2019 FIM CEV Repsol

Round Eight – Valencia

Jeremy Alcoba has been crowned champion of the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship in the best way possible, winning the first of the two races at Valencia, with Carlos Tatay claiming the second win.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd FIM CEV Repsol Champions
Jeremy Alcoba Moto3 Champion, Edgar Pons Moto2 Champ, Izan Guevara – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Aussie Billy Van Eerde, meanwhile, ended a tough season in the class with two solid finishes. The Aussie was outside the top 20 but in a group battle in Race 1, and in Race 2 was knocking on the door to some points.

Just 0.115 separated him from fifteenth, with the number 29 forced to settle for P16 – but in a deep field, that’s a solid showing for the youngster after his swift rise from the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Moto Billy Van Eerde
Billy Van Eerde – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

In the Moto2 European Championship, Edgar Pons also said goodbye to the FIM CEV Repsol with a victory.

In the European Talent Cup, Iván Ortolá finished the season as he began in Estoril, with a win, while Joel Kelso raced to his strongest result of the season in fifth, claiming nine championship points and moving up to 17th in the overall standings.

Moto3 Junior World Championship

Jeremy Alcoba didnt waste his first chance at the title, beating José Julián García – who took his first podium of the season – and Aleix Viu in the opening race.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Moto Start
Moto3 Race Start – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

It was an exciting race, with a leading group of up to 15 riders. A number of riders shared the lead, such as Daniel Holgado, Ryusei Yamanaka and Carlos Tatay, among others.

With two laps to go, a touch between Daniel Holgado and David Salvador left them out of options for a podium place, and allowed Aleix Viu to make the most of a great comeback, paving the way for José Julián García to take third after a race spent as part of the leading group. Jeremy Alcoba received the Repsol free fuel cheque as a result.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Moto Race Barry Baltus
Moto3 – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Aussie Billy Van Eerde finished Race 1 in 28th, having claimed 20th and 15th in the two qualifying sessions.

In the second FIM Moto3 race Carlos Tatay took another victory, his fourth of the season. Barry Baltus joined him on the podium, along with Adrián Fernández, achieving his first podium in the category.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Moto Start
Moto3 Race Start – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Once again Davide Pizzoli started poorly from pole, losing so many positions that in an effort to make up lost ground he went down on the fifth lap along with Julián Giral.

Ahead, Carlos Tatay pulled clear followed by a large group led by Barry Baltus. Aleix Viu, David Salvador and José Julián García were involved in a multiple fall which decimated the chasing group. In the end, Carlos Tatay won alone, followed by Barry Baltus and Adrián Fernández. Carlos Tatay received the Repsol free fuel cheque.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Moto Race Adrian Fernandez
Moto3 – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Billy Van Eerde improved on his Race 1 placing to claim 16th in Race 2, just missing out on the points.

Billy Van Eerde

“2019 season is now finished. Thank you to the whole Junior Talent Team squad for this amazing year! It was a very difficult year for me but you have supported me throughout all, I’m thankful for this opportunity and will come back next year stronger than before!”

The final classification of the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship saw Jeremy Alcoba as champion, Carlos Tatay runner-up and Xavier Artigas in third.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Podium Moto Race
Moto3 Race 2 Podium – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Moto3 Junior World Championship Results

Moto 3 Juniors Race 1 Results

Pos. Rider Man. Nat. Gap
1 ALCOBA, Jeremy Husqvarna SPA 30:28,338
2 GARCIA, José TM Racing SPA +0,086
3 VIU, Aleix KTM SPA +0,093
4 YAMANAKA, Ryusei Honda JPN +0,291
5 ARTIGAS, Xavier Honda SPA +0,653
6 KUNII, Yuki Honda JPN +0,882
7 TATAY, Carlos KTM SPA +1,344
8 BALTUS, Barry KTM BEL +1,544
9 NOGUCHI, Haruki Honda JPN +1,616
10 RIU, Gerard KTM SPA +1,780
11 FERNANDEZ, Adrián Husqvarna SPA +1,856
12 PIZZOLI, Davide Honda ITA +2,071
13 HOLGADO, Daniel Honda SPA +2,532
14 IKMAL, Izam Honda MAL +4,664
15 COOK, Max Honda GBR +4,677
16 SURYO AJI, Mario Honda INA +4,825
17 ACOSTA, Pedro KTM SPA +4,882
18 PEREZ, Vicente MIR SPA +4,896
19 KOFLER, Maximilian KTM AUT +7,965
20 GIRAL, Julián Honda SPA +11,573
21 JESPERSEN, Simon KTM DEN +11,710
22 DUPASQUIER, Jason KTM SWI +11,930
23 AZMAN, Syarifuddin Honda MAL +12,019
24 SEABRIGHT, Fenton KTM GBR +14,458
25 GUEVARA, Izan MIR SPA +16,977
26 CARRARO, Nicola TM ITA +17,069
27 BERTELLE, Matteo Honda ITA +17,261
28 VAN EERDE, Bill Honda AUS +17,490
29 SALVADOR, David KTM SPA +22,123
30 VOSTATEK, Ondrej KTM CZE +25,153
31 WHATLEY, Joshua KTM GBR +25,287
32 MOROSI, Alessandro TM Racing ITA +25,396
33 Van De LAGEMAAT, R.  KTM NED +26,300
34 ARITA, Hikaru HONDA JPN +27,098
35 PATACCA, Matteo Honda ITA +27,230
36 URIARTE, Marcos KTM SPA +29,075
37 VERDUGO, Luis Husqvarna SPA +29,099

Moto3 Juniors Race 2 Results

Pos. Rider Man. Nat. Gap
1 TATAY, Carlos KTM SPA 30:26,640
2 BALTUS, Barry KTM BEL 1,564
3 FERNANDEZ, Adrián Husqvarna SPA 1,618
4 ARTIGAS, Xavier Honda SPA 1,670
5 HOLGADO, Daniel Honda SPA 2,008
6 ACOSTA, Pedro KTM SPA 2,029
7 YAMANAKA, Ryusei Honda JPN 2,443
8 ALCOBA, Jeremy Husqvarna SPA 2,639
9 KUNII, Yuki Honda JPN 5,222
10 KOFLER, Maximilian KTM AUT 5,388
11 COOK, Max Honda GBR 5,487
12 PEREZ, Vicente MIR SPA 5,540
13 NOGUCHI, Haruki Honda JPN 8,131
14 BERTELLE, Matteo  Honda ITA 24,409
15 DUPASQUIER, Jason KTM SWI 24,427
16 VAN EERDE, Billy Honda AUS 24,542
17 CARRARO, Nicola TM ITA 24,573
18 JESPERSEN, Simon KTM DEN 25,414
19 WHATLEY, Joshua KTM GBR 25,433
20 PATACCA, Matteo Honda ITA 25,600
21 SEABRIGHT, Fenton KTM GBR 25,602
22 GUEVARA, Izan MIR SPA 25,605
23 ARITA, Hikaru HONDA JPN 30,623
24 MOROSI, Alessandro TM Racing ITA 33,795
25 VOSTATEK, Ondrej KTM CZE 33,943
26 SURYO AJI, Mario Honda Honda 40,990
27 URIARTE, Marcos KTM SPA 41,701
28 VERDUGO, Luis Husqvarna SPA 41,810
29 VIU, Aleix KTM  SPA -2 Lap

Moto3 Junior Standings

Pos. Rider Points
1 Alcoba, Jeremy 212
2 Tatay, Carlos 167
3 Artigas, Xavier 149
4 Baltus, Barry 146
5 Yamanaka, Ryusei 122
6 Holgado, Daniel 101
7 Kunii, Yuki 100
8 García, José 80
9 Fernández, Adrián  62
10 Pizzoli, Davide 59
11 Riu, Gerard 53
12 Öncü, Deniz 46
13 Viu, Aleix 42
14 Salvador, David 41
15 Noguchi, Haruki 41
16 Acosta, Pedro 77
17 Kofler, Maximilian 34
18 Suryo Aji, Mario 26
19 Nepa, Stefano 25
20 Kawakami, Meikon 23
21 Dupasquier, Jason  21
22 Giral, Julián SPA 19
23 Bertelle, Matteo 18
24 Zannoni, Kevin 16
25 Cook, Max 16
26 Perez, Vicente 14
27 Rodríguez, Víctor 7
28 Arita, Hikaru 2
29 Ikmal, Izam 2
30 Iglesias, Iñigo 1
31 Van De Lagemaat, Ryan 1

CEV Repsol Moto2

Edgar Pons ended his FIM CEV Repsol Moto2 season by winning the final race. As soon as the light went out, Héctor Garzó made good on his pole start to take the lead. Miquel Pons however threw away his podium chances when he went down on the first lap.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Moto Edgar Pons
Edgar Pons – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Héctor Garzó and Edgar Pons pulled clear as the laps went past. Behind them, Tommaso Marcon  and Yari Montella were fighting for the last podium slot. On the last lap, Edgar Pons overtook Héctor Garzó, who had led for the entire race.

Tommaso Marcon did the same to Yari Montella in the last corner. However, a dangerous maneuver on the final straight was sanctioned by Race Management and Marcon lost third place in favor of his teammate.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Moto Hector Garzo
Moto2 – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

The Repsol free fuel cheque went to Yari Montella, while the championship ends with Edgar Pons as champion, Héctor Garzó second and Alessandro Zaccone in third position.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Podium FIM CEV Repsol Moto
Moto2 Podium – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

CEV Repsol Moto2 Results

Race Results

Pos. Rider Man. Nat. Gap
1 PONS, Edgar Kalex SPA 30:46,135
2 GARZO, Héctor Tech3 SPA 0,373
3 MONTELLA, Yari Speed Up ITA 9,807
4 MARCON, Tommaso Speed Up  ITA 9,809
5 ZACCONE, Alessandro Kalex ITA 24,880
6 FERRARI, Matteo Kalex ITA 27,961
7 BRENNER, Marcel KTM SWI 30,961
8 KASMAYUDIN, Kasma Kalex MAL 32,350
9 KUBO, Keminth Kalex THA 33,075
10 SHAH, Azlan Kalex MAL 33,154
11 SARMOON, Anupab Kalex THA 33,409
12 PAASCH, Brandon Kalex USA 39,067
13 CIPRIETTI, Matteo Kalex ITA 39,344
14 DIAZ, Joan Yamaha SPA 41,939
15 BIESIEKIRSKI, Piotr Kalex POL 41,974
16 POLANCO, Aarón Yamaha SPA 51,004
17 BUCHNER, Marc Kalex GER 51,993
18 MAYER, Julián Kalex AUT 56,000
19 ISHIZUKA, Takeshi Kalex JPN 56,038
20 PONS, Miquel Kalex SPA 1:07,559
21 PAAVILAINEN, Peetu Yamaha FIN 1:11,265
22 WILFORD, Sam Kalex GBR 1:11,762
23 MAZZULLO, Manuel Kalex ITA 1:16,745
24 BIN MUHAMMAD, N.  Kalex MAL 1:19,878
25 ZETTI, Alessandro Yamaha ITA 1:20,763
26 FARID, Andi Kalex INA 01:22,989
27 LUCHEL, Lyvann Yamaha FRA -1 Lap

CEV Repsol Moto2 Standings

Pos. Rider Points
1 Pons, Edgar 221
2 Garzó, Hector 183
3 Zaccone, Alessandro 137
4 Marcon, Tommaso 137
5 Tuuli, Niki 101
6 Pons, Miquel 96
7 Montella, Yari 77
8 Rosli, Ramdan 68
9 Kubo, Keminth 56
10 Kasmayudin, Kasma 54
11 Brenner, Marcel 48
12 Sarmoon, Anupab 46
13 Ferrari, Matteo 46
14 Farid, Andi 36
15 Norrodin, Adam 35
16 Meggle, Matthias 31
17 Salim, Gerry 26
18 Biesiekirski, Piotr 22
19 Ciprietti, Matteo 19
20 Valle, Dani 19
21 Shah, Azlan 16
22 Solis, Benigno 8
23 Tangre, Cédric 8
24 Mayer, Julian 8
25 Ishizuka, Takeshi 7
26 Cooper, Chandler 5

European Talent Cup

Iván Ortolá closed the season in the ETC as he began – by winning. The Ángel Nieto Junior Team rider took his third win of the season in a thrilling race that was not decided until the last lap.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd ETC Ivan Ortola
European Talent Cup – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Fermín Aldeguer, Lorenzo Fellon, Marcos Ruda, Diego Moreira, Adrián Cruces, David Alonso, José Antonio Rueda, Roberto García and Joel D. Kelso (Leopard Impala Junior) formed the group of riders in with a chance of the podium.

On the tenth lap, Lorenzo Fellon and David Alonso went down while Diego Moreira crashed with two laps left. Iván Ortolá won the race and was joined by Fermín Aldeguer and Adrián Cruces on the podium, with Marcos Ruda just out of the honours in fourth.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd Podium ETC
European Talent Cup Podium – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Joel Kelso was fifth, battling with Jose Rueda who took sixth, with just 0.05s seconds separating the duo, who were just 0.5s off race winner-pace.

FIM CEV Repsol Valencia Rnd ETC Fermin Aldeguer
European Talent Cup – 2019 FIM CEV Repsol Round 8 – Valencia

Iván Ortolá received the Repsol free fuel cheque, while Izan Guevara finishes as ETC champion followed in the general classification by Iván Ortolá, runner-up, and Fermín Aldeguer in third.

Joel Kelso

“Last report of the season and I’m very happy about how the weekend went in Valencia! We had some difficult days because it wasn’t an easy track to learn for me, so I needed some time to feel good on the bike on this circuit, but we arrived on Saturday and we were very strong.  We made a little mistake in qualifying, after a crash in the first session, and we had to start from the 13th position on the grid, but we fixed the mistake and today we knew we could have fought for the podium.

Joel Kelso
Joel Kelso

“After a strong warm up finished in P4, I had a good start on the race and I managed to gain lot of positions in the first lap, then I enjoyed the race in front, always in the front group fighting for the first places, even if I had to avoid a crash just in front of me. I tried to make up positions in the last laps and get that podium we all wanted, but it was impossible, anyway we finished very close to the first three places in fifth place, so we can be very happy about that! We couldn’t catch the podium, but we fought for it, we showed we had the speed in all the three races we made together, so I’m very happy about my first races in the ETC.

“I have to thank all the team, the sponsors and all the people who gave me this opportunity to race in the European Talent Cup, it was an incredible experience and I’m just happy I have been able to make it. Now I am waiting for some news for 2020 and I hope to be able to tell you soon what will be my projects for next year. Thanks to everyone who supported me this season.”

European Talent Cup Results

Race Results

Pos. Rider Man. Nat. Gap
1 ORTOLA, Iván Honda SPA 29:37,382
2 ALDEGUER, Fermín Honda SPA 0,152
3 CRUCES, Adrián Honda SPA 0,168
4 RUDA, Marcos Honda SPA 0,169
5 KELSO, Joel Honda AUS 0,456
6 RUEDA, José Honda SPA 0,506
7 GARCIA, Roberto Honda SPA 0,907
8 SAKO, Daijiro Honda JPN 9,324
9 HUERTAS, Adrián Honda SPA 10,608
10 MUÑOZ, Daniel Honda SPA 10,611
11 MUÑOZ, David Honda SPA 10,631
12 TAPIA, Marco Honda SPA 10,931
13 VOLPI, Mattia Honda ITA 12,525
14 PLANQUES, Gabin Honda FRA 12,528
15 RODRIGUEZ, Juan Honda SPA 16,077

European Talent Cup Standings

Pos. Rider Points
1 Guevara, Izan 186
2 Ortolá, Iván 128
3 Aldeguer, Fermín 126
4 Rueda, José 122
5 Alonso, David 110
6 Moreira, Diogo 96
7 Sako, Daijiro 88
8 Cruces, Adrián 87
9 Ruda, Marcos 70
10 Geiger, Dirk 58
11 Muñoz, David 55
12 Millán, Álex 55
13 Fellon, Lorenzo 44
14 Seabright, Fenton 39
15 Rougé, Clément 35
16 Azman, M. Syarifuddin 30
17 Kelso, Joel Damon 29
18 Rodríguez, Juan 23
19 Muñoz, Daniel 22
20 Falcone, Vincent 19