Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike Championship 2017
Round Three – Winton Motor Raceway – April 28-30
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Ted Collins completes double Supersport victory at Winton

Motul Supersport Race Two

Ted Collins had completely dominated the Motul Supersport opening bout at Winton this morning and was looking set to do the same when the second bout got underway at 1411 this afternoon with the warmest track temperature seen all weekend, 28-degrees and an ambient 19-degrees. 

Collins starte in perfect fashion, streaking away from pole position, and this time around the entire Supersport field made it through turn one without a melee, unlike the carnage that unfolded earlier in race one.

By the start of lap three Collins had 2.4-seconds over second placed Sam Lambert and third placed Mark Chiodo. That trio had already spread out but the battle for fourth place was extremely busy, Sam Muldoon, Mason Coote, Nic Liminton, Chris Quinn, Damon Rees, Sam Condon and Tom Toparis all in the thick of the action for that position. 

Mark Chiodo upped his efforts to get on terms with Lambert with ten laps to go, the Territorian though rebuffed the efforts of the young Victorian and maintained that second place.

Sam Muldoon managed to break away from that gaggle of riders tussling over fourth place, to make that position his own and leave the other riders to battle over fifth place. Nic Liminton had pulled out of that battle with brake problems and retired to pitlane. Sam Condon crashed out of eighth place a few laps later, going down just in front of Tom Toparis, who had to take evasive action to avoid the carnage.

Ted Collins was completely untouchable, pulled out a six-second lead over the first half of the race and then backed off to maintain the gap to that battle over second place, where Mark Chiodo was still trying desperately to get the better of Sam Lambert.

Chiodo took that second place from Lambert with two laps to go and managed to keep Lambert at bay all the way to the flag to claim that second place. 

Collins backed it off even further in the closing laps, which saw his six-second lead trimmed to three-seconds, but still plenty good enough for 25 points to round out the most dominant Supersport performance we’ve witnessed in recent memory.

Motul Supersport Race Two Results
  1. Ted Collins
  2. Mark Chiodo 3.525
  3. Sam Lambert 4.345
  4. Sam Muldon 14.398
  5. Damon Rees 17.546
  6. Chris Quinn 18.515
  7. Mason Coote 22.760
  8. Jake Pruiti 23.539
  9. Tom Toparis 23.684
  10. John Hunt 24.384
  11. Cambridge Olivier 24.413
  12. Ryan Taylor 27.031
  13. Jordan Carlsson 32.477
  14. Rhys Belling 46.388
  15. Aidan Heyes 46.958
  16. Jimmy Broadbent 50.895
  17. Patrick Li 53.908
  18. Giuseppe Scarcella 57.521
  19. Brendan Wilson 57.598
  20. Joel Rhodes 58.523
  21. Luke Mitchell 68.008
Motul Supersport Championship Standings
  1. Ted Collins 137
  2. Mason Coote 111
  3. Mark Chiodo 94.5
  4. Tom Toparis 91
  5. Jordan Carlsson 81.5
  6. Sam Condon 80.5
  7. Nic Liminton 67
  8. Ryan Taylor 61
  9. Chris Quinn 56.5
  10. Damon Rees 46
  11. Jake Pruiti 46
  12. Cambridge Olivier 46
  13. Lincoln Gilding 43
  14. Ben Burke 41.5
  15. Giuseppe Scarcella 40
  16. Sam Lambert 36
  17. Aidan Hayes 36
  18. Sam Muldoon 33
  19. Rhys Belling 28.5
  20. Hayden Spinks 25