2019 MXGP of Italy

Round 15 – Imola

Imola in Italy welcomed the 15th round of the MXGP Championship, with Tim Gajser coming away with the 2019 MXGP Championship title following a 5-2 result that just landed him on the overall podium, with Gautier Pualin on equal points having to settle for fourth. Gajser leaves Imola on 664-points – enough to have won the championship rounds early, with the next nearest rider being Jeremy Seewer on 481, while Gautier Paulin in third holds 440-points.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

It was an exciting weekend for KTM’s Glenn Coldenhoff as well, taking two wins from two races for a perfect 50-points and his first GP win since 2015. Jeremy Seewer was second overall with 2-3 finishes.

New Zealand’s Dylan Walsh also went 17-12 for the weekend in the MXGP class, while Australian Mitch Evans record a 23-24 result.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

In MX2 it was Jorge Prado once again dominating the proceeding with 50-points to his name, with Thomas Kjer Olsen second and Maxime Renaux third overall. The result sees Prado extend hi lead to 130-points from Olsen, with Jago Geerts third overall in the standings.

MXGP Race 1

Arnaud Tonus led the opening MXGP race early, followed by Gautier Paulin, Glenn Coldenhoff, Tim Gajser and Jeremy Seewer in fifth position, before Paulin moved into the lead and Gajser rode into third place.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gautier Paulin
Gautier Paulin – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Gajser did not take the easy route as he was pushing hard to get past the two Yamaha’s in front and moving alongside Tonus, he then lost a spot as they collided, with Tonus letting Paulin charge into first and Coldenhoff into second place, while Pauls Jonass was third and Gajser found himself fourth.

Gajser pushed his way past Jonass and was back into third, while Coldenhoff was all over Paulin for the lead until he took a wild ride and nearly crashed, Gajser managing to take  second place and Coldenhoff moving into first place.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Jonass then passed Gajser and the drama continued as Gajser crashed and dropped into eighth. Despite the crash the Slovenian was still pushing 100 per cent, trying to close out the championship early.

After eight laps Coldenhoff held a lead of nearly eight seconds ahead of Paulin, then came Seewer, Jonass, and Romain Febvre in fifth place. Febvre moved past Jonass, but then the Latvian made a mistake and Tonus and Gajser also passed the Husqvarna rider. Gajser moved into sixth and started hunting down Tonus and Febvre.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoff – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Gajser nearly crashed again as he slipped a little, while Febvre went down hard and Paulin, Tonus, and Gajser all passed as Febvre dropped back to 11th place.

Coldenhoff won the race from Seewer, Paulin and Tonus as Gajser settled for his fifth but it was enough to win his third Motocross World Championship in the opening race of the MXGP of Italy.

MXGP Race 2

Coldenhoff was again in front of the second MXGP race, taking the FOX Holeshot ahead of Seewer, Jonass, Tommy Searle, Gajser, Paulin, Febvre, Tonus, Arminas Jasikonis and Alessandro Lupino.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola MXGP Start
MXGP Start – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Coldenhoff controlled the race up front as he created a three-second gap after just three laps. Behind him Seewer was a further two seconds ahead of Jonass and Gajser, while Paulin rounded out the top five.

Four laps in and Coldenhoff was five seconds in front, and Shaun Simpson made his first appearance in the top ten as he moved into tenth place just behind Lupino. Gajser moved past Jonass, and the top five was Coldenhoff, Seewer, Gajser, Jonass and Paulin.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jeremy Seewer
Jeremy Seewer – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Seven laps in saw Coldenhoff extend his lead to seven seconds, then came Seewer, Gajser, Jonass, Paulin and Febvre in sixth place. Simpson suffered some issued as he dropped to 24th and Brian Bogers was forced out of the race after a crash.

Gajser moved into second place and both him and Seewer were closing down the lead of Coldenhoff. Seewer was quickly back past Gajser for second, but then Seewer made a mistake and Gajser was relegated the Yamaha rider back to third.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jeremy Seewer
Jeremy Seewer – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Coldenhoff made some great laps and made his lead nearly 10 seconds on lap 12, with Gajser still second, then Seewer, Jonass and Paulin. In the closing stages of the race Paulin passed Jonass for fourth place and Coldenhoff won race 2 from Gajser and Seewer.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoff – Image by Ray Archer

Glenn Coldenhoff walked away with the perfect 1-1 result and took the Grand Prix victory. It is the third time the Dutchman has won a Grand Prix, adding to his MX2 win in 2013 and his MXGP win in 2015. Second overall was Jeremy Seewer with 2-3 scores.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoff – Image by Ray Archer

While Tim Gajser didn’t win the MXGP of Italy at the Imola facility, it was the big picture that counted, and his 5-2 results were enough to secure third overall and more importantly the 2019 MXGP championship.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Glenn Coldenhoff – P1

“I won a race and the overall in 2015, but now going 1-1 here it is amazing and I wish to thank my team. We had a tough time and a lot of negatives, but now I’m happy and my boss too. I won my first GP with him and also my third today. It means a lot. I never got 1-1 in the MXGP class and I want to thank everyone for helping me out.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Glenn Coldenhoff
Glenn Coldenhoff – Image by Ray Archer
Jeremy Seewer – P2

“First of all I want to congratulate Tim Gajser on winning the championship. And for myself, I am happy with how the weekend went. I put in two consistent rides, and made another small step, but it is the consistency that I am most happy about. I am looking forward to the next few GP’s where I will continue to take it race by race and keep the consistency going.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jeremy Seewer
Jeremy Seewer – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

In a season filled with records, Gajser continued his podium streak which now stands at 10 and with three rounds left, he can still become the joint most successful Honda rider in world championship history if were to win those remaining rounds.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Tim Gajser – P3 (2019 MXGP Champion)

“It is just an amazing feeling to have won this third world championship. To fight back after two really tough years and to even overcome a difficult round earlier in the year, it is just really, really great to have become champion. A big thanks to all of Team HRC, both here at the races and back in Japan who have supported me throughout this period, during the good and the bad. It is a real family I have under this awning and I am truly thankful to be riding with them for so long. We have all worked extremely hard this year to improve myself and the Honda CRF450RW but it has worked amazingly well. We have had great starts, zero issues, and I just feel really comfortable each time I get on the track, whatever the conditions. I am struggling to say much more but it really has been an incredible experience and I’m so glad that a lot of fans from Slovenia could come out and witness this moment too. My previous wins have been in the USA, but now to have so much support here at Imola, and just throughout this year is something I am really appreciative of. Thank you to everyone who has been with me on this journey, fans team members, everyone, it means so much to me.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gajser bybavo
Tim Gajser – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Marcus Pereira de Freitas – HRC General Manager MXGP

“I am so proud and happy for Tim to have won this MXGP championship. It certainly hasn’t been easy these past couple of years but he never gave up and this title is a reward for all the effort he has put in. From his first victory at Trentino, we knew it was going to be a special year and he just kept up that level of riding which allowed him to win this title with so many rounds left to race. He has now joined an extremely special group of riders in Honda history, winning his third championship with the brand and he fully deserves it. He is a very special talent. Unfortunately Brian wasn’t able to finish the second moto and he will get checked out as quickly as possible in order to determine the next course of action.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola HRC Gajser Imola bybavo F
Tim Gajser and the HRC team celebrate the MXGP title win – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Gautier Paulin – P4

“I am happy. I changed my training program after Lommel and it has paid off. I am really enjoying riding. In the first moto, I took the lead and was really happy to finish third. I am really happy with my entire crew at Monster Energy Wilvo Yamaha. The way they worked on my bike this weekend made the difference with this track being really sketchy and square edged. The track is also very tight, so to handle the 450cc bike in these conditions is tough, so the bike has to be good. I felt good, but came up short of the podium. But that is how it is, I didn’t have enough today. I would just like to congratulate Tim Gajser on winning the championship. Well earned.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Gautier Paulin
Gautier Paulin – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Pauls Jonass – P5

“Overall the weekend went well for me, I’m happy with fifth but felt we could have gone a little better. I got good starts in both races so that is really positive and then I was able to run near the front too. We were able to identify a few places where I was losing a little time and I know I still need to work on my strength for riding the 450, especially on a technical surface like today. The track was heavy going and quite slippery in places, like on the take off to the jumps – a lot of the time you had to fire out the corners really hard to clear them and that was pretty tricky. We had good pace today and a good set up – just need to work on bringing it all together and keeping smooth for the whole race. It’s Sweden next, which is one of my favourite circuits, so I’m looking forward to that.”

Tommy Searle – P6

“I’m really happy with sixth place as the past eight weeks have been really difficult for me; I’ve been really downcast, being unable to practice due to my injuries when I got this opportunity to ride the factory bike. It’s been difficult and I had no expectations coming into this race; I just wanted to do my job as best I could and give the team a presence. Once I get into the rhythm I don’t feel too much pain but I miss the intensity of racing at this level as I can’t train between the races. The bike made it easy for me; it is so good and makes a big difference.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Searle GP SL
Tommy Searle – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Romain Febvre – P7

“I had an up and down weekend. I struggled on the track to find the flow. It kept getting better, I felt much better today than yesterday. I didn’t get the best start in the first race but I came back to third, but I had a big crash downhill and hurt my neck. I felt stiff in the second race, but I could pass some guys, but I touched the radiator and I could not turn really well. My results weren’t where I want them to be, but it is what is. On to the next GP.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Romain Febvre
Romain Febvre – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Alessandro Lupino – P8

“Finally I had a good feeling again this weekend; I had fun on the bike and that’s so important. When I tested the latest evolution of our bike on Friday I was already confident for the weekend. There’s now four races to go with the MX of Nations; we’ll take it race after race as the championship ranking was over due to my injury. It was really tough to recover from the injury in Russia, and in the second moto I felt some pain; I had pushed a lot in the first one and got cramp in my right leg towards the end. The doctor told me that it will take time as a nerve has probably been affected in the crash, but I’m just happy to be back on the bike again and enjoying life.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Lupino GP SL
Alessandro Lupino – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

MXGP Race 1

# Rider Gap
1 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KTM 00:00.0
2 Seewer, Jeremy SUI Yamaha 00:02.3
3 Paulin, Gautier FRA Yamaha 00:07.0
4 Tonus, Arnaud SUI Yamaha 00:09.5
5 Gajser, Tim SLO Honda 00:19.5
6 Jonass, Pauls LAT Husqvarna 00:24.4
7 Jasikonis, Arminas LTU Husqvarna 00:27.5
8 Searle, Tommy GBR Kawasaki 00:29.6
9 Lupino, Alessandro ITA Kawasaki 00:30.8
10 Febvre, Romain FRA Yamaha 00:45.8
11 Strijbos, Kevin BEL Yamaha 00:47.2
12 Tixier, Jordi FRA KTM 00:50.0
13 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL Honda 00:53.7
14 Bogers, Brian NED Honda 00:57.7
15 Leok, Tanel EST Husqvarna 01:01.0
16 Brylyakov, Vsevolod RUS Yamaha 01:02.8
17 De Waal, Micha-Boy NED Yamaha 01:06.2
18 Rodriguez, Anthony VEN Yamaha 01:14.7
19 Koch, Tom GER KTM 01:17.2
20 Gole, Anton SWE Yamaha 01:43.7
21 Bernardini, Samuele ITA Yamaha 1 lap
22 Gercar, Klemen SLO Husqvarna 1 lap
23 Bersanelli, Edoardo ITA Yamaha 1 lap
24 Simpson, Shaun GBR KTM 8 laps
25 Guryev, Artem RUS Husqvarna 11 laps
26 Tarasov, Volodymyr UKR KTM 13 laps
27 Petrov, Petar BUL KTM 18 laps
28 Monticelli, Ivo ITA KTM 21 laps

MXGP Race 2

# Rider Gap
1 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KTM 00:00.0
2 Gajser, Tim SLO Honda 00:02.8
3 Seewer, Jeremy SUI Yamaha 00:04.5
4 Paulin, Gautier FRA Yamaha 00:10.8
5 Jonass, Pauls LAT Husqvarna 00:17.5
6 Febvre, Romain FRA Yamaha 00:24.9
7 Searle, Tommy GBR Kawasaki 00:27.5
8 Tixier, Jordi FRA KTM 00:30.0
9 Lupino, Alessandro ITA Kawasaki 00:34.6
10 Leok, Tanel EST Husqvarna 00:42.6
11 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL Honda 00:46.0
12 Strijbos, Kevin BEL Yamaha 00:50.1
13 Jasikonis, Arminas LTU Husqvarna 00:51.8
14 Bernardini, Samuele ITA Yamaha 01:10.3
15 Koch, Tom GER KTM 01:11.8
16 Tonus, Arnaud SUI Yamaha 00:54.0
17 Petrov, Petar BUL KTM 01:23.9
18 Brylyakov, Vsevolod RUS Yamaha 01:36.9
19 Rodriguez, Anthony VEN Yamaha 1 lap
20 Gercar, Klemen SLO Husqvarna 1 lap
21 Bersanelli, Edoardo ITA Yamaha 1 lap
22 Tarasov, Volodymyr UKR KTM 2 laps
23 Guryev, Artem RUS Husqvarna 2 laps
24 Simpson, Shaun GBR KTM 15 laps
25 De Waal, Micha-Boy NED Yamaha 15 laps
26 Bogers, Brian NED Honda 15 laps

MXGP Round Overall

# Rider R1 R2 Total
1 Coldenhoff, Glenn NED KTM 25 25 50
2 Seewer, Jeremy SUI YAM 22 20 42
3 Gajser, Tim SLO HON 16 22 38
4 Paulin, Gautier FRA YAM 20 18 38
5 Jonass, Pauls LAT HUS 15 16 31
6 Searle, Tommy GBR KAW 13 14 27
7 Febvre, Romain FRA YAM 11 15 26
8 Lupino, Alessandro ITA KAW 12 12 24
9 Tonus, Arnaud SUI YAM 18 5 23
10 Tixier, Jordi FRA KTM 9 13 22
11 Jasikonis, Arminas LTU HUS 14 8 22
12 Strijbos, Kevin BEL YAM 10 9 19
13 Van Horebeek, Jeremy BEL HON 8 10 18
14 Leok, Tanel EST HUS 6 11 17
15 Koch, Tom GER KTM 2 6 8
16 Brylyakov, Vsevolod RUS YAM 5 3 8
17 Bernardini, Samuele ITA YAM 0 7 7
18 Bogers, Brian NED HON 7 0 7
19 Rodriguez, Anthony VEN YAM 3 2 5
20 Petrov, Petar BUL KTM 0 4 4
21 De Waal, Micha-Boy NED YAM 4 0 4
22 Gercar, Klemen SLO HUS 0 1 1
23 Gole, Anton SWE YAM 1 0 1

MXGP Standings (Top 20)

# Rider Total
1 Gajser, Tim 664
2 Seewer, Jeremy 481
3 Paulin, G. 440
4 Tonus, Arnaud 419
5 Coldenhoff, G. 399
6 Jasikonis, A. 377
7 Febvre, Romain 362
8 Cairoli, A. 358
9 Jonass, Pauls 352
10 Van Horebeek, J. 347
11 Anstie, Max 256
12 Monticelli, I. 212
13 Desalle, C. 208
14 Bogers, Brian 190
15 Lieber, Julien 184
16 Leok, Tanel 172
17 Simpson, Shaun 156
18 Searle, Tommy 139
19 Lupino, A. 131
20 Tixier, Jordi 127

MX2 Race 1

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Jorge Prado took the MX2 FOX Holeshot but it was Darian Sanayei who led the opening lap of MX2 race one ahead of Prado, Tom Vialle, Thomas Kjer Olsen, and Mathys Boisrame in fifth.

After a lap Sanayei continued to lead and Prado was all over him, with Vialle also close in third place. Prado moved into the lead in the waves section and the same time Vialle dropped out of the top ten as he cruised around the circuit after a crash, being forced to retire from the race.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Tom Vialle
Tom Vialle – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

Jago Geerts moved into the top ten after an average start and Calvin Vlaanderen moved through the pack to get 12th on the third lap. Brian Moreau also crashed hard and dropped back while Olsen moved into second place.

Vlaanderen moved into the top ten on lap six, and Maxime Renaux moved up to fourth position. Geerts also moved up in sixth place while Prado was still leading by seven seconds over Olsen. Soon after Renaux moved into third place, Geerts fourth, and Sanayei dropped to ninth as Vlaanderen passed to go into eight position.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Sanayei GP SL
Darian Sanayei – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

After 13 laps the lead by Prado over Olsen was 10 seconds and Renaux in third was 23 seconds off the pace of the leader. Prado won the MXGP of Italy race 1 from Olsen and Renaux.

MX2 Race 2

When the gate dropped for the second MX2 race Geerts took the FOX Holeshot, but Prado again led very quickly from Geerts, Olsen, Larranaga and Vlaanderen.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

After a lap Prado held a five-second lead over Geerts, and Vialle went down hard and again was forced out of the race. A lap later the lead was eight seconds and again the Spanish teenager was a league of his own in the MX2 class.

Renaux was on a charge as he moved into fourth place, and Adam Sterry dropped to fifth. On lap seven Prado was nine seconds ahead of Olsen, with Vlaanderen in third, then Renaux, and Geerts fifth. Prado continued to cruise out front and won his 26th race of the season from Olsen and Vlaanderen.

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

On the GP overall count it was Jorge Prado who won, again with 1-1 scores. Second was Thomas Kjer Olsen with a 2-2 and third Maxime Renaux with 3-4 finishes.

Jorge Prado – P1

“The track was a bit easier and more flowing yesterday and it was harder to find the perfect rhythm today. It was tough. I was quickly into first in both motos and it was a case of good starts, good riding and moving forwards. Sweden [Uddevalla] is a track I really like and I won a moto there and took a podium in my first season in 2017. Hopefully we’ll do a nice race there next weekend and it will be doubly nice to get the title.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jorge Prado
Jorge Prado – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Thomas Kjer Olsen – P2

“It feels amazing to be back on the podium, Lommel was a really tough race for me so to be able to come back here for second is great. We made some changes to the bike for the race here and they really seem to have worked out well. The team have done a great job to get me feeling comfortable on the bike and I think it shows today, even on such a demanding track like this one. I gave it my all out there today, had some great battles and I’m happy to finish on the podium.”

MXGP Rnd Belgium Pirelli MX Olsen action
Thomas Kjer Olsen – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Maxime Renaux – P3

“It is really special getting a podium finish. These last couple of years were tough and I hope I’ll keep improving.”

Jago Geerts – P4

“It was a pretty good weekend for me with two solid moto’s. I got my first holeshot in the second moto, which was really nice. I made a mistake and crashed after a few laps but I managed to fight back to fifth. The most important thing is that I took back third position in the championship, and now my goal will be to defend that.”

Rene Hofer – P7

“I’m very happy. My starts weren’t the best but I had a really good flow in the first moto and my physical condition was also really good so I could push until the end. In the second moto I unfortunately had a crash at the start and also slid-out with the rear at the end but still managed 11th. Anyway, I’m totally fine. It was hot work today but I’m satisfied and will now do my best to try and get another podium in the final EMX250 race in Sweden.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Rene Hofer
Rene Hofer – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Henry Jacobi – P8

“It was a tough weekend for me as I had too much wheelspin at the start of the first race and then crashed twice so I had to work hard to come back to thirteenth. In the second race I got a better start but I stalled the bike and lost two positions; I was quickly back to sixth but then I couldn’t push further up the leaderboard as I had used so much energy in the first moto.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Jacobi GP SL
Henry Jacobi – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola
Tom Vialle – DNF

“A strange weekend. I was really good in practice on Saturday and I liked the track. I was fastest in Free Practice and had a good sensation on the bike. I still don’t understand how I crashed in the first moto and in the second I was in sixth-seventh when I collided with another rider just before the pitlane. I wasn’t feeling too good and couldn’t continue. Disappointed not to score any points today but I’m not injured and will look forward to next weekend.”

MXGP Italy Rnd Imola Tom Vialle
Tom Vialle – 2019 MXGP of Italy, Imola

New Zealand’s Dylan Walsh went 17-12 for the weekend, while Australian Mitch Evans record a 23-24 result.

MX2 Race 1

# Rider Gap
1 Prado, Jorge ESP KTM 00:00.0
2 Olsen, Thomas Kjer DEN Husqvarna 00:08.2
3 Renaux, Maxime FRA Yamaha 00:20.2
4 Geerts, Jago BEL Yamaha 00:26.8
5 Boisrame, Mathys FRA Honda 00:40.8
6 Hofer, Rene AUT KTM 00:42.7
7 Larranaga Olano, Iker ESP KTM 00:44.1
8 Vlaanderen, Calvin NED Honda 00:45.0
9 Lesiardo, Morgan ITA KTM 01:01.5
10 Pancar, Jan SLO Yamaha 01:06.5
11 Lapucci, Nicholas ITA KTM 01:09.4
12 Östlund, Alvin SWE Husqvarna 01:11.2
13 Jacobi, Henry GER Kawasaki 01:18.8
14 Adamo, Andrea ITA Yamaha 01:23.8
15 Sterry, Adam GBR Kawasaki 01:29.8
16 Pichon, Zachary FRA Honda 01:36.6
17 Walsh, Dylan NZL Husqvarna 01:42.8
18 Sydow, Jeremy GER Husqvarna 1 lap
19 Sandner, Michael AUT KTM 1 lap
20 Harrison, Mitchell USA Kawasaki 1 lap
21 Genot, Cyril BEL KTM 1 lap
22 Pessoa, Gustavo BRA Kawasaki 1 lap
23 Evans, Mitchell AUS Honda 1 lap
24 Olsson, Filip SWE Husqvarna 1 lap
25 Toriani, Enzo FRA Husqvarna 1 lap
26 Manucci, Alessandro ITA Husqvarna 1 lap
27 Conijn, Marcel NED Kawasaki 1 lap
28 Sanayei, Darian USA Kawasaki 2 laps
29 Polak, Petr CZE KTM 4 laps
30 Van doninck, Brent BEL Honda 5 laps
31 Grimshaw, Tom GBR Yamaha 10 laps
32 Strubhart Moreau, Brian FRA Kawasaki 17 laps
33 Vialle, Tom FRA KTM 18 laps
34 Sikyna, Richard SVK KTM 20 laps

MX2 Race 2

# Rider Gap
1 Prado, Jorge ESP KTM 00:00.0
2 Olsen, Thomas Kjer DEN Husqvarna 00:05.4
3 Vlaanderen, Calvin NED Honda 00:09.6
4 Renaux, Maxime FRA Yamaha 00:11.8
5 Geerts, Jago BEL Yamaha 00:15.6
6 Jacobi, Henry GER Kawasaki 00:43.3
7 Larranaga Olano, Iker ESP KTM 00:49.1
8 Sanayei, Darian USA Kawasaki 00:53.4
9 Östlund, Alvin SWE Husqvarna 00:58.7
10 Sydow, Jeremy GER Husqvarna 01:02.3
11 Hofer, Rene AUT KTM 01:06.1
12 Walsh, Dylan NZL Husqvarna 01:08.4
13 Lesiardo, Morgan ITA KTM 01:11.8
14 Sikyna, Richard SVK KTM 01:14.7
15 Boisrame, Mathys FRA Honda 01:20.1
16 Lapucci, Nicholas ITA KTM 01:20.8
17 Harrison, Mitchell USA Kawasaki 01:22.6
18 Polak, Petr CZE KTM 01:39.2
19 Pessoa, Gustavo BRA Kawasaki 01:42.2
20 Pancar, Jan SLO Yamaha 1 lap
21 Genot, Cyril BEL KTM 1 lap
22 Strubhart Moreau, Brian FRA Kawasaki 1 lap
23 Toriani, Enzo FRA Husqvarna 1 lap
24 Evans, Mitchell AUS Honda 1 lap
25 Adamo, Andrea ITA Yamaha 1 lap
26 Manucci, Alessandro ITA Husqvarna 8 laps
27 Sterry, Adam GBR Kawasaki 9 laps
28 Conijn, Marcel NED Kawasaki 11 laps
29 Sandner, Michael AUT KTM 13 laps
30 Olsson, Filip SWE Husqvarna 18 laps
31 Vialle, Tom FRA KTM 20 laps
32 Pichon, Zachary FRA Honda 20 laps

MX2 Round Overall

# Rider R1 R2 Total
1 Prado, Jorge 25 25 50
2 Olsen, Thomas Kjer 22 22 44
3 Renaux, Maxime 20 18 38
4 Geerts, Jago 18 16 34
5 Vlaanderen, Calvin 13 20 33
6 Larranaga Olano, Iker 14 14 28
7 Hofer, Rene 15 10 25
8 Jacobi, Henry 8 15 23
9 Boisrame, Mathys 16 6 22
10 Östlund, Alvin 9 12 21
11 Lesiardo, Morgan 12 8 20
12 Lapucci, Nicholas 10 5 15
13 Sydow, Jeremy 3 11 14
14 Sanayei, Darian 0 13 13
15 Walsh, Dylan 4 9 13
16 Pancar, Jan 11 1 12
17 Sikyna, Richard 0 7 7
18 Adamo, Andrea 7 0 7
19 Sterry, Adam 6 0 6
20 Harrison, Mitchell 1 4 5
21 Pichon, Zachary 5 0 5
22 Polak, Petr 0 3 3
23 Pessoa, Gustavo 0 2 2
24 Sandner, Michael 2 0 2

MX2 Standings

# Rider Points
1 Prado, Jorge 694
2 Olsen, T. 564
3 Geerts, Jago 447
4 Jacobi, Henry 422
5 Vialle, Tom 416
6 Sterry, Adam 320
7 Renaux, Maxime 309
8 Watson, Ben 282
9 Vlaanderen, C. 281
10 Boisrame, M. 255
11 Beaton, Jed 250
12 Evans, M. 228
13 Vaessen, Bas 219
14 Cervellin, M. 179
15 Larranaga Olano, I. 172
16 Van doninck, B. 165
17 Pootjes, Davy 157
18 Östlund, Alvin 152
19 Harrison, M. 143
20 Walsh, Dylan 114