2019 ASBK
Round Three – The Bend
Saturday Report One

Daniel Falzon showed his one-lap pace that set the Friday benchmark was no one-lap wonder when he went marginally quicker this morning in warm-up, a 1m52.648. Clearly the YRT rider is now more comfortable with his YZF-R1M, and is enjoying The Bend circuit, along with the home support from the local South Australian crowd.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK SatAM Daniel FALZON
Daniel Falzon – Image by Rob Mott

Under a new qualifying format for ASBK this season the Friday afternoon session is dubbed ‘Timed Practice’, and it is the times from this session that decided the nine riders that automatically qualified for the Q2 session just before midday on Saturday. The riders from tenth back in the Timed Practice session having to fight it out in a Q1 session, with the top three then being promoted into Q2, making for a final 12-rider tussle over the first four rows of the grid.

300 Supersport

Prior to the Superbikes heading out for their qualifying sessions, the massive YMI Supersport 300 field took to the track to battle for their grid positions ahead of their opening stanza which is scheduled to take place over seven-laps at 1510 this afternoon.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SS Q Olly SIMPSON
Olly Simpson – Image by Rob Mott

Olly Simpson again topped proceedings amongst the 300 Supersport competitors but the big surprise was the pace of Brandon Demmery, slotting himself up to second place and very nearly stealing pole from Simpson late in the session.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SS Q Parc Ferme Brandon DEMMERY
Brandon Demmery – Image by Rob Mott

Hunter Ford rounds out the front row after pushing Senna Agius down to the second row.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SS Q Pard Ferme Hunter FORD
Hunter Ford – Image by Rob Mott

Seth Crump had clearly woke up with a new spring in his throttle tube this morning as he found a massive amount of time compared to yesterday, the KTM rider qualifying fifth while Locky Taylor also went much quicker today and rounds out the second row.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SS Q Prac Ferme Olly SIMPSON Brandon DEMMERY Hunter FORD
ASBK SSP300 Combined Qualifying Results
Olly Simpson – Yamaha 2m09.795
Brandom Demmery – Yamaha 2m09.884
Hunter Ford – Yamaha 2m10.368 – Image by Rob Mott

600 Supersport

The Supersport 600 grid will not be decided until later this afternoon though, with their Q2 session scheduled for 1435 this afternoon. Tom Toparis is on provisional pole from his stunning lap yesterday afternoon, a 1m55.964, almost a full-second quicker than second placed Broc Pearson.

Superbike Q1

It was again somewhat of a tyre preservation session when Superbike qualifying got underway, with most riders just going out for one quick lap, then spending the remaining of the 15-minute session in the pits.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Matt WALTERS
Matt Walters – Image Rob Mott

Arthur Sissis put in a 1m53.789 early on which proved good enough to secure his place in the Q2 session while Matt Walters left things a little bit later to book his slot through to Q2, as did Alex Phillis.

Ted Collins though then rejoined the track and managed to knock Phillis out of third spot and steal back his promotion through to the Q2 session.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Ted COLLINS
Ted Collins – Image by Rob Mott

Superbike Q2

Mike Jones was very quick out of the blocks to lay down a 1m52.665 early benchmark in Q2, he backed that straight up with a 1m52.392. Halfway through the 15-minute session the only other rider in the 1m52s was Wayne Maxwell, on a 1m52.958.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Mike JONES
Mike Jones – Image Rob Mott

Mark Chiodo then went third quickest, a 1m53.014 a big improvement for the young Victorian.

Daniel Falzon then got wound up with five minutes remaining and lit up the timing screens straight away, -0.172s at first split and he doubled that gap through all the remaining splits to record the first ever 1m51s lap of The Bend International Circuit, a stunning 1m51.592s. His competitors had four-minutes to come up with an answer to the South Australian’s speed.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Daniel FALZON
Daniel Falzon – Image Rob Mott

His team-mate was the first to try and return serve, Cru Halliday dropping in a 1m52.243 before then further improving his marker down to 1m51.953.

With two-minutes remaining Wayne Maxwell was on a hot one, under at the first split, and at the third split but the final turns just lost him a fraction and he just missed out on besting Falzon, a 1m51.675s, though declaring his speed ahead of the three 10-lap races.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Wayne MAXWELL
Wayne Maxwell – Image by Rob Mott

Maxwell was going quicker again on the next lap, under at the first two splits but again lost time on Falzon through the final sequence of curves and Falzon’s pole looked safe…

Mike Jones though then went out again and was a full half-a-second in front at the third split, he carried that speed to the line to set a new outright benchmark of 1m51.220!

ASBK TBG ASBK Round The Bend QP Mike Jones TBG
Mike Jones with his Pole Position award – TBG Image

Thus Falzon watched on from the pit-lane as he was demoted to second, while Wayne Maxwell rounds out the front row.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK SatAM Wayne Maxwell
Wayne Maxwell will start from the front row – Image by Rob Mott

Cru Halliday was the only other rider in the 1m51s and heads row two ahead of Josh Waters and Bryan Staring.

Mark Chiodo heads the third row on the back of an impressive performance today to qualify in front of Glenn Allerton and Troy Herfoss. The defending champion to start from ninth on the grid.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Prac Ferme Mike JONES Ben Henry
Mike Jones congratulated by Ben Henry in Parc Ferme – Image Rob Mott

Matt Walters rounded out the top ten ahead of Arthur Sissis and Ted Collins.

For reference, the race lap record set on a green track here last April was a 1m52.939 recorded by Herfoss, but the pole record and circuit best lap last year went to Wayne Maxwell with a 1m52.175. Thus Jones’ new benchmark is almost a full-second quicker than what we saw here last year.

ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Prac Ferme Daniel FALZON Bike
Daniel Falzon second on the grid – Image by Rob Mott

The opening 10-lap ASBK Superbike race is scheduled to take place at 1540 this afternoon, with the remaining two races in this triple-header round slated for 1020 and 1505 on Sunday.

ASBK Superbike Qualifying 1 Results

  1. Arthur Sissis – Suzuki 1m53.789
  2. Matt Walters – Kawasaki 1m53.927
  3. Ted Collins – BMW 1m54.150
  4. Alex Phillis – Suzuki 1m54.174
  5. Damon Rees – Honda 1m54.812
  6. Glenn Scott – Kawasaki 1m55.263
  7. Lachlan Epis – Kawasaki 1m55.829
  8. Sloan Frost – Suzuki 1m56.236
  9. Phil Czaj – Aprilia 1m57.459
  10. Brendan McIntyre – Suzuki 1m58.250
  11. Adam Senior – Yamaha 1m58.301
  12. Evan Byles – Kawasaki 1m58.917
  13. David Barker – Kawasaki 1m59.063
  14. Matthew Tooley – Yamaha 1m59.557
  15. Paul Van Der Heiden – BMW 2m02.145
  16. Sash Savin – BMW 2m04.282
ASBK TBG ASBK Round The Bend QP Jones Falzon Maxwell TBG
ASBK Superbike Qualifying 2 Results
Mike Jones – Ducati 1m51.220
Daniel Falzon – Yamaha 1m51.592
Wayne Maxwell – Suzuki 1m51.675

ASBK Superbike Qualifying 2 Results

  1. Mike Jones – Ducati 1m51.220
  2. Daniel Falzon – Yamaha 1m51.592
  3. Wayne Maxwell – Suzuki 1m51.675
  4. Cru Halliday – Yamaha 1m51.953
  5. Josh Waters – Suzuki 1m52.184
  6. Bryan Staring – Kawasaki 1m52.478
  7. Mark Chiodo – Honda 1m52.917
  8. Glenn Allerton – BMW 1m53.102
  9. Troy Herfoss – Honda 1m53.639
  10. Matt Walters – Kawsaki 1m53.987
  11. Arthur Sissis – Suzuki 1m54.079
  12. Ted Collins – BMW 1m55.927
ASBK Rnd The Bend RbMotoLens SBK Q Prac Ferme Wayne MAXWELL Mike JONES Shake Hands
Wayne Maxwell congratulates Mike Jones on his pole position – Image by Rob Mott

ASBK Superbike Championship Standings

ASBK SSP600 Qualifying 1

  1. Tom Toparis – Yamaha 1m55.964
  2. Broc Pearson – Yamaha 1m56.867
  3. Reid Battye – Suzuki 1m57.482
  4. Aidan Hayes – Yamaha 1m58.184
  5. Oli Bayliss – Yamaha 1m58.701
  6. Luke Mitchell – Yamaha 1m58.796
  7. Rhys Belling – Yamaha 1m59.874
  8. Avalon Biddle – Yamaha 2m00.026
  9. Dallas Skeer – Suzuki 2m00.029
  10. Zac Johnson – Yamaha 2m00.351
  11. Chris Quinn – Yamaha 2m00.477
  12. Andrew Edser – Kawasaki 2m01.482
  13. Timothy Donnon – Suzuki 2m01.603
  14. Ben Liebig – Triumph 2m01.679
  15. Jack Passfield – Yamaha 2m02.565
  16. John Quinn – Triumph 2m03.384
  17. Bronson Pickett – Yamaha 2m05.299
  18. Nic Liminton – Yamaha 2m06.918

ASBK SSP600 Championship Standings

ASBK SSP300 Combined Qualifying Results

  1. Olly Simpson – Yamaha 2m09.795
  2. Brandom Demmery – Yamaha 2m09.884
  3. Hunter Ford – Yamaha 2m10.368
  4. Senna Agius – 400 Kawasaki 2m10.678
  5. Seth Crump – KTM 2m10.853
  6. Locky Taylor – Yamaha 2m10.854
  7. Ben Baker – Yamaha 2m10.906
  8. Zac Levy – Yamaha 2m10.914
  9. Max Staufer – Yamaha 2m11.033
  10. Harry Khouri – Yamaha 2m11.532
  11. Travis Hall – Yamaha 2m11.559
  12. Yanni Shaw – 400 Kawasaki 2m11.738
  13. Mitchell Simpson – Yamaha 2m11.774
  14. Kyle O’Connell – Yamaha 2m11.921
  15. John Lytras – Yamaha 2m11.933
  16. Peter Nerlich – 300 Kawasaki 2m12.429
  17. Callum O’Brien – 400 Kawasaki 2m12.786
  18. Zylas Bunting – Yamaha 2m13.082
  19. Jacob Roulstone – Yamaha 2m14.032
  20. Jacob Hatch – Yamaha 2m14.483
  21. Tristan Adamson – Yamaha 2m14.644
  22. Tayla Relph – 400 Kawasaki 2m14.895
  23. Mitch Kuhne – Yamaha 2m16.330
  24. Jordan Simpson – Yamaha 2m16.575
  25. Josh Hall – Yamaha 2m17.749

ASBK SSP300 Championship Standings

Schedule Below

08:00 - 08:10 ARRC AP250 WARM UP 10 mins
08:20 - 08:35 ARRC ASB1000 WARM UP 15 mins
08:45 - 09:00 ARRC SS600 WARM UP 15 mins
09:10 - 09:30 YMI SUPERSPORT 300 RACE 2 7 LAPS
11:00 - 11:30 LUNCH 30 mins
11:30 - 12:10 ARRC AP250 RACE 2 9 LAPS
12:20 - 13:20 ARRC ASB1000 RACE 2 12 LAPS
13:30 - 14:20 ARRC SS600 RACE 2 10 LAPS
14:35 - 14:55 YMI SUPERSPORT 300 RACE 3 7 LAPS