AORC Rounds 3 & 4 run and won at Rawson, Victoria
Daniel Milner puts in a dominant performance in the outright rankings

Round 3

With the track conditions being optimal through the picturesque alpine and woodland areas near Rawson VIC, the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) was treated to a spectacular cross-country battle between the major competitors. Daniel Milner for the KTM Enduro led from the front to claim E2 victory.

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner
Provisional Round 3 Outright Results
  1. Daniel MILNER – 3:00:53.102   
  2. Lyndon SNODGRASS – 3:01:59.833   
  3. Lachlan STANFORD – 3:02:26.722   
  4. Joshua GREEN – 3:03:27.852   
  5. Wil RUPRECHT – 3:03:53.679   
  6. Jack SIMPSON – 3:05:31.651   
  7. Stefan GRANQUIST – 3:06:35.344   
  8. Tom MASON – 3:06:42.151   
  9. Beau RALSTON – 3:06:43.281   
  10. Broc GRABHAM – 3:08:28.264   

The Junior classes hit the track in the cross-country format in the hope to complete the elongated multi lap race with the fastest possible time. The J4, J3 and J2 battled for supremacy on a track, which had riders pushing to the edge to win their respective classes.

As the first race for the competitive Junior class the youngsters were looking to make a positive start in the championship battle. It would be Husqvarna rider Joshua Brierley to finish as the top overall Junior competitor for the cross-country race as part of the J4 Championship.

The track conditions were optimal for the first race of the day, with no rain-taking place until the finish; the Juniors noted the track was in excellent condition for the start of today’s proceedings.

In the Vets, Masters and Womens classes they took to the track for a cross-country format race for the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship Round 3. With the track in great condition, all three classes managed the pace exceptionally well and put on a show for the spectators.

Lyndon Snodgrass
Lyndon Snodgrass

It was KTM Enduro Team Rider Lyndon Snodgrass who led the E3 pack around the track. Snodgrass was impressive with a total time of 3:01:59.833. Lachlan Stanford for Husqvarna Enduro Team managed a consistent ride throughout the cross-country race to finish in second with his total time of 3:02:26.722.

Ahead of third placed KTM rider Tom Mason who concluded the day with a 3:06:42.151 time, managing to snatch third position from Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team’s Beau Ralston.

E3 Round 3 Provisional Results
  1. Lyndon Snodgrass – 3:01:59.833 (10 Laps)
  2. Lachlan Standford – 3:02:26.722 (10 Laps)
  3. Tom Mason – 3:06:42.151 (10 Laps)
  4. Beau Ralston – 3:06:43.281 (10 Laps)
  5. Jesse Lawton – 3:12:59.541  (10 Laps)
  6. Anthony Venn – 3:00:51.551 (9 Laps)
  7. Chris Perry – 2:00.:07.382 (6 Laps)


KTM mounted Daniel Milner managed to finish top of the for the E2 class at Rawson. Milner finished the race with a total time of 3:00:53.102 Following close behind was Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team’s Joshua Green with his total lap time of 3:03:27.852 and third for the day was Yamaha’s Stefan Granquist with his time of 3:06:35.344, rounded out the top three.

Daniel Milner

Daniel Milner

“We went out there and charged to finish to end the day on top. I’m very happy with the team, the effort was unreal and the bike setup was spot on. The track got really rough with sharp edge terrain. Overall it was a good day for us and all that effort over the off-season is starting to pay off.”

E2 Round 3  Provisional Results
  1. Daniel Milner – 3:00:53.102 (10 Laps)
  2. Joshua Green – 3:03:27.852 (10 Laps)
  3. Stefan Granquist – 3:06:35.344 (10 Laps)
  4. Broc Grabham – 3:08:28.264 (10 Laps)
  5. Andrew Wilksch – 3:09:22.593 (10 Laps)
  6. Riley Graham – 3:12:16.372 (10 Laps)
  7. Jamie Robins – 3:14:31.387 (10 Laps)
  8. Josh Major – 3:18:53.890 (10 Laps)
  9. Tim Vare – 3:02:16.469 (9 Laps)
  10. Trent Tucci – 3:02:32.057 (9 Laps)

Jack Simpson
Jack Simpson

On top of his game for E1 was Wil Ruprecht for Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team. Ruprecht completed the cross country with a total time of 3:03:53.697.  Up next was KTM rider Jack Simpson with his total time of 3:05:31.651. To round out the top three Scott Keegan on his Yamaha put in an impressive performance with an aggregate time of 3:08:43.568

E1 Round 3 Provisional Results
  1. Will Ruprecht – 3:03:53.679 (10 Laps)
  2. Jack Simpson – 3:05:31.651 (10 Laps)
  3. Scott Keegan – 3:0843.568 (10 Laps)
  4. Baylee Davies – 3:14:04.061 (10 Laps)
  5. Brad Hardaker – 3:14:06.164 (10 Laps)
  6. Bayley Burt – 3:19:18.084 (10 Laps)
  7. Craig Prout – 3:02:53.529 (9 Laps)
  8. Matthew Zygarlicki – 3:04:41.159 (9 Laps)
  9. Justin Parker –  3:05:01.505 (9 Laps)
  10. Brad Matheson – 3:00:40.053 (8 Laps)

Transmoto EJ

The Transmoto 19 and Under class saw strong competition and showed the depth of rising talent within the class.  Michael Driscoll managed the to bring home the win with a time of 3:11:37.729, while Fraser Higlett on his Husqvarna managed to finish in second position with his time of 3:12:48.190. Sherco rider Nic Tomlinson was third with his 3:12:55.326 time.

Transmoto EJ  Provisional Results
  1. Michael Driscoll – 3:11:37.729 (10 Laps)
  2. Fraser Higlett – 3:12:48.190  (10 Laps)
  3.  Nic Tomlinson – 3:12:55.326 (10 Laps)
  4.  Jacob Peacock – 3:00:31.516(9 Laps)
  5.  Johnson Dalton – 3:02:24.117  (9 Laps)
  6.  Reynders Jonte –  3:03:20.791 (9 Laps)
  7.  Lachlan Skinner – 3:06:31.175 (9 Laps)
  8.  Broomhall Seton – 3:09:05.622(9 Laps)
  9.  Will Price – 3:09:36.051 (9 Laps)
  10.  Scott Noble – 3:11:44.237 (9 Laps)

AORC Juniors
AORC Juniors

Joshua Brierley ascended over the competition to finish in first position with a total time of 2:00:37.532. His brother, also Husqvarna mounted, Mitchell Brierley then succeeded him in second with a final time of 2:02:48.653. Lochie Amos then slotted himself into third position, taking 2:04:37.491 to complete the cross-country course.

Joshua Brierley

“I felt really good about the race, we put in a lot of work over the off season. I’m very happy with the performance and how smoothly the race went. We managed to get out front early and that was key to a successful race.”

J4 Provisional Round 3 Results
  1. Joshua Brierley – 2:00:37.532,
  2. Mitchell Brierley – 2:02:48.653
  3. Lochie Amos – 2:04:37.491
  4. Ashden Gramlick – 2:05:30.120
  5. Nick Graham – 2:05:34.718
  6. Connor Gee – 2:0544.972
  7. Nathan Howe – 2:06:13.408
  8. Billy Mcculloch –  2:07:00.696
  9. Tully O’Neil – 2:07:08.521
  10. Jack Wilson – 2:08:13.918


Jayden Rudd on his KTM managed to maintain consistency across the cross-country course with a total time of 2:06:02.055 It wasn’t without pressure from young Yamaha rider Chapman Ned who narrowly missed out on the first place with a 2:08:39.004. Third placed was claimed by Jaylan Lessio on his KTM who managed to pull his machine around with a concluding time of 2:10:30.078.

J3 Provisional Round 3 Results
  1. Jayden Rudd – 2:06:02.055
  2. Chapman Ned – 2:08:39.004
  3. Jaylan Lessio – 2:10:30.078
  4. Sam Barton – 2:11:27.627
  5. Benjamin Harris – 2:14:44.465
  6. Jared Watson – 2:15:40.930
  7. Max Price – 2:16:18.620
  8. Daniel Van Der Werf – 2:16:31.173
  9. Royce Patterson – 2:21:17.553
  10. Aaron Miles – 2:23:43.483


The J2 Class featured Tyran Tomich for KTM finished top for his class overall with a total time of 2:03:01.313. Will Riordan on a KTM managed to pull his machine around the track to finish in second with a time of 2:03:17.970. Finally Honda rider Kyron Bacon finished in third place for the J2 class with a finishing time of 2:07:33.728.

The Juniors put on a strong performance on Saturday for the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship. Today’s showing showed a glimpse into the future of the rising stars of the championship.

J2 Provisional Round 3 Results
  1. Tyran Tomich – 2:03:01.313 (6 Laps)
  2. Will Riordan – 2:03:17.970 (6 Laps)
  3. Kyron Bacon – 2:07:33.728 (6 Laps)
  4. Jasper Franklin – 2:12:24.583 (6 Laps)
  5. Mackenzie Johnson – 2:16:05.834 (6 Laps)
  6. Dusten O’Neil – 2:22:38.290 (6 Laps)
  7. Riley Mcgillivaray – 1:56:03.010 (5 Laps)
  8. Ashley Greaves – 158:09.218 (5 Laps)
  9. Lachie Stafford – 158:55.899 (5 Laps)
  10. Jack Caughey – 2:00:31.337 (5 Laps)

AORC Womens, Masters and Vets
AORC Womens, Masters and Vets

The over 45’s class had 34 competitors making up the Masters class. The Masters class allow machines of any capacity. it was Derek Grundy to finish top with a total time of 1:56:24.568 for the DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team. Derek posted a best lap time of 19:08.317. 

Approximately six minutes behind was KTM rider Michael Widdison with a total time of 2:02:34.808. Third position belonged to Wayne Vanderberg on his KTM with his total time of 2:05:16.420. It’s great to see the Masters duking it out with the sport they are so passionate about.

Masters Round 3 Results
  1. Derek Grundy – 1:56:24.568 6laps
  2. Michael Widdison – 2:02:34.808 6 Laps
  3. Wayne Vandenberg – 2:05:48.892 6 Laps
  4. Rob Mystek – 2:07:48.783 6 Laps
  5. Andrew Bespalov – 2:07.48.783 6 Laps
  6. Craig Treasure – 2:09:41.994 6 Laps
  7. Peter Schaper – 2:10:10.097 6 Laps
  8. Robert Barton – 2:10:15.231 6 Laps
  9. Ray Scott – 2:11:41.448 6 Laps
  10. Ken Burt – 2:11:51.653 6 Laps


For the Womens championship it would be Yamaha rider Jemma Wilson to take first place with a total time of 1:55:33.675. Coming up in second place was Emelie Karlsson on her Yamaha who took 1:56:50.454 to finish the six laps. Rounding out the top three for the Womens was Sophie Coldicutt on a Yamaha. Coldicutt finished with a total time of 2:00:33.839. Wilson will be looking to back up her phenomenal performance in the sprint races tomorrow.

Kate Norman
Kate Norman
Womens Round 3 Results
  1. Jemma Wilson – 1:55:33.675 (6 Laps)
  2. Emelie Karlsson – 1:56:50.454 (6 Laps)
  3. Sophie Coldicutt – 2:00:33.839 (6 Laps)
  4. Tegan Hall –  2:05:44.264 (6 Laps)
  5. Emma Broadbent – 2:08:01.982 (6 Laps)
  6. Kate Norman – 2:00:17.729 (5 Laps)
  7. Angela Scott – 2:12:56.669 (5 Laps)
  8. Stacey Thompson  – 2:13:56.509 (5 Laps)


The Vets showcased Jade Gartlan on a TM EN 300 in first position for the Vets class with a total lap time of 3:09:17.921. Up next was David Murray on a Husaberg, with his total time of 3:09:55.596. David Moody finished in third position with a total time of 3:10:35.737 on a Yamaha.

Vets Round 3 Results
  1. Jade Gartlan –  3:09:17.921 (6 laps)
  2. David Murray – 3:09:55.596 6 Laps
  3. David Moody – 3:10:35.737 6 Laps
  4. Con Privitera – 3:12:05:201 6 Laps
  5. Lou Stylianou – 3:14:05.138 6 Laps
  6. Scott Szabo – 3:15:29.122 6 Laps
  7. Dave Jongebloed – 2:57:45.590 6 Laps
  8. Glenn Stiles –  3:02:11.475 Laps
  9. Anthony Greene –  2:56:58.334
  10. Trevor Duncan –  3:05:03.434

Round 4

It was a fast and furious start to the morning for the competitors of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC), from the moment they left the WR450F test gates at Rawson for Round 4.

The day featured phenomenal weather conditions and fast lap times by the competitors. The sprint tests were won by Daniel Milner, Lachlan Stanford, Wil Ruprecht and Michael Driscoll for their respective classes.

All of the Junior winners went back to back, to win races on Saturday and Sunday in their respective classes. Brierley, Rudd and Tomich shone brightly for their respective classes and certainly made an impact at Rounds 3 & 4 at Rawson. With the three going back to back in both cross-country and sprint formats, they have shown off their strong capabilities.

The Vets, Womens and Masters classes were dominated by their respective winners with Grundy, Wilson and Gartlan all taking impressive wins. Each of these class winners achieved the double victory over the weekend.


The E3 sprint spoils went to Lachlan Stanford of the Husqvarna Enduro Racing Team with his total time of 53:46.445, managed to snatch victory from Lyndon Snodgrass from KTM Enduro Team.

Lachlan Standford
Lachlan Standford

Snodgrass started as the number one seed but lost the lead to Stanford. Snodgrass posted a total time of 54:03.166. Up next was KTM rider Tom Mason, with a very respectable third place finish with his time of 55:00.503.

Mason battled with Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team Beau Ralston for the duration of the tests.

Lyndon Snodgrass

“A pretty good way to kick off the year; it was a pretty awesome track, conditions were good and it got really rough. Coming into the cross-country I knew I could be right up there and I was happy with how we took off. I charged into second and had the lead for a couple of laps there while Milner had some problems, and then hovered in second for the rest of the race. I’m stoked with that. Today the KTM 300 EXC was really good in the tight stuff – I just made a few too many mistakes for the day and they ended up costing me, but all in all – really happy with the start to the season. It was pretty awesome working with the team and a fun way to start the year.”

Tom Mason

“I went 3-3 in E3 and 8-8 outright and it’s the best result I’ve ever had so far. The track suited me and I liked it so I just put my head down and came out with the goods. You needed a nice light bike around those tracks so the KTM 300 EXC definitely suited the conditions. I missed half of last year so I had no idea where I was coming out of the off season, but we’ve come out pretty good. These are some pretty good results to build off so hopefully we can just go up from here.”

E3 Round 4 Provisional Results
  1. Lachlan Stanford – 53:46.445
  2. Lyndon Snodgrass – 54:03.166
  3. Tom Mason – 55:00.503
  4. Beau Ralston – 55:08.537
  5. Chris Perry – 57:40.109
  6. Jesse Lawton – 57:50.716
  7. Anthony Venn – 59:40.757
  8. Luke Bunnik – 1:02:25.932


KTM Enduro Team’s Daniel Milner was first to hit the test track after winning yesterday’s cross country race and was on the pace straight away, leading from the front on Heat One with a quick lap time of 8:48.455.

From then on it was a Milner master class with a total time of 53:01:949. After such a successful comeback to the Yamaha AORC from America, Milner will be very pleased to go back to back on his return weekend.

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner

Up next for E2 was Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team’s Joshua Green with his total time of 53:45.256. Green pushed Milner very hard and was closing in but Milner upped his pace in the final heats. In the end it wasn’t enough to catch his rival.

In third place was Riley Graham on his Yamaha, with a combined total lap time of 54:13:447. Graham rose up the rankings throughout the day to finish in a very respectable position.

Daniel Milner

“I couldn’t be any happier. The first day I got a good start and got to the front, and started checking out, but drifted wide in a corner and got bunting in the back brake and ended up boiling it. I came in and the boys changed me over in super quick time and I ended up getting a win. There’s no way I thought that Harry and Mick would get it done as quick as they did, but they were unreal. Today was hard going, and we did what we needed to do, so I was definitely happy with my performance and the team’s over the whole weekend. The KTM 450 EXC-F was unreal.”

Josh Green

Joshua Green

“The track was savage on Saturday and a really tough opening race for the year. I tried my best but things just weren’t flowing for me so fourth was the best I could do. And while the track on Sunday wasn’t as tough, it was hard backing up after such a gruelling day but I felt much better on the bike and was able to improve a couple of positions so we are heading in the right direction. The team again did an awesome job and we are already looking forward to the next round.”

E2 Round 4 Provisional Results
  1. Daniel Milner – 53:01:949
  2. Joshua Green – 53:45.256
  3. Riley Graham – 54:13:447
  4. Stefan Granquist – 55:30.665
  5. Andrew Wilksch 55:35:102
  6. Christopher Davey – 57:12.919
  7. Peter Boyle – 57:13.980
  8. Ben Grabham – 58:27.716
  9. Jamie Robins – 58:32.080
  10. Alex Stephenson – 58:46.742


Bringing it home for E1 was talented youngster Wil Ruprecht from Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team, leading from start to finish. With his debut for the E1 class going exceptionally well so far, Ruprecht is sure to be a title contender from the get go for his class.

Wil Ruprecht
Wil Ruprecht

Ruprecht finished with a total time of 53:49.810. Up next was KTM mounted Jack Simpson who finished with a total time of 53:52.255. Rounding out the talented podium was Scott Keegan on his Yamaha, maintaining the same position as yesterday’s cross-country race with his total time a 55:16.619.

Will Ruprecht

“I’m stoked with my results over the weekend and really happy with how things went working with the team. No one never really knows how the start of a championship goes but to be top five both days and leading the E1 class is above the goal I had set so I’m pumped. Working with the Active8 Yamaha team has been great so far and its awesome to have so much knowledge around me at events like these.”

E1 Round 4 Provisional Results
  1. Wil Ruprecht – 53:49.810
  2. Jack Simpson – 53:52.255
  3. Scott Keegan – 55:16.619
  4. Brad Hardaker – 56:17.394
  5. Baylee Davies – 57:30.266
  6. Peter-Daniel Allan – 59:14.688
  7. Bayley Burt – 59:22.114
  8. Craig Prout – 1:00:12.333
  9. Justin Parker – 1:00:33.127
  10. Matthew Zygarlicki – 1:00:54.352

Transmoto EJ

For Transmoto EJ, Michael Driscoll would once again prove to be the master of the track for the Under 19’s. His debut after switching from motocross is also providing excellent early results. His total lap time equated to 55:55.362. Following Driscoll was Reynders Jonte on his Yamaha who moved his way up the timesheets as the day progressed. Jonte finished with a total time of 56:38.699. 

Nic Tomlinson maintained his position and finished third for DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team with his time a 56:43.899. An impressive result for his first weekend with his new Sherco team.

Transmoto EJ Round 4 Provisional Results
  1. Michael Driscoll – 55:55.362
  2. Reynders Jonte – 56:38.699
  3. Nic Tomlinson – 56:43.899
  4. Johnson Dalton – 57:19.786
  5. Fraser Higlett – 57:20.646
  6. Jacob Peacock – 58:37.473
  7. Broomhall Seton – 59:22.971
  8. Rick Ireland – 1:00:37.003
  9. Lachlan Skinner – 1:00:39.557
  10. Lachlan Allan – 1:00:54.158


The Husqvarna machine of Joshua Brierley came out on top for the J4 class. Brierley has been one of the stars of the weekend and was once again on the pace for the sprint format with his time of 39:04.192. Corey Hammond on the KTM gave Brierley a challenge with his 39:41.831 but it wasn’t enough to overcome his rival. Nathan Howe rounded up the top three with his KTM with a total time of 40:12.738.

Joshua Brierley
Joshua Brierley
Provisional Round 4 Results J4
  1. Joshua Brierley – 39:04.192
  2. Corey Hammond – 39:41.831
  3. Nathan Howe – 40:12.738
  4. Mitchell Brierley – 40:24.803
  5. Nick Graham – 40:37.479
  6. Lachie Amos – 41:12.616
  7. Ashden Gramlick – 41:29.431
  8. Connor Gee – 42:31.353
  9. Jye Bennett – 42:35.553
  10. Billy Mcculloch – 42:36.037


Jayden Rudd on the KTM also claimed a clean sweep of the weekend for the J3 class. Rudd finished over three minutes in front of his nearest challenger with his time of 39:04.192. Ned Chapman was Rudd’s nearest challenger with his combined time of 42:32.364. Sam Barton moved to an improved result from yesterday to register a third place position with his time of 43:22.977 on his Yamaha YZ 250.

Provisional Round 4 Results J3
  1. Jayden Rudd – 40:26.627
  2. Ned Chapman – 42:32.364
  3. Sam Barton – 43:22.977
  4. Jaylan Lessio – 44:18.109
  5. Jared Watson – 44:57.398
  6. Matthew Pye – 44:58.992
  7. Daniel Van Der Werf – 45:22.863
  8. Royce Patterson – 45:54.188
  9. Benjamin Harris – 45:54.188
  10. Max Price – 46:14.042


 Tyran Tomich was another double winner this weekend; he claimed the win with his combined time of the heats, a 40:21.511 on his KTM machine. Up next came Kyron Bacon on his Honda, he managed to overcome KTM rider Will Riodan in the timesheets during the day.

Provisional Round 4 Results J2
  1. Tyran Tomich – 40:21.511
  2. Kyron Bacon – 40:58.869
  3. Will Riodan – 41:03.121
  4. Jasper Franklin – 44:59.169
  5. Mackenzie Johnson – 45:50.930
  6. Riley Mcgillivray – 45:52.811
  7. Dusten O’Neil – 47:36.042
  8. Tom Sparks – 47:36.310
  9. Harry Newbold – 48:43.102
  10. Aidan Parmesan – 48:58.226


Jade Gartlan on the TM EN 300 managed another victory with a combined total time of 1:00:49.754. David Murray maintained position from yesterday with his 1:02:09.284 on the Husaberg machine.

David Moody rounded out the podium places with his 1:03:24.596 on a Yamaha YZ 250F. It will be fascinating to see how the Vets class progresses in future rounds with Gartlan managing an excellent start to the Championship.

Vets Provisional Round 4 Results
  1. Jade Gartlan – 1:00:49.754
  2. David Murray – 1:02:09.284
  3. David Moody – 1:03:24.596
  4. Scott Szabo – 1:03:33.142
  5. Lou Stylianou – 1:04:41.892
  6. Glenn Stiles – 1:05:54.208


 The Womens class featured a Yamaha podium trifecta. Jemma Wilson was unstoppable today with a stirring performance to lead from the front. She had an overall combined heat times of 40:03.597.

Jemma Wilson
Jemma Wilson

Wilson’s race to the finish could not have progressed much smoother. Her closest challenger was Emelie Karlsson, she finished with a combined 42:01.695. Yamaha’s Sophie Coldicutt pushed Karlsson with her time of 42:25.859 but it wasnt quite enough to improve on the third placing.

Womens Provisional Results
  1. Jemma Wilson – 40:03.597
  2. Emelie Karlsson – 42:01.695
  3. Sophie Coldicutt –  42:25.859
  4. Tegan Hall – 43:32.452
  5. Emma Broadbent – 44:43.387
  6. Cheyenne Jones – 50:29.874
  7. Kate Norman – 51:19.061
  8. Rachelle Dessert – 53:21.552
  9. Stacey Thompson – 56:48.065
  10. Angela Scott – 59:56.240


Derek Grundy took a well-earned victory for DSR Motul/Perelli Sherco Off Road Racing Team. Grundy won with a combined heats time of 1:02:36.405. The sprint race victory gives Grundy the double win for the weekend for his class. The rest of the podium positions are still to be confirmed as the current standings are being reviewed.

Masters Provisional Round 4 Results

Results subject to review.

It’s been wall-to-wall, action packed debut rounds for the Yamaha AORC in 2017. With so many stories and triumphs, it’s sure to be another exceptional year for the Championship. Can’t wait to see what lies in store for Rounds 5 & 6 in Queensland.