Earlier this week one of the biggest changes to motorcycling sport in Australia happened, with Motorcycling Australia (MA) and it’s State Controlling Bodies (SCB’s) in Western Australia (MWA), New South Wales (MNSW), Queensland (MQ), South Australia (MSA), Northern Territory (MNT) and Tasmania (MT) all signing off on a new Alliance Agreement.

Motorcycling Victoria at this stage opted to not sign the agreement but continue’s to work closely with MA and the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT) to address and resolve all concerns. Motorcycling Victoria issued a short statement this week touching on some of their concerns as to why they have not joined the new structure.

Motorcycling Victoria

“MV fully support the principles of the Alliance Agreement, however in an effort to ensure the interests of our members and clubs are protected MV are unable to sign at this time. This is not about MV going it alone, it is about the MV board performing its duties to the members and ensuring the rights and interests of Victorian members and Clubs are not disadvantaged by the actions of others. So that our members and clubs are protected the MV board obtained independent legal advice highlighting a legal process and concerns that need to be addressed first before we can sign up. The MV board will be meeting with Motorcycling Australia and the other State Controlling Bodies to ensure that these concerns are satisfied. In the meantime, the MV management and Board will continue to work collaboratively with MA and the other states to improve processes and outcomes for all of our members. It is hoped that MV will be able to sign the Alliance Agreement in the future, but only when it is satisfied that all legal requirements are met.”

The decision from the states, will now see all the SCB’s and MA operating as seven equal parties with a consistent nation-wide approach regarding all motorcycling matters.

MA Board Director and Chair, Roy Chamberlain

Motorcycling Australia
Motorcycling Australia

“The Alliance agreement is a commitment to deliver a shared vision for motorcycling across Australia in a collaborative and mutually supportive way. Under the Alliance agreement, an ALT has been formed, comprised of Presidents of the SCB’s and a representative from the MA Board.

“Above all, the Alliance Agreement sets out an agreed way the SCB’s and MA will work together as equals to achieve benefit for the motorcycling community across Australia. For too long these entities have largely worked independently, leading to many inefficiencies and the duplication of products and services offered to their members.

“Our focus is broad – from providing an environment that is safe and affordable for the young and young at heart, to providing a pathway for our gifted competitors in reaching their full potential on the national and world stages – and everything in-between.

“The MA Councils responsibilities will now be shared between the MA Council and the ALT, as defined in the new MA Constitution. The MA and SCB boards will continue their responsibilities as they are now.

“The Alliance has a national strategy that states our mission is to increase membership by providing opportunities, products and value to all motorcyclists, enthusiasts and stakeholders across the full spectrum of motorcycling across Australia.

“Motorcycling in Australia has many challenges and opportunities. We firmly believe that only by working together can we fend off these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities,” said Chamberlain.

Motorcycling Australia States Reps
members of the Alliance Leadership Team (ALT) from left to right. MT President Shane Fraser, MQ President Lisa Fox, President of MA Peter Goddard, MNSW President Tim Sanford, MWA President Tracy Simpson, MNT President Garry Lambert and MSA President Brenton Matters.


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