New Yamaha MT07 skids into town | 655cc twin set to shake up LAMs category

Yamaha MT-07
New Yamaha MT-07 skids into town

YMA has released the all new MT-07, a model specifically designed for the Australian market

The 655cc parallel twin has been puropose built in Japan to suit our learner market requirements. With heaps of instant torque and the same class leading light weight as the much heralded European MT-07, the Aussie version is designed to appeal to experts and new riders alike.

Yamaha MT-07 is the lightest motorcycle in its class, has the most torque, has the best power to weight ratio and is the most fuel efficient. With its high levels of excitement and easy handling nature, MT-07 is an incredible package offering exceptional value for money, making it an attractive proposition for anyone looking to capture the essence of motorcycling.

Newer riders will discover that the Yamaha MT-07 looks good, feels great and is easy to use and fun to ride. YMA also believes that because MT-07 sits at the sportier end of the learner approved spectrum, more experienced bikers will discover a machine that’s built to exceed their expectations.

When designing the basic architecture of the new engine, our engineers’ aim was to build a responsive and exciting powerplant that would accentuate the emotions experienced by the rider in a variety of situations. This machine is all about highlighting and focusing the pure enjoyment that comes with everyday riding.

So rather than simply focusing on achieving maximum power and maximum torque figures, we set out to create an engine which would deliver strong emotion while being very easy and intuitive to ride.

The crucial ingredient that makes the new inline twin Yamaha MT-07 engine stand out is Yamaha’s Crossplane philosophy. This is an engineering concept that seeks to enhance power output characteristics, thus providing more predictable and instantaneous engine response, making this compact and lightweight sports bike more accessible and more enjoyable for a wider range of riders.

The all-new 655cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke inline 2-cylinder DOHC engine features a 270-degree crank layout and includes an exceptionally compact single-axis balancer. The engine has been designed to deliver a high torque level of 57.5Nm at just 4000rpm while being very compact and lightweight at the same time. In terms of performance and specifications the engine positions itself at the top of its class.

Crossplane crank philosophy is about the best harmonisation of the engine’s internal forces – the combustion torque (created by the igniting fuel) and the inertial torque (created by the rotating crank and the up and down movement of the pistons). Once these two torque forces are aligned well, the rider gets a more clear feedback on the power delivery and so can control the power output and the rear wheel traction in a more precise and intuitive way.

For inline twin cylinder engines the most efficient layout to achieve ‘clean torque’ is to use a 270-degree crank with uneven firing intervals. While the 270-degree crank layout has proven its great rideability already in the TDM900 and the XT1200Z twins, the MT-07 adds a lot of excitement by combining its easy to control power delivery with great riding dynamics – such as its class leading low weight – and a great twin cylinder engine character including ‘good vibes’ and a unique deep sound.

Yamaha’s design team has gone to great lengths to minimise the MT-07’s overall weight by significantly reducing the weight of every component. For example, the compact single-axis balancer is one of the lightest of its kind in the market. By reducing the distance between the crank and balancer axis, this new design helps to keep engine dimensions low. Together with the use of rubber engine mounts, the single-axis balancer reduces vibrations for a more enjoyable experience.

Yamaha’s designers have been successful in achieving outstanding levels of fuel efficiency with the new Yamaha MT-07. One of the key reasons is the reduction in frictional loss within the engine. Compared to a conventional design in which the con rod is slanted when combustion occurs, the offset cylinder design reduces frictional losses between the piston and cylinder, and transmits power more efficiently.

In order to optimise the potential of the Yamaha MT-07’s linear torque, features such as the 6-speed transmission’s gear ratios, as well as the fuel injection settings and the mass of the crank have been developed in harmony to create an exciting engine which is very easy to control.

A new fuel injection system with a compact fuel pump design makes a significant contribution towards shaping the overall character and rideability of the MT-07. As well as delivering strong all-round performance, this highly efficient design also gives high fuel efficiency for reduced running costs.

Other significant features that contribute towards increased fuel efficiency include lightweight forged pistons and lens shaped combustion chambers, as well as the offset cylinder design.

The Yamaha MT-07’s one-piece exhaust system takes its cue from the design seen on the MT-09, and features a stubby muffler fed by gracefully curving offset pipes that merge with the short upswept muffler beneath the engine. The sculpted pipes give a feeling of dynamism from every angle, and the compact muffler features a 3-way honeycomb catalyser. The system also features an oxygen feedback control that achieves environmental standards and exceeds EU3 requirements.

The compact exhaust system is true to the MT-series theme of mass centralisation which enhances the light and neutral handling character.

Engine Technical Highlights

  • All-new liquid-cooled 655cc in-line 2-cylinder DOHC 4-stroke
  • Lightweight and compact engine
  • 52.1PS@8000rpm, 57.5Nm@4000rpm
  • Exciting torque at low and mid rpm range
  • 270-degree crank
  • Crossplane philosophy based on 270-degree crank
  • Outstanding fuel efficiency
  • Newly designed 6-speed transmission
  • 4-valve design with forged pistons and direct plated cylinders
  • Offset cylinder design for increased fuel efficiency
  • Designed to deliver optimum riding enjoyment
  • Compact clutch design
  • Highly efficient and compact fuel injection system
  • Lightweight single axis balancer
  • Lightweight and compact 2-into1 exhaust
  • 3-way catalyser with oxygen feedback control


CHASSIS – Light and slim backbone-type frame

For outstanding ride quality together with easy manoeuvrability and remarkable agility, the new MT-07 runs with a light and slim steel backbone-type chassis which utilises the new engine as a stressed member.

The new frame is constructed using high tensile steel tubing, and in order to achieve a precise balance of rigidity, the tubing has different wall thicknesses and different tensile strengths in strategically located positions.

The frame’s relatively simple design together with the use of thinner tubes also contributes towards the frame’s low weight. This new lightweight tubular chassis perfectly complements the smooth and torque-rich character of the new engine, and gives light and agile handling together with confidence-inspiring controllability.

‘Character’ is a key theme running throughout the new MT-07, and a great deal of development work has been put into achieving a chassis that delivers high levels of riding excitement.

Close attention has been paid to a wide variety of chassis features including wheelbase, weight distribution, trail, and suspension characteristics, and as a result the MT-07 rider can expect a uniquely rewarding, involving and fulfilling riding experience that brings out the very essence of motorcycling.

For example, at only 530mm long, the relatively short swingarm on the MT-07 is responsible for giving the rider a very enjoyable feeling of the engine’s driving force and acceleration.

One of the focal points of the new MT-07 is an asymmetrical swinging arm, whose stylish design emphasises the uncompromising looks of this naked all-rounder, and underlines its class-leading specification.

The swingarm operates a link-type Monocross suspension system which features a horizontally mounted adjustable, preload shock absorber that is mounted directly to the engine’s crankcase. As well as being a compact design, this layout contributes to achieving a desirable balance of rigidity in the frame.

In keeping with the easy-handling nature of the chassis, the MT-07 runs with telescopic front forks that deliver sporty suspension characteristics, and are designed to handle difficult road conditions such as cobbles and uneven surfaces.

The forks are equipped with 41mm tubes and give a total of 130mm wheel movement for comfortable suspension performance together with neutral and natural feeling steering. These forks have a relatively narrow pitch of 190mm, and this feature gives an optimum balance to the steering feeling.

The high specification wheels underline the cutting edge design of the MT-07, and are the same as those used on the MT-09. The sophisticated and lightweight 10-spoke design is the most advanced in the mid-class, and as well as being the best looking in the category, these cast aluminium wheels reduce unsprung weight to give responsive front and rear suspension action.

The wide 180/55-ZR17 radial rear tyre is unique in the mid-class, and reinforces the machine’s strong and powerful image – while also delivering plenty of traction as well as class-leading agility. At the front end there is a 120/70-ZR17 that gives high levels of grip together with confident cornering performance.

The sculpted body design gives this naked roadster a slim and athletic appearance, while the seat gives a compact riding position and yet offers the possibility of adopting a range of riding positions to suit different situations, from urban through to highway use. A significant feature on the new MT-07 is its low and slim seat, which as just 805 high gives good ground access.

The slimline fuel tank allows the rider to grip with their knees, and a tank pad accentuates the compact and sporty looks of the bike. Lightweight tank-mounted scoops enhance the bike’s sporty image, and an aluminium side cover on the chassis adds to the MT-07’s overall image of strength and durability.

The multi-reflector headlight and LED tail light emphasize the ultra-modern design of this competitively priced machine, and add to its impressive specification.

The new MT-07 is designed to continue with the policy of offering a high overall specification at the right price, and features such as the dual 282mm floating front discs and high end monocoque 4-piston front calipers clearly demonstrate that this new all-rounder offers vibrant design combined a class-leading specification. Wave type discs are used at both the front and rear, and this state-of-the-art braking system gives powerful and controllable stopping performance.

MT-07 riders will be able to see clearly displayed information at a glance, thanks to the compact new digital instrument panel. In addition to the speedometer and tachometer, the full LED display includes a gear position indicator and fuel gauge. The instruments are mounted directly on top of the handlebars, and this location gives a clear and uncluttered view ahead for the rider.

Chassis Technical Highlights

  • 179kg wet weight (164kg dry weight)
  • Slim frame with 805mm seat height
  • Slim and compact chassis dimensions for easy agility and manoeuvrability
  • Compact and upright riding style with freedom to adopt different positions
  • Class-leading 180 wide rear tyre
  • Wave discs front and rear
  • Newly designed backbone-type lightweight tubular frame
  • Chassis geometry, weight distribution and dimensions designed for optimal riding excitement and controllability
  • Best in class, high end asymmetrical swingarm
  • Link-type Monocross rear suspension with horizontal adjustable shock mounted directly to the crankcase
  • 41mm front forks with 130mm of stroke and narrow 190mm pitch
  • 17-inch radial tyres and best in class lightweight 10-spoke cast aluminium wheels
  • Dual 282mm wave front discs with monocoque 4-pot opposed piston calipers
  • Characteristic MT-series style Z-shape exhaust/air inlet-type scoops
  • Handlebar-mounted digital instruments with full LED display
  • Sculpted body design with slim fuel tank for easy knee grip
  • Multi-reflector headlight

Yamaha MT-07 is available with a wide range of genuine accessory parts which include a sports/learner kit and a touring kit, fly screens, radiator side covers, licence plate holder and a full titanium Akropovic exhaust system.
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