2020 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup riders selected at Sepang

18 young Australian hopefuls had been invited to join a field of almost 90 youngsters this week from around Asia and Oceania at Sepang for the 2020 Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup Selection Event.

We are pleased to report two young Australians have made it through the rigorous testing regime and secured their spots on the Asia Talent Cup grid for next season.

Charmhaven (NSW) 11-year-old Carter Thompson is the youngest rider to make it through the selections.  He will be racing against riders as old as 16-years so it will be a steep learning curve but Thompson has already proved he is up to the task and currently leads our own Oceania Junior Cup here in Australia against many older kids. 

Joining him will be the Sunshine Coast’s Max Gibbons. 14-year-old Max has already wrapped up a couple of MotoStars Titles on home soil and is currently fifth in the OJC standings as we head to the season finale this weekend at Sydney Motorsports Park. 

This year’s Selection Event saw drier skies than last year, allowing the young hopefuls maximum track time to show what they’ve got. Nearly 90 riders were put through their paces throughout the day around Sepang Go-Kart track, before the Selection Committee made their final decisions in the afternoon. 

Alberto Puig

“It’s always difficult to select, out of 90 kids to select just a few is difficult, but they have to be selected and we’re happy with the results. Our focus is always the sporting side of the Championship, and we try to look at all the countries in the region, but from the sporting side we’re happy and we think we made the right decisions.

“It’s a long time we’ve been doing this and the Asia Talent Cup is a reality, it’s not just a dream. Many good guys racing now in the World Championship started here, and I think this is a very good operation from Dorna, they put a lot of effort and resources into it and we’re very pleased with the outcome. We just hope and want to continue with this development, it’s very important for Dorna, for the Championship and for Asia to have this type of platform that allows riders from this area to show their talent. We’re happy when we see all these guys coming into the MotoGP paddock and we’re very proud of it.”

The committee, led by Talent Promotion Director Alberto Puig, selected riders from Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Japan and Turkey to either join the grid next year or be on the reserve list.

Below is a full list of the riders invited to the ATV try-outs

Riders selected are in Bold

Asia Talent Cup Logo

Name Surname Aage Nat Gen
Tristan Adamson 15 AUSTRALIA M
Senna Agius 14 AUSTRALIA M
Patrick Bognar 16 AUSTRALIA M
Thomas Brown 14 AUSTRALIA M
Declan Carberry 14 AUSTRALIA M
Hunter Diplock 15 AUSTRALIA M
Tom Drane 13 AUSTRALIA M
Max Gibbons 14 AUSTRALIA M
Angus Grenfell 12 AUSTRALIA M
Harry Khouri 15 AUSTRALIA M
Lara Marais 18 AUSTRALIA F
Glenn Nelson 12 AUSTRALIA M
Reece Oughtred 14 AUSTRALIA M
Lucas Quinn 12 AUSTRALIA M
Jai Russo 12 AUSTRALIA M
Ryan Smith 15 AUSTRALIA M
Carter Thompson 11 AUSTRALIA M
Liam Waters 15 AUSTRALIA M
Jucha Guillaume 16 CAMBODIA M
Zuoran Jiang 15 CHINA M
Jun Hao Zhan 14 CHINA M
Ann Jennifer AS 18 INDIA F
Sarthak Chavan 12 INDIA M
Geoffrey Reviven Emmanuel 14 INDIA M
Mohamed Mikail 15 INDIA M
Kavin Quintal 14 INDIA M
Varoon S 16 INDIA M
Muhammad Abhipraya Putra 14 INDONESIA M
Fadillah Arbi Aditama 14 INDONESIA M
Rayhan Aditya Putra 15 INDONESIA M
Aditya Fajar 16 INDONESIA M
Azara Jamsuri 13 INDONESIA M
Alief Maulana 15 INDONESIA M
Muhammad Nabil 14 INDONESIA M
Archie Ramiro 12 INDONESIA M
Azryan Dheyo Wahyumaniadi 14 INDONESIA M
Sastrajendra Wika Pahlevi 12 INDONESIA M
Muhammad Yahya Bintang 13 INDONESIA M
Aldi Satya Mahendra
Fadillah Arbi Aditama 14 INDONESIA M
Azryan Dheyo Wahyumaniadi
Raihan Zaki 15 INDONESIA M
Shinya Ezawa 13 JAPAN M
Taiyo Furusato 14 JAPAN M
Kanta Hamada 15 JAPAN M
Masaya Hongo 15 JAPAN M
Tsubasa Hosoya 16 JAPAN M
Arata Irimoto 12 JAPAN M
Takeru Kojima 15 JAPAN M
Nakamura Kou 13 JAPAN M
Riku Matsushima 13 JAPAN M
Ryuki Matsushita 14 JAPAN M
Gun Mie 13 JAPAN M
Futo Miyanishi 15 JAPAN M
Shinji Ogo 13 JAPAN M
Mao Sato 14 JAPAN M
Shu Sawai 15 JAPAN M
Shun Takenaka 14 JAPAN M
Aoi Uezu 13 JAPAN M
Kotaro Watanabe 13 JAPAN M
Kou Yamamoto 14 JAPAN M
Ainosuke Yoshida 15 JAPAN M
Jaeden Dennis 16 LAOS M
Abg Muhd Zufayri Abg Sapawi 20 MALAYSIA M
Muhd Afiq Kharith Abu Bakar 13 MALAYSIA M
Azfar Adam 15 MALAYSIA M
Jamaludin Ahmad Syamil Akmal 14 MALAYSIA M
Zarif Aiman 15 MALAYSIA M
Amier Rossi Amidi 16 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Amirul Asyraf 12 MALAYSIA M
Afiq Danish 12 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Farid Hakimi Farid Sezli 13 MALAYSIA M
Danish Haiqal 15 MALAYSIA M
Imran Hakim 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Harith 16 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Hazim 13 MALAYSIA M
Khairi Haziq Roslan 16 MALAYSIA M
Adib Harezz Hazwat 12 MALAYSIA M
Allan Harris Herman 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Farid Hakimi Hussney 13 MALAYSIA M
Danial Johan 14 MALAYSIA M
Danny Mikhail Khairul Fauzi 13 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Muzakir Mansor 17 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Hamizan Md Rodzi 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Nabil Ahza Md Yusof 14 MALAYSIA M
Mohamad Ainul Daniel Mohd Aidil 16 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Sharul Ezwan Mohd Sharil 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Zuhailnabil Muhamad Zamree 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Farish Iqmal Bin Khayrul Elyas 13 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Harith Bin Rosmaza 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Zakir Naqiuddin 14 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Aqil Danial Nasrul 14 MALAYSIA M
Raja Nazreen 12 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Afiq Aiman Noor Azizi 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Idlan Haqimi Raduan 15 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Amir Izzat Rozali 13 MALAYSIA M
Muhammad Shaifullah 20 MALAYSIA M
Alya Maisarah Zahren 16 MALAYSIA F
Zaifi Zaini 15 MALAYSIA M
Saidatul Zakirah Zairin 12 MALAYSIA F
Muhammad Harith Haziq Zamri 14 MALAYSIA M
Mohamad Danish Zarif Bin Mohd Khairil Zakery 12 MALAYSIA M
Cormac Buchanan 13 NEW ZEALAND M
Caleb Mckinnon Gilmore 15 NEW ZEALAND M
Alfred Jakob Sablaya 14 PHILIPPINES M
Gagana Fernando 13 SRI LANKA M
Stephan Fernando 15 SRI LANKA M
Pherawich Chattan 14 THAILAND M
Kodchapayupon Kalantanon 19 THAILAND M
Narongronnawat Kalantanon 18 THAILAND M
Tanakorn Lakharn 16 THAILAND M
Thanat Laoongplio 12 THAILAND M
Jakkreephat Phuettisan 12 THAILAND M
Bunyachai Prayoonyat 18 THAILAND M
Vatican Sukkum 13 THAILAND M
Teeranai Tabtim 13 THAILAND M
Wacharin Tabtimon 16 THAILAND M
Kantapat Yabkanthai 15 THAILAND M
Adem Işik 12 TURKEY M
Onur Işik 12 TURKEY M
Galip Satici 15 TURKEY M
Anthony Eagle 14 UZBEKISTAN M
Thinh Ho Quoc 17 VIETNAM M