WSBK Baylisstic Scramble Image Gallery A – By Keith Muir

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WSBK Baylisstic Scramble Image Gallery A – By Keith Muir

Team Crump wins Baylisstic Scramble

The Team Crump outfit has won the Baylisstic Scramble flat track event at the 2015 Superbike World Championship round at Phillip Island.

Captained by three-time world speedway champion Jason Crump, the team also featured the talents of Luke Richards and Josh Waters, with Max Stauffer the junior representative.

The results came down to the wire, with Team Crump finishing on 158pts from Team Caslick (Paul Caslick, Matt Davies, Rowan Tegart, Jarred Brooke and Billy Van Eerde) on 152pts and Team Vermeulen (Chris Vermeulen, Karl Muggeridge, Luke Gough, Brodie Waters and Callum Davies) on 129pts.

Team Bayliss held up the results page in last position, ravaged by the loss of Troy Bayliss, who could only compete in one race (which he won easily) because of his world superbike commitments with Ducati, and Troy’s son Oli also crashed early on ruling him out for the rest of the proceedings.

Bayliss was replaced by a number of riders, including his fellow world superbike legend Troy Corser who jumped into Bayliss’ leathers on Saturday afternoon to hit the track.

Bayliss is delighted with how the Baylisstic Scramble has come together.

“The flat track that Phillip Island has produced for the Baylisstic Scramble has been perfect and I would like to thank the entire circuit crew a great track,” said the three-time world superbike champion, who’s made a one-off comeback to world superbikes this weekend.

“It’s been a great week at the Island I’ve managed to spend good time on the flat track — a few times on Thursday and Friday before and after my WSBK requirements, and I raced the Saturday morning session and come away with a win!

Bayliss defeated his fellow team captains in that race – Jason Crump, Chris Vermeulen, Stephen Gall and Paul Caslick – while in the afternoon session his surprise replacement was Troy Corser, who has flown over from his UK base for Phillip Island’s 25th year world superbike celebrations. Corser even donned Bayliss’ riding gear for the occasion…

“This has been a great opportunity to promote flat track racing in Australia and you can see by the long list of talent on the track that it’s very competitive,” said Troy.

“All in all it’s been a great event and all the riders had a great time,” said Bayliss. “We would specially like to thank the riders, Racesafe medical team and our sponsors Motul, Pirelli, Yamaha Motor Finance and Shark Helmets.”

Baylisstic Scramble Teams

Team Caslick: Paul Caslick. Matt Davies. Rowan Teggart. Jarred Brook

Jnr – Billy Van Eerde

Team Gally: Stephen Gall. Robbie Menzies. Ben Cook. Ian Hamilton

Jnr – Joel Kelzo

Team Bayliss: Troy Bayliss (substituted by Troy Corser). Wayne Maxwell. Matt McNamara. Glenn Allerton

Jnr – Oli Bayliss

Team Crumpy: Jason Crump. Luke Richards. Nick Waters. Josh Waters

Jnr – Max Stauffer

Team Vermeulen: Chris Vermeulen. Karl Muggeridge. Luke Gough. Damon Buckmaster

Jnr – Callum Davies

Saturday Morning Heats Points: 1. MATT McNAMARA – 16. 2. LUKE RICHARDS  – 12. 3. JOSH WATERS – 10. 4. BILLY VAN EERDE – 10. 5. LUKE GOUGH – 8. 6. IAN HAMILTON – 8. 7. JOEL KELZO – 8. 8. MATT DAVIES – 8. 9. CHRIS VERMEULEN – 7. 10. NICK WATERS – 6. 11. ROBBIE MENZIES – 6. 12. TROY BAYLISS – 6. 13. PAUL CASLICK – 5. 14. DAMON BUCKMASTER – 5. 15. CALLUM DAVIES – 5. 16. MAX STAUFFER – 5. 17. STEPHEN GALL – 4. 18. BEN COOK – 4. 19. JASON CRUMP – 3. 20. ROWAN TEGGART – 3. 21. JARRED BROOK – 3. 22. BEAU BEATON – 3. 23. KARL MUGGERIDGE – 2.

Saturday Afternoon Heats Points: 1. MARTY McNAMARA – 13. 2. JOSH WATERS – 10. 3. PAUL CASLICK – 9. 4. MATT DAVIES – 9. 5. LUKE GOUGH – 8. 6. CHRIS VERMEULEN – 8. 7. ROWAN TEGGART – 8. 8. LUKE RICHARDS – 7. 9. JASON CRUMP – 7. 10. JARRED BROOK – 6. 11. DAMON BUCKMASTER – 6. 12. STEPHEN GALL – 6. 13. JOEL KELZO – 5. 14. NICK WATERS – 5. 15. MAX STAUFFER – 4. 16. IAN HAMILTON – 4. 17. ROBBIE MENZIES. 4. 18. CALLUM DAVIES – 3. 19. BEN COOK – 3. 20. BILLY VAN EERDE – 2. 21. KARL MUGGERIDGE – 2. 22. BEAU BEATON – 2. 23. TROY BAYLISS – 2. 24. OLI BAYLISS – 1.