Smarty’s Moto Wrap for March 25, 2014

Ok, the bad news first. Joel Dinsdale is right now in the Townsville hospital after an horrific car crash last week while travelling from Mackay to Brisbane for the GYTR photo shoot.

Dinsdale’s vehicle left the road an hour or so south of Mackay and struck a tree and the rescue crew had to cut the teenager from the vehicle and he was immediately air lifted to the Townsville hospital with head injuries, a broken leg and a few other cut and cruises. At the time of writing Joel’s damaged leg has been operated on and after a few days in a coma is starting the long road to recovery.

Fellow Queenslander and MX Nationals MX1 title contender Ford Dale has crashed and broken his arm at his practice track in Caloundra. The former MX2 champion will be out for the first half of the MX Nationals.

On a brighter note, Troy Carroll’s Kawasaki team now has a proper name. Carroll has secured National Pump Services and Monster Energy as his major sponsors so Adam Monea and Jake Moss will be riding for National Pump Monster Energy Kawasaki for 2014.

I did a Google search for National Pump Services and couldn’t find anything as a local company with that name but if I find anything I will let you know. It is great to secure outside industry sponsorship.

The Toronto round of the AMA Supercross saw Jackson Richardson qualify in 21st place while Taylor Potter scored his best qualifying time with 28th fastest. Thankfully both riders made it through to the main event with Richardson just missing out on a top ten finish with 11th place while Potter scored a credible 17th place.

How about James Stewart’s jump fest at Toronto? If you haven’t seen the main event yet just go to youtube, his bravery and skill over some of those rhythm sections was breathtaking, I was expecting to see the Suzuki flipping through the air several times.

Toronto was fraught with danger, the tricky rhythm section taking down riders left, right and centre. The most notable crashes came from Broc Tickle who didn’t make it to the main program after crashing hard in practice while Ivan Tedesco and Blake Baggett cartwheeled during their main events.

Championship leaders Ryan Villopoto and Adam Cianciarulo had a tough night in Toronto. Villopoto struggling to even make the night program thanks to food poisoning while Cianciarulo dislocated his should in practice after taking a dive in the whoops and was forced to retire from the main event.

Jeffrey Herlings has been injured at the second round of the Dutch Motocross Championships held in Holland last weekend,  at the time of writing there is no news other than a Facebook post by Herlings saying that he has hurt his shoulder in practice and is on his way to hospital for scans.

Todd Waters was in fine form in Holland and scored two solid second places behind local sand specialist Mike Kras.  Luke Styke is getting stronger and stronger after his bout of illness and scored 5-7 moto finishes in Holland. Our Aussie GP stars are on their way to Brazil for the third round of the World Motocross Championships this weekend.

All eyes will be on Broadford for the opening round of the MX Nationals this weekend and there is still a question mark over Josh Cachia, the Honda rider struggling with a wrist inuury while Kirk Gibbs will have to find a quick solution to a broken knuckle. Kayne Lamont will have another week of healing after his appendix was removed just before the final round of the New Zealand Motocross Championships.

Luke Styke
Luke Styke

This week we have the race reports and results from:

  • – Round 12 of the AMA Supercross held in Toronto
  • – Round 4 of the New Zealand Motocross Championships in Taupo
  • – Round 2 of the Dutch Motocross Championships in Holland
  • – Round 1 of UK’s MX Nationals held at Fatcats
  • – Round 1 of the 2014 Australian Off-Road Championships held at Bulahdelah, NSW
  • – 2014 Moto Expo – Brisbane RNA Showgrounds

2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship – Round 12 – Toronto

450 Race Report: Ken Roczen took the holeshot in front Justin Barcia, Justin Brayton and Ryan Villopoto while Ryan Dungey sat back a few places further back with James Stewart buried in the pack.

With Roczen struggling to find rhythm around the technical layout Barcia took over the lead and quickly gapped the lead and looked to have his first win since Seattle a season ago within his grasp.

As a very crook Ryan Villopoto lost positions to Ryan Dungey and Weston Peick, James Stewart started jumping two sections of the track with one less leap than anyone else and before you could say ‘Bubba is Back’ the Suzuki rider blew by Villopoto, Brayton, Peick, Dungey and Roczen and started to immediately make ground on Barcia.

Dungey moved into third place ahead of Roczen but all eyes were on Stewarts incredible charge around the track and it took no time for Barcia to lose the lead and he must have been amazed at how fast he was caught and passed but on a track that was fraught with danger the Honda rider rode smart (unusual I know) to take second place ahead of Dungey, Brayton, Roczen, Villopoto and Peick.

“That was probably one of my best races ever, I’m speechless,” said Stewart. “To pass Carmichael and move into second on the all-time wins list is special. This hasn’t even set in yet. The fans kept me motivated tonight. I heard them through every pass, it was great.”

Ryan Villopoto was dealing with food poisoning all day but managed to score sixth place and minimise the damage to his points lead. “We made the best of a bad scenario,” said Villopoto. “I woke up in a lot of pain this morning and the Asterisk Mobile Medical Crew thought it was best I [go to the hospital] to get checked out. I got out of the hospital and was lucky to make it in time for the night show. We salvaged a lot of points and I’ll go to the doctor back home in California to make sure we’re ready for St. Louis next weekend.”

Villopoto lost just five points to Dungey in the 450SX Class standings, currently holding a 25-point lead with five races remaining.

Main Event: 1. James Stewart. 2. Justin Barcia. 3. Ryan Dungey. 4. Justin Brayton. 5. Ken Roczen. 6. Ryan Villopoto. 7. Weston Peick. 8. Dean Wilson. 9. Joshua Hill. 10. Matthew Goerke. 11. Andrew Short. 12. Nicholas Wey. 13. Jimmy Albertson. 14. William Hahn. 15. Cody Gilmore. 16. Nicholas Schmidt. 17. Ronnie Stewart. 18. Adam Enticknap. 19. Mike Alessi. 20. Preston Mull. 21. Daniel Meynet. 22. Ivan Tedesco.

450SX Championship Standings After Round 12 of 17: 1. Ryan Villopoto – 246. 2. Ryan Dungey – 221. 3. James Stewart – 207. 4. Ken Roczen – 197. 5. Justin Brayton – 185. 6. Justin Barcia – 156. 7. Andrew Short – 153. 8. Broc Tickle – 126. 9. William Hahn – 122. 10. Chad Reed – 111. 11. Weston Peick – 96. 12. Joshua Hill – 89. 13. Joshua Grant – 78. 14. Matthew Goerke – 75. 15. Mike Alessi – 72. 16. Nicholas Wey – 66. 17. Ivan Tedesco – 63. 18. Jacob Weimer – 50. 19. Eli Tomac – 48. 20. Dean Wilson – 47.

450SX Class Main Event Start - Photo Credit: Hoppenworld
450SX Class Main Event Start – Photo Credit: Hoppenworld

250 Race Report: There was question mark over Adam Cianciarulo as the gate dropped for the main event after the points leader crashed and popped his shoulder out of the socket during practice but it was Justin Bogle who grabbed the holeshot ahead of Cianciarulo, Jimmy Decotis, Martin Davalos, Matt Lamoine, Matthew Bisceglia and Jeremy Martin while Jackson Richardson sat back in tenth place.

Just a few laps into the race Cianciarulo had to pull off after his shoulder popped out for the second time on the day and despite trying to continue in the race the rookie had to pull out and head back to the pits.

With Bogle out front and keeping well away from second placed Davalos, there was plenty of action for the final podium position with Lemoine, Martin and Blake Baggett in a wheel-to-wheel battle before Baggett was able to move past Martin and immediately start looking for a way around Lemoine but after several lap Lemoine was holding his ground.

Baggett crashed hard on a kicker jump (he was one of many) and was forced to retire from the race so is was a well-deserved win for Justin Bogle while Davalos kept second place despite a crash and was followed over the line by privateer Lamoine, Martin, Cole Thompson, Vince Friese, Alex Martin, Kyle Cunningham, A J Catanzaro, Jimmy Decotis and Jackson Richardson.

“I finally got a good start, which made racing for the win a lot easier,” said Bogle. “It’s crazy. I crossed the finish line and I didn’t even know what to do. I’ve thought so much about what I’d do when I got my first win, but I don’t know. I just turned the corner after the finish and dropped my bike. I’m just so overwhelmed right now.”

“The track got really tough and I ended up making a mistake about halfway through,” said Davalos. “Luckily we were able to recover and still get a good finish, so I’ll take it. We gained a lot of points tonight, but there’s still a lot of racing left this season.”

Davalos leaves Toronto with a four-point lead over Cianciarulo with three races remaining in the 250SX Eastern Regional Championship. The East Coast riders will race at St. Louis next weekend then sit out Houston and Seattle while the West Coast riders get back into action.

Main Event: 1. Justin Bogle. 2. Martin Davalos. 3. Matthew Lemoine. 4. Jeremy Martin. 5. Cole Thompson. 6. Vince Friese. 7. Alex Martin. 8. Kyle Cunningham. 9. A J Catanzaro. 10. James Decotis. 11. Jackson Richardson. 12. Matthew Bisceglia. 13. Landen Powell. 14. Levi Kilbarger. 15. Jesse Wentland. 16. Brad Nauditt. 17. Taylor Potter. 18. Gannon Audette. 19. Ryan Zimmer. 20. Blake Baggett. 21. Kyle Peters. 22. Adam Cianciarulo.


250SX East Regional Championship Standings After Round 6 of 9: 1. Martin Davalos – 124. 2. Adam Cianciarulo – 120. 3. Justin Bogle – 119. 4. Blake Baggett – 100. 5. Vince Friese – 90. 6. Kyle Cunningham – 76. 7. Cole Thompson – 74. 8. Matthew Lemoine – 73. 9. James Decotis – 65. 10. Alex Martin – 60. 11. Blake Wharton – 51. 12. Jeremy Martin – 48. 13. Matthew Bisceglia – 46. 14. A J Catanzaro – 43. 15. Mitchell Oldenburg – 43. 16. Kyle Peters – 40. 17. Jesse Wentland – 28. 18. Jackson Richardson – 28. 19. Gavin Faith – 19. 20. Levi Kilbarger – 16.

250SX West Regional Championship Standings After Round 6 of 9: 1. Jason Anderson – 131. 2. Cole Seely – 127. 3. Justin Hill – 107. 4. Dean Wilson – 98. 5. Cooper Webb – 92. 6. Malcolm Stewart – 89. 7. Jessy Nelson – 76. 8. Shane Mcelrath – 71. 9. Zach Osborne – 69. 10. Dean Ferris – 63. 11. Michael Leib – 51. 12. Dakota Tedder – 50. 13. Jake Canada – 46. 14. Scott Champion – 46. 15. Valentin Teillet – 28. 16. Cole Martinez – 24. 17. Darryn Durham – 21. 18. Topher Ingalls – 19. 19. Preston Mull – 17. 20. Chris Plouffe – 13.

2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series an FIM World Championship – Remaining Rounds
Rd 13: March 29 – Edward Jones Dome – St. Louis
Rd 14: April 5      – Reliant Stadium – Houston
Rd 15: April 12           – Century Link Field – Seattle
Rd 16: April 26           – MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, N.J.
Rd 17: May 3              – Sam Boyd Stadium – Las Vegas

New Zealand Motocross Championships – Round 4 – Taupo

MX2 championship leader Kayne Lamont lined up at Taupo just two days after having his appendix out so all eyes were on the teenager to see if he could wrap up his first senior New Zealand championship and there was also some drama after qualifying with the fastest MX1 qualifier in Kirk Gibbs forced to retire from the day after chipping the knuckle on his little finger on a track side marker.

Cody Cooper finalised his almost flawless championship defence by dominating the opening two motos at Taupo before coming from dead last to third place in the final moto. “Had an awesome day, won the overall and the championship, the track got beat up real bad but Ben Townley and the team got onto the suspension and we were happy with that,” said Cooper. “Had a problem in the last moto, the gate didn’t drop so I was last but it was awesome to get a different race, to come through the field and do all of the passing, it was good preparation for the Aussies next weekend (he means Broadford MX Nationals), I fell it was something I needed, maybe it was meant to happen.”

Local Brad Groombridge scored second place on the day ahead of Billy Mackenzie.

Hamish Dobbyn and Rhys Carter battled hard all day for the MX2 overall with Dobbyn getting the nod while the Yamaha pairing of Scott Column and Jay Wilson came home in third and fourth overall. Lamont ended up in eighth place overall on the day after opting out of the final moto thanks to his appendix operation but the young Kiwi still wrapped up the championships.

“It was a tough day, I came here to score enough points to win the championships and thankfully that is how it worked out, I can’t thank the people around me enough, this championship win means a lot to everyone involved,” said Lamont.

MX1 Round Results: 1. Cody Cooper – 70. 2. Brad Groombridge – 67. 3. Billy MacKenzie – 56. 4. Michael Phillip – 56. 5. Dion Picard – 47. 6. Jesse Wiki – 45. 7. Ethan Martens – 43. 8. Jesse Donnelly – 43. 9. Matt Haworth – 35. 10. Campbell Bailey – 35.

MX1 Final Championship Standings: 1. Cody Cooper – 287. 2. Billy MacKenzie – 236. 3. Brad Groombridge – 235. 4. Michael Phillips – 181. 5. Kirk Gibbs – 157. 6. Jesse Wiki – 156. 7. Dion Picard – 154. 8. Ethan Martens – 149. 9. Matt Haworth – 128. 10. Ford Dale – 123.

MX2 Round Results: 1. Hamish Dobbyn – 65. 2. Rhys Carter – 65. 3. Scott Columb – 58. 4. Jay Wilson – 52. 5. Hamish Harwood – 50. 6. John Phillips – 48. 7. Darryll King – 40. 8. Kayne Lamont – 38. 9. Hayden Kanters – 33. 10. Nick Saunders – 31.

MX2 Final Championship Standings: 1. Kayne Lamont – 254. 2. Hamish Dobbyn – 243. 3. Jay Wilson – 216. 4. Scott Columb – 209. 5. John Phillips – 200. 6. Hamish Harwood – 195. 7. Rhys Carter – 171. 8. Hayden Kanters – 131. 9. Nick Saunders – 123. 10. Kieran Scheele – 111.

Cody Cooper
Cody Cooper

Dutch Motocross Championships – Round 2 – Holland

With Jeffrey Herlings out with injury, Suzuki’s Glenn Coldenhoff dominated the second round of the Dutch MX2 Championship held at the Mill circuit in Holland by winning both motos while Romain Febvre and Aleksandr Tonkov scored podium finishes in both motos and the overall. Aussie Luke Styke put in two solid rides to finish in sixth outright.

Dutch sand specialist Mike Kras won the MX1 class ahead of Todd Waters and round one winner Marc De Reuver.

Most of these riders will head to Brazil this week for the next round of the FIM World MX2 Championships.

Moto One: 1 Glenn Coldenhoff. 2 Romain Febvre. 3 Aleksandr Tonkov. 4 Petar Petrov. 5 Luke Styke. 6 Brent Vandoninck. 7 Harri Kullas. 8 Lars van Berkel. 9 Brian Bogers. 10 Rick Folkers.

Moto Two: 1 Glenn Coldenhoff. 2 Romain Febvre. 3 Aleksandr Tonkov. 4 Harri Kullas. 5 Brent Vandoninck. 6 Brian Bogers. 7 Luke Styke. 8 Michael Hool. 9 Arminas Jasikonis. 10 Luca Nijenhuis.

MX2 Overall: 1 Glenn Coldenhoff 1-1. 2 Romain Febvre 2-2. 3 Aleksandr Tonkov 3-3. 4 Harri Kullas 7-4. 5 Brent Vandoninck 6-5. 6 Luke Styke 5-7.

MX2 Championship Points: 1 Glenn Coldenhoff – 100. 2 Romain Febvre – 84. 3 Aleksandr Tonkov – 80. 4 Harri Kullas – 66. 5 Brent Vandoninck – 58.

MX1 Moto One: 1 Mike Kras. 2 Todd Waters. 3 Marc de Reuver. 4 William Saris. 5 Filip Bengtsson. 6 Ceriel Klein Kromhof. 7 Jesper Jonsson. 8 Rick Satink. 9 Jeffrey Dewulf. 10 Rene Albers.

MX1 Moto Two: 1 Joel Roelants. 2 Todd Waters. 3 Mike Kras. 4 Marc de Reuver. 5 Pascal Raucheecker. 6 Filip Bengtsson. 7 Ceriel Klein Kromhof. 8 William Saris. 9 Herjan Brakke. 10 Jesper Jonsson.

MX1 overall: 1 Mike Kras – Suzuki. 2 Todd Waters – Husqvarna. 3 Marc de Reuver – Honda. 4 Filip Bengtsson – KTM. 5 William Saris – Kawasaki.

MX1 Championship Points: 1 Mike Kras – 89. 2 Marc de Reuver – 88. 3 Ceriel Klein Kromhof – 63. 4 William Saris – 59. 5 Rick Satink – 51.

UK MX Nationals – Round 1 – Fatcats

It must be great to race in a series that gives you 100 points for first place and something like 50 points for 25th but that is what they do in the UK Nationals and last weekend the opening round saw Nathan Watson come out of the three Pro motos as the championship leader ahead of Elliott Banks-Brown and Gert Krestinov.

Championship favourite Kristian Whatley won the opening moto from Watson and Banks-Brown but Watson managed to win the second moto with Banks-Brown winning the final moto.

Whatley’s day turn pear shaped after the opening moto and sits back in 20th outright after the opening round while Bank-Brown was close to coming away with the round win. “It was a shame about the crash in the second race, as that has cost me the overall, although fairplay to Nathan (Watson) he has been fast over the two days,” said Elliott Banks-Brown. “My speed has been good all weekend, but I rode tight in the first race yesterday and then made that mistake in the second race today when I was closing in on Watson. The last race went to plan, a good start and even when Whatley passed me early on I knew I could get him back, which I did and then rode easy to take the win, despite the track being so rough come the end of the day.”

Round 1 Overall: 1. Nathan Watson – 290. 2. Elliott Banks-Brown – 280. 3. Gert Krestinov 250. 4. Neville Bradshaw – 239. 5. Martin Barr – 222. 6. Graeme Irwin – 222. 7. Adam Sterry – 215. 8. Lewis Trickett – 212. 9. Bryan MacKenzie – 209. 10. Ben Watson – 204. 11. Tony Craig – 200. 12. Josh Waterman – 193. 13. Lewis Tombs – 192. 14. Jamie Law – 191. 15. Jordan Booker – 189 16. Patrick Major – 187. 17. Brad Anderson – 185. 18. Stuart Edmonds – 183. 19. Luke Remmer – 181. 20. Kristian Whatley – 176.

UK MX Nationals Podium
UK MX Nationals Podium

Australian Off-Road Championships – Round 1 – Bulahdelah, NSW

After the opening round of the 2014 AORC it was looking like Toby Price was back to his dominating best and even at the start of round 2 on Sunday the KTM pilot was rocketing off to another victory but a huge crash when Price clipped a rock, put pay to his walking away with the championship lead for the KTM star.

“I hit a rock that I couldn’t see, got deflected, and got out sideways. That’s the frustrating part, if the tree had not have been there I would have corrected it and ridden away.” Price said. “It was hurting pretty damn bad that’s for sure, apparently I dislocated my hip, so it and my elbow are badly bruised, and my toenail will have to be removed. But it’s all good, I’ll just put my head down and keep charging forward. I’ll be fine in four weeks and I’ll be at the next round no dramas.”

“I’m bummed I didn’t get the win on Day two, but at least I know my speed is good. The annoying thing was, I wasn’t going overboard, just doing a comfortable pace that was getting me the good times, and just made one little mistake.” Price added.

In fact, it is Chris Hollis who came away from Bulahdelah with the overall championship lead after a second place to Price on Saturday and a second place to Daniel Milner on Sunday. My loose maths has Josh Green second in the championship after two fourth places while Milner’s 13-1 should have him third in the championship with Glenn Kearney’s 3-7 putting him forth outright.

Round 1 – Top 20 Outright: 1. Toby Price – 47:55.596. 2. Chris Hollis – 48:45.518. 3. Glenn Kearney – 49:13.882. 4. Josh Green – 49:28.197. 5. Lachlan Stanford – 49:41.039. 6. Daniel Sanders – 49:45.594. 7. Stefan Granquist – 49:49.956. 8. Peter Boyle – 50:02.598. 9. Tom Mason – 50:10.230. 10. Tom McCormack – 50:12.131. 11. Jarrod Bewley – 50:19.078. 12. Geoff Braico – 50:23.437. 13. Daniel Milner – 50:39.282. 14. Beau Ralston – 50:45.927. 15. Luka Bussa – 50:56.075. 16. Scott Keegan – 51:00.115. 17. Tom Kite – 51:18.519. 18. Broc Grabham – 52:08.259. 19. Myles Bowen – 52:20.194. 20. Nick Lean – 52:25.418.

Round 1 – E1: 1. Peter Boyle. 2. Tom McCormack. 3. Scott Keegan. 4. Tom Kite. 5. Nic Tomlinson. 6. Dale Blackwell. 7. Morgan Fitzgerald. 8. Kristian Sprenger. 9. Michael McCormack. 10. Thomas Jenner.

Round 1 – E2: 1. Toby Price. 2. Chris Hollis. 3. Josh Green. 4. Lachlan Stanford. 5. Daniel Milner. 6. Beau Ralston. 7. Luka Bussa. 8. Myles Bowen. 9. Nathan Purton. 10. Alex Bolton – 53:39.544

Round 1 – E3: 1. Glenn Kearney. 2. Stefan Granquist. 3. Jarrod Bewley. 4. Geoff Braico. 5. Ryan Murrell. 6. Craig Hepburn. 7. Ben Grabham. 8. Peter Clark.

Round 2 – Top 20 Outright: 1. Daniel Milner – 33:01.127. 2. Chris Hollis – 33:43.454. 3. Jarrod Bewley – 33:44.047. 4. Josh Green – 33:45.587. 5. Beau Ralston – 33:49.641. 6. Tom McCormack – 33:51.708. 7. Glenn Kearney – 33:57.179. 8. Lachlan Stanford – 34:02.101. 9. Daniel Chucky Sanders – 34:10.520. 10. Stefan Granquist – 34:10.884. 11. Geoff Braico – 34:18.058. 12. Peter Boyle – 34:32.440. 13. Kane Hall – 34:54.422. 14. Scott Keegan – 35:05.388. 15. Broc Grabham – 35:13.356. 16. Tom Kite – 35:22.827. 17. Nick Lean – 35:35.674. 18. Liam Clover – 35:38.946. 19. Tom Mason – 36:00.663. 20. Dale Blackwell – 36:20.038.

Round 2 – E1: 1. Tom McCormack. 2. Peter Boyle. 3. Scott Keegan. 4. Tom Kite. 5. Dale Blackwell. 6. Nic Tomlinso. 7. Aden Brown. 8. Brent Dean. 9. Michael McCormack. 10. Kristian Sprenger.

Round 2 – E2: 1. Daniel Milner. 2. Chris Hollis. 3. Josh Green. 4. Beau Ralston. 5. Lachlan Stanford. 6. Myles Bowen. 7. Baylee Davies. 8. Kye Anderson. 9. Alex Bolton. 10. Mick Lyon.

Round – E3: 1. Jarrod Bewley. 2. Glenn Kearney. 3. Stefan Granquist. 4. Geoff Braico. 5. Ryan Murrel. 6. Peter Clark. 7. Craig Hepburn – 42:46.199

2014 Moto Expo – Brisbane RNA Showgrounds

The 2014 Motul Pirelli Baylisstic Scramble has been won by the team of Paul Caslick, Allan McDonald, Grant Charnock and Matt Davies after an action packed day of racing around the iconic ‘Ekka’ race track.

Jason Crump’s team was looking extremely sharp until the three-time World Speedway Champion had a huge crash that brought down Stephen Gall in the process.

Paul Caslick – Captain (Nine-time Australian champion)
Allan McDonald (Dirt track racer)
Grant Charnock (Long track racer)
Matt Davies (Australian Supersport contender)

Troy Bayliss – Captain (Three-time World Superbike Champion)
Mick Kirkness (2013 Troy Bayliss Classic Champion)
Marty McNamara (King of Nepean winner)
Matt Walters (2013 Australian Prostock Champion)

Jason Crump – Captain (Three-time Speedway World Champion)
Brenden Harrison (Motocross and Supercoss Champion)
Gary McCoy (Former WSBK and MotoGP racer)
Jamie Stauffer (Multiple Australian Superbike Champion)

Chris Vermeulen – Captain (World Supersport Champion, MotoGP racer)
Robbie Bugden (Five-time NZ Superbike Champion)
Karl Muggeridge (World Supersport Champion)
Luke Gough (Three-time Australian Long Track Champion)

Stephen Gall – Captain (Four-time Mr Motocross, multiple Australian Motocross Champion)
Luke Richards (Australian dirt track star)
Glenn Scott (Australian Superbike contender)
Ian Hamilton (Australian dirt track racer)

Paul Caslick
Paul Caslick

Next Week’s Moto Wrap will Feature:

Round 13 of the AMA Supercross at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis
Round 12 (Final Round) of the Amsoil Arenacross Series held in Salt Lake City
Round 3 of the World Motocross Championship being held in Beto Carrero, Brazil
Round 3 of the GNCC at Steel Creek, Morgantown
Round 1 of the MX Nationals at Broadford, Vic