2019 Isle of Man TT

Conor Cummins Interview

Conor Cummins edged out Michael Dunlop for the final position on the podium of the 2019 Senior TT at the Isle of Man, while still working towards that illusive sub-17min lap time over the famous mountain course. Here’s what he had to say following the Senior TT.

IOMTT Qualifying Sunday Conor Cummins
Conor Cummins

Conor, another big bike podium, a double big bike podium in 2018, and again in 2019.

Conor Cummins: “Yea I’m really happy with it, I just want to say a big thanks to Padgetts Racing team, they put great bikes underneath me. I got off to a steady start and just found a decent rhythm and Dean came past me at Sulby or somewhere, and I tagged onto the back of him and found a bit of a rhythm there.

“The bike was faultless, bit of an issue mid-race where I tried to manage it a little bit, but it wasn’t going to effect the result at all. It was just a bit of a handling problem we had, but we’ll get it sorted for next year. Looking forward to TT 2020.”

Mid-race you got into a big battle for position with Michael Dunlop.

Conor Cummins: “I was watching my boards a lot of the time and I managed to edge three-seconds on him, and just managed to build a bit of a cushion and I think I ended up with 20 plus seconds at the end. It’s a mega competitive field at the TT this year, so strong and to get on the podium I’m really happy, and again a big thanks to the Padgetts Racing team for all their efforts.”

IOMTT Race Superbike Cummins
Conor Cummins

That sub-17 minute lap still a target for you?

Conor Cummins: “Yea, yea it is, maybe with a bit more practice I’d probably go sub 17min I think. The fact is I haven’t done it, so we’ll just work on next year and come back stronger.”

IOMTT Senior Podium Harrison Hickman Cummins
2019 Senior TT Results
Dean Harrison / Kawasaki
Peter Hickman / BMW +53.062
Conor Cummins / Honda  +58.879

2019 Senior TT Results

  1. Dean Harrison / Kawasaki
  2. Peter Hickman / BMW +53.062
  3. Conor Cummins / Honda  +58.879
  4. Michael Dunlop / BMW +1m26.709
  5. James Hillier / Kawasaki +2m30.352
  6. Davey Todd / BMW +2m32.920
  7. Michael Rutter / Honda +3m03.571
  8. Jamie Coward / Yamaha +3m13.561
  9. Brian McCormack / BMW +3m49.971
  10. Dominic Herbertson / Kawasaki +4m09.262