More Australian pro riders have finalised their rides for 2014 this week with Robbie Marshall getting support from Honda through Top Gun Honda in Ipswich. Geran Stapleton and Ryan Marmont will continue at Raceline Suzuki with Hayden Mellross also getting support from Raceline on an RM-Z450 and Dylan long will keep riding his favoured KTM machinery through BBF Motorsports.

Joel Evans will ride for Full force TM Racing, Joel Milesevic has support from Emu Racing TM, Luke Wison will team up with Kiwi Rhys Carter for the Jet Pilot Honda team and it looks like Sam Martin and Kade Mosig will team up for the DPH Motorsports Byrner’s Suzuk team. TM Racing Australia tested an MX1 rider recently and will announce their team very soon. See the list of riders and teams below.

Actually, it’s going to be a busy year for Robbie Marshall with the multi-talented hard charger still doing selected freestyle shows, contesting as many motocross and supercross events as he can while promoting the 2014 Sunshine State Motocross Series, the Queensland Supercross Championships and several other one-off race meetings around South East Queensland. Onya Robbie.

Speaking of busy and talented people, Daniel McCoy now sits in second place in the points after three rounds of the UK based Garmin Arenacross series with a solid second place last Saturday night in Birmingham. Unfortunately the other Aussie Luke Arbon didn’t make it into the final. See the full report and results below.

Speaking of busy and talented people, Daniel McCoy now sits in second place in the points after three rounds of the UK based Garmin Arenacross series with a solid second place last Saturday night in Birmingham. Unfortunately the other Aussie Luke Arbon didn’t make it into the final. See the full report and results below. (Image from Arenacross UK on FB)
Speaking of busy and talented people, Daniel McCoy now sits in second place in the points after three rounds of the UK based Garmin Arenacross series with a solid second place last Saturday night in Birmingham. Unfortunately the other Aussie Luke Arbon didn’t make it into the final. See the full report and results below. (Image from Arenacross UK on FB)

Chad Reed has backed up his win last weekend with a solid third at Oakland last Saturday night. Reed was right on Ryan Villopoto’s back wheel for the early part of the race but lost some time to the defending champion after about five laps or so and was eventually passed by James Stewart who was making up time on the Aussie by quad jumping a dodgy rhythm section on one of the jump infested straights. Reed now sits in second place in the championship, just a few points down on Villopoto. See my full report and results below.

Dean Ferris had a tough main event but hung on for 14 laps to keep himself inside the top ten and if it wasn’t for a last lap pass by Cooper Webb the Aussie would have finished ninth. Ferris sits tenth in the championships and despite his inexperience in supercross at this level is performing exceptionally well.

It looks like Ford Dale has taken to the KTM450SX-F. The Queenslander blitzed the opening two motos at the 2014 Woodville GP last weekend but his time off the bike last year took it’s toll in the final moto with Dale having to pull out with hand cramps. Cody Cooper went on to win the overall and the feature race but Dale is looking mighty impressive on the KTM.

I find it interesting that Billy Mackenzie continues to get support from the factory Yamaha teams in NZ and Australia. The former GP winner continues to put in lacklustre performance on both sides of the pond and last weekend at Woodville was no different. See my full report and results for the Woodville GP below.

This week we have a heap of news as well as the race reports and results from:

– The annual Woodville GP held in New Zealand
– The Deep Well Desert Motocross held in Alice Springs, NT
– Round 4 of the AMA Supercross held in Oakland
– Round 4 of the Amsoil Arenacross Series held in Greensboro
– Round 3 of the UK Arenacross Championship held in Birmingham
– Round 4 of the FIM Super Enduro World Championships held in Mexico.

Penrite Honda Racing Replaces Carlton Dry Honda

Honda’s factory Australian motocross and supercross team has confirmed that Penrite Oils will replace Carlton Dry Honda as naming sponsor for the 2014 season. The team will be named Penrite Honda Racing.

Team manager Mike Landman welcomed Penrite as title sponsor for 2014, eager to rebound following a frustrating 2013 campaign. “2013 was a hard year, we had nine riders race for us as all of our original signed riders were injured,” Landman explained. “Our team proved that the CRF range was capable of winning and the highlight was winning both Open and Lites at the third round of the Australian Supercross Championship”.

Winning as a team includes ensuring we finish every race and Penrite has provided us with performance lubricants that we can rely on.”

Rule Change for Under 19s in MX Nationals

WEM would like to announce some changes to the Under 19s championship,” a statement from WEM said. “Effective immediately, once a rider turns 19 years of age they can no longer compete in the class, regardless of how many rounds or points they may have scored.

All riders in this class must have a Senior national licence. There is no provision for 15-year-old riders to obtain access to this class.”

Cody Cooper Wins the 2014 Woodville GP

New Zealand’s Honda rider Cody Cooper has won the 2014 Woodville GP held in New Zealand last Sunday but it didn’t come easy for the flying Kiwi with KTM Australia’s Ford Dale winning the opening two races before handing the victory to Cooper by pulling out of the final moto with cramping hands.

With Dale pulling out of the final race Brad Groombridge (Suzuki) moved into second overall in the standings and KTM Australia’s Kirk Gibbs came through for third place ahead of Dale, Justin McDonald and the mediocre Billy McKenzie.

Today wasn’t a bad start.” Gibbs stated. “I started off slow, I’ve been riding a little but only got back on the track three weeks ago and I knew today would be a bit of a task, I got real bad arm pump in the first two but from there on it got sorted out and I rode good, I’ve still got a while to be where I need to be for the nationals, so I can take good stuff from this, do some more testing in the next few weeks and get the ball rolling even better.”

In the MX2 class Kayne Lamont came through for the overall win ahead of John Phillips, Hamish Dobbyn, Rhys Carter, Scott Columb and veteran Peter Broxholme.

In the Blue Wing Honda-Invitation Feature Race Cooper claimed the victory head of Dale while Gibbs came home in third just ahead of Groombridge with Mackenzie finishing a distant fifth.

I feel really good overall, the bike was just unreal and the testing work is paying off.” Dale commented. “In the last moto I just cramped up. My hands locked up on the first lap so I came in. I was pretty gutted, I really felt like I was going to win but that’s the way it is so I’ve got to take the positives with the negatives, everything with the team is working really well,” Dale concluded.

As a footnote, GNCC champion Paul Whibley won the Woodville Beach Race ahead of Ben Townley while Darryl King won the Vets Class.

Ford Dale (above) and Kirk Gibbs got off to an excellent start in their build up this year's MX Nats, at the Woodville GP in New Zealand. Pics: Andy McGechan
Ford Dale (above) and Kirk Gibbs got off to an excellent start in their build up this year’s MX Nats, at the Woodville GP in New Zealand. Pics: Andy McGechan

MX1 GP Final Results: 1. Cody Cooper – 69 Pts. 2. Brad Groombridge – 58 Pts. 3. Kirk Gibbs – 56 Pts. 4. Ford Dale – 50 Pts. 5. Justin McDonald – 49 Pts. 6. Billy McKenzie – 41 Pts. 7. Jesse Donnelly – 39 Pts. 8. Jesse Wiki – 38 Pts. 9. Dion Picard – 34 Pts. 10. Yu Hirata – 33 Pts.

MX2 GP Final Results: 1. Kayne Lamont – 67 Pts. 2. John Phillips – 57 Pts. 3. Hamish Dobbyn – 56 Pts. 4. Rhys Carter – 56 Pts. 5. Scott Columb – 48 Pts. 6. Peter Broxholme – 45 Pts. 7. Kieran Scheele – 41 Pts. 8. Cohen Chase – 35 Pts. 9. Ryan Thompson – 34 Pts. 10. Campbell King – 33 Pts.

Blue Wing Honda-Invitation Feature Race: 1. Cody Cooper. 2. Ford Dale. 3. Kirk Gibbs. 4. Brad Groombridge. 5. Billy McKenzie. 6. Hamish Dobbyn. 7. Scott Columb. 8. Justin McDonald. 9. Yu Hirata. 10. Darryll King.

2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship – Round 4 – Oakland

450 Race Report: Vince Friese took the main event holeshot ahead of Ryan Villopoto, Chad Reed, Justin Brayton, Ryan Dungey, Wil Hahn, James Stewart and Justin Barcia but it didn’t take long for the super-fast leading pack to slice their way by a shell shocked Friese.

With Villopoto and Reed out front it was Stewart who made quick work of Hahn and Dungey before charging his way towards Brayton. Barcia bashed Hahn out of the way in the corner after the whoops to make his way up to fifth and just as he was looking like he had the speed to get by Dungey the factory Honda rider took a dive over the bars when he misjudged the dragon-back double.

Stewart had Dungey in tow for several laps and when he made a block pass on Brayton for third it opened up the door for Dungey to pass Brayton just a couple corners later. Stewart and Dungey then set their sights on Reed and the Aussie’s comfortable gap quickly diminished when Stewart and Dungey began to do a quad in the first rhythm section following the start straight.

Reed dug deep to hold the flying Stewart/Dungey freight train at bay but Stewart eventually put the pass on Reed after making up serious ground on the quad. With Villopoto and Stewart now settled into the first two positions, Dungey closed up on Reed with three laps to go but the KTM star was unable to get close enough to make a move. Villopoto rode a flawless race to take the win with Stewart in second and Reed in third.

It feels good to be up here tonight,” said Villopoto. “We have put in a lot of work at the test track, and I have a great team behind me and a great bike under me, I hope I can carry this momentum into Anaheim next weekend.”

It is good to get a podium and good for points,” Reed said. “I had a solid week leading into this event and my starts tonight were really good but for me that quad jump drove me nuts all day I couldn’t find a rhythm when I jumped it and each time I did it, felt like the first time.”

There were definitely some improvements tonight over what I wanted to fix from last week, we were better in the beginning but worse at the end, you live and learn, even after 13 seasons there is still a lot to learn that is why we love doing it and that is why I wake up in the morning and I believe I can still be better,” Reed concluded.

James Stewart was happy with his ride. “Yeah, I felt good, kind of like Anaheim, and eight or nine laps in I started kicking it up another gear. But he was just a little too far for me to run him down without taking the chance of going down. Unfortunately I put myself in that situation in Anaheim. But these last three races have been really consistent. You take away that crash at A1 and we’re on the podium in three of four weeks. So I’m looking at that, looking at the big picture. When we head east I think I’ll get stronger and my fitness will get better after being sick. I’m looking forward to the rest of this season.”

Brayton held on to fifth to finish ahead of former championship leader Ken Roczen, Barcia, Hahn, Jake Weimer and Andrew Short. It was not a good night if you were on a Suzuki, Weston Peick was running well inside the top ten until his Suzuki poo’d itself while RCH Suzuki’s Josh Hill and Broc Tickle both ended the night with injuries and Matt Moss and Lawson Bopping struggled with poor starts all night and both failed to make the main event. The commentators mentioned during the TV coverage that Moss crashed a mountain bike during the week and wasn’t in good shape for the race with facial and shoulder injuries.

It hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet but Hill and Tickle could well be out for the next week or two thanks to their injuries.

A good start was key to Villopoto’s Main Event
A good start was key to Villopoto’s Main Event

Heat 1 (Top Four to Main): 1. J. Stewart. 2. K. Roczen. 3. J. Barcia. 4. W. Peick. 5. I. Tedesco. 6. A. Short. 7. J. Weimer. 8. C. Blose. 9. M. Goerke. 10. K. Chisholm. 11.  J. Albertson. 12. L. Bopping. 20. B. Tickle.

Heat 2 (Top Four to Main): 1. R. Villopoto. 2. C. Reed. 3. W. Hahn. 4. R. Dungey. 5. J. Brayton. 6. V. Friese. 7. J. Grant. 8. N. Wey. 9. M. Alessi. 10. K. Partridge. 13. M. Moss. 20. J. Hill

Semi 1 (Top Five to Main): 1. A. Short. 2. K. Partridge. 3. V. Friese. 4. K. Chisholm. 5. J. Decotis. 6. L. Bopping. 13. N. Wey. 14. B. Tickle. 15. C. Blose. 16. J. Hill.

Semi 2 (Top Five to Main): 1. J. Brayton. 2. J. Weimer. 3. J. Grant. 4. M. Alessi. 5. J. Albertson. 6. I. Tedesco. 7. N. Schmidt. 8. K. Peters. 9. M. Goerke. 10. M. Moss.

LCQ: 1 (Top Four to Main): I. Tedesco. 2. N. Wey. 3. M. Goerke. 4. N. Schmidt. 5. A. Enticknap. 6. C. Blose. 7. K. Peters. 8. L. Bopping. 20. B. Tickle. 21. J. Hill. 22. M. Moss.

Main Event: 1. R. Villopoto. 2. J. Stewart. 3. C. Reed. 4. R. Dungey. 5. J. Brayton. 6. K. Roczen. 7. J. Barcia. 8. W. Hahn. 9. J. Weimer. 10. A. Short. 11. J. Grant. 12. I. Tedesco. 13. M. Alessi. 14. V. Friese. 15. N. Wey. 16. M. Goerke. 17. K. Chisholm. 18. J. Albertson. 19. N. Schmidt. 20. J. Decotis. 21. K. Partridge. 22. W. Peick.

450SX Championship Standings After Round 4 of 17: 1. Ryan Villopoto – 84 Pts. 2. Chad Reed – 77 Pts. 3. Ken Roczen – 75 Pts. 4. Ryan Dungey – 75 Pts. 5. Justin Brayton – 71 Pts. 6. James Stewart – 66 Pts. 7. Justin Barcia – 56 Pts. 8. Andrew Short – 49 Pts. 9. William Hahn – 43 Pts. 10. Jacob Weimer – 37 Pts. 11. Joshua Grant – 31 Pts. 12. Ivan Tedesco – 27 Pts. 13. Broc Tickle – 26 Pts. 14. Mike Alessi – 24 Pts. 15. Weston Peick – 21 Pts. 16. Matt Moss – 20 Pts. 17. Nicholas Wey – 20 Pts. 18. Vince Friese – 18 Pts. 19. Matthew Goerke – 17 Pts. 20. Joshua Hill – 16 Pts.

250 Race Report: Dean Wilson and his Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki teammate Justin Hill blasted through the first corner and down the front straight side by side with Hill making an inside pass for the lead in the second corner. Close behind we had Zach Osborne, Jason Anderson, Cooper Webb, Cole Seely   and Malcolm Stewart.

With Hill, Anderson and Wilson freight training out front, Stewart made his way by Webb and was looking to move by his TLD Honda teammate Seely when Webb dive bombed him in a right hand bowl turn taking both riders down.

Anderson sliced up the inside of the start straight sweeper to put a pass on Hill for the lead but that pass only lasted for one straight as Hill was on the inside going into the following corner and the young up-start rode Anderson high to retake the lead which also allowed Wilson to move into second.

Wilson then used his superior speed through the whoops to block pass Hill in the following corner then Anderson repaid Hill back with a block passed on the same corner they came together a lap earlier to move into second place.

Wilson put together a string a sizzling laps and with five laps to go had quite a gap over Anderson but as he does so readily Anderson was able to whittle away at the gap through lapped traffic but with just half a lap to go Wilson was forced to roll the first big triple on the track and in turn handed the lead and win over to Anderson with Wilson and Hill rounding out the podium.

I can’t believe I keep pulling these off, three wins in four races is huge,” said Anderson. “I hope to come away with the number-one plate at the end of the season. I wanted to be in attack mode tonight, but I also wanted to keep it on two wheels.”

Dean Wilson had this to say. “Obviously I’m pretty bummed out but a lot of positives came from the race. I pretty much had that race won, just had a little mechanical issue. Practice went well. I was the fastest out of everybody, so that was actually pretty cool. And then the heat races went well, my starts were good. So there are a lot of positives from it. I think things are actually stating to come together. It’s just been crazy how this off-season I’ve been more prepared than I’ve ever been, stronger than I’ve ever been, fitter than I’ve ever been, the bike’s better than it’s been, and it’s just been a constant struggle. Had a crash before the first round, was kind of injured a little bit in that one. Rode just really tight. Last weekend landed on Dakota Tedder on practice and landed on hay bales in the main. It’s just been crazy. So I’m starting to find myself, I’ve just got to look at the positives.”

Cole Seely managed to get up to fourth place by race end with Osborne, Michael Leib, Jessy Nelson, Shane McElrath, Webb and Dean Ferris round out the top ten. Malcolm Stewart finished 16th with no rear brake lever.

Heat 1 (Top 9 to Main): 1. J. Anderson. 2. Z. Osborne. 3. C. Webb. 4. J. Nelson. 5. M. Leib. 6. T. Ingalls. 7. R. Alanis. 8. V. Teillet. 9. C. Martinez. 10. A. Siminoe.

Heat 2 (Top 9 to Main): 1. D. Wilson. 2. C. Seely. 3. J. Hill. 4. M. Stewart. 5. J. Canada. 6. S. McElrath. 7. D. Ferris. 8. D. Tedder. 9. B. Scharer. 10. A. Burns.

LCQ (Top 4 to Main): 1. A. Siminoe. 2. A. Burns. 3. S. Champion. 4. B. Burns. 5. J. Dalzell. 6. C. Howell. 7. M. Burger. 8. C. Jurin. 9. B. Rangel. 10. D. King.

Main Event: 1. J. Anderson. 2. D. Wilson. 3. J. Hill. 4. C. Seely. 5. Z. Osborne. 6. M. Leib. 7. J. Nelson. 8. S. McElrath
9. C. Webb. 10. D. Ferris. 11. J. Canada. 12. S. Champion. 13. D. Tedder. 14. V. Teillet. 15. T. Ingalls. 16. M. Stewart
17. C. Martinez. 18. B. Scharer. 19. R. Alanis. 20. A. Burns. 21. B. Burns. 22. A. Siminoe.

250SX West Regional Championship Standings After Round 4 of 9: 1. Jason Anderson – 93 Pts. 2. Cole Seely – 87 Pts. 3. Dean Wilson – 72 Pts. 4. Zach Osborne – 69 Pts. 5. Cooper Webb – 65 Pts. 6. Justin Hill – 64 Pts. 7. Malcolm Stewart – 54 Pts. 8. Jessy Nelson – 49 Pts. 9. Shane Mcelrath – 42 Pts. 10. Dean Ferris – 42 Pts. 11. Michael Leib – 37 Pts. 12. Dakota Tedder – 29 Pts. 13. Cole Martinez – 24 Pts. 14. Scott Champion – 24 Pts. 15. Darryn Durham – 21 Pts. 16. Jake Canada – 20 Pts. 17. Valentin Teillet – 17 Pts. 18. Chris Plouffe – 13 Pts. 19. Austin Politelli – 11 Pts. 20. Austin Burns – 10 Pts.

2014 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series an FIM World Championship

Rd 5:    February 1       – Angel Stadium – Anaheim, Calif.
Rd 6:    February 8       – Qualcomm Stadium – San Diego
Rd 7:    February 15     – Cowboys Stadium – Arlington, Texas
Rd 8:    February 22     – Georgia Dome – Atlanta
Rd 9:    March 1          – Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis
Rd 10: March 8          – Daytona International Speedway – Daytona Beach, Fla.
Rd 11: March 15        – Ford Field – Detroit
Rd 12: March 22        – Rogers Centre – Toronto
Rd 13: March 29 – Edward Jones Dome – St. Louis
Rd 14: April 5      – Reliant Stadium – Houston
Rd 15: April 12           – Century Link Field – Seattle
Rd 16: April 26           – MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, N.J.
Rd 17: May 3              – Sam Boyd Stadium – Las Vegas

Amsoil Arenacross – Round 4 – Greensboro, NC

Jacob Hayes broke through for his first career Arenacross Class overall victory in front of the hometown crowd aboard his Brewer Cycles Kawasaki while Hillview Motorsports Suzuki’s Steve Roman captured his second win of the season in the Eastern Regional Arenacross Lites Class.

Hayes’ impressive hometown win made him the second Road to Supercross rider to claim an overall victory during the 2014 AMSOIL Arenacross season, joining Yamalube/Star Racing Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger. Hayes has been a consistent threat at the front of the field all season, showing no intimidation towards his more experienced rivals. Road to Supercross competitor and Babbitt’s Monster Energy/AMSOIL Kawasaki presented by Maxxis rider Colt Nichols followed Hayes in second.

TZR/Woodstock KTM’s Travis Sewell grabbed the early lead in the first Arenacross Class Main Event, with Hayes and Babbitt’s Monster Energy/AMSOIL Kawasaki’s Zach Ames in tow. Ames was followed by Babbitt’s teammates Tyler Bowers and Nichols. After working on Sewell throughout the opening laps, Hayes made a pass for the lead on Lap 2 and never looked back.

Despite losing the top spot, Sewell stayed close to Hayes’ rear fender and ultimately followed him to the finish in second. Ames held onto third for the majority of the 15-lap Main Event, but experienced misfortune on Lap 8 battling alongside Bowers. Ames fell to ninth while Bowers dropped outside the top 10. Nichols took advantage of his teammates’ misfortune to finish third behind Hayes and Sewell. Ames battled back to seventh with Bowers following a few positions behind in 11th.

With his third Main Event win of the season, Hayes had the distinction of selecting the inversion for the second Main Event, choosing zero.

Hayes got a great start out of the gate in the second Main Event, but Nichols moved into the early lead mere bike lengths ahead of Hayes and Express/Spinechillers Racing Kawasaki’s Michael McDade. The trio maintained their positions throughout the entire 15-lap race, staying within a few seconds of one another throughout. Gateway Cycles Kawasaki’s Steven Mages followed in fourth, while Bowers and Ames followed in fifth and sixth, respectively.

Hayes’ 1-2 Main Event results secured the overall, while Nichols posted his best-career finish in second (3-1). McDade (5-3) rounded out the overall podium in third.

Ames’ sixth-place overall finish helped him maintain possession of the Arenacross Class points lead. He currently holds a two-point lead over McDade, with Bowers following an additional four points back in third. Hayes moved into fourth, currently 13 points out of the lead.

In Head-to-Head Bracket Racing, Hayes capped off a memorable evening by taking the win and securing the second championship bonus point.

KMS KTM’s Dave Ginolfi raced to the early lead in the Eastern Regional Arenacross Lites Class Main Event, holding off the early advances of Roman and Fielder Electric Supply Co. Honda’s Cheyenne Harmon. Ginolfi sat at the front of the field for the first 11 laps of the main event, but Roman made an aggressive move to take over the top spot and carry it through to the finish. Ginolfi dropped to second and maintained possession of the spot for several laps before dropping off the podium in fourth. Mages surged forward from an eighth-place start to finish second while Harmon posted a career-best finish in third.

Traders Racing Kawasaki’s Tony Archer, who finished sixth, maintained possession of the Eastern Regional Arenacross Lites Class Championship points lead. He currently holds a 24-point lead over Yamaha rider Jacob Williamson.

Arenacross Class Results – Main Event 1
1. Jacob Hayes, Greensboro, N.C., Kawasaki
2. Travis Sewell, Westville, Ind., KTM
3. Colt Nichols, S. Muskogee, Okla., Kawasaki
4. Steven Mages, Sardinia, Ohio, Kawasaki
5. Michael McDade, McDonald, Ohio, Kawasaki
6. Robby Marshall, Stow, Mass., KTM
7. Zach Ames, Prospect, Ohio, Kawasaki
8. Cory Green, Nowata, Okla., Suzuki
9. Kyle Regal, Grand Prairie, Texas, Honda
10. Kelly Smith, Ludington, Mich., KTM

Arenacross Class Results – Main Event 2
1. Colt Nichols, S. Muskogee, Okla., Kawasaki
2. Jacob Hayes, Greensboro, N.C., Kawasaki
3. Michael McDade, McDonald, Ohio, Kawasaki
4. Steven Mages, Sardinia, Ohio, Kawasaki
5. Tyler Bowers, Danville, Ky., Kawasaki
6. Zach Ames, Prospect, Ohio, Kawasaki
7. Travis Sewell, Westville, Ind., KTM
8. Cory Green, Nowata, Okla., Suzuki
9. Kyle Regal, Grand Prairie, Texas, Honda
10. Jeff Gibson, Pataskala, Ohio, Honda

Arenacross Class Points (After Race 6 of 19)
1. Zach Ames, Prospect, Ohio, Kawasaki – 151 Pts
2. Michael McDade, McDonald, Ohio, Kawasaki – 149 Pts
3. Tyler Bowers, Danville, Ky., Kawasaki – 145 Pts
4. Jacob Hayes, Greensboro, N.C., Kawasaki – 138 Pts
5. Willy Browning, Pleasantville, Ohio, KTM – 121 Pts
6. Colt Nichols, S. Muskogee, Okla., Kawasaki – 91 Pts
7. Cory Green, Nowata, Okla., Suzuki – 90 Pts
8. Kelly Smith, Ludington, Mich., KTM – 86 Pts
9. Robby Marshall, Stow, Mass., KTM – 85 Pts
10. Travis Sewell, Westville, Ind., KTM – 83 Pts

Eastern Regional Arenacross Lites Class Results
1. Steve Roman, Apollo, Pa., Suzuki
2. Steven Mages, Sardinia, Ohio, Kawasaki
3. Cheyenne Harmon, Olivia, Texas, Honda
4. Dave Ginolfi, Boston, N.J., KTM
5. Kyle White, Freeport, Ill., Honda
6. Tony Archer, Waldorf, Md., Kawasaki
7. Daniel Blair, Lodi, Calif., KTM
8. Chad Wages, Frederick, Md., KTM
9. Brandon Glenn, Mesquite, Texas, KTM
10. Josh Struebig, Crown Point, Ind., KTM

Eastern Regional Arenacross Lites Class Points (After Race 6 of 9)
1. Tony Archer, Waldorf, Md., Kawasaki – 78 Pts
2. Jacob Williamson, Swartz Creek, Mich., Yamaha – 54 Pts
3. Brandon Glenn, Mesquite, Texas, KTM – 51 Pts
4. Steve Roman, Apollo, Pa., Suzuki – 50 Pts
5. Michael Lang, Saugerties, N.Y., Honda – 41 Pts
6. Scott Zont, Algonquin, Ill., KTM – 36 Pts
7. Keith Tucker, Furgacy-Varina, N.C., Yamaha – 33 Pts
8. Fredrik Noren, Sweden, KTM – 28 Pts
9. Dylan Rouse, Verona, Ky., Honda – 20 Pts
10. Travis Delnicki, Woodstock Valley, Conn., Suzuki – 20 Pts
11. Chad Wages, Frederick, Md., KTM – 20 Pts

2014 AMSOIL Arenacross Championships
Rd5 – January 31-Feb. 2 – Milwaukee, WI
Rd6 – February 7-9 – Sacramento, CA
Rd7 – February 14-16 – Nampa, ID
Rd8 – February 21-23 – Reno, NV
Rd9 – March 1-2 – Tulsa, OK
Rd10 – March 7-9 – Albuquerque, NM
Rd11 – March 14-16 – Hidalgo, TX
Rd12 – March 29-30 – Salt Lake City, UT

Garmin Arenacross Series – Round 3 – Birmingham 

Frenchman Fabien Izoird came into round three of the 2014 Garmin Arenacross Tour with a single point lead in the championship but leaves Birmingham with a 14 points lead after winning the 20 lap main event ahead of Daniel McCoy.

That last race was crazy,” says Fabien. “I got a good start but had to wait to pass McCoy because the track was very slippery. When I passed him he tried to pass me back in the next corner but I stayed in first position. It’s been a great night for the team and for me, the track was really hardpack and I prefer these conditions because it is more like my home. I’m very confident for sure but there are many very fast riders, the key is to make a fast start and not mistakes.”

Holding third after the opening two rounds, Aussie Daniel McCoy (MBO Sport ASA Yamaha) picked up a point in the Head-to-Head races for fourth and then pulled the holeshot the Main Event. After leading for much of the race a mistake going into the triple allows Izoird to make a pass stick.

Second in qualifying gave me a good start for the first heat which I won and then second in the second heat meant I got third gate choice for the Main Event,” he explains. “I got the holeshot and then led for the majority of the race but I struggled a bit with the slippery conditions and Izoird seemed to capitalise on that. But it was a good race overall and to be on the podium is great.

“I’m really enjoying Arenacross, it’s definitely a lot different to racing at home – tighter tracks and action-packed for sure! But it’s good, any racing is good racing and to be here is really exciting.”

After a disappointing second night in Belfast, UK outdoor king Kristian Whatley is back on the pace and grabs third in the Main Event. “I’m happy for Dan to come second – that’s so good for the team – but I didn’t feel so confident in that one. It would have been nice to get that holeshot because I think I would have been able to hold the lead from there but I’m happy. There was a lot of throttle control needed and I did have a bit of whisky throttle out there.”

Former championship leader Steven Clarke had a tough night. “Tonight has been a rough night for me as I had crashes in both my heat races and then had to go to the LCQ. In the Main Event I was 4th going into the first corner and then I was taken out by another rider. It’s not what I wanted to happen, but I’m glad to get a few points. I’m still in one piece and ready to put some solid moves next weekend at Liverpool.”

Round Three Main Event Results: 1. Fabien Izoird – LPE Kawasaki. 2. Daniel McCoy – MBO Sport ASA. 3. Kristian Whatley – MBO Sport ASA Scaffolding Yamaha. 4. Cyrille Coulon – Molson Suzuki. 5. Loic Rombaut – LPE Kawasaki. 6. Romain Biela – Oakleaf Kawasaki. 7. Angelo Pellegrini – Dave Thorpe Off Road Centre Honda. 8. Nev Bradshaw – Putoline Apico Honda. 9. Steven Clarke – Dyer & Butler KTM. 10. Brad Anderson – Buildbase Honda. 11. Bryan Mackenzie – Pendrich Kawasaki. DNF. Elliott Banks-Browne – Buildbase Honda.

Points After Round 3 of 7: 1. Fabien Izoird – 66. 2. Daniel McCoy – 52. 3. Steven Clarke – 51. 4. Loic Rombaut – 47. 5. Kristian Whatley – 43. 6. Cyrille Coulon – 42. 7. Nev Bradshaw – 35. 8. Elliott Banks-Browne – 29. 9. Brad Anderson – 28. 10. Jamie Law – 22. 11. Bryan Mackenzie – 21. 12. Angelo Pellegrini – 16. 14. Luke Arbon – 12.

Dates and Venues for the 2014 series – Round 4 – Feb 2 – Liverpool / Round 5 – Feb 9 – Newcastle / Round 6 – Feb 15 – Sheffield / Round 7 – March 1 – London

FIM SuperEnduro Championship – Results from Round 4 – Guadalajara, Mexico

Sherco’s David Knight has narrowly taken the overall win ahead of championship leader Taddy Blazusiak at the fourth round of the World SuperEnduro Championship held in Guadalajara, Mexico last weekend.

Knight put in a solid night of racing, finishing second to Blazusiak in the opening final, before going on to win the second final ahead of Jonny Walker with Blazusiak 3rd.

In the nights third final, it was Husqvarna racer Mathias Bellino who took the win ahead of Blazusiak and Knight handing the overall win to Knight with the KTM pairing of Blazusiak and Walker rounding out the podium.

Blazusiak now has an 18 point lead over Knight with just two rounds remaining. “It was a difficult night.” Blazusiak admitted. “The track only had one line and in the last race I got caught up behind Bellino. As he’s not in the championship running I just let him go.”

Second win for KNIGHTER over Taddy BLAZUSIAK
Second win for KNIGHTER over Taddy BLAZUSIAK

SE Prestige Final 1: 1. Taddy Blazusiak. 2. David Knight. 3. Jonny Walker. 4. Kevin Rookstool. 5. Joakim Ljunggren. 6. Kyle Redmond. 7. Daniel Gaibert-Gatell. 8. Mathias Bellino. 9. Alfredo Gomez. 10. Homero Diaz.

SE Prestige Final 2: 1. David Knight. 2. Jonny Walker. 3. Taddy Blazusiak. 4. Joakim Ljunggren. 5. Kyle Redmond. 6. Mathias Bellino. 7. Alfredo Gomez. 8. Daniel Gibert-Gatell. 9. Kevin Rookstool. 10. Jesus Zavala.

SE Prestige Final 3: 1. Mathias Bellino. 2. Taddy Blazusiak. 3. David Knight. 4. Kyle Redmond. 5. Benoit Fortunato. 6. Alfredo Gomez. 7. Jonny Walker. 8. Joakim Ljunggren. 9. Daniel Gibert-Gatell. 10. Kevin Rookstool.

Championship Standings After Round 4 of 6: 1. Taddy Blazusiak – 217. 2. David Knight – 199. 3. Jonny Walker – 156. 4. Alfredo Gomez – 146. 5. Daniel Gibert-Gatell – 133. 6. Joakim Ljunggren – 126. 7. Kyle Redmond – 97. 8. Mathias Bellino – 96. 9. Kevin Rookstool – 76. 10. Daniel McCanney – 53.


Deep Well Desert Motocross – Alice Springs, NT

KTM Desert Racing Team rider Ivan Long has made his first competition appearance in his new team colours a victorious one, winning the famous Deep Well Motocross event, south of Alice Springs in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Twenty-four-year-old Long powered his KTM450EXC to victory in the event ahead of Daymon James Stokie and Lachy Summers, with Caleb Auricht and Kenny Armstead filling out the top five positions.

Long’s victory in the event came courtesy of a fourth in the opening moto, followed by back-to-back wins to wrap up the crown. “It’s a great track, whoops the size of Finke whoops, red dune jumps, drop offs and flowing bowl turns where you can really carry corner speed.” Long explained after his win. “It started off pretty cool in the morning but the afternoon motos were in 40-45 degree heat so I had to focus on the food and fluid intake.”

The first race I made a mistake in the second corner and had to fight all the way up to fourth, but when I won the second, Damien Stokie and I were equal on points going into the final which I won, so that was awesome, in the new team I’m as determined as ever to run with the fast guys and prove that I’m fitter and stronger. The standard 450EXC was really fast off the starts, had a high top speed through the whoops and was comfortable to ride all day.”

Held deep in the dead heart of Australia the Alice Springs Motorcycle Club’s unique motocross event has no trouble with neighbours and boasts arguably the highest maximum speeds, highest maximum temperatures and longest natural terrain track in the world.

It also boasts a list of previous winners that includes Red Bull KTM US rider Dean Ferris, seven-time Aussie enduro champ Brad Williscroft and Finke desert race winners Ben Grabham and Michael Vroom.

Deep Well is a great event and a pretty big deal for all the Alice Springs guys, with a win list that includes some big names such as Dean Ferris.” KTM Desert Racing Team Manager Ben Grabham explained. “The race is three, 40-minute motos on an awesome fun 10-kilometre, natural terrain track with dune jumps, clay pans and maximum speeds up to 170kph. the temperatures are also extreme – the three times I’ve done it it’s been 43-46 degrees out in the desert,” he added.

It’s great to see Longy do so well. He just went there to have some fun on his practice bike which is a standard 450EXC with some suspension work from Stephen Greenfield at GDR Suspension, who are working with us this year, I knew he was riding good early in the year from our testing, but the win also really shows just how good our enduro bike is,” Grabham concluded.

Deep Well Desert Motocross Top 5: 1. Ivan Long. 2. Daymon James Stokie. 3. Lachy Summers. 4. Caleb Auricht. 5. Kenny Armstead.

Ivan Long gave the brand new KTM Desert Racing Team a first-up win at the famous Deep Well Motocross event, south of Alice Springs, which featured 45-degree temperatures and 170kph top speeds. Pics: Simon Dower photography
Ivan Long gave the brand new KTM Desert Racing Team a first-up win at the famous Deep Well Motocross event, south of Alice Springs, which featured 45-degree temperatures and 170kph top speeds. Pics: Simon Dower photography

2014 Australian Silly Season Continues – Here’s the Latest!!

Kirk Gibbs (Motorex KTM MX1)
Ford Dale (Motorex KTM MX1)
Dylan Long (BBF Motorsports KTM MX2)
Kale Makeham (Tunetech Racing KTM MX2)
Brenden Harrison (Twe12e Clothing KTM MX2)
Dean Porter (Berry Sweet/Mandurah City KTM MX2)
Jack Simpson (Bolton’s KTM MXD)
Louis Calvin (Berry Sweet/Mandurah City KTM MX1)
Broc Winston (Ando Husqvarna MX1)
Daniel McCoy (65 TM Racing MX2)
Joel Evans (Full force TM Racing MX2)
Joel Milesevic (Emu Racing TM)
Robbie Marshall (Top Gun Honda MX1)
Cody Cooper (Penrite Honda Team MX1)
Josh Cachia (Penrite Honda Team MX2)
Luke Wilson (Jet Pilot Honda MX2)
Rhys Carter (Jet Pilot Honda MX2)
Jay Wilson (Serco Yamaha MX2)
Luke Clout (Serco Yamaha MX2)
Jay Marmont (CDR Yamaha MX1)
Billy Mackenzie (CDR Yamaha MX1)
Joel Dinsdale (GYTR Yamaha MXD)
Jed Beaton (GYTR Yamaha MXD)
Ryan Marmont (Raceline Suzuki MX2)
Geran Stapleton (Raceline Suzuki MX2)
Hayden Mellross (Raceline Suzuki MX1 Support)
Jacob Wright (Tattoo Racing Suzuki MX1)
James Booth Elliot (SGR Suzuki MX1)
Matt Moss (Team Suzuki MX1)
Sam Martin (DPH Motorsports Byrners Suzuk)
Kade Mosig (DPH Motorsports Byrners Suzuk)
Jake Moss (Campbell Mining Kawasaki MX1)
Adam Monea (Campbell Mining Kawasaki MX1)

So, the top riders from the 2013 season that have yet to be signed are as follows: Takeshi Katsuya, Nick Sutherland, Kane Lamont, Dylan Petersen, Lawson Bopping, Codie Mackie, Jackson Richardson, Wade Hunter, Beau Ralston and Keiren Hall.

Next Week’s Moto Wrap for Feb 4 will Feature:

– Round 5 of the AMA Supercross being held at Anaheim
– Round 5 of the Amsoil Arenacross Series being held at Milwaukie
– Round 4 of the Garmin Arenacross Series being held at Liverpool
– Round 1 of the Australian Endurocross Series being held at Archerfield Speedway, Brisbane
– Round 1 of the Italian Motocross Championship being held at Sardina

Catchya next week. Smarty #97