Watch for yourself the Crawford v Schmidt SX incident

Nathan Crawford's Jimboomba SX1 Victory reinstated

Nathan Crawford’s Jimboomba SX1 Victory reinstated

A full month after the Jimboomba mudfest that was the final round of the Australian Supercross Championship and, to be frank, a bit of a joke due to the track conditions, results have now been change subsequent to a Motorcycling Australia appeals process.

On the night in question Nathan Crawford took the chequered flag, but on his way to the flag he had momentarily left the circuit through a whoops section while battling with Nick Schmidt. Crawford raised his hand in acknowledgement of that fact before rejoining the circuit. 

See for yourself in the video above, fast forward to 21-mins-45-secs for the incident in question. 

As you can see Crawford took the flag, but after the Schmidt/Suzuki camp protested to the officials on-site, Crawford was docked two positions and Schmidt announced the winner on the night. 

An appeal against that decision raised by Crawford/Kawasaki was heard this week and upheld, which has seen Crawford reinstated at the winner of the Jimboomba SX Finale. 

Amended round results and final championship standings below, followed by excerpts from the M.A. Statement. 

2017 Australian Supercross SX1 – Jimboomba – Round Six Results

  1. Nathan Crawford
  2. Nick Schmidt
  3. Kade Mosig
  4. Daniel Reardon
  5. Justin Brayton
  6. Dean Ferris
  7. Joel Wightman
  8. Dylan Long
  9. Daniel Herrlein
  10. Todd Waters
Nathan Crawford
Nathan Crawford – Image by Marc Jones

2017 Australian Supercross SX1 Championship Final Standings

  1. Justin Brayton 124
  2. Daniel Reardon 108
  3. Dean Ferris 103
  4. Nathan Crawford 99
  5. Dylan Long 95
  6. Kade Mosig 92
  7. Nick Schmidt 64
  8. Todd Waters 61
  9. Danie Herrlein 59
  10. Joel Wightman 52

M.A. Statement

The basis for the decision below stems from Chapter 7 of the GCRs and in particular Rule which provides for penalties where a rider’s machine has left the track and thereby an advantage has been gained.

Evidence shows Mr. Crawford, when leading towards the end of the race, left the track inadvertently for a few seconds. He slowed up with his hand in acknowledgement of what had happened. He then rejoined the race and eventually crossed the finish line in first position.

The committee, with respect, disagrees with the basis of the decision to penalise Mr. Crawford. There is sufficient evidence to say that Mr. Crawford did not ‘gain an advantage’ within the meaning of Rule This alone is enough to reinstate the competitor’s first place position and points.

Nathan Crawford
Nathan Crawford