Daniel Milner dominates AORC Rounds 7 & 8 at Renmark
 Images by John Pearson Media

AORC Round 7

With the sun shining on Renmark for Round 7 of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) held at Renmark, South Australia, the scene was set for what was a day of fast and furious super sprint racing, with great competition in all classes.

A change of format was instated from a cross country to super sprint due to dusty conditions. The seniors were split into 30-second intervals and raced to record the fastest time over the 15km track. The competitors raced for three laps to record an overall time.

The E1, E2, E3 and Transmoto EJ are the premier classes for the Yamaha AORC and include the country’s most elite enduro talent. It would be Scott Keegan, Daniel Milner, Lyndon Snodgrass and Fraser Higlett to shine brightly for their respective classes and take phenomenal wins. Over 160 riders took part in the jam-packed senior’s super sprint.

The Womens, Vets and Masters classes put on an epic display around the free flowing Renmark tracks. These three classes joined the seniors on track for the super sprint format. Each of the competitors registered three laps to record an overall lap time. The three standouts for these classes were Tegan Hall, Rowan Pumpa and Derek Grundy, who all recorded wins.

Round 7 kicked off as the talented Junior competitors geared up for another critical battle for championship points at Renmark, SA. Plenty of spectators stood by to watch the Juniors take off from the Riverland Junior Motorcycle Club’s motocross track into the enduro sections for the nine lap cross country race.

The Juniors aced the dusty terrain and showed off the top notch Off-Road calibre that we have come to expect from the J4, J3 and J2 classes. Juniors that excelled and won for their respective classes were Joshua Brierley, Jayden Rudd and Wil Riordan.

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Scott Keegan
Scott Keegan


Snap Fitness Yamaha Team rider Scott Keegan, blasted his way through the track today at Renmark. Team manager Tom McCormack would be proud of the Off-Road star. Keegan concluded the day with a time of 46:26.686 and took out the E1 win ahead of Wil Ruprecht.

Ruprecht of the Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team, recovered well from his injury back at Miva to post a total combined time of 46:28.237. Ruprecht would miss out by only two seconds. Finishing on the podium in third was Tom Jones on a Yamaha.

E1 Provisional Results
  1. Scott Keegan – 46.26.686
  2. Wil Ruprecht – 46:28.237
  3. Tom Jones – 47:08.780
  4. Baylee Davies – 47:14.838
  5. Rick Ireland – 47:37.021
  6. Brad Hardaker – 49:16.988
  7. Justin Parker – 49:54.002
  8. William Price – 50:56.466
  9. Toby Lewis – 51:02.246
  10. Jacob Sinclair – 52:07.143


KTM Enduro Team’s Daniel Milner reigned supreme after coming out today on top of the time sheets, handing him the Round 7 and the E2 win. Milner had sensational pace and remained unbeatable to snatch up a finishing time of 43:46.913.

Local hero Riley Graham wrangled his way around the track in fine form to bring home second place. He had a concluding time of 44:17.154. Josh Green of the Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team had enough pace to make the podium but not quite enough to challenge for the victory, finishing third in the E2 class after racing concluded today, his total time was a 44:45.104.

E2 Provisional Results
  1. Daniel Milner – 43:46.913
  2. Riley Graham – 44:27.154
  3. Josh Green – 44:45.104
  4. Stefan Granquist – 46:06.157
  5. Broc Grabham – 46:07.781
  6. Andrew Wilksch – 46:20.696
  7. Ivan Long – 46:31.314
  8. Justin Carafa – 46:49.530
  9. Jayden Pilgrim – 47:16.763
  10. Dale Watson – 47:42.778


It would be KTM Enduro Team’s Lyndon Snodgrass who delivered the first place in the E3 class. Snodgrass was tremendous throughout the dry and dusty conditions and was simply untouchable in his class. The KTM rider finished with an overall time of 44:42.857.

Up next in second position was Husqvarna Enduro Team’s Lachie Standford, he earned a total time of 45:37.715. It will be interesting to see how the Champoinship battle develops between Snodgrass and Standford on Sunday, as they have been battling head to head all year.

The final podium position belonged to Jesse Lawton on a Husqvarana, Lawton maneuvered his bike around the track to finish with a accumulated time of 46:24.135.

E3 Provisional Results
  1. Lyndon Snodgrass – 44:25.857
  2. Lachlan Stanford – 45:37.715
  3. Jesse Lawton – 46:24.135
  4. Tom Mason – 47:09.588
  5. Lincoln Bird – 49:56.047
  6. Joel James – 52:17.684
  7. Sean Macpherson – 53:02.826
  8. Troy Sheridan – 53:02.826

Transmoto EJ

In the EJ class (19 and under) that is designed as a development ground for senior riders, it would be Fraser Higlett on his Husqvarna to stand out from the rest! Higlett posted an impressive 45:44.372. Up next in second was Michael Driscoll on a Yamaha. Nic Tomlinson completed the podium trifecta after his move to a Yamaha for this weekend. Tomlinson managed a 46:07.664 after a close fought battle with Driscoll.

Transmoto EJ Provisional Results
  1. Fraser Higlett – 45:44.372
  2. Michael Driscoll – 46:03.396
  3. Nic Tomlinson – 46:07.664
  4. Dalton Johnson – 48:54.396
  5. Jack Matthews – 49:12.610
  6. Lauchlan Allan – 49:13.400
  7. Liam Mason – 49:22.039
  8. Jonte Reynders – 49:28.473
  9. Seton Broomhall – 50:17.655
  10. Jacob Peacock – 50:24.347


All eyes were fixed on the in-form Yamaha rider Jemma Wilson to see if she could back up her unbeaten run so far. However it would be Tegan Hall to finally end Wilson’s run of wins to attain a victory to remember.

Hall on her KTM managed a total time of 53:43.224. Finishing behind Hall was Sophie Coldicutt on a Yamaha with her time of 54:00.981. Despite missing out on the win, Yamaha rider Wilson managed to salvage a podium result with her third place. Her time of 54:30.779, has Wilson remain in a solid championship leading position.

Jemma Wilson
Jemma Wilson
Provisional Results Womens
  1. Tegan Hall – 53:43.224
  2. Sophie Coldicutt – 54:00.981
  3. Jemma Wilson – 54:30.779
  4. Emelie Karlsson – 55:01.745
  5. Kelly Catanese – 58:52.649
  6. Amy Bartsch – 1:03:54.927
  7. Kate Norman 1:06:17.787
  8. Brodie Hoflehner – 1:12:12.494
  9. Khelli Warnest – 1:02:13.048 (lap down)
  10. Jessica Nourse – 34:41.939 (dnf)


In the Veterans class there was a notable absence with the legendary Kirk Hutton, however there was still plenty of intrigue to see who would come out on top. Rowan Pumpa would be the eventual victor with a 52:12.319.

Pumpa on his Yamaha was well ahead of his closest challenger in David Jongebloed. KTM rider Jongebloed scored a 52:52.922. Anthony Greene was the final podium placer in third place. Greene on the KTM registered a total time of 53:15.080.

Provisional Results Vets
  1. Rowan Pumpa – 52:12.319
  2. David Jongebloed – 52:52.922
  3. Anthony Greene – 53:15.080
  4. Leigh Bentley – 53:20.539
  5. Peter Rudd – 53:59.487
  6. Peter Taylor – 53:59.490
  7. Jason Pearce 54:41.453
  8. Ian Haylock – 57:10.609
  9. Peter Rossi – 57:37.128
  10. John Burns – 58:51.117


Rider and Assistant Team Manager for the DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team, Derek Grundy put in a riveting performance to win the Masters class race. Current championship leader Grundy is on a mission to win a title in the Yamaha AORC, and he’s well on track to achieve that goal. Grundy posted a time of 53:30.868.

Up next in second position was Craig Hage on his KTM machine. Hage finished a further 15 seconds behind Grundy with his time of 53:45.210. The final Masters competitor on the podium was Michael Widdison, the KTM rider finished approximately a minute behind Hage with his time of 54:43.149.

Derek Grundy
Derek Grundy
Provisional Results Masters
  1. Derek Grundy – 53:30.868
  2. Craig Hage – 53:45.210
  3. Michael Widdison – 54:43.149
  4. Lou Stylianoulianou – 55:13.647
  5. Darren Pilgrim 57:25.079
  6. Craig Treasure – 58:07.755
  7. Dale Tiller – 59:10.264
  8. Michael Kerin 59:43.987
  9. Peter Schaper – 1:00:13.739
  10. Shane Bukovinsky – 1:01:41.810


In J4 it would once again be Josuhua Brierley on his Husqvarna machine to display his incredible talents to win the cross-country race. This race adds another win to the undefeated streak for Brierley in 2017. Brierley finished with a compiled time of 1:54:09.396.

Up next was motocross star Mason Semmens, who made a very impressive return to AORC competition. Semmens lead briefly after a Brierley pit stop but his pace wasn’t quite enough to challenge the J4 Championship leader.

Semmens total cross-country time amounted to a 1:54:39.113, he also set the fastest lap time of the race. In third was last year’s J3 Champion Corey Hammond. The KTM mounted rider managed to finish with a total accumulated time of 1:55:45.321.

Joshua Brierley
Joshua Brierley
Provisional Results J4
  1. Josuhua Brierley – 1:54:09.396
  2. Mason Semmens – 1:54:39.113
  3. Corey Hammond – 1:55:45.321
  4. Mitchell Brierley – 1:56:21.634
  5. Connor Adams – 2:00:13.101
  6. Nathan Howe – 2:03:08.343
  7. Colby Mccall – 10:22.890
  8. Riley Nancarrow – 10:37.114
  9. Connor Gee – 10:47.746
  10. Jayden Watkins – 1 Lap


The home crowd was treated to a sensational win for Jayden Rudd in the J3 class. KTM rider Rudd had significant pressure on him to win at his home race, but the expectation didn’t faze the 15 year old as he dominated his class.

Rudd finished with an impressive compiled time of 2:04:33.088. Finishing behind Rudd was Ned Chapman on his Yamaha. Chapman fought hard to register a time of 2:05:17.868. Rounding up the podium positions was Charlie Milton, also a Yamaha Rider.

Milton managed the conditions well to attain a podium position with his time of 1:54:27.903 to complete the cross-country.

Jayden Rudd
Jayden Rudd
Provisional Results J3
  1. Jayden Rudd – 2:04:33.088
  2. Ned Chapman – 2:05:17.868
  3. Charlie Milton – 1:54:27.903
  4. Matthew Pye – 1:54:59.245
  5. Cody Short – 1:58:27.365
  6. Jared Watson – 2:00:53.293
  7. Max Price – 2:01:40.920
  8. Mackyle Thomson – 2:04:55.194
  9. Mitchell McLean – 2:05:43.868
  10. Dustin Doolan – 2:06:05.480


Wil Riordan was the standout rider for the J2’s and finished first for his class. Young Riordan is emerging as a young rising star in the Off-Road scene. With Riordan and Kyron Bacon in close points proximately in the championship, the victory will be handy indeed.

Second position belonged to Kyron Bacon who took 1:55:00.536 to finish the cross-country. To complete the podium would be fellow brother Gus Riordan, his total time was a 1:57:04.097.

Provisional Results J2
  1. Will Riordan – 1:54:51.275
  2. Kyron Bacon – 1:55:00.536
  3. Gus Riordan – 1:57:04.097
  4. Jackenzie Johnson – 1:59:28.062
  5. Jack Bithell – 2:06:15.619
  6. Harry Newbold – 2:07:50.623
  7. Jasper Franklin – 2:11:10.413
  8. Maxwell Liebeknecht – 1:54:59.625
  9. Tyler Heidenreich – 1:55:52.843
  10. Jordan Simpson – 1:56:37.963

Round 8

Round 8 of the Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) was off to a flying start this morning, as the Senior class raced from the YZ 450FX Test Track for Sunday’s Sprint. The dusty conditions remained throughout the day of epic action. Although the conditions created a challenge for the riders, it forced the cream to rise to the top.

The E1, E2, E3 and Transmoto EJ within the Yamaha AORC are the ‘go-to’ destination for the nation’s most elite enduro riders. Sunday’s sprint racing consisted of four laps, the riders with the fastest accumulated times won the races. Winners were; Wil Ruprecht, Daniel Milner, Lyndon Snodgrass, and Fraser Higlett.

As the Womens, Vets and Masters competed from the WR450F test gate, it would be Wilson, Pumpa and Hage to come out on top for their respective classes. The racing featured several changes of winners in retrospect to yesterday. The sprint format consisted of five laps to determine the winners.

The Junior competitors of the 2017 Yamaha Australian Off-Road Championship (AORC) excelled at Round 8 on the wide-open KTM test track at Renmark in South Australia, where a number of interesting stories developed. Respective Junior class standouts included Mason Semmens, Jayden Rudd and Will Riordan.

Wil Ruprecht
Wil Ruprecht


It was a Yamaha one-two within the E1 class on Sunday. Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team’s Wil Ruprecht took a well-deserved victory for Round 8. Ruprecht suffered injury back at (Miva, QLD) and his victory shows he has recovered very well, helping to solidify his championship lead. Ruprecht took just 36:55.387 to finish the four laps.

Up next was Snap Fitness Yamaha’s Scott Keegan. Keegan took the victory yesterday but didn’t quite have the pace to match Ruprecht, he finished approximately 25 seconds behind Ruprecht with his 37:21.656. The final podium spot belonged to Tom Jones on his Yamaha, finishing in the same position as yesterday. Jones registered an accumulated time of 37:51.620.

Wil Ruprecht

“I didn’t ride well at all on Saturday and found riding in the dust really difficult. On Saturday afternoon, I sat down with the team and we went through a lot of things about riding in such dry conditions and that definitely helped as I felt much better on Sunday and my results improved a lot. So, thanks to the team for their advice and support on the weekend. And, that shows what having the right people around you can make a difference.”

Wil Ruprecht
Wil Ruprecht
E1 Provisional Results
  1. Wil Ruprecht – 36:55.387
  2. Scott Keegan – 37:21.656
  3. Tom Jones – 37:51.620
  4. Baylee Davies – 38:02.031
  5. Rick Ireland – 39:20.793
  6. Brad Hardaker – 39:36.941
  7. Toby Lewis – 39:38.184
  8. Justin Parker – 40:44.708
  9. William Price – 41:49.036
  10. Jacob Sinclair – 44:43.599


This weekend once again belonged to Daniel Milner of the KTM Enduro Team. Milner remains undefeated for Yamaha AORC in 2017. Milner described the successful weekend.

Daniel Milner

“The racing was a lot of fun, Lyndon and myself have both enjoyed great results, I did all I could out there to win and we’ve got the right team to achieve those results. It was tricky out there and it got really powdery. It took a while to adjust to the conditions but it was awesome to be honest. There was a bit of hard packed down terrain that had a sharp edge to it. We’re all dealing with the same conditions though, I just wanted to go out there, hit the sand and get the desired result!”

Daniel Milner
Daniel Milner

Riley Graham has been one of the standout riders of the weekend, and has provided Milner with a challenge at times. Graham is a local rider and has really taken to the Renmark track. Graham on the Yamaha finished approximately 15 seconds behind with a 35:14.966. Josh Green once again finished in third place.

Typically, Green has been Milner’s greatest threat but couldn’t quite manage to compete for the victory. The Active8 Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team rider finished with a 35:56.460.

Josh Green

“I just felt off all weekend, I have been a bit ran down since Finke but that’s no excuse as I simply didn’t ride well anyway. Racing in powder is tough and I just didn’t have the speed this weekend but it has given me plenty of motivation to get things back on track at the next round.”

Josh Green
Josh Green
E2 Provisional Results
  1. Daniel Milner – 34:59.550
  2. Riley Graham – 35:14.966
  3. Josh Green – 35:56.460
  4. Andrew Wilksch – 36:43.038
  5. Stefan Granquist – 36:48.594
  6. Broc Grabham – 36:56.171
  7. Ivan Long – 37:00.947
  8. Justin Carafa – 37:19.069
  9. Jesse Lawton – 38:00.203
  10. Jayden Pilgrim 38:22.991


The standout rider all weekend for E3 has been Lyndon Snodgrass. KTM Enduro Team rider Snodgrass has been in a heated battle with Husqvarna Enduro Team‘s Lachlan Stanford of the Husqvarna Enduro Team all year long. Stanford registered a time of 35:12.698.

This weekend’s results have gone a long way to put Snodgrass back in control of the championship fight. Snodgrass managed to finish approximately 33 seconds in front of Stanford. Tom Mason was the final podium placer on a KTM. Mason finished only five seconds behind Stanford with a time of 37:51.620.

E3 Provisional Results
  1. Lyndon Snodgrass – 35:12.698
  2. Lachlan Stanford – 35:45.396
  3. Tom Mason – 37:50.949
  4. Joel James – 43:09.258
  5. Troy Sheridan – 43:24.247
  6. Lincoln Bird – 32:10.37
Lyndon Snodgrass
Lyndon Snodgrass

Transmoto EJ

Fraser Higlett once again took victory for the Under 19’s Transmoto EJ class on his Husqvarna. Higlett simply keeps getting better and better and his pace around the Renmark tracks was sensational with a time of 36:45.036. Nic Tomlinson had an impressive switch this weekend to a Yamaha.

Only five seconds separated Higlett and Tomlinson with a time of 36:50.394. Michael Driscoll finished the podium places for EJ, he finished a further four seconds behind on his Yamaha. Driscoll registered a 36:59.764.

Transmoto EJ Provisional Results
  1. Fraser Higlett – 36:45.036
  2. Nic Tomlinson – 36:50.394
  3. Michael Driscoll – 36:59.764
  4. Dalton Johnson – 37:53.400
  5. Jack Matthews – 40:40:05.641
  6. Seton Broomhall – 41:35.429
  7. Jacob Peacock – 41:45.670
  8. Toby Bell – 42:01.389
  9. Lauchlan Allan – 42:02.436
  10. Luke Strauch – 45:00.384


After a disappointing race on Saturday, Yamaha mounted rider Jemma Wilson turned the tables to win! Wilson struggled to adapt to the track yesterday, but found herself in a much stronger position today. Wilson recorded a time of 36:11.229.

Swedish rider Emelie Karlsson rose to the occasion today to slot into second place on her Yamaha. Karlsson posted an accumulated time of 36:19.103. Sophie Coldicutt rode very well on her Yamaha to finish in third with a time of 36:38.417.

Provisional Results Womens
  1. Jemma Wilson – 36:11.229
  2. Emelie Karlsson – 36:19.103
  3. Sophie Coldicutt – 36:38.417
  4. Tegan Hall – 38:51.803
  5. Amy Bartsch – 41:20.016
  6. Kate Norman – 46:17.289
  7. Brodie Hoflehner – 49:46.925
  8. Kheili Warnest – 00:29.838 (DNF)


The veterans class is designed for over 35’s competitors and showcases several enduro legends and champoins. Local veteran Rowan Pumpa on his Yamaha backed up his sensational ride from yesterday to once again win on Sunday. Pumpa can be extremely proud of his time of 34:47.177.

David Jongebloed on the KTM finished in second with a time of 35:32.031, recording the same result as yesterday. Anthony Greene solidified his solid weekend with a third place finish. Greene’s total time was a 35:47.420 after braving the WR450F track.

Rowan Pumpa
Rowan Pumpa
Provisional Results Vets
  1. Rowan Pumpa – 34:47.177
  2. David Jongebloed –35:32.031
  3. Anthony Greene – 35:47.420
  4. Peter Rudd – 35:57.606
  5. Leigh Bentley – 36:02.415
  6. Peter Taylor – 37:17.700
  7. Jason Pearce – 37:39.023
  8. Ian Haylock – 38:17.431
  9. Paul McLean – 39:16.128
  10. Shane Carpenter – 39:22.909


The Masters class is designed for the over 45’s racers and these competitors showed they certainly haven’t lost the shine from their boots. Craig Hage on a KTM machine took the win for the Masters class to swap positions with Derek Grundy from yesterday’s race. Hage took 34:47.177 to complete the sprint.

In second was DSR Motul Pirelli Sherco Off-Road Team’s Grundy. Grundy still leads the championship class despite the second place finish. Grundy’s time was a 37:07.102. Michael Widdison was the final podium placer with a time of 37:13.076.

Provisional Results Masters
  1. Craig Hage – 35.17.522
  2. Derek Grundy – 37:07.102
  3. Michael Widdison – 37:13.076
  4. Lou Stylianoulianou – 38:38.607
  5. Craig Treasure – 39:42.827
  6. Darren Pilgrim – 39:48.443
  7. Dale Tiller – 39:59.304
  8. Peter Schaper – 40:02.582
  9. Michael Kerin 40:57.262
  10. Shane Bukovinsky – 41:40.960

Juniors Semmens, Rudd and Riord at Renmark
Juniors Mason Semmens, Jayden Rudd and Will Riordan at Renmark

Motocross star, Mason Semmens further established himself as a very versatile rider by winning today’s sprint race in J4 class. The KTM rider dethroned Joshua Brierley from his undefeated winning streak. Semmens finished with a final time of 21:31.079.

Brierley despite missing out on the win, can be resolute in the fact that he still has a significant championship lead. The Husqvarna rider finished with a time of 22:06.287. The final podium placer for J4 was Corey Hammond. The rider managed to finish with a total accumulated time of 22:45.874 on board his KTM.

Provisional Results J4
  1. Mason Semmens – 21:31.079
  2. Joshua Brierley – 22:06.287
  3. Corey Hammond – 22:45.874
  4. Mitchell Brierly – 22:58.683
  5. Nathan Howe – 23:20.749
  6. Connor Adams – 23:38.022
  7. Colby Mccall – 23:50.845
  8. Cooper Sheidow – 23:53.254
  9. Dex Kelly – 24:17.522
  10. Gee – 24:25.055


Local hero Jayden Rudd was the eventual winner of the J3 sprint race. The victory gave Rudd yet another clean sweep in 2017. Rudd’s training and preparation is paying off handsomely as the KTM rider finished with a total time of 23:08.485.

Husqvarna mounted Matthew Pye was Rudd’s closest challenger, his time 24:23.234. Ned Chapman shot up the placings today to finish third with a time of 24:25.312. Only approximately two seconds off Pye.

Provisional Results J3
  1. Jayden Rudd –  23:08.485
  2. Matthew Pye – 24:23.234
  3. Ned Chapman 24:25.312
  4. Max Price – 25:43.341 
  5. Cody Short – 25:52.225
  6. Jared Watson – 26:02.782
  7. Mackyle Thomson – 26:29.534 
  8. Mitchell Mclean – 27:11.735
  9. Dustin Doolan – 27:42.814
  10. Cam Nathan 28:14.357 


Wil Riordan was the standout in the J2’s, finishing first in class. The J2 Championship leader, Riordan will now enjoy a significant gap in points after a clean sweep this weekend. KTM mounted Riordan finished with a time of 24:29.852.

Taj Gow-Smith impressed onlookers to come second with his total time of of 25:25.550, on a Yamaha. Kyron Bacon still managed to attain a podium place but dropped down to third, after coming second on Saturday. Bacon’s time was a 25:35.463.

Provisional Results J2
  1. Will Riordan –  24:29.852
  2. Taj Gow-Smith – 25:25.550
  3. Kyron Bacon – 25:35.463
  4. Jack Bithell – 26:34.819
  5. Mackenzie Johnson – 26:43.503
  6. Kyran Haydon – 26:47.956
  7. Jasper Franklin – 27:01.864
  8. Maxwell Liebeknecht 27:06.105
  9. Harry Newbold – 27:06.105
  10. Jack McClean – 27:46.586

Remaining Rounds of the 2017 Yamaha AORC
  • Round 9 & 10: Kyogle, NSW – 22-23 July 2017
  • Round 11 & 12: Omeo, VIC–  5-6 August 2017