for 2018

Youthstream has announced the provisional OAT (Officially Approved Teams) list for the 2018 FIM Motocross World Championship.

The final official OAT list is expected at the end of January, but in the meantime Youthstream is proud to present this list of teams who have registered for the 2018 MXGP, MX2 Championships.

Please find the 2018 provisional OAT Lists below

Team Riders
Bike It DRT Kawasaki Darian Sanayei
BUD Racing Monster Energy Kawasaki Brian Hsu
E2T- Racing Team Enzo Toriani
F&H Racing Team Adam Sterry
Jed Beaton
Ruben Fernandez
Hitachi KTM UK Conrad Mewse
Honda 114 Motorsports Hunter Lawrence
Bas Vaessen
Husqvarna 8biano Motorsport Brent Van Doninck
Iker Larranaga Olano
I Fly JK Racing Anton Gole
JD 191 KTM RACING TEAM Richard Sikyna
Jumbo No Fear Vamo Honda Micha Boy De Waal
Marhsal Weltin
KEMEA Yamaha yamalube Racing Team Vsevolod Brylyakov
Ben Watson
Jago Geerts
KTM Sarholz Racing Team Tom Koch
KTM Silver Action Stephen Rubini
Nicola Bertuzzi
LRT KTM Davy Pootjes
Marchetti Racing Team KTM Morgan Lesiardo
Jorge Prado
Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Thomas Covington
Thomas Olsen
STC Racing – Colin Streubel Henry Jacobi
Team HRC Calvin Vlaanderen
Team Martin Racing Honda Michele Cervellin
Team VHR David Herbreteau
Alexis Verhaeghe
Alvin Ostlund


Team Riders
62 MotoSport Husqvarna Klemen Gercar
920 Fly group Team Ander Valentin
A1M Husqvarna Tanel Leok
Bike It DRT Kawasaki Tommy Searle
BOS PROJECT Jordi Tixier
Benoit Paturel
Ceres 71 Milko Potisek
Hitachi KTM UK Graeme Irwin
I Fly JK Racing Ivo Monticelli
JD 191 KTM RACING TEAM Jaromir Romancik
KMP-Honda-Racing Nathan Renkens
KTM Sarholz Racing Team Stefan Ekerold
Marchetti Racing Team KTM Jose Butron
Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team Clement Desalle
Julien Lieber
Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team Jeremy Van Horebeek
Romain Febvre
Jeffrey Herlings
Glenn Coldenhoff
Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Gautier Paulin
Max Anstie
Scandinavian Racing Sports Jonathan Bengtsson
Standing Construct KTM Kevin Strijbos
Valentin Guillod
Team Gebben V Venrooy  Kawasaki Racing Alessandro Lupino
Maxime Desprey

Petar Petrov

Team HRC Tim Gajser
Brian Bogers
Team Steelsdrjack Bonini Davide
Wilvo Yamaha official team MXGP Shaun Simpson
Arnaud Tonus
Jeremy Seewer


Dunlop Geomax MX3S
Dunlop Geomax MX3S